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In the mobile version I can zoom, and I want to block that option. how I do it? Before I forget, too, when I insert a song anywhere soundcloud listens to me and is fine, but the phone is not.

thank you very much.

If you have responsiveness turned off, then you can zoom on smartphones. If you have responsiveness turned on then it uses the mobile version and you will not be able to zoom. So you would need to choose one or the other. The responsive option is on the general tab in theme options. Turn it on or off by checking the box next to it.

For soundcloud, it’s hard to say without seeing it. It’s working on our demo and test sites. You can post this up on our forum, or email me your login details with your URL so I can see it. Email is from our profile page, the email box is on the right hand side of our profile page. Or for our forum, see the FREE SUPPORT section of our docs for info on signing up at our forum.


Thank you for your very professional and prompt response. I went to look for answers to my own questions and quickly realized tha the information I was requesting was very easy to find. As were the videos and the instructions. In fact everything has been perfect so far. This is by far the most well supported theme I have ever had the pleasure to work with. Yes, I have purchased it and it is working great. Lots of wonderful options. I wished I had found you before I spent money on a competitors theme. In any case, I only have one question, and no doubt you have covered it elsewhere…any plans to add self hosting video options to the theme? I can embed video through JW PLayer in the body of the site, but would like to use self-hosted video options for the sliders. Forgive me if this is an often covered and well documented question. Thanks again for the great support and for a great product. William Genske – Full Impact Imagery

Hi William!

Wow! Thanks so much for the awesome feedback! We very much appreciate hearing that. If you have not already, please take a moment and rate Avada for us on your downloads tab! Just be sure to refresh the page to ensure it was accepted, it’s easy for it to mess up. Thanks!

As for the self hosting videos, we do not have that feature right now, but the good news is that it’s on our Avada 3.0 list! So it will certainly be added in that version and we are worki g on t right now so expect it in a few weeks to a month. The update is going to be huge with lots of new features!

Thanks again for the comments, we really do strive to make this as seamless as possible for our users. It’s wonderful to hear that response.

All the best!

hello there… is there a way to keep the featured image of a post from not appearing in the actual post?

No problem :)

Here is what you need to do. Log on via FTP and go to “wp-content > plugins” and delete the layerslider, revslider, flexslider and psot types order folders. Those 4 folders are the old plugins. Delete them from that folder and you should be good to go.

If you want me to do it, email me your FTP and WP login info and I’ll take care of it :)


well I am smarter than I look… haha! I did it. Perhaps I will remember to read the directions first next time… sorry for being a retread!

No worries at all Martinigirl ;) Happens to all of us!


I am considering this theme but I need 2 navigation menus. One above the slider – main menu that would list my pages and second navigation just under the slider for a detailed information on each of the pages in the first menu. This is for a bed & breakfast website that also has a spa and restaurant so the main navigation bar would have tabs like: Accommodations, Spa, Dining etc. Then the second navigation would work like this… you click on Accommodations and the tabs below the slider would read: Rooms, Cottages, Beach House, Rates, Reservations etc. Is this a possibility with this theme to accomplish this. I need to know ahead of time because this is THE most important feature to my client and I have already purchased one template and later found out that the theme only supports one menu. :( Any help would be deeply appreciate. I am ready to buy and get started today if this is feasible. THANK YOU~

Okay thank you very much. If there is a way to add another navigation under the slider, please let me know. THANK YOU!

OR – would it be possible to use the top navigation and then create a page where I could then use the the TABS shortcode to hold my other content and place it below the slider? So the main nav would have a link to my “Rooms” page and on that page would be the TABS and each tab would hold the content – Rooms, Cottages, Beach House etc. Is there a limit to the number of tabs and can photos go inside the tabs? Sorry. I just really like this template and it is obvious that you give you care enough to give excellent support. THANK YOU!

Yes that option would work. That is like our demo, you can have the top navigation, then use tabs below the slider for other content, or even use the side navigation pages for that, which is what I would receommend.


So I tried upgrading the theme from the Avada Upgrade Options tab. Put in my ThemeForest username and pasted in a generated API key. It crashed the site including the wordpress.

Fatal error: Call to undefined function request_filesystem_credentials() in /home/content/s/t/e/steelmill98/html/baldoni/wp-admin/includes/class-wp-upgrader.php on line 1124


Hi :)

The auto-updater we used in Avada 2.0.6 did not work, it had some bugs so the update did not work properly as you just found out. We quickly released a new update to remove the auto-updater.

So you need to download the new theme package from your downloads tab, then install the new them folder via FTP or via WP.

