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how do I update my version 1.1 to 2.0.9? Can I just overwrite the template files?

I haven’t released the planned site yet, so i can still do updates without having to fear downtimes. Of course i will make a backup in advance. However i first need to know what the best way is to update the theme? And how I can transfer my LayerSlider contents, i assume they will be lost during the update?

Thanks in advance!

Hi :)

First be sure you read the READ ME FIRST file you get with the download, it has important info about upgrading from a v1 to v2.

We use a new theme options panel now so your theme options will reset, make sure you back up any custom CSS you have entered. And all our plugins are now integrated so the odl plugins located at “wp-content > plugins” should be removed. Oh and its always good to export your layer slides if you have any.

For updating, the best way is FTP. Just drag and drop the new “Avada” theme folder into “wp-content > themes” and choose to replace the one that is there when your computer asks you. And if you want to be very safe, then make a copy of your current Avada theme folder so you have a backup.


Thanks for the quick reply! :-)

No problem, anytime :)

On the Revolution Slider, in the Layer Params, we get a spinning gear when we click on “style”, and it freezes when we click the link “insert button” or “Edit CSS File”

Also, we are unable to drag the text layers?

Also, the ‘re-order’ plugin for Portfolios is not working for us.

Thanks so much, we are loving the theme!!

Hmmm, I dont understand the portfolio issue you are describing.

All portfolio items have a link button when rolled over, when you click on that it takes you to a single post page. That single post page can be full width or half width, you can set each single post page in the post options box of each post. There is a field for “Width Content Columns” and you can set it to half or full.

Sorry, I guess i am asking if we can remove the Project Details? and just have a project description.

Oh I see, at this time we dont have the single page with full width text. But we are adding it in our next update along with many other portfolio layout options. Right now the project details section will be on both half or full. You could try to post this on our support forum, they may be able to tell you what to remove to make that happen, but I cant promise it.

But it will be included in a future update for sure.


Hi, can you please tell me how can i make my front page to be the blog page? i cannot set the home page and blog post page to be the same…

Hi :)

If you want front page as blog page, then you dont set the home page as front page. Just set the blog page as the home page.

Go to “settings > reading” and set “Your Latest Posts” as front page.



Is there any other option to update the template…..or alawys is need to download and upload to server????

Because u make changes rapidly this is excellent…but an easy to update…will be great….!!

One more question…updating the template..will affect my content on the website???

Thanks in advance for support!

Hi :)

Yes since its a Themeforest template, you need to download the new version from your Themeforest account, then update it via FTP or wordpress. They do it this way so the purchase can be verified.

Yes we update frequently to appease user requests and squash any bugs that come up :)

No updating the template will not change your content. The only time that will happen is if you have changed the PHP files, or the CSS files. Anything you have inserted in theme options, or pages or posts will still be there. It only changes if you made code customizations to the coded files.

If you are on Avada v1 and update to v2, then theme options will reset, but that only happens the first time you upgrade to v2 and ONLY if you were on v1. If you have been on v2 already then updating wont change a thing.


4 updates in 23 days on an already 5/5 stars template. This developer ISNT joking about customer service.

If you are about to buy it, close your eyes and invest this 40 USD. That is nothing compare to the quality of this template.

Sidenote : will you rework the auto-update process ?


Thanks my friend, we certainly strive to keep Avada running smoothly with new features as much as we can.

And yes, we are planning on using the auto-updater again as soon as the creators have worked out the bugs and test it with WP 3.5. We love the idea of having it, it makes it easier on users and us. So it will be back, I just cant say when.

Also, please dont forget to rate our theme and service for us! Visit your downloads tab and give us a nice 5 star rating! Just refresh the page after giving it to make sure it was accepted, their rating system is a little screwy.


ThemeFusion, I already gave you 5/5 :) I will do something for you in few weeks… :)

Woo hoo! Thanks my friend!


After we update new version now portfolio url has changed to

but we want to change (“avada_portfolio”) to (“portfolio”) How can we do that


I would need to see this, Visit the link below and find the “email theme fusion” box on the lower right hand side, send us an email with your URL, username and password along with a brief description of the issue so we can look into it for you.


I emailed you with details

Replied back, check email and follow up there.


Hi there.

