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Is there a way to use the recent posts short code to show recent posts from the portfolio page?


The recent post shortocde only works with the blog posts. You would need to sue the recent news shortcode for the portfolio posts.

And we are going to add a new recent news shortcode that is similar to the recent news shortcode, that will come in a future update.


what is the short code syntax for ‘recent news’ which can be used?

All shortcodes can be accessed in the visual editor, each one has its own button, just click the button and the shortcode is added in your editor.

It looks like this, you can set columns, categories, posts, among other things.

[recent_posts columns="3 or 4" number_posts="4" cat_id="" thumbnail="yes" title="yes" meta="yes" excerpt="yes" excerpt_words="15"][/recent_posts]

Hi, just uploaded the theme again, the words on menue like: home, sliders. pages… etc. showing double. How can I correct it? thanks.

See my other response, you imported the XML file more than once so its showing it multiple times. You need to go to the menu section of your admin and remove all the duplicates.

You should only import the XML file once. It will give you duplicate pages and posts each time you do it.

Thank you!

Sure, anytime Emily :)

Hello, could you please check this link:, why menue shows 3 times??? need help. Thanks!

Hi :)

Because you imported the XML file more than once, it looks like 3 times. You need to go to the menu section of your admin and remove all the duplicates.

You should only import the XML file once. It will give you duplicate pages and posts each time you do it.

Go to the menu section and remove the duplicate menus. See the Menu section of our docs for further info.


yes, works – thanks!

Woo Hoo!

Hi, wow… this is a great theme!

But I’m trying to figure out:

1. How can I insert a Flexslider into a post or on a page (not on top as a header)?

2. Is it possible to use the Pricing Option and create a Jump-to link using the buttons? I want the buttons to jump to a place further down on a long page.

Thanks for a really great theme!

Tried to create an account….but my Envato-username is already taken?!?

Forget about my last response…I already created an account. Too much red wine this evