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Hi, we just tried to install your theme Avada in wordpress and everything was perfect, but when we upload the content.xml we have this message. Failed to import Media “105481839” Failed to import Media “shutterstock_30705148” Failed to import Media “30705148” When we previsualize the web, we don’t see the slides and the main page is quite different that the expected page.

Can you help us with that problem?

Thank you!


Hi Eva :)

Those few upload notices simply mean 3 images did not upload that is normal. It does not include all the images and users will replace the demo images with their own anyway. The XML does not include the slider setup, each user needs to setup their own slides. Wordpress is not able to export data from 3rd party plugins. But we provide the documentation and video tutorials for each slider so its easy for users to set them up. And if you use the layer slider, you can easily import sample sliders. At the top of the layer slider settings is a button called “import sample slides”, just click it and you will have 4 sample slides to play with or simply replace the images with your own.

As for your site link, the menu is different because you are using a plugin for it, looks like uber menu or mega menu. We dont include that with our theme so the styling is going to e different. We suggest not using it.

And the comments box on the bottom of pages can be turned off in theme options on the general tab.

Other than that you have all our content besides the slides, which you can watch our video tutorials to see how to set them up. And the footer widgets need to be setup, but we cover that in our XML video tutorial.

Here is our youtube channel below and also open up our documentation folder and double click the “index.html” file to read all our instructions and videos.

The theme is very customizable and we have vey detailed documentation and video tutorials to assist you. And we also have a support forum to assist our users with any questions, see the FREE SUPPORT section of our docs for info on signing up. Everythign you need is in that documentation file.

Thanks for the purchase!

Oh and if you have any slider questions on how to set them up after watching our videos, just send me an email and I can log into your site and show you. I’ve been using them awhile now and can quickly assist you :)

To email me, Visit the link below and find the “email theme fusion” box on the lower right hand side.


“Toggle short codes not working on iPhone”

i.e. – Accordion, Tab, and Revolution Sliders won’t load on iPhone

Hello ThemeFusion,

GREAT theme!!

For some reason, my accordion, tab, and Revolution Sliders won’t load on the iPhone. When I look at the one you created on the demo on the iPhone, it loads just fine. But mine won’t load, even though I copied the shortcodes exactly as you used them in the demo. They all work just fine on desktop browsers, so it leaves me very confused.

The behavior I see when you click it is that the accordion black (+) plus sign goes green, but none of the contained text rolls out. For the tabs, a similar thing happens. When you click it, you can see the highlight on the selected tab, but no data shows up. And finally, for the Revolution slider, the spinning load graphic just spins and spins, but the slider graphics etc. won’t load. (Only the background loads).

Please help.

(I’ve also posted to your customer service site).

I thought I should add my website so that you can see it…

The HOME page: (the Revolution Slider won’t load on the iPhone).

The ABOUT page: (the Our Team accordion won’t open on iPhone)

The PRICING page: (the TAB under the pricing graphic won’t open on iPhone)


Hi There :)

the forum is the best place for help, make sure you add your URL’s to your thread. Our devloper will follow up there.

Some small things to note:

1. Check to make sure you have “responsive” turned on in theme options, its on the general tab.

2. Did you make any changes to the theme files, like the media.css file? That controls the responsiveness. I would suggest replacing your theme files with the original ones from your download. Oh and we have a new v2.0.9 out now so update the theme, that will overwrite the old files.

3. And double check your plugins. I recommend deactivating all your plugins and then see if your issues go away.

No other users have reported this and all our demo and test sites are working properly so it must be a local issue (plugin or code change).


To try to do what you just suggested, I just downloaded and upgraded to v. 2.09…and there is a “leave a comment” section now on every page! How can I turn that off?

Go to “theme options > general” and uncheck the “leave comments on every page” box :)



I’ve found there’s a limit of 5 items in a flexslider object placed on our homepage. I’ve added more items to the flex slider slide group, but those won’t show. I cannot find where to change this setting. Please advice.

Hi :)

There is a theme option for this, go to the “slideshows” tab and find the “Number of FlexSlider Slides” field. Set any number you want.

If you dont see that option, then you need to upgrade to the latest version.