Im having trouble installing the theme XML file. First of all, it does not show up as in the video afterwards. Is this due to existing pages and posts? I deactivate my old theme (prophotoblogs), then activate yours, then import the XML, but I do not get the same website as your video.

I want to start out with your design and then edit it to suit my needs from there..

Thanks in advance.

Hi, thanks for the purchase!

No you can import XML data even if you have pages or posts. If you are having trouble with it, then its server side issue. Did you see our documentation on how to troubleshoot if the XML file does not upload?

You can also copy the demo code from the docs and paste it into a new page. If you do that, make sure you paste the demo code into the HTML editor.

For the XML, most likely your host has an issue with the images. You can leave the box unchecked that says “download images and attachments” and that will allow all the pages and posts to import. Our images are meant to be replaced anyways by your own. I would try this method, or check out our troubleshooting tips in the documentation.

If you still have issue, please email me with your WP login info.

Visit the link below and find the “email theme fusion” box on the lower right hand side, send us an email with your URL, username and password along with a brief description of the issue so we can look into it for you.


Thanks, that worked.

Wonderful, thanks!

“Leave A Comment” part showed on Homepage, how to disable this part?

Go to “theme options > general” and uncheck the “allow comments on all pages”

That will do it!

Hi, I have another question for you. I’ve uploaded a custom 900×208 logo and noticed that there is now about a 34px top margin above the logo. Do you know where in the php or css to reduce this margin without affecting anything else? Thanks again, - Dan

You can insert a negative margin for the top if you want to reduce the space.

I’m not sure what you mean about the menu, but post up on our support forum with details and include your URL to the site and we’ll get it answered for you We’re moving all support like this to the forum.


Ok Thanks.

No problem, thank you :)


Very nice theme and clean documentation. Would recommend others to pick this theme!

A question about translating the theme: I’d like to use the and .po files. To which directory should I upload them? The documentation doesn’t say anything about this.

By the way: the documentation mentions qTranslate and WPML. I’ve worked with both but for a simple translation I much prefer the plugin Codestyling Localization. Perhaps worth looking into and adding full support for (currently there’s a notification from this plugin that says that the theme is using load_textdomain instead of load_theme_textdomain or load_child_theme_textdomain).

Cheers, Frank

Hi Frank!

thanks for the comments ;)

Check Section U: of our docs, it outlines what you need to do to translate and where the files need to be. If you’re using the language files we provide, then they will be in the right location. Just make sure you edit wp-config.php located in the root folder of wordpress and define the WPLANG prefix with your language name which should be similar to the translation file name.

Check out Section U for the run down in directions. And visit our support forum for additional help, see the FREE SUPPORT section of our docs. We’re moving all support there because its easier for us, users and keeps it all in one place.


Hi guys, I checked out your support forum and finally found the answer, thanks to user taikuli:

The final step in using the already available translation files is to upload them to a folder called “languages” in the theme folder.

Please add this info to the documentation section U (if not done already)

Case closed :)

Hi :)

Oh good! Yes that is added to our docs, its the last step in the list in Section U.

You must of had an older version of the documentation, that was a new addition a little while ago.

We’re planning on providing many languages already translated and also a way to easily switch between them via theme options. Its going to be a new feature in a future update, which will make it nice and easy for the user :)

And if you would like to provide your language translation files please do! Email them to me and we will include them for other users.


Goodday, do you have a good idea for a forum (bb) plugin that works well with the Avada template?

thanks in advantage

Hi :)

We have not tested one yet but are planning on doing so sometime in the future. But right now I cant give you a recommendation since we have not tested.



Guess I have another question :)

Is it possible to have a page as home page so some intro text can be shown, followed by let’s say two exerpts from a specific category of posts?

So the desired total page layout (vertically) is: - logo and menu - slider - some welcome text - two specials (which are items on sale promoted by a post in the sale category)

Cheers, Frank

You can certainly do that. Just use one of our home page templates or build a new one. Everything is built using shortcodes so you can mix and match.

Make a new template, set “full width” as page template. Then select your slider to show up (you need to have one made already). Then insert your welcome text and headline, then insert the recent news shortcode, and in the shortcode you can select 3 or 4 column as well as the number of posts, insert 2 for only 2 post to show.

Check out our video tutorial on building pages, its in the documentation file.

