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your theme is really great and easy to use but i have one problem. When i want to insert the reCaptcha field on the Contact Page it doesn’t work. the page only displays the error code: Fatal error: Cannot redeclare _recaptcha_qsencode() (previously declared in /kunden/137131_25451/webseiten/schaering/wp-content/plugins/wp-recaptcha/recaptchalib.php:47) in /kunden/137131_25451/webseiten/schaering/wp-content/themes/Avada/framework/recaptchalib.php on line 55

This site is not official yet. It will be launched in a few weeks. by then the captcha should work correctly. can you help me to get it started??? thank you in advance and regards

J. from germany.

i tested the form again and when i want to submit there comes an error bar. this error appears only when you forgot to fill in required fields oder even the captcha code. but the captcha is not displayed on the site…

o sorry. “oder” means “or”

Hi :)

Our documentation can be found in your package you downloaded from Themeforest, everything you need is included. There is a “documentation” folder then inside is a “index.html” file with a Table of Contents, click on the “How to Make Your Contact Page” section.

The built in form and captcha works so you should not need to use the plugin by itself. You need to create a new page and use the “contact” page template. Then go to the reCaptcha website and setup your domain and get the keys. Then insert them into the Theme Options and save it.

Have you done all that? I would not try to use the plugin, it will work without it.

If you have trouble, please email me your login info so I can take a look at it. Visit the link below and find the “email theme fusion” box on the lower right hand side, send us an email with your URL, username and password along with a brief description of the issue so we can look into it for you.


How can I create a slider like the one on the sample with the girl? Which slider is this, I see some samples but not that one, can you help please. Which slider and basic settings

Hi :)

That is the Revolution Slider, and we provide a video tutorial for it showing you how to make that exact slide. See the video on our youtube channel, our forum, or in our documentation file. For the documentation file, simply go to the “Revolution Slider” section of the docs, it has written instructions then a video tutorial at the end of the section.

We have a video tutorial walkthrough for each of our sliders :)



I have few questions regarding the theme My website using the theme is this:

1. The footer social media icons—How do I get them to open in a new window?

2. Can I end my Layer Slider slide show on the 1st slide? or does it have to end on the last slide/keep rotating?

3. How doI get rid of the middle grey box with no content in it, in the footer?

4. Can I add content to the right of my logo?

Thank you! btw overall very please with the theme.

Actually, you can do this :)

When viewing the menu administration page, click on Screen Options (top right), and check the box labelled Link Target under the Show advanced menu properties heading.

Did anyone ever tell you that u are a genius?

Oh no, I’m no genius :) But thank You!

Please take a moment and rate Avada for us! Here’s how … Visit your downloads tab on themeforest and find the avada purchase. Next to it are 5 stars, select the amount you want to give by clicking on them. Then please refresh the page to make sure the correct amount was given. Their rating system easily messes up and an unintended amount can be given. So please double check for us.

Thanks so much!


I used your theme in one of my site. I wonder why there’s no option for me to choose the “Boxed” style. Additionally, the background I uploaded isn’t working.

Kindly check it here:

No problem :) Were here to help!

No at this time you cant combine contact and side navigation pages. But I can add this to our feature list for a possible addition in an update.


Ok, I was thinking of making a contact form shortcode but your contact page was good enough to compliment the whole site. Thanks again.

Awesome, thank you! Please dont forget to rate our theme for us! You can do it on your downloads tab by clicking the amount of stars you want to give (hopefully 5) then refresh the page to make sure it was accepted correctly.


.. .. Six-Column: How close is delivery of this layout feature?

.. We have not had any requests for 6 column

Hi, oh too bad, that is my requirement because the huge 200 page membership site that I’d be porting over to your theme makes a lot of use of 6 column.

This may already be addressed in your support forum, but unfortunately I don’t yet have access until I purchase the theme. So I’ll ask it here:

QUESTION 1: Can a NESTING workaround be used to achieve 6 columns?....

o Page would be setup as a 2-column layout. o The lefthand column would have a 3-column shortcode in side of it o The righthand column could have a 3-column shortcode inside of it.

If nesting is indeed do-able, then only issue I can imagine would be the increased margin padding…. Namely, padding from the master 2-column layout plus the padding layout inside each column. QUESTION 2: Would that most likely be an issue, and, can margin padding be controlled? QUESTION 3: Are you aware of any third party multi-column plugins that work with your theme?


The nesting method should work, but it would probably not look the best since its not built for it. As you said the padding would need to be adjusted, and it can be with custom CSS. But I would say that if you need 6 columns then this may not be for you. Thats just the honest truth. You could probably use nesting to achieve it but it wont looks the best. We’re not aware of any multi-column plugin issues, but we have also not tried any of them.

