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Disregard my “Comments are off ” comment, figured it out, under theme options


All of my sliders suddenly stopped working on the home and some I had in interior pages, any idea?

Hmmm, what changed? Did you install a new plugin? Or update another one?

I just created a flexsider and how do i get it to be BELOW the Page title and search box?

See example

The flexslider will show above page title bar. To use a regular flex slider below the page title bar, use the [slider] shortcode. It does not work with the flexslider, but it is the flexslider. You just need to insert your image URLs into the [slider] shortcode.

The layerslider, revolution slider can be used as shortcodes in the post content area though. The flexslider plugin is used above the page title bar, the slider shortcode can be used below it.

Thanks and be sure to check out our support forum! We have info for things like this in our knowledgeable. Not everything is there but most things are and if not another user has brought it up so it can be searched for. Or simply create a new thread.


Hey guys. I really like the Avada team, but i have one issue i seem to be unable to solve.

When i have a static page set to my homepage, the Page Title Bar Background seem to dissapear. It works on all pages which is /xxx after, but not on the static homepage. Is that due to Custom Menu hierarchy or is it just a bug? Tried to look into the code, if i could find the issue, but it’s not really my field of work.

Would be much appriciated.

Hi :)

We have this answer on our support forum in our knowledgebake. Do you have a support account yet? If not, sign up for an account, then check out our knowledge base, the thread you need is this one …

If you dont have an account, here is how you can sign up.

To access our forum, you need to create a free account. To create an account, you need to use 2 things.

1. The same themeforest username that you bought avada with

2. Your purchase code located in the license certificate.

Click Here To Create A Free Account

Click Here To See How To Find Your Purchase Code


Thanks alot for the fast reply and help. Signed up to your support forum now, and will check there if i have any future problems before i post. And thanks for making such an awesome theme :)

Wonderful, so glad you love the theme :) Please be sure to rate the theme for us! And if you have any issues on the forum, send me an email and I’ll check it out for you ;)


Hello!!!, i buy the template 2.0.8 and now, how i can update the template to the version 2.0.9?

Hi :)

You download it from your downloads tab on THemeforest then install it. Please see our knowledgebase thread on how to udpate. Do you have a support account yet? If not, sign up for an account, then check out our knowledge base, the thread you need is this one …

If you dont have an account, here is how you can sign up.

To access our forum, you need to create a free account. To create an account, you need to use 2 things.

1. The same themeforest username that you bought avada with

2. Your purchase code located in the license certificate.

Click Here To Create A Free Account

Click Here To See How To Find Your Purchase Code


Hey I am getting ready to purchase this for client they want their site to look like -

My question is I see you have side navigation I wonder would it be possible to have the side navigation on every page (including the front page)?

Since the client wants to eliminate the top menu in favor of a side one.

Hmmm, you could have it assigned to every page, but the top menu would also be there. It would take some code modifications to only have the side nav show.


Hmmm interesting… I would run that option by the client seems she wants to show the different products on the site and have her menu items below that.


Don’t know how i can reply to my own comments but i found a working “work around” solution that fits my needs even better.

Using the TF slider to have my Page Title Bar image and a slider beneath, so now my code exploring days in the header.php are finally over.

You can hit the “reply” link to reply to the comment.

Oh good, glad you found a solution!

I also posted a forum thread with the solution to get the page title bar on the home page if you want to go that route. See my other response.


Hi there – am a WordPress neophyte and your theme was so helpfu! It allowed me to set up a business website even without having any significant HTML knowledge. Thanks for offering so many bells and whistles!

I have a few questions: 1) Need help with the person shortcode. Currently, each of our individuals are only using a LinkedIn (not wanting to share our personal FB or Twitter on the company site). I removed all social items except LinkedIn and now LI shows up way to the right. Is there any way to remove the extra space intended for FB, Twitter, dribbble, etc?

2) Also, is there a way to change the LI icon? I would like to use the blue box LI favicon.

3) I saw in a couple posts that you have video tutorials. Can you point me to a link for your support/documentation/tutorials?