We have a how to update thread in our knowledgebase on our forum if you have questions about updating either FTP or WP. But basically all you need to do is download the new package and replace the current avada theme folder with the new one you get.

That will remove the fatal error and get tour site back up. We apologize for the auto-updater, its not our own but created by Envato and other authors here on Themeforest, but unfortunately it had some bugs that could not be detected until the new update was pushed out, at that point it was too late so we simply had to remove it and issue a new update. Which we did within 24 hours.


I am having the same issue as another customer where the “Revolution Slider” is showing a broken image on the iPhone. It is responsive up to the point of the iPhone view.

Just updated all of the theme files yesterday.Also, all plugins disabled.

Any suggestions?

Hi :)

Do you remember the response I gave to the other user? The only one I can recall recently was from a user who had plugins enabled that were conflicting with the slider plugin. Once he disabled them it was back to normal

It could be a content issue, when I resize your site down to iphone size, the entire slider disappears. This is different then the other user, his slider would show but nothing would load, your slider just shows a missing image on my end.

Check to verify that the slider you are using is responsive. Then I would make a new test slider and assign it to a test page to see if it shows up on the iphone. If it does then it could very well be a content issue.

Oh and also check it in other browsers if you can, for example, you cna use chrome on iphones.

Also if you have amde any edits to the theme files (php or css) then you can upload the originals we provide in the package to see if the changes made it happen.

If none of that works then I would need to see your admin. Email me from the link below and include your URL, username/password. The email box is on the right hand side of the page below.


Thanks for the quick followup. The “Slider Fallback Image” field had a broken path. Once I removed that image path the slider resume the responsive behavior for the nobile device.

Awesome. Yeah the fallback image field will override the responsive sliders, even if the image path is broken. If an image is inserted in that field then it will override it.


Thank you – TheFusion for the fast answere! Yes, I am in – just purchased the Theme and starting work on it – :) Great Day!- Emily

Woo Hoo!

Thanks Emily, so happy to have you as a user :) Definitely be sure to check out our documentation and video tutorials, we’ve spent lots of time on making it as detailed as possible! And then our forum has a good knowledgebase and tons of users who like to help, and of course our support staff is there as well.

Thanks so much! And dont forget to rate the theme for us!

Thank you!

Your welcome my friend :)


Is there an option for sub portfolios ?

Also, what about po/mo files ? Is the theme ready for user language selection ?

Hi :)

You can have multiple portfolios, as many as you want and can select custom categories per portfolio page. So for example, if you have Portfolio 1 and Portfolio 2, you can have category A show on Portfolio 1 and Category B show on Portfolio 2. Or you can choose to show all items.

Yes we provide the translations files ,.mo and .po and also include a few languages already translated. You can see them below, and we are going to add more and more with each update. To translate the theme, check out our documentation section on translating.

Includes 4 languages already translated

German – Deutsch (de_DE) Español – España (es_ES) Italian (it_IT) Dutch – Nederlands (nl_NL)



Just testing the theme out both locally & on a server, and when I use Wordpress’s built-in gallery function, the links to the lightbox image pop-up aren’t working.

I’m getting an image url not correct message.

Standard images and custom lightboxes are working.

Gallery test here:

Ah right, didn’t realise the need for the link=”file” bit. The WP gallery just uses [gallery ids=”2573,2574”]. Once I added the link=”file” code manually it worked. Bit of a shame it doesn’t do it automatically though.

I don’t think that’s documented anywhere.

For reference for anyone seeing this later, this code works: [gallery link=”file” ids=”2573,2574,2575”]

Interestingly the “Show Post Images in Lightbox” option seems a little broken or I’m misunderstanding it. When it’s disabled, individual images link directly to a file or attachment page, as you’d expect, but gallery images load in a lightbox. When “Show Post Images in Lightbox” is enabled, individual images show up in a lightbox, again, as you’d expect, but gallery pictures link directly to the file, without the lightbox.

Ah yes, we will change that so it automatically adds the link=”” to the gallery shortcode. I forgot to mention that you. And we will document it as well.


Nevermind this comment … Thanks!


I want to change all the background colors (header/main areas) but when looking from style.css I cannot even find the present color values in there.

So how do I modify the background colors? I am using the theme as “wide” mode.

Hi :)

The styles would be in the “all.css” file, not the style.css. But, its best to insert custom CSS in the CSS field in theme options. That way your custom CSS will not be overwritten when you update.

Below is the CSS you need to use, you can simply change out your color value for the one you want. Copy this into the CSS field in theme options on the CSS tab. Also please note, this theme is designed for a light background so other items may need to be adjusted if you are using a darker background for the main content area. But in our next update we are going to provide multiple design skins (light, dark, colored, etc).