Thanks :)

How can i change the “Home” text in navigation? (Home / Hakk?m?zda / Tarihçe)

Hi :)

I’m sorry I’m not understanding what you are asking then. You asked how you can change the “Home” text in navigation … are you not referring to the top menu item called “Home”.

Or are you referring to the “breadcrumb” path of a page? If so, try to reset your permalinks, go to “settings > permalinks” and hit save changes.

If none of this is correct, please explain in detail and provide screenshots and your site URL so I can see it.


I see … the “Home” should be prepared for translation via translation plugins or poedit, however the word is in /framework/custom-functions.php line 110.

Great theme guys!

I’d like to place a background image behind the logo in the header area. Better to do that and keep the integrity of the company logo.

Can you tell me how I do this?

Many thanks,


Maybe I dont understand … I thought you wanted to put an image in the header background instead of the white background. And your logo will sit on top of that. Is that correct?

That’s exactly it TF.


You can use the below CSS and insert it in the CSS field. Replace the URL with your own.

#header {
background-image: url("http://....");

If you have any troubles with it post up on our forum and let them know the CSS you entered and give your site URL so they can see what went wrong.


Hi there. I am liking what I see with your theme. Just wondering if there are any gallery options. My client has a munch of photos from different events.


Hi Fandango!

You can use the built in Wordpress gallery function, like we have on our demo.

And we are also planning on adding our own custom image and video gallery in a future update. All future updates are 100% free once you buy the theme as well.


I have a question before I decide to buy your theme:

When I see your Live Demo in my phone all the site appears responsive but it never appears the widget footer zone, thet i thinks it is very important to be always watched. Is it normal???


I am viewing that url but the widget footer zone never appears in tyhe screen of my android phone. The page only charges until the last testimonial.

Hmmmm, we are not seeing that issue and have not had anyone else report it. Can you clear your cache on your phone or reset the browser?

We just checked it on 3 different Droid phones and all show the footer area

Hi there, few questions, all regarding layer slider on the home page (

1) Is there a way to have the vimeo controls (play, volume, etc) show when a video enters, without having to enable autoplay? Right now it just comes up as a still image, so it’s not intuitive that it’s a video to be played. I’d like to have it just like in the avada demo.

2) finally got it to look and act the way I want, but now the nav buttons no longer appear on hover (or at all, for that matter). They are turned on in the options and I’m not sure how to get them back. (I asked this question on the LayerSlider forums, they said it was an avada skin issue, “incorrect CSS style settings” is what they said)

3) Also, not sure what changed but I used to have buttons display on the slider. A 5th sublayer that was using the button shortcode. For awhile it was displaying fine, but suddenly the buttons on all 3 slides stopped appearing. Not sure what I changed to make that happen.



Hi Mike :)

You would need to enable autoplay for those to show. The Avada demo uses the Revolution Slider which is why it shows without it playing.

Thats not true for the Avada skin unless you changed the CSS yourself. Did you make any changes to it? As long as you have the “avada” skin selected, and have more than one slide, the navigation buttons will show.

Something had to change to lose the buttons, it could very well be related to your second question.

I’d need to see your settings, you can email me your login info. Visit the link below and find the “email theme fusion” box on the lower right hand side, send us an email with your URL, username and password along with a brief description of the issue so we can look into it for you.


Hi! I love, love, love this theme but I’m having a terrible time working with the portfolio! I’ve been trying to figure it out on and off for the past month and just haven’t been successful. So I hope to get some help here:

Test site – page:

When selecting the existing image’s link, it proceeds to its portfolio post and shows various images of portfolio work: When I then click on the first image to enlarge it, it doesn’t show the thumbnail images of the other images for that portfolio. I’d like it to behave the way the sample Avada theme shows: What am I doing or missing to do?

I’m so close to completing my website and would appreciate any help!!

PS: I purchased this theme and tried to get on the forum but it won’t allow me in…it keeps telling me that there is “a problem processing your submission” whenever I enter my email address or whenever I sign up to create an account, my purchase code tells me “No valid purchase codes where found.” I’d love to have access to the forum!

Hi Webtekky :)

For the forum, you already have an account setup :) I just checked, see this screenshot.

So when you login, use the username “Webtekky” and then whatever password you would of used when you set it up. When you login, it may take you to a wordpress admin page, simply click the “visit site” and head over to the correct forum section or check out our video tutorials.

For your portfolio, when you are on the single post page ( ) and you click one of the portfolio images, it should pop up in a light box. This is not happening on your site. So make sure you have the correct options set in theme options. You can view the screenshot below to see our settings, go to the lightbox tab and set those settings.

if you still have trouble, then please email me your login details. Visit the link below and find the “email theme fusion” box on the lower right hand side, send us an email with your URL, username and password along with a brief description of the issue so we can look into it for you.


