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Hello, sorry for my English I have installed the WPLayerSlider’s version 2.0.0 and also qtranslate. As I can do to change the language of the Layer. thank you very much

Hi :)

What version of the theme are you on? We include those plugins and they are now integrated into the theme. You shouldn’t be installing them by themselves. Its best to download the latest version of the theme and install it that way. Also, make sure you read the READ ME FIRST file that comes with the new download.

If you still have trouble after installing new theme, then visit our support forum and post this up. I believe other user have brought this up there so there should be a solution, if not post up a new topic and the developer will be able to answer.

Thanks, and you’re english is good, no worries :)


When viewing a portfolio item, in the title bar it shows the title and then a breadcrumb. I would like to not display the last piece of the breadcrumb as it is a repeat of the page title.

Which piece of the code do I need to amend to hide this last breadcrumb piece.

Thanks, Patrick.

Hi Patrick,

As you mentioned that would require adjusting the code, you would need to post this up on our support forum and see if they can provide that for you. Our built in theme option allows you to turn the breadcrumbs off, but not just a portion of them. By default its going to show the whole path, the current page you are on is just not a hyperlink in the breadcrumb list.

Post this up on our forum, see the FREE SUPPORT section of our docs for info on signing up.



I am having difficulty setting up:

a) Make all URL and social links open up in a new browser windows.

b) A simple slider like what you have on your demo version 1

Can someone help with this?

PS. I did place a request on your support forum and so far I am getting nowhere.


Hi Javed :)

Our support forum is where we can help you with the first question. If you are not getting the answer you need, then please ask again and tell them that. That is where our developer checks.

For your second question, please watch our video tutorials on the slider of your choice. We have made a video tutorial of each slider that shows you how to setup a slide like our demo, its all there and included in our documentation and in our video section on our forum.

Please show me the URL of your forum thread so I can take a look and see what the issue is with the responses you have been given.



Got the slider working after finding the documentation. I have to say the documentation must be the best I have come across with a theme.

I will find my post in your forum and see what is going on.


Thats awesome to hear! I took a HUGE amount of time writing those docs so its good to hear you feel the way I do about it :)



I am receiving a 404 error when in a portfolio page and I click on an image I receive a 404 error. I have just upgraded the theme to the latest version…

How do i resolve this ?

Thanks, Patrick

Sounds like you need to do a permalinks reset.

Go to “settings > permalinks” and click “save changes”.

that should do the trick.


Can you tell me which site I get support from? It’s quite confusing.

Also, my purchase is not being recognised.

We provide everything you need to get support, we outline it all in our documentation and our READ ME FIRST pdf file :)

If your purchase code is not being recognized, then you are not following the first step, which is to use the “same” Themeforest username that you bought Avada with. Your purchase code is tied with that, so it has to be the same one.

So when you setup your account, make sure you use “newsisland” as your username, then choose your password and use your purchase code.

It will work if you do that, I promise!

Drag&Drop at Revolution Slider doesn’t work anymore. And the menu for changing the text-style appears in the upperleft corner of the screen and not under the combobox.

I’m using 2.0.3 and my wordpress doens’t show the option “update” in my “installed plugins”-list?

i installed the newst theme-version manually. The slider plugins are shown as “deactivated” and when i try to activate it there’s a “fatal error”. But! I can use them?

Hi :)

That is because the plugins are now integrated into the theme, they will be deactivated when you update, and the integrated ones will take over. This is suppose to happen.

All the plugins are still there, you just no longer need th standalone plugins in the plugin section. Please see the READ ME FIRST file you received with your new download, it explains this in detail.

You still have all the plugins, and they are now the new versions and are integrated into the theme. You dont need the standalone plugins any more, no need to manually install them, update them or activate them :)


Nice theme and really impressed by the support and full featured updates you provide – probably the best updates I’ve seen on Themeforest. Think I might have to buy this theme…

Thanks for those ind words, we love to hear that :)

We really do care about our product and always put our users first and continue to listen to their feedback and include new feature and updates

Thanks, we’d be happy to have you as a customer!

Why wont aveda install, I have got a lack of spreadsheet error and have been trying to upload and install it for the better part of 48 hours. Any help would be appreciated

Hi Scurvey!

You should of got in touch with us right away with this issue. We can help. Please make sure you are only uploading the “” file and not the entire package.

Also, is it giving you any errors? What is it telling you?

If you cant do it via admin, then do it via ftp. And see this below link for common errors and how to fix them.

