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Contact form issue:

Even if I fill in all the proper information for name, email etc. it says ” Please check if you’ve filled all the fields with valid information. Thank you.”

How can I fix this? my client is not too happy so I need to get this figured out asap, thx.

Hi :)

We cant reproduce this issue at all on our end, nor have we had this come up before. We would need to see this for ourselves, its most likely a configuration issue with your hosting company and not a form issue since the form is working order and works for us and other users.

But we can check it out to see. Visit the link below and find the “email theme fusion” box on the lower right hand side, send us an email with your URL, username and password along with a brief description of the issue so we can look into it for you.


Thx for the email and explanation about Antispam bee conflict!

No problem! We have built-in spam protection for our contact form.


Thank you for your prompt reply. As I look at your Home page options, I like Home Page Option 8. It’s perfect for what I want to do. (Again, I apologize if these pre-sales questions are overly simple or intuitive, but I’m not a strong Word Press tech person so I need an easy set up.)

1. On your Home Page Option 8, would it be easy to switch out the bottom section – “Stay in Touch With Us!” and set up that section as a Client section that contains our client’s logos with a link to their website?

2. Then, can I put a link to our Facebook page and Twitter at the top of the page? Or, does that require some extra coding to be done?

3. On the section just below the slider on Home Page Option 8, is it easy to add a page link to the 4 pictures in the row there?

Thank you!

1. Yes, very easy. All page elements are built using shortcodes so you can mix and match what you want. We have a client slider shortcode (see on our about us page) that you can use.

2. You can put the social links at the top below the page title bar.

3. Yes, easy to do :)

If you buy the theme and have any questions about use, simply visit our forum and fill out a new topic and we can quickly assist you!


I’ve noticed your theme scrolls very slowly and jerkily in your demo when viewing pages that feature the Layer and Revolution sliders in boxed layout, with a full photo background. The slide animations and transitions also suffer from slow, jerky movement too in photo/boxed layout mode. I’ve checked other similar themes on here and they don’t seem to suffer from the same issue.

This is occurring in Firefox on a new Macbook Pro (not retina).

Are you aware of this issue, and is there a fix? Could it be your background images are extra large and your server is slower?

I really like your theme but this is holding me back from purchasing as this is how I would use the theme on my own site.


No need for a video, that is simply the style selector on the demo, that is not a true issue I can assure you. That style selector is not a part of the theme, its just a quick way for users to see the different options that can be used.

Also, do a google search for “New Macbook Pro’ Graphic Issues” and you will find tons of threads about jerky, un-smooth graphic issues. Its the new graphics cards Apple is using, they switch from dynamic to integrated and it has issues, its well documented.

Trust me on this, it will not happen. And it does not happen for us even with the style selector.

Its all good my friend :)

I don’t have the same issue with other theme demos on here, and they have style selectors as well. If you’d like to provide a link to a demo minus the topbar and style selector, in boxed mode with a full photo background then I can check it for you and confirm whether it’s an issue with your style selector or theme itself.

I’m using a non-retina Macbook Pro, so I don’t suffer from the graphic issues reported. As I’ve said, I can’t replicate this issue with any other theme so it’s worth looking into.

The graphics issues are not retina pro only, they are for all the new macpros, they all use the same graphics card. Trust me on this, do a google search and read the results, you will see.

And if you read the above search results (really dig into them as i did) you will see how random the issue happens, you cant compare tow themes that have style selectors and say one has it and one does not so its a theme issue. It jsut does not work that way.

I know so much about this because in our office we have 2 Non Retina MBP, and 1 Retina MBP and all 3 of them have the exact same issue. I’ve had them taken into Apple store and its a software issue that we have to wait to get fixed. I guarantee if you surf the web long enough, you will run into many different graphical glitches, it depends on many things and its very random because the computer auto-switches between the 2 graphic modes, even when you have it turned off. Its a software bug with the new MBR’s.

Secondly, we are 100% positive it is not a theme issue.

Please email me from our profile page and I can setup a test page somewhere for you to view. Email box is on right hand side of lower page.

Hi I need some help about contact page, I need to fix my address map, but i don t know where.. when i try it in theme options – contact options- Google Map Address I dont know what i have to do,cause with address google map page it doesnt work and with map url and html too..

Hi :)

You insert the map address in the contact tab in theme options. But you need to make sure you are not inserting a google map URL, you need to insert the actual address, example below.

12345 North Main Street, New York City, NY 555555

Use the actual address, not a URL and it will work.