Thanks in advance! Nancy

Thats wonderful, so glad to hear a nice comment like that :)

1. Hmmm, we would need to see your site URL to inspect it and give you the needed CSS.

2. You could replace the LI icon image in the “avada > images” folder with the one you want. Just make sure its named the same thing. Find the

3. All the needed documentation is included in your downloaded package. Its in the “documentation” folder, inside of that folder is a “index.html” file, double click that to open it up. All videos are inside of it organized by section.

Also, you should sign up at our forum and post up these above questions and provide your site URL, our support can better assist you when they see it, and its easier to do on our forum.

See the FREE SUPPORT section of our documentation file. Oh and make sure you have the latest version of our documentation, you can download the latest version from your “downloads” tab in your Themeforest account.

So create a free forum account, then post up a thread with your site URL and questions. And be sure to check out our documentation, its been totally rewritten with lots of details, screenshots and video tutorials. Oh and our video tutorials are also on our forum, and so is our knowledge base!

And if you have not already, please give Avada a 5 star rating if you’ve enjoyed it! On your downloads tab you can rate the theme, click the 5 stars then refresh the page to make sure t was accepted.


Hello!!! I want to create categories for Galleries of screenshots (like the submenu in the top on the portfolio 3 columns) in order to filter diferents type of screenshoots…


Hi Fooballs :)

Yes you can do that, you need to use our portfolio template. You can create categories and use any of the 1-4 columns.

Please see our documentation file. All the needed documentation is included in your downloaded package. Its in the “documentation” folder, inside of that folder is a “index.html” file, double click that to open it up.

There is a “How to setup your Portfolio” section in our docs, and there is also a video tutorial that shows you how to do it. Check that out, it will give you all the info you need.

And be sure to check out other areas of our documentation, its organized with a Table of Contents and is very detailed with screenshots and video tutorials, it can answer just about anything you need. And then check out our support forum for any questions or issues that arise, see the FREE SUPPORT section of our docs for info on signing up at the forum.


Hi, you have a really awesome theme here. I have browsed the comments as much as possible and many of the questions I had have been covered. I know you are working on an update that will make it easier to change the header, footer and body colors. Will we be able to add patterns or pattern overlays to those as well? I like the look of wide themes but with a textured or gradient background instead of just a flat color. In the demo I see you have included a few patterns for the boxed version. Thanks for the info.

Hi There :)

Yes we are working on a new update and after that we will work on more. We try to add a few new features every few weeks. Those items you mentioned are being added for sure, some in the update we are working on now.

Although we have not added the ability to add patterns to the header, footer or other content areas. Right now the boxed version takes images or patterns in the background. The wide version does not, but thats something we can add to our list. We can add the ability to have an image or pattern to those areas, if we’re already going to add the ability to change the color, maybe we can also add the ability to upload an image/pattern to them as well. I can add this to our list for discussion.


Hello. Quick question! Is there a way to make the toggle title a different color? If you change the color nothing shows up on the page so I’m wondering if this is something that needs to be done using a custom css. Thanks!

Hi There :)

The toggle titles can be changed with the below CSS. And we’re going to add new color fields in theme options to handle this in the future.

h5.toggle a { color: #333333 !important; }

Thank you very much! That worked perfect

Woo Hoo! Awesome :)

WOW – I dont really know what else to say. This is the Best Theme i have ever seen. I am a full time web dev, and this theme blows me away. I wanted to thank you for all your hard work. I am really looking forward to building my new site! I think you thought of everything and then some. But thank you so much for this theme, Best $40 bucks i have ever spent in my entire life! WOW- AMAZING>>>>>!

Wow thanks for the comments! Woo Hoo!!!

We’re very happy to hear that! Please take a moment and rate our theme for us, you can do it on the downloads tab of your themeforest account. Click the 5 empty stars for a 5 star rating! Then refresh the page to make sure it was accepted.

Thanks so much!

Hello We have done a new menu and we need that only one item of the new menu open a new url in other new window, a normal “_blank” I mean.

How we do for this item menu opens a new url in a new window?


Hi :)

When viewing the menu administration page, click on Screen Options (top right), and check the box labelled Link Target under the Show advanced menu properties heading.


Ok. Thanks so much

No problem :)

Hello, unfortunately can`t find the answer of my question: – I upload the theme and the words liks: home / silders / pages… etc. showing double, how could I bring it to the one??? Thanks! Emily

Hi Emily :)

You must of imported the XML more than once. You need to go to “appearance > menus” in your admin and delete the extra menus. You can open up each menu box and choose to “remove it”.