I’ll be happy to do it for you, but need you to send me your WP login and FTP login and also know the error messages it gives you,

Visit the link below and find the “email theme fusion” box on the lower right hand side, send us an email with a description of the issue so we can look into it for you.



We purchased Avada template and I needed some assistance. I am no longer able to open the ThemeFusion Forum. I posted a question various weeks ago and I can no longer check if someone replied to my inquiry.

Can someone please help me?

Thank You

Hi There :)

To use our forum, you have to access it with the same themeforest account that bought the theme with.

For example, your username of “mdyepes” does not show the purchased tag so you did not buy it with this account.

If you were once on the support forum, then you already made your account with the correct themeforest username. All you need to do is go back and login with those credentials.

Do you remember the username that you bought Avada with?

When we upgraded to the latest version 2.0.7 today we get this error: Fatal error: Call to undefined function request_filesystem_credentials() in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 1113

2.0.8 does the same. 2.0.6 was no problem. Am i doing something wrong?

Could you please take a look at

Wonderful! Thanks for letting us know!

It didn’t auto update for you to 2.0.8, did it? You downloaded and installed FTP or via admin, correct?

To be honest, I can’t remember how I did this? Could it be auto update?

No it shouldn’t be, we removed the auto-updated from the theme. But if you were on 2.0.6 them it’s possible but just for that one version.

We’ll try to add it back once they work the bugs out.

Thanks again!

Hey TF,

no (drag n drop) content builder at the moment?

Cheers, OhC

Hi Buddy :)

Not at the moment but its coming soon! We’re building a custom page builder for all our themes.

Right now, everythign is built using shortcodes, its super easy to do.


Hey TF, thanks for your quick reply. Do you offer (support) a sticky/fixed header option? It seems very reasonable to do so at your theme :)

Cheers, OhC

You can see everything that our demo offers in the live demo. If its not there then you can easily add it if you are able to adjust the code.

And we are always taking feature requests from our users, we add new features to every single update!



I’m looking to purchase this theme, but have a question first.

Is it possible to have icons in a post which link to posts with similar content? For example, if I have a post with a video in it, it would have an icon somewhere which would link to a category list of posts which also have video included.

Is this possible in Avada?

Many thanks,


Hi Gav :)

We use the category names for this, below each post is a few lines of meta information, and there are the category names. This does exactly what you are asking. If you wanted them to be an icon,then you would need to customize the theme to allow that.

This feature is built in, it uses category names instead of an icon. And its all done automatically for you.



I would be nice if we could add a small icon to the tag text though, or up next to the title. I’m intending to make a middle school website, and the more visual the better!

Perhaps using the plugin?

Oh yes, you could easily use a plugin for that :)



I have a website at using this theme. I’ve encountered an error regarding the “MuseoSlab500Regular” font. The error is

Can you please advise what I am going to do with this error to solve this.

Thank you.

Hi There :)

Its saying the Museo slab fonts are not found. Make sure you have them uploaded via theme options. The error says “Network Error…”

See our documentation on how to install the museo slab font, downlaod the font files then install the 4 different files. And its best to download our latest theme version and use the updated docs, its been totally rewritten a month or two ago, so that depends on when you bought Avada.

If you ahve further questions, post up on our support forum. Just make sure you use the same Themeforest username that you bought Avada with. Your “cubithost” account is not showing the purchase icon so you wont be able to sign up with that account. Use the same account you bought avada with.


Hi, how can I add a checkbox in the contact form for privacy acceptance? thanks

Hmmm, you would need to use a contact form plugin that supports that feature. Try Contact Form 7 or FastSecure Contact Form.

If you do that, then you will need to set up a new form and not use the built in form.

If you have further questions, visit our support forum! See the FREE SUPPORT section of our docs for info on signing up and using the forum.


I´m install the template but i can´t see the samples pages… how cant display the samples that you show in the themplate?


Something did not import correctly and is causing that error. No worries its an easy fix, email me your login information. Inlcude WP and FTP info.

Visit the link below and find the “email theme fusion” box on the lower right hand side, send us an email with your URL, username and password along with a brief description of the issue so we can look into it for you.


OK,. i´m already send it!.

Thanks, will check it and reply back as soon as I can. Thanks for being patient on the weekend!

Hey guys,

Lovin the theme. Quick question… I have a few different blog categories in my menu. For each category listing I would like to just show the title and an excerpt, rather than entire posts. I set the WordPress settings to only show excerpts, however, it does not seem to change anything. I did not see any sort of option for this in the theme options. How can I change this? Here is a link:

Thank you!