Hi!! i try to import the XML in the Server and the wordpress show me Failed to import in each item.. Example. Failed to import “Typography”: Invalid post type Failed to import “Media”: Invalid post type Failed to import “Blog Medium Image”: Invalid post type Failed to import “FlexSlider 2 Plugin”: Invalid post type Failed to import “FlexSlider”: Invalid post type Failed to import “ThemeFusion Slider”: Invalid post type Failed to import “Advanced Admin Panel”: Invalid post type Failed to import “Layer Slider 3.0”: Invalid post type Failed to import “Revolution Slider ”: Invalid post type Failed to import “Voluptas sadips ipsums sit dolores”: Invalid post type Failed to import “Nam Viverra Euismod Odio Gravida”: Invalid post type Failed to import “Class Aptent Taciti Soci Ad Litora”: Invalid post type Failed to import “Nunc Tincidunt Elit Non Cursus ”: Invalid post type Failed to import “Proin Sodales Quam Nec Sollicit”: Invalid post type Failed to import “Maecenas Euis ... etc.

Why is the error?. Regards.

Hi :)

I’ve received your email about this, please be patient while I get a chance to respond, its coming soon :)

Also, those are simply errors due to your server not allowing all the images to be imported. This is not an issue with the theme, but an issue with the server. Please see the troubleshooting section in our documentation that talks about what to do if you have issues importing the XML data. Its always a server side issues, some servers limit what can be imported.

But I will respond to you via email, no worries. Check your email soon, I will get back to you as soon as I can.


Emailing you shortly, thanks :)


Great template, but I was wondering if there were any options to add elements to the contact form, for example, telephone number.


Hi There :)

Yes with a plugin, many of our users use Contact Form 7, its a free plugin that allows you to add new fields to a form. You would need to create a new form with it on a new page, but you can have as many fields as you want with it.


You don’t get anywhere near the true functionality of this theme if you aren’t able to import the XML data. My host even temporarily disabled their procwatch limits and raised the limits of my php.ini but it still returns errors.

I wish you some other way to use the theme’s page templates.

Hi There :)

This is not true. Getting the “true” functionality of this theme has nothing to do with importing the demo data :). Everything you see on our demo is EASILY recreated with shortcodes. You can mix and match anything you want. Just create a new page, and insert the shortcodes you want. It’s nice and easy.

In addition to that, we give users a second way to get the main pages from our demo if you cant import the XML. You can easily and quickly grab the demo code from our documentation file.

We give you all 8 home pages, plus the about us and services page all in the documentation file. All you need to do is copy it, create a new page in admin, then paste the demo code in the HTML editor (not visual editor). And I’ll gladly send you any other pages you wish, just shoot me an email from our profile page.

So yes, we do give you a second way to get the pages, unlike other themes here on the marketplace.

Be sure to read our documentation and watch our video tutorials for how to do that. The demo data is just a quick way to get started, using the “true” functionality of the theme can be done 100% with or without it ;)

That is a second way to get the demo pages. But the XML file is the first method to get the demo data imported. If your host is disabling the importing that is out of our hands. But as I said,we give you a second option to copy the demo code from our doc.

Also, to troubleshoot the XML import, see our documentation section on importing the demo data. We outline all the possible issues your host could be doing, but it’s up to them to allow it. See that section of our docs.

Thanks for the purchase! Either way you can get the demo code easily, and each and every page you see on our demo can be easily created with the shortcodes.


Sorry to have jumped the gun on my comments without looking closer at the manual! Thanks for your assistance, great theme!

Quick question: Is there a way to change the two footer colors from being the dark grey? I can edit CSS, just can’t see it.

No problem my friend, that is why we are here :)

Yes, you just need to use the below CSS, insert it in the CSS field in theme options. (put all custom CSS there, it will override all.css and not be overwritten in future updates). Change the color value to be what you want :)

The first color value on background will change the main area, the second value changes the 12px top border

.footer-area {
    background-color: #363839;
    border-top: 12px solid #E9EAEE;

This first value changes the bottom copyright bar color, the second color changes the thin border color

#footer {
    background-color: #282A2B;
    border-top: 1px solid #4B4C4D;

And we are going to add these color options to our theme options panel in a future release so custom CSS will not be needed, but for now you can use it :)

Thanks man!


Great theme so far!

A quick question: Map on contact page. I understand this is editable through the theme options Contact field for ‘Google Map Address’. I presume this is a physical address as opposed to an URL? This is a bit annoying as when I do insert the postal address it’s not 100% in the correct place and a popup bubble appears. Is it possible to use the Google Map link that Google generates? Or remove the bubble?