To change the header background color, use the below CSS and put it in the CSS field in theme options. Use the color of your choice.

#header {background-color: #ffffff;} 

To change the main background color, use the below CSS and put it in the CSS field in theme options. Use the color of your choice.

#main {background-color: #ffffff;} 



Although I purchased this template not long ago, a few days ago the site changed its design to something else: What is the matter? Can you help me?

Thank you, Keren

Hi Karen!

I’m not entirely sure what you mean. Did you install Avada on your server at that domain you listed? Ad the. It just cha GED one day without you doing anything?

If that is the case then you need to contact your hosting company to find out what is going on. If you did not change the theme and activate a new one, then somebody else has your site credentials and changed it for you. That is so etching you need to ask your hosting company about. Our theme will not cause anything like that, someone would of had to do that themselves.

Hope this helps, let us know if we can be of further help.


My page titles and page title containers are not showing? I have page title bar enabled so have no idea why not showing.

Complete fresh install and literally just purchased the theme.

Hi There :)

For each page you have the “page title bar” set to show and it’s not showing up? If so, please select “show” again from the drop down list and then publish the page again. It might need to be reset. But the default setting when you make new pages is for that bar to be showing. Try to select them again then save it.

If it still does not show then it’s possible your install did not fully happen. Visit the link below and find the “email theme fusion” box on the lower right hand side, send us an email with your URL, username and password along with a brief description of the issue so we can look into it for you.


Hi, I am interested in purchasing this, I have some questions

  1. My client really like this over Udesign, except the menu (can you help me with some options in changing the menu style, and sliders in the inner pages, can add icons on the menu)
  2. Does it support third party plugins, like uber menu,
  3. I want to be able to automatically upgrade to new themes without loosing my customization, what do you recommend, is child themes the best way to do it, can you give some examples
  4. Is this SEO optimized
  5. Can I rename/change the wp-content folder, and will it still work, what do I need to do to make that change
  6. Is this touch enabled for mobile
  7. Another difference was Udesign didnt seem to support banners on inner pages, can I support banners/sliders in inner pages (or is this a WP limitation), and give them different options, can you please explain,
  8. Does it support third party plugins, like visual composer, uber menu, unlimited side bars/ widget areas, page layout
  9. For wide layout, can we add other background colors, with a dark theme, does this package come with icons


1. Unfortunately we do not offer customization services. But in our next update we are going to have multiple header designs that users can easily choose from the theme options panel. That update is being worked on now but I can’t say exactly when it will be do e.

2. I does support plugins, but we have not tested ubermenu so can’t say how well the styling will be. There are thousands of plugins so we can’t test them, but it is plugin ready.

3. Yes child theme is good, we I clued a child theme. And you can also use the regular theme if you will not be customizing the Php files. Any CSS you need to cha GE can be inserted into the theme options and will not be overwritten when you update.


5. Renaming the wp-contet folder is never a good idea, that is true for any theme. That is the default name that Wordpress uses.

6. Yes

7. Yes you can se sliders on any page and insert them in the post content field with shortcodes. Is easy to do. We have a regular image slider that is a shortcode, and both layer solder and revolution slider generate shortcodes for you when you make a slider.

8. See my answer for #2

9. You can change the background of wide layout but. To as a theme option at the moment, we are adding it as a theme option in next update. But for now we can give you one line of CSS to change it. Ad we have font awesome icon set integrated into the theme.


Hi Themefusion,

First off great theme. From a completely non techy background i found setting up and getting home page going about as straight forward as it can be.

A few issue you may be able to help with.

First, i want to embed a contact form in the footer. Is there a short code for the built in contact form like the one you have on the inbuilt contact page that can be used for this?

Second, i am migrating from an old theme to this one. On the old theme the portfolio items are regular posts and categorised as portfolio. Is there a quick way to move these to portfolio on your theme? (I have too many, if it has to be done manually it would take days)

Third, i am building a membership site. The plugin i’m using is WLM. It functions fine, except for protecting new posts in portfolio. The WLM guys are looking in to this, but wondering if you are familiar with the plugin or any conflict that might arise from having separate portfolio section?


Hi Ty!

Thanks for the comments, please don’t forget to rate the theme for us on your downloads tab!

1. There is not a contact form shortcode for our built in form, but we can certainly add that in the future. For now you could use contact form 7 plugin, it’s free and works beautifully.

2. If they are portfolio posts then they should be available when you activate the Avada theme. If you had your old them activated, then installed avada and activated it, your portfolio posts should still be there. If not then post this up on our forum with as much detail as you can provide and we can help figure it out.

