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Hey there, ive posted the question somewhere and did get a response, but I can´t find the post here so excuse me if I create a new one. I asked you if you need help for translation into german and you said that this has been done already by a user and its in languages included. But I can´t find it there? Is there a different version available? I can only see following files in there: Avada.po en_US.po it_IT.po nl_NL.po

No problem :)

Ah I see, you need to download the latest version of the theme, its now included.

Go to your downloads tab and download Avada, then look inside the “languages” folder.


Hey there!

I just bouht this template and now I see it’s not what I wanted(my page would look the was I want and it would need to much work to look the way I wanted). Is there possible to get the refound?


I’m confused, why did you think it would look different than the demo? You can see how the live demo looks, that is how your site will look.

Thanks :)

Yes, but the demo doesn’t have the same number of categories, history and not the same plugins… I know, I should account for that but I forgot, since I always started my sited from scratch and not doing an upgrade of an existing site…

The same categories, history and plugins as what? Your previous theme?


Isn’t ANYONE else bothered by the fact that this theme’s slider does not load in the same time that all the other content loads, but comes late and ruins the whole first page experience? I am furious with this! I thought I was doing something wrong, but it turns out that that’s they way the theme came! Is there any way this can be fixed? I can NEVER let this site go live looking like this!

I have re-posted this because I just spen 1 hour in the forum trying to find this link – my slider is taking 5 seconds to load – anf the images are less than 150k this is a client site and were trying to go live in 12hrs!! please help

So do you have a forum thread or is it another user?

Also, we posted the solution to this …

You need to download Avada 2.0.8 and install it, if you were using the old flexslider and a shared server this is most likely the issue.

Also, what forum link are you trying to find? Yours or another users?

Hey -

I am working waiting to see if changing my server from Windows at Linux will take care of this issue but in the mean time I wanted to throw it out there: My site:

Is having very low loading times. Is there any advice you can give regarding this issue? Can I compress or get rid of any files?

Hi There :)

You must be running an older version of Avada. You need to update to v2.0.8. There was a URL issue with the old flexsldier and its been resolved. We also tweaked the sql queries on shared servers.

I’ll be happy to update it for you if you wish, jsut email me your WP and FTP login info. Or to do it on your own, download the latest versions of the theme and replace the current “avada” theme folder with the new “avada” theme folder via FTP.

To email me, Visit the link below and find the “email theme fusion” box on the lower right hand side.



I have changed the background colour of my site’s pages, but it seems that:

a) the background of the headings is white, and
b) your icons are not transparent therefore the round ones are in white boxes

Can you advise?

Thanks for that … and the title, or headline background colour?

The titles that you use with shortcode have the 2 thin lines with them, and those are meant for lighter backgrounds. If you are using darker background, then you need to not use the heading shortcode. Just use regular h1-h6 tags, like below.

<h2> this is a title with no lines </h2>

We are going to offer a dark skin in our next big release so users can use the title lines, actually we’re going to offer multiple design skins for users/ But for now, the current title lines are made for white backgrounds, just use regular headings for dark backgrounds.

Thanks and visit our forum for any additional support questions. We’re moving all support questions. We have done this for a few reasons.

Themeforest comments are not searchable and other users cannot reply. Our forum is searchable, plus anyone else can respond. We have an amazing user base of people who love to help and share info. Plus we check forum threads twice a day. Many questions are asked over and over so performing a search allows you to find answers more quickly. And we have an ever growing knowledge base and video tutorials section for our users. Its a much better place for our users to get help, and it allows us to answer more quickly since we only have to respond in one avenue.

Thanks Ratzz!!

Thanks for your help with this … I am registered at the forums, but it is a little difficult to use and not easy to search…

I will use more in future… Thanks again…

Is this theme compatible for / with multisite?

Yes it is, we’ve multi-site tested it. Our test sites are multi-site :)


Perfect, thanks. Could we set custom header images per page?