Also I’ve got experience using shortcodes for layout but I’m repetitively having issues updating layouts with links being removed from text and images in a four column layout. I’t driving me nuts trying to format things as when I have the layout sorted all of a sudden extra line breaks appear and links get removed. I’ve tried checking in HTML for any odd code etc and tried to get things uniform.

Thanks, Nick

Hi Nick, thanks for the comments!

For google maps, yes we use the physical address, but there should not be any difference. To get a google map url on google maps, you have to enter a physical address, that is what pulls the location and URL. There is no difference between the two. I believe you when you say your seeing a little difference, it’s just not something that is theme related, it must be how google is translating the address. I’ll talk to our developer to see if we can allow both address and URL in a future release, maybe that will allow google to give you the same result. And you can post a new thread on our forum about possibly removing the bubble, I’m sure there is a way or another user who has achieved this. And you can always add it to our feature request thread on our forum, we always check that when we do updates. I’ll certainly add the URL addition myself.

As for the layout issues, that happens in the visual editor when you hit a hard return. Wordpress will add a break, and you will be able to see it in the HTML field. It will show up like “&amp”. That will give you a line break. So that is what is causing that. You can remove those in the HTML editor. As you are making new pages with shortcodes, don’t hit returns if you don’t have to, then publish the page. Once it’s published you can go into back into the editor and add space if needed.

And be sure to check out our support forum, it’s the best place to get help because that is where our developer checks and other users can respond and it’s searchable as well

Thanks again!

Hi there, you have great pictures, can I know where you got them from? Somewhat unrelated to the theme but hoping you could let me know where to purchase them ;) Thanks

Hi :)

A lot of the preview images came from, which are just preview images from other creatives. It’s a website owned by envato and they allow authors to use images in demos and such.

Any other images (like one of girl with arms raised) came from think

If you email me from our profile page, I can hunt down the image numbers so you can quickly find them on


Fab theme with so many options! One question – my client wants a very colorful theme and I would like to add background colors to the nav menus tabs – is this possible?

Hi :)

Yes that’s possible but right now the nav background is not a theme option. But it just takes one line of CSS that I can give you.



First of all, great theme you delivered. Lots of great functionality. After a solid install everything seems to work fine except it returns back the following error message on the homepage: Warning: Creating default object from empty value in /home/grizzlies/domains/ on line 702

Can you please help me to fix this? Please let me know if you need anything from my side.


Jasper de Ridder

Hi There :)

Sure we can help you with this. It appears it may be a missing file.

Visit the link below and find the “email theme fusion” box on the lower right hand side, send us an email with your URL, username and password along with a brief description of the issue so we can look into it for you.


Ignore this :)

Is there a way to make all links on pages one fixed color? So you can see what is clickable without only having to scroll over the link?

Thanks so much!

Hi There :)

Its designed to have the a separate inactive color and then a hover color. But you can change the link color in theme options on the styling tab. you could change that to the hover color so it automatically shows the hover color.

But there are numerous items that link so it kind of depends on exactly what you want (some links and not others).

Start by changing the link color and see if that is what works for you. If you need something more customized, then additional CSS may be needed, and we can assist you with that on our forum. Just be sure to post up as much detail as possible and include screenshots or URL so we can see it, that will help them understand what you need.


Is it possible to add Youtube videos to Revolution sliders?

Yes it sure is, you can add youtube or vimeo vidoes to any of our sliders.

For the Rev Slider, just click the “Add Layer: Video” button and insert the youtube or vimeo ID number. Its as easy as that!


Apologies if it’s been covered previously, but how does one safely upgrade from v1.1.2 to v2.0?

Yep, most likely its a theme option that is disabled. If its a blog featured image, go to your blog tab in theme options and make sure the various featured image settings are set. We added the ability to turn on or off the featured image on single post pages.


Excellent, that did it – even though it wasn’t a blog but a normal page… Thanks!

Yes “featured images” are global so it will work for both.


AWESOME THEME! Hey guys, I’ve got about twice as much whitespace as I’d like between the header and the Revolution slider. Can that be adjusted? I have the means to edit CSS and PHP if I could get a little direction.

Thanks in advance.

Hi My Friend :)

Yes, you can do this via theme options. On the header tab is a “main nav height” value, the default is 83px. You can lower that to bring it up closer. It will keep the dropdown in line as well, its a nice little option.

Be sure to check out our forum for any additional support questions you have, we are now handling all support there. Its the best place to get it, everything is searchable, any user can respond, plus we have a growing knowledge base and all our video tutorials are there.