Hmmm, we have not used or tested that plugin yet. Ill add it to our list so we can check it out in the future. You could also put this on our forum to see if any other users have used it. We have a huge amount of active users there so you may get lucky. Ad let us know what the WLM guys say when they get back to you.

Thanks TY!

Strongly looking at using this theme and have one question.

Can a slider be created to pull in the image from the newest post that uses a specific category?

Hi There :)

You are the second person to ask this in a few days :). Right now it’s not setup that way but we’ve added it to our update list and it will be available in our next feature update which is coming soon.

All future updates are free too :)


Hi, Have a little issue with my portfolio, ive scanned the Forum for instruction on how to resolve it but cant find what im looking for. When you click on portfolio in my menu> then select a specific project and go to its individual page> then rather than press the slide arrows to scan the projects images, you click the image so it pops up in the zoom window (lightbox I think) when I scroll on there it only shows featured images of all my projects, not the specific images for that project only? Even though I am only on the single project page?

It was all fine before and I think it changed when I did the last update? Can you help me out please :) Here is a link to my portfolio –

Regards Dave

Sounds good! Please be sure to read the READ ME FIRST file you get. Plugins are now integrated into the the. Please take note of the info in the READ ME FIRST file about that.


Ive completed the update, but still have issues with portfolio. When I click the pop up now it only shows the first featured image lol. I will send you my login details and would really appreciate it if you could try and figure out whats happened.


Received and replied! Follow up there, thanks!

Theme options does not work normal!

Hi, My wordpress is 3.5 and theme is 2.0.9 version. There is a problem in theme options. It does not look correctly. Menu’s link is in the left and main part of theme options is bottom side of page. What is the problem? Could you help me?

Hi :)

Most likely you have a notification at the top of the admin that is interfering. You need to click on the notification and dismiss it or select it, it depends on what the notifications is. It’s probably for a plugin. Check it and click on it.

Or deactivate your other plugins. But most likely it’s a notification box.

Can you show me a screenshot? Look for a message at the top.


There is not any notification and active plugin. Link of screen shot

I see the Woirdpress update notification. Go ahead and update to WP 3.5 (its much better anyway) and see if it fixes it. If not, then you have a plugin conflict. Deactivate all your extra plugins to see if it works, then you can re-activate them one by one to see which one is the culprit.

if you still have the issue then email me your login info. But I’m certain its one of the above 2 options.

To email me, visit the link below and find the “email theme fusion” box on the lower right hand side, send us an email with your URL, username and password along with a brief description of the issue so we can look into it for you.


Top menu does not display properly, any suggestions?

Hi :)

Yes you need to complete the rest of the steps for the XML import video tutorial. One of the last steps is going to the “appearance > menus” section and setting the “main” navigation in the “theme locations” box. See the screenshot below for a reference. And I will make sure this last step is listed in the docs, I know it sin the video but it might not be in the documentation.


Thanks! done!

Woo Hoo! Awesome, thanks!

Hello there, wow – wondering how nice and easy it explained on video – set up tutorials – Thank you! Still have a problem: whatching Avada ThemeFusion Slider Setup on Youtube I set up my TFSlider1. While I watching the video, the next slide showing up. I mean I still hear the audio of slide with vide, abut the slide move to the next one with image. Could you please help me to fix that Problem? Thank you – Emily

Hi Emily!

So when you choose to play the video, then go to the next slide the video still plays? I’ll check into this and make sure that its fixed if its a little bug. I’ve added this to our update list to check into and will include the fix in a future update.


Thank you, I hope it works…

Yes it will most certainly work once we adjust the settings and add the new code for it. Right now it uses the default settings of the slider, but we will add these features in to give it more control. Its coming soon!



I can not import the XML. Appears two errors:

Warning: set_time_limit () [function.set-time-limit]: Can not set time limit in safe mode in / / www / teste_blog / wp-content / plugins / wordpress-importer / wordpress-on importer.php line 91

Fatal error: Maximum execution team of 30 seconds exceeded in / / www / teste_blog / wp-includes / class-wp-image-editor.php on line 334

What to do?

Hi :)

Those are server errors, your server is not improint the data. You can check our XML section of our docs for into on troubleshooting tips. Or, the best route is to uncheck the “download images and attachments” option. Thats going to allow you to import all pages and posts, just no images. But that is fine because users should be replacing the demo images with their own anyway. Some hosting companies put limits on what can be imported. See the below screenshot for the option that you should leave unchecked, and you can also check our documentation for the trouble shooting tips.

We also have this info listed in our knowledgebase on our support forum. See the FREE SUPPORT section of our docs for info on signing up and using our forum.