I am trying to set the cat_id to show a particular category of recent posts for the homepage:

[recent_posts columns="3" number_posts="3" cat_id="1" thumbnail="yes" title="yes" meta="no" excerpt="yes" excerpt_words="15"][/recent_posts]

When i add the ID-number: e.g. cat_id=”1” it stops showing any recent news on homepage. Any Tips or help would be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

Hi :)

It needs to be the name of the category, the slug. So its not a number but a name. For example, we have a logo category so ours would look like this …

[recent_posts columns="3" number_posts="3" cat_id="logo" thumbnail="yes" title="yes" meta="no" excerpt="yes" excerpt_words="15"][/recent_posts]

Great thanks! #cat_slug

You’re welcome :) And we’ll change the shortcode to reflect the slug instead of ID


I just downloaded and upgraded to v. 2.09…and there is a “leave a comment” section now on every page! How can I turn that off?

Go to “theme options > general” and uncheck the “allow comments on every page”. Its a new feature we added and it gets turned on by default.


Hi I can’t for work out how to add a testimonial widget to the pages or side bar. I want to add a scrolling testimonial showing multiple comments.

How do I do it please?

Hi :)

Its a shortcode, you can hit the shortcode button and then just populate it with your info. See this screenshot below, if you dont get the below code when hitting that icon, then update the theme to the latest version, we changed it recently.


And below is the code you get from clicking it, notice there are 2 [testimonial] inside of the [testimonials], you can add as many as you lke, just copy and paste them one after another, as long as its wrapped in the [testimonials] tag it will be contained in the slider.

And you can use the same shortcode in the sidebar. Use the “text” widget and insert the same shortcode, it reads it just like it does on the page.

[testimonial name="John Doe" gender="male or female" company="My Company"]"Neque porro quisquam est ..."[/testimonial]
[testimonial name="Doe John" gender="male or female" company="My Company"]"Neque porro quisquam est..."[/testimonial]


Hello, Where is the “Home Page 9 Demo Code” in the Theme-Fusion Documentation File?


Hi :)

We just created that a day or two ago so it has not been included yet, I will include it with our next update. But here it is below, just copy and paste it into the HTML editor of a new page. Thanks!

[one_third last="no"]
<img alt="" src="" />
<h2>100% Responsive</h2>
Avada is fully responsive and can adapt to any screen size, its incredibly quick and super flexible.

[one_third last="no"]
<img alt="" src="" />
<h2>Powerful Sliders</h2>
Avada includes the two of the best premium sliders around, the LayerSlider & Revolution Slider.

[one_third last="yes"]
<img alt="" src="" />
<h2>Loaded With Options</h2>
This theme is loaded with features and options, all are very easy to use in our advanced admin panel!

[tagline_box link="" button="Purchase Now" title="Avada is very versatile with multiple layouts" description="And its so easy to make your own layouts with our numerous shortcodes!"][/tagline_box][separator top="-20"]

[slider][slide type="video"]<iframe src="" height="480" width="853" allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0"></iframe>[/slide][/slider]

[title size="2"]Keep In Touch! Choose Your Platform![/title]
[social_links rss="#" facebook="#" twitter="#" dribbble="#" google="#" linkedin="#" blogger="#" tumblr="#" reddit="#" yahoo="#" deviantart="#" vimeo="#" youtube="#" pinterest="#" digg="#" flickr="#" forrst="#" myspace="#" skype="#"]


Hello, Where is the “Home Page 9 Demo Code” in the Theme-Fusion Documentation File?


See my response to your other comment, looks like your comment was accidentally duplicated.


Thanks for this awesome theme. I spent all day trying to find out why Flash disappears in Firefox 17… Somewhere, a div class=”fluid-width-video-wrapper” is being added to the object and causing issues. Do you know where it is coming from or how to fix this?

Hmmmm, we would need to check this out. Can you email; me about this and include the error? We cant get this to replicate on our end.

Visit the link below and find the “email theme fusion” box on the lower right hand side, send us an email with your URL, username and password along with a brief description of the issue so we can look into it for you.


Hi – Love your theme but I cant get the facebook widget to work in the blog sidebar – any known issues with that?

Hi :)

Nope its working for us, are you making sure you are using a correct Facebook Page URL. For example, insert as a test and see if it works. I’ve checked on 3 different sites and its working.

If you still have issues, post this up on our forum so we can investigate. See the FREE SUPPORT section of our docs for info signing up on our forum.