See our FREE SUPPORT section of our documentation that came with your purchase for info on signing up and using the forum.


I think we may be talking about a different portion of the page. Here’s where I mean: that is a screenshot of the main nav height value adjusted to 23 from 83. The area I am trying to reduce in size remains the same (see blue arrows). This is the url if that helps Thanks in advance for your stellar support.

Hi :)

The main nav height will work for the area you are talking about if you entered the slider via the page options and not via shortcode in the post content field.

If you entered the slider via shortcodes in post content field, then the main nav height will not work since that only adjust the slider and header section. For the top slider, we prefer users select the slider via page options, since it works with other options.

See our docs on the slider section or watch one of our slider video tutorials to see how to do that.

Or if you want to leave it as is, then insert the below CSS in the CSS field :) (the first 5px is what controls the top portion, default was 55px)

#main { padding:5px 10px 45px;}

Thanks and please dont forget to rate our theme and support on your downloads tab!

Apparently, I need an Envato account to create other account at ThemeFusion for support on my Avada purchase.

Can someone please tell me how I am supposed to do this? I have been all round the Envato site, but can’t find a way to register.

This seems a little over the top to gain access to a support forum for something I have purchased.

Any advice?

Hi :)

I’m sorry but you have it confused. You do not need an extra account. You already have an envato account, its your Themeforest accont.

Envato = Themeforest. Envato is just their parent name, Themeforest is just their themes market, but they have tons of others so we use the name Envato.

And its like this because your purchase has to be verified to get free support, so your purchase code is tied to your themeforest username that bought Avada with, which is “ratzz”

You simply need to follow the steps in our docs or signup page.

To access our forum, you need to create a free account. To create an account, you need to use 2 things.

1. The same themeforest username that you bought avada with (ratzz)

2. Your purchase code located in the license certificate.

Click Here To Create A Free Account

Click Here To See How To Find Your Purchase Code

When you login, it may take you to a wordpress admin page, simply click the “visit site” and head over to the correct forum section or check out our video tutorials.

Please See Our General Guidelines & Support Policy

Check Our KnowledgeBase

And perform a forum search for your question before you post a new thread, chances are your question has already been brought up.



Sorry I purchased this theme a long time ago now and have misplaced my password for the forum login – otherwise i would be using that.

I have upgraded to the newest version of Avada. In the previous theme I was able to automatically include a slideshow on the blog page and post page by simply adding a few photos using the media uploader – i didnt have to include them physically in the post.

Can this be done with the new version by changing the css or some setting? the flexslider uploader seems a bit complex for everytime i just need to add a slide to a blog post.


Hi jvgdesign! I remember you my friend :)

For forum, you can always choose to reset your password by clicking the “lost password” on login screen.

Yes we added a new slideshows option. See the fuil details for it in the READ ME FIRST file you get with the download.

If you want to enable to old method, then make sure you check the box for “legacy post slidehows” on the slideshow tab.

Or use the new method by simply adding more featured image boxes. Watch our new video tutorial on this, there is one for blog and portfolio included with the new documentation.

The Avada Documentation has been totally rewritten and is very detailed with instructions, screenshots, and videos. Check it out to see those videos.



I believe I added to support website, but it was hanging and I could not find the post after the page went back to submit a ticket.

Subject: How to add 3 featured images below the “the_content” tag.

I am trying to customized the single portfolio page.


to have three featured images below the php the_content tag.

I believe the site uses already “kdMultipleFeaturedImages”

Can you provide instructions on how to add 200px by 100px featured image 1, 2 ,3 to the page?

Thanks, Judd

Hi Judd!

That is definitely going to need to be answered on our forum. To find your thread, perform a forum search for the title words you entered, it will come up on the first page.

Also a thing to note is we do not offer customization support at this time, only regular theme use and or bug related issues. But they may be able to steer you in the right direction.


Hi there,

Looks like the theme I need, but is is compatible with Woo Commerce?


Hi There :)

We do not list that in our feature list becaues we have not personally tested it, but I can say that many of our users use WooCommerce with avada and no reported issues.


How can the spacing between shortcode elements be adjusted? For example, I want to tighten the space between the tagline box and the header above. I also want to decrease the space between the tagline box and some one-third boxes I am putting below. Would the method be the same for all elements? I cannot seem to find the relevant CSS in the theme options. Thanks!

Hi There :)

Yes we have a spacer shortcde, its the last icon button in the visual editor. Click it and then you can insert a positive or negative number depending on if you want more or less space. It looks like this.

[separator top="40"]