You can set custom images per page in the “page title bar” and the background area on boxed mode, like our demo shows.

The page title bar is the bar that runs directly below the header area on the interior pages. That can be used on any page and can take custom image or color per page.


I need to get a site up but I never have done this before. Would I be able to figure this out or would it be super complicated? I love this look but I also would like to put some items on hit for sale. Would commerce work with this theme???


Hi Alysia!

If you’ve never used Wordpress then there will be a little learning curve, that is true for any themes here. But we do have the most extensive documentation around along with video tutorials. But if you’ve never used it before, you will need to learn as you go.

We have not tested WooCommerce ourselves but I know that other users have used WoCommerce without issue.

Hope this helps! If you buy the theme and have any questions or issues, check the docs and video tutorials first, then you can post up on our support forum and we can assist you.


Thank you I will give it a shot. Wish me luck!


Good Luck My friend :)

Check out our docs and videos, they should be very helpful for you!

Quick questions re this theme: a)can the slider be turned off; and b) can the slider’s height be adjusted (or is it fixed)?

Yes to both questions ;)

The sliders can be any height or width, and can be put on any page you want or left off entirely. Its all controlled in your admin panel and is very easy.


Hi there,

I’m using version 1 of Avada, I’d like to update to the latest version but I found some glitch on the navigation when I hover on it.

Please see the screenshot

Is that a known issue ? Or something that can be fixed ?


If you have further questions about this, email me from your profile page.

Hey there,

Thanks for the reply, it seems that the latest template has fixed this issue!

Thumbs up!


Yes we were finally able to figure that out, there was a conflict with Chrome and the font. But its worked out now :)

If you have not already, Please take a moment and rate Avada for us! Here’s how … Visit your downloads tab on themeforest and find the avada purchase. Next to it are 5 stars, select the amount you want to give by clicking on them. Then please refresh the page to make sure the correct amount was given. Their rating system easily messes up and an unintended amount can be given. So please double check for us.



i updated my theme to 2.0.8 and when i activated the LayerSlider i got this error message:

please advise.


Hi :)

That is because you all the plugins are now integrated into the theme, meaning you dont need to activate the plugins anymore. The standalone plugins in the “plugins” section of your admin need to stay deactivated, all our plugins are integrated into the theme so they are automatically installed and activated when you update the theme.

Please see the READ ME FIRST file you get with your download, it outlines this information. So dont activate the plugins, they are already active and ready to be used. If you want, you can remove the old standalone plugins from the “wp-content > plugins” folder.


so your saying that i can also delete the layerslider using the plugins in the wp-admin?

is this correct?

The old plugin folders, located at “wp-content > plugins” can be removed. Yes, they are now integrated and are not needed anymore. The new versions of hte plugins install when you update the theme, there are no more separate plugin files/folders.

If you have layer slides made, they will still be there as long as you dont delete the actual slides. Just remove the old plugin folder at the location I listed above.

And, its always a good idea to backup your slides if you have them made, you can export the slider data in hte layer slider section, copy the data into a new text file for a backup.



Could anyone please tell me how to set a homepage? I have been searching for this for a while but I cannot find how to make a particular page the homepage of my new site….

Thanks in advance.

Hi :)

Its easy to do, go to “settings > reading” and click on “a static page” then select your front page and post page.

Also, we include all of this on our documentation file. You were given a “documentation” folder with your download, open it up then double click the “index.html” file to open it up. that is our documentation file and it includes everything you need to know including video tutorials to walk you through things.

Go to the “How To Set Your Home Page” section to see the info on this topic you asked about.


Hey you’s!

I searched for it desperatly but can’t find how to change the page title font and size as it is to be seen in the portfolio. Any advices?

BTW. The theme is fantastic, thanks so much.

Yours Henriette

Hi Henriette!

You can change that via theme options on the typography tab. You can change all the font headings and body copy there.