Let us know, thanks!

I got it figured – problem with my FB url. Oops.

Woo Hoo! Glad you got it worked out. Thanks!

Hello, Does the theme support RTL languages ? if not, do you have plan to add it soon ? regards,

At the moment it does not without a plugin, but Yes we are adding this in our next big update, Avada 3.0 which we are working on now. Its going to be a very good update.

And all future updates are 100% FREE so you can buy now and get aded features in the future :)


When the Avada 3.0 will be released ?

what plugin should i use to make it support RTL ?


We are working on 3.0 now but it will be a few weeks to a month before its done. We’re adding all kinds of features!

I have not used a RTL plugin so I can’t recommend one. But do a google search for RTL Wordpress plugin and you will get plenty to choose from. Thanks!

Sorry to bother you, but i dont get the german language running on my site.

in wp-config i defined WPLANG “de_DE”. The and de_DE.po are in the wp-config/languages folder.

I also added avada-de_DE in the languages/themes/ folder…

What am i missing?

That sounds all right, maybe try to disable any other plugins you have running to see if there is a conflict. And double check the wp-config file.

If not, then post this on our support forum and mention all of the things you did above and include your URL if possible. We can check it out there.

To access our forum, you need to create a free account. To create an account, you need to use 2 things.

1. The same themeforest username that you bought avada with

2. Your purchase code located in the license certificate.

Click Here To Create A Free Account

Click Here To See How To Find Your Purchase Code

When you login, it may take you to a wordpress admin page, simply click the “visit site” and head over to the correct forum section or check out our video tutorials.

Please See Our General Guidelines & Support Policy

Check Our KnowledgeBase

And perform a forum search for your question before you post a new thread, chances are your question has already been brought up.



The layer slider doesn’t work on the website.. I have imported your settings and I can see the slider and preview in the admin panel, but when I switch to the front page I cannot see this slider. Plus the twitter feed doesnt work, It just says Loading recent tweets… Is this a JS problem?

Did you make sure you selected the slider in page options so it shows up on the front page. See our docs and video tutorial for info on how to do that. Each page has a page options box and you need to select the slider type and name of slider for it to show on the page.

If you have done that then it could be a plugin conflict. Disable all your plugins to see if it works. Then if it does you can activate them one by one to see which is the culprit.

For twitter it could also be a icon conflict. And make sure you have the proper twitter username inserted. Try “envato” as username to test it put.

Let me know of the above works, I have a feeling it’s one of them. If not email me from our profile page with your login details.


I have installed Woo commerce and am having issues with the sidebar being pushed to the right too much, I cannot seem to figure out how to fix it. I know most people use woo commerce not WP eCommerce (which I tried already) with your theme so I was hoping this might be a common problem you know the fix too.

here is the page:

Any ideas would be great. I use firebug and cannot find the fix.


Hmmm, can you email me these details? This is a higher level support for the comments here on Themeforest. You can email me fr our profile page here on themeforest. The email box is on the right hand side of the below page.


Thanks! I’ll try to figure out what to do once you email me :)


I purchased your theme and everything has worked great. One small issue is the Revolution Slider’s video embed does not allow the controls to work in Firefox. I sent a message to them and they said the slider would need to be updated by the theme author to v2.2.2 is this something you plan to do soon? Please see my example on our development site: it is the 3rd slide in the slider.

Hi :)

Wow they are already on v2.2.2! They update quickly :)

Yes we always include the new versions of plugins when we update the theme. We just included 2.1.6 a week ago :)

Our next update will certainly include the new version of the Revolution Slider and the Layer Slider. It’s coming soon but I can’t say exactly when because it will also include other fixes and new features. But it will be soon.

Thanks my friend!

Hello I would like to purchase these theme and need to know if #1 I could combine the slides from Home Version 1 and the text (under the slides) from the Home Version 2? #2 if I could add the social icons by myself over the slides? and #3 replace the words “Learn More”. I would like to place under the – Latest From The Blog and delay at the text in 4 columns before. Thank you for your answeres in ahead! Emily

Oops sorry that above comment was not meant for you! I’m sorry!

For your question, yes you can combine any of the pages together. The theme is super flexible and based on shortcodes so you can Caine anything you see on our demo or create your own pages.