Hi Jenna :)

Yes there is a theme option on the blog tab, at the bottom of the blog tab you will see you can set the excerpt and the length.

If you dont see that option, then you need to upgrade the theme to the latest version.


Hey guys. Sounds like I need to update my theme. I just now tried. When I installed the new theme it lost all of my theme settings so I just put the old version back up. Is there an easier way to update? What do you recommend?

Hi :)

Received your email, check it and reply back there. If you were on v1.x then when you first update it a script will run and give you a white screen, this is normal, just refresh the page and it will be back up

If you still have issues then email me the Login i fo i asked for via email. I’ll I stall it for you, no worries. Thanks!

Hi. :) When I add my client’s facebook and twitter links through the admin panel, they appear allright but when I hover on the links it shows and when I click on the icons, it gives me this ‘Oops’ error.

Any clues?

Thanks for your ongoing support.

Hi Razzc!

Yes I assume its the wrong data inserted in theme options. Make sure you only insert the TwitterID, example envato.

And for facebook, make sure its the valid facebook apge. Example

Try those 2 above examples for testing, Thanks!

Actually, the twitter example above is ONLY for the footer twitter widget. The one in theme options need to be the URL like facebook


Dear ThemeFusion,

I really like your Avada theme – perfect for my consulting business.

Just a couple of things:

1. I’m assuming that the the Layer Slider plugin controls the set up for the Layered Slider 3.0 option that you have on your demo. I would like to have that slider on the theme – if I purchase it. But, I’m not a tech person. Is it fairly easy to set up the layers myself and words or content “fly in” (for lack of a better word) like your demo?

2. I noticed that you have a demo.xml file that comes with the template. Do your images come with it or you can’t do that because of copyright issues? I only ask because if I see how something is set up and done, it makes a lot easier for me since I am not a tech person.

Thanks for you answers in advance.

Again, a very nice theme. And I see that you’re top on the sales list this past week for Word Press themes here too.

I hope it works out so I can buy your theme!

Hi :)

The theme includes all the sliders (layersldier, revolution slider, flex slider and themefusion slider) but users need to create their own slides. But they are easy to do, we have made a video tutorial for each slider. You can see them on our youtube page if you want.

It does not include all images, But wherever there is an image, it will show a blank box. Its easy to setup no matter what :)

Feel free to email me with any more questions, I can provide more details that way. Visit the link below and find the “email theme fusion” box on the lower right hand side, send us an email with your questions.



Truely fantastic theme you have made here, so many options :) I have one thing to ask however (I have already read comments and cant see anything on this) When setting up the layer slider as responsive, on large screens it does not resemble your demo (items go outside the pages width). Is it possible to get the data export for layer slider as used on your demo so I can import it? If you wish to email me it can you send the data to thankyou again.

Again fantastic theme, this is the only issue I have had. Simon

Hi There :)

We actually use the Revolution Slider on our home page demos. Except for home page 7, and that is the layer slider demo content.

So if you want to use the layer slider, the best course of action is to import their sample slides. At the top of the layer slider settings is a button called “import sample slides” and that will give you 4 sample slides that the author has made, you can see one of them on our home page #7.

Or use the Revolution Slider, which we like for full width (100%) sliders, you can easily select to keep your content within 940px container and it will stay there on all screens.

Watch our video tutorials for each slider and it will show you how to do that. All of those videos are included in our documentation. We can send you the exported slider data, but it does not include the images, so the slides will not work because of that. But it can be used for settings. But we recommend watching our videos, they are easy to follow and show you how to build a slide like the demo. Or, you can easily import the sample slides from the author of the layer slider. Its your choice :)

Thanks for the comments!

Hi. I have I problem with drop down menu and side navidation and custom menu displayed in sidebar. The problem is that i have to long titles of the pages. It displays in another section of menu. Here is the picture It should be like: Storitve — Imago individualna terapija in svetovanje — Imago partnerska terapija in svetovanje — Imago terapija in svetovanje za samske — Organizacijski coaching — Osebni coaching I can’t do shorter titles cos in Slovenia we longer words than in english Need urgent help

Thanks, it will get answered on the forum today if it has not already. I will make sure.

Response time takes 24-48 hours during regular business days, not weekends :)

But i will make sure its answered today. thanks!

Let me say something. You have an amazing theme and amazing/awesome support. They helped me on weekend. This is what I call an “extra mile” in customer relationship. So I gave 5 stars for the theme and if I could, I’d give 10 stars for support.

Wow Thanks my friend! I greatly appreciate the kind words and 5 star rating!

Woo Hoo!