But if you ONLY want to change it in the page title bar and not all the other H2 headings, then use the below CSS and enter your font size and family that you want.

.page-title h1 {
  font-family:Arial !important;
  font-size:50px !important;


Hi there,

Thanks for your great theme. But i do have a problem. I have problems saving my theme options. I get an error while doing that…

Any suggestions or solutions?

Thanks, Mike

Hi Mike!

Hmmm, we have not seen this before, it could just be a missing file or something.

Can you please email me your login info? Wordpress and FTP.

Visit the link below and find the “email theme fusion” box on the lower right hand side, send us an email with your WP and FTP login info if you have it.


I just checked and this is not for the Avada theme, I think you contacted the wrong author :)

You have the “Mercor” themed installed so you will need to contact them about this issue.


Thinking of purchasing this theme! Few questions:

1) For the “recent news” section on the shortcodes page…can this be used for any post category? I’d like to build a page with posts from multiple categories on one page and keep them separate

2) Do you have the ability to apply different nav and/or background colors to designated pages? Custom page templates perhaps?

3) Does the slider include the ability to pull posts from specified categories (i.e. featured posts)?

Hi There :)

Yes, the recent news shortcode can be used with a specifc category, just isnert the slug name in the shortcode. It can also be used as 3 or 4 column, and have multiple rows if you wish.

Your top nav will be the same for each page, unless Im misunderstanding you. But you can upload a custom background image to the boxed layout per page, and the page title bar you see on interior pages can also have a custom background per page.

At this time the sliders cant pull from posts, but I can certainly add this to our feature list for a possible addition in the future. But the image sizes for featured images are smaller than the larger sliders you use on say, home pages. So it would be best to create a separate image for your slides.


Thanks for the quick response! Yes most corporate themes seem to have static image sliders, whereas the Magazine styled themes pull from posts. Our site lies somewhere in between those two styles…hoping to merge them both.

I’ll likely be giving this theme a shot, thanks for the response! Definitely gives me confidence that I’ll be taken care of!

Thanks! We sure do take care of our users :)

And yes I see your point about the style of your site. I like the idea of being able to pull from post so I’m certain we will be able to add that to our general flexslider.

Thanks again!


Do you have an extended license option for this theme?


Discount for groups of say 10 licenses?

Thanks Mike

Hi Mike!

We do not offer the ext. license, and Themeforest controls the sales and I have not heard of them offering a discount for bulk sales.

If it was up to me I certainly would :)


You’re welcome my friend :)

Hi, I’m also trying to set a dark background for the header / and can’t seem to find where in the CSS to change the header background from white to black? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, - Dan

Nevermind I found it :)

nav ul a,#nav li.current-menu-ancestor a{

display:block; height:83px; line-height:83px; border-top:3px solid #000; in all.css for anyone else out there trying to change it.

Sounds good!

Hi!!, how can do to Enable User Registration/ Log In???.

Hi :)

If you need users to be able to login to your site, you will need to use a plugin of some kind since we do not offer that as a feature. Do a google search and I’m sure you will have lots to choose from.


i want to the people coment with user registration. that is posible¡

See my other comment, you will need a plugin to achieve user login capability.


Is it possible to turn off responsive resizing for mobile phone so the whole site fits into mobile phone screen.

Yes, you can turn responsiveness on or off via theme options.


Great thanks

Sure, anytime!

Hi Again, Envato has blocked my downloads reason -(This item has been flagged for being downloaded too many times. Contact support for more details.) I did read their conditions and have contacted them explaining the updates that the GREAT developers supply us :-) I take it that this will not be a problem for them to reverse, wanting to download version 2.0.9

Hi :)

Man Im sorry to hear that. But i do know they wont limit downloads when themes are updated, they only limit downloads per day. So something is just off on the account, contact them and they will certainly fix it.


Sorted, all up and running again :-)

Woo! Glad to hear it :)