The only thing you can’t do out of the box is put social icons in the header. That would take code customization right now. But we are adding that feature in our next update. And all future updates are FREE!


Sorry for typos too! I’m typing on my phone because I’m not in the office. Thanks and we hope to have you as a user soon!


In trying to solve an unrelated problem, I deleted the ‘Post Types Order’ plugin from the main wordpress plugins area. Well, once I deleted it, I found that the plugin would not remove itself from the ‘Settings’ area, and was essentially impossible to remove. I sent the authors an email and they said the following:

“Yes, the plugin code must be included within the theme, so you need to find the place where the files are loaded and comment out.”

I have two questions…one, is this a plugin that is needed and will break other things for me down the road if I don’t have it?

Or two, is it needed and I already have it anyway (regardless of whether it is deleted in the main ‘plugins’ area) since it is located in the wp-content/themes/Avada/framework/post-types-order folder?

Hi :)

Great questions! Yes the plugins are now I defeated into the theme so they are not stored in the WP-content > plugins folder anymore. They are technically built in. So it’s best to leave it there, if you do remove it, each time you update it will get put back and you would need to delete it again. It’s a great plugin to reorder all post types and is very small so does not take up space or load times. We recommend leaving it there, but if you do remove it, it should not cause issues. It’s located in the frameworks folder of the Avada theme folder.

Thanks for the purchase! We appreciate it!


1. As I can put my subject in Spanish, I have read the guide but do not understand, you can help me? 2. How I can make my thema wider? 3. In the mobile version remains narrow, and does not fit well, going from one side to another, and what I want is to stay fixed.

Thank you very much for everything.

a greeting juanjo

Hi There :)

I’m sorry I don’t fully understand your issue for 1. Is it for translation? If so please double check the directions in our docs, they outline exactly how to do it.

For 2, the mobile version fits exactly, the theme adapts to the screen size. I assume you do not want that to happen, if so then you can simply turn off responsiveness in theme options and that will give you the fixed layout on all screens.

Go to theme options on the general tab and uncheck the responsive layout then save it. Your site will then use the fixed layout on all screens ;)

If you still have issue with translations for 1, then post up a new thread on our forum and we can get your login details using a private form, that will allow us to login and check your settings.

Thanks for the purchase my friend!

In the mobile version I can zoom, and I want to block that option. how I do it? Before I forget, too, when I insert a song anywhere soundcloud listens to me and is fine, but the phone is not.

thank you very much.

If you have responsiveness turned off, then you can zoom on smartphones. If you have responsiveness turned on then it uses the mobile version and you will not be able to zoom. So you would need to choose one or the other. The responsive option is on the general tab in theme options. Turn it on or off by checking the box next to it.

For soundcloud, it’s hard to say without seeing it. It’s working on our demo and test sites. You can post this up on our forum, or email me your login details with your URL so I can see it. Email is from our profile page, the email box is on the right hand side of our profile page. Or for our forum, see the FREE SUPPORT section of our docs for info on signing up at our forum.


Thank you for your very professional and prompt response. I went to look for answers to my own questions and quickly realized tha the information I was requesting was very easy to find. As were the videos and the instructions. In fact everything has been perfect so far. This is by far the most well supported theme I have ever had the pleasure to work with. Yes, I have purchased it and it is working great. Lots of wonderful options. I wished I had found you before I spent money on a competitors theme. In any case, I only have one question, and no doubt you have covered it elsewhere…any plans to add self hosting video options to the theme? I can embed video through JW PLayer in the body of the site, but would like to use self-hosted video options for the sliders. Forgive me if this is an often covered and well documented question. Thanks again for the great support and for a great product. William Genske – Full Impact Imagery

Hi William!

Wow! Thanks so much for the awesome feedback! We very much appreciate hearing that. If you have not already, please take a moment and rate Avada for us on your downloads tab! Just be sure to refresh the page to ensure it was accepted, it’s easy for it to mess up. Thanks!

As for the self hosting videos, we do not have that feature right now, but the good news is that it’s on our Avada 3.0 list! So it will certainly be added in that version and we are worki g on t right now so expect it in a few weeks to a month. The update is going to be huge with lots of new features!

Thanks again for the comments, we really do strive to make this as seamless as possible for our users. It’s wonderful to hear that response.

All the best!