Oh, great – thanks a lot! works! :)

Woo Hoo! Thanks!

Hello I loaded the theme version 2.0.4 the rollover menu at the top you can not see (like in your demo) ... how can I do? I would like to avoid updating the theme … lest they should reset all … await news thank you!

time ago I avevato a line of code for css to be included in the admin panel of wordpress theme … I wrote in the support forum but I can not find the topic

you can give me the line of code?

else, how can I change the name of the cloud that appears on the icon of social networking? example, I would change the word Dribbble

Our developer must of been the one to give it to you, you would need to post it up on our forum again. But I recommend updating the theme, your content will not be lost as long as you have not changed any of the PHP files or the all.css. Any custom CSS should be entered in the CSS field in theme options.

We offer 19 different social icons now so you can simply select the one you want. If you want to customize the one, you can enter a custom icon file and name in theme options on the footer tab.

If you want to change out an icon on the person shortcode, then see this thread on our forum.


Hello, sorry – I tried to delete the duble appeareance of meny – shorcodes, now both are dissapeared – pleas help! – Thank you!

If you had duplicates, then you imported the XML file twice. You need to delete the extra menu in the menu section.

If you accidentally deleted the shortcodes menu both times, then you can simply add them back as new menu items. See the “Setting Up The Menu” section of our documentation, it shows you how to add pages back to the menu. Just select the page name in the “pages” box and then click “add to menu”

if you deleted the menu item it just deletes the menu item, not the actual page.


Thank You very much!!! I`ve got it!!! :)

Awesome :)

Hello there,

I’ve purchased a separate LayerSlider WP which has the latest version of 3.6.2

Therefore, could you please let me know how to update the Avada LayerSlider into version 3.6.2 instead of version 3.5.1..

As you may have noticed, there’s an important security fix in version 3.6.2

Please let me know


Hi :)

Our new theme version, Avada 2.0.9 has the latest layer slider plugin, so you simply need to download the latest theme version and reinstall it. It will include the new layer slider 3.6.2.

Our plugins are integrated into the theme, so we issue updates to the theme when new versions are ready. You dont need to buy the plugin or install it on your own, its always comes with the theme and is fully integrated with it, which makes it easier for the user and is now required by Themeforest


I’ve somehow managed to loose the slider! How do I add it to a page again?

You need to select it in the page options, watch our video tutorial in our documentation file, it shows you how to do it from start to finish


I selected layerslider in the options on the page, but nothing appears…

Hmmm, did you activate any nee plugins? I would deactivate other plugins if you have them to see if they are the cause.

Also, see the below screenshot for how to assign them to a page

I just tried deleting all the extra plugins…no luck :( Layer slider is selected for that page, I also tried creating a test page, but it’s not appearing, I really can’t work out why

Have you double checked that the layer slider is working? Did you play the preview in the settings?

I would need to see it first hand, email me your login info. Visit the link below and find the “email theme fusion” box on the lower right hand side, send us an email with your URL, username and password along with a brief description of the issue so we can look into it for you.


How can I setup the sliders like in the demo site? Can I get the exact dump of demo site?

Hi :)

We can send you the exported slider data (we use the Revolution Slider on most of our demo home pages) but it will not contain the images so the sliders will not work. The slider plugins do not export the images used in the slides, only the data, so if we export our sliders and send them to you, they can only be used for setting references.

An easier way would be to watch our video tutorials. We have created a video tutorial for each slider that is included in our documentation file. It shows you how to setup sliders like our demo, and they are easy to follow.

And the layer slider allows you to import 4 sample slides made by the slider author. At the top of the layer slider section of your admin is a “import sample slides” button. Click that to get their 4 sample sliders.

If you want some of our demo slides then email me and I can send them to you. You will need to make a new slider, then choose to import our files. But they will not include the images so the slides will not work, but you can see our settings if you wish. But we feel its easier to watch our video tutorials and make your own.

To email me, Visit the link below and find the “email theme fusion” box on the lower right hand side, send us an email with a brief description so we know what to reference.