Do you support Arabic language and RTL ?

Not at the moment but we are adding this in a few weeks and will release an update.


Hi I buy last version of theme, but after the installation i can’t see the preview of theme. Broswer tell me: “Fatal error: Call to undefined function wp_get_theme() in /web/htdocs/ on line 35”

Hi Leofello :)

It looks like you need to update your version of Wordpress. the “wp_get_theme” means your version is not compatible. You should upgrade your version. In your admin panel you should have a notification to upgrade your WP version.

If you cant get to the admin right now, then you need to logon via FTP and remove the Avada theme from “wp-conent > themes”, that will get your admin back up. Then upgrade your WP and then install Avada.

If you can send me your FTP and WP login info, I can do this for you. Visit the link below and find the “email theme fusion” box on the lower right hand side, send us an email with your URL, username and password along with a brief description of the issue so we can look into it for you.


Thank you for your availability! I’m sorry if i answer now… However i have solved the problem! But i have an other question, do you have a guide for the silder effect?

Hi :)

We have video tutorials for each slider, as well as other instructions, all of that is in our documentation file, open the “index.html” file, everything you need is in there.

We also include the docs from the slider author in the “extras” folder, but our video tutorials are the best for learning the slider.


How often can i use this theme?


Hi Christian!

According to Themeforest license rules, one $40 purchase is allowed to be used on one site. If you use it for a second or third site, then you need to make a 2nd and 3rd purchase.


Sure anytime!


The demo (livepreview) does not seem to be responsive. I tried on my desktop and on Ipad.

I believe that one month ago, it worked.

I just want to confirm this is a misconfiguration of the demo before to buy the theme :))

Thank you,


I see from your other response that you now see the responsiveness.


Hi again,

Don’t pay attention with my previous message. It works on Iphone and Ipad, I apologize.

But it does not work on my computer when I resize the screen (but I was using today an old XP installation with a small screen, chrome and firefox). Maybe that’s why it does not work properly : when I resize the window, the avada demo site does not fit the screen. I will check tomorrow with a recent laptop.

Best regards,


Hi Herve :)

The theme is fully responsive. You need to be checking it on mobile devices, resizing browser windows will not give you an accurate reading once it gets small like mobile device screens.

Also, make sure you are viewing the correct demo.

Thanks :)

Hey. First of all, this is an awesome theme! There are not many out there that have the mass amount of capabilities that you have packed into this. Usually i will get themes, and then just tweak code to make it work. I’m having a couple of problems where i’m stuck with this one though.

1. Where in the code / How would I get it, so that the images in the shortcode “Content Box” can be hyperlinked and i dont have to use the see more link

2. Where in the code / How would i ge it, so that the social network icons in the footer are aligned with the copyright text. they seem to sit above it by a few pixels



Hi Josh :)

Thanks for the comments! These questions are best answered by our developer on the forum. But I can point you in the right direction.

For social icons, they are actually positioned in the middle of copyright text, that is done because the social icons are taller and we felt it looks better that way. But you can add the below CSS to the CSS field in theme options to move them down some, just adjust the padding.

#footer .social-networks { padding-top: 2px; }

For the recent works widget, you would need to edit the widget file, which is at … widgets/recent-works-widget.php

Thanks again and be sure to sign up on our forum!

Can you tell me how to change the body content background color this is an awesome theme thanks for the great work.

Hi :)

I sure can! To change the header background color, use the below CSS and put it in the CSS field in theme options. Use the color of your choice.

#header {background-color: #ffffff;} 

To change the main background color, use the below CSS and put it in the CSS field in theme options. Use the color of your choice.

#main {background-color: #ffffff;} 

Also, please dont forget to rate our theme for us! Do so on your downloads tab!


And that is the body background in the center of the page where the text is

The #main is the main body content area, the #header is for the header.


Love your theme, but the xml file is not working. I go though the steps, assign a user to posts, upload images selected, click ok. After a few minutes, I get an error message: 404 Page Not found.

Please help.


Hi :)

Sometimes hosts limit what can be uploaded. Check our documentation out for info on troubleshooting tips. It outlines what can be done, its “Section E: Importing the Demo Data”

And you can leave the “download images and attachments” unchecked and that will work. The hosts has problems with the images/attachments, so if you leave that option unchecked you will get all the pages, posts, just not the images. But that is fine because users will be replacing the images with their ow anyway.


How do I use a different shortcode for the buttons? I’ve installed but the theme defaults to your button css.


Hi :)

We have the built in button shortcodes for our buttons that will automatically have our styles.

If you want to make different buttons, then you would need to add new styles for your buttons. You can insert custom CSS in the CSS field in theme options to modify the default button styles.