Visit our support forum for additional help, see the FREE SUPPORT section of our docs. We’re moving all support there because its easier for us, users and keeps it all in one place.


Thanks ThemeFusion, the page is now just the way I wanted. Avada Magic :)

Woo Hoo! Happy to hear it :)

And if you have not already, please take a moment and rate Avada for us!


If I download the theme again and copy and replacement in my theme folder I can lose data? I need to update the theme because I have errors in the plugin revoluction slider

Hi :)

No you wont lose data as long as you have not changed the coded files. All your apges, posts, images, etc will still be there.

If you are on a v1 and going to a v2, then theme options will reset so make note of any custom CSS you entered. But if you are already on a v2 then your good. Just be sure to always read the READ ME FISRT file you get with the download, it will always have important update info in it.

But your data is stored in your database, its not removed unless you delete the database, or physically remove the pages, etc. You can delete the Avada theme, then reinstall it and your content will still be there.


I have the revolution probelmas slider, wordpress I have updated to version 3.5. I can not move text or reposition the slider what I can do? I have fear of losing information. my site is

Yes you need to update your theme to the latest version. The older version of Rev Slider is not compatible with WP 3.5.

Download new theme package, Replace the current “Avada” theme folder in your “wp-content > themes” folder with the new version you get from the download.

And always read the READ ME FIRST file you get with the new download.


This looks like a fantastic theme! I’m wondering what size grid this was built on, and if the layered psd files have the grid included? I’m thinking of buying this theme for a client but want to know what size the grid is before purchasing.

Hi :)

I based the design ofd the 960 grid, but the entire 960 grid is not apart of the PSD’s, I removed a lot of the guidelines for certain things.


No problem!

How do I change the values for the content form to say something different that “subject” or “message”? Also, how would I add fields to the contact form?

Hi :)

To add fields you need to use a different plugin, right now our built in form would need to be customized to allow extra fields. So if you know PHP then you can do it that way, if not then we recommend using Contact Form 7. And with that plugin you can rename the fields.

thanks and be sure to check out our forum for any additional support questions you have, we are now handling all support there. Its the best place to get it, everything is searchable, any user can respond, plus we have a growing knowledge base and all our video tutorials are there.

See our FREE SUPPORT section of our documentation that came with your purchase for info on signing up and using the forum.


K, thanks!

No problem!

Also, how do I change the “Learn More” button and links for the portfolio page?

In the (portfolio-one-column.php) file you can change the name of them.


Thanks, again!

Anytime :)

Hi there,

You mentioned a week or so ago that you will have an update for the header regarding adding social icons, color/image background options adding bus. address etc in a future update. Have any idea when that might be? I was also wondering if you plan to translate it to French in the near future? thanks

Hi :)

We are working on an update now that will add different header options so user can use icons, text, etc. But its hard to say when it will be done, but its what we are currently working on. It includes a lot more than that so its hard to say. But it is coming soon!

We have discussed offering multiple translation files with the theme right now we only offer the ones that our users have given us, but we are looking into translating it for many more languages. But that would also be in our next big update.

And all future updates are free once you buy.


Hi there. Great theme! I need to design a right-to-left website based on this theme. I’m just asking if you know about someone who already did that? I know, it involves quite a lot of customization… But first of all I just wanted to know if it’s possible in general. What’s your opinion?

And one more thing: where can I take a look on photo gallery? I mean not a portfolio , but a gallery (fullscreen, if possible) are there any plugins compatible with this theme to make impressive galleries?

Hi :)

Yes its possible, we’ve had a few users do it, and I believe they used a plugin. We’re working on a big update and one of the features we’re adding is RTL support.


Thank you very much for your quick response. When are you planning to release the update?

And what about the photo gallery question?

Thank you again.

We’re working on an update now, but its hard to say when it will be done, but certainly sooner than later!

For the photo gallery, you can use the built in Wordpress gallery function, or use a plugin for it. There are many out there, we have not used any with Avada so I cant recommend one. And we’re also building a gallery in our new update as well.


Hi, would be interested in buying this item, but I would do with genesis framework and not if this item is compatible. if so, I could confirm? do you have any installation manual with genesis? thank you very much

Hi Sorry we have not tested it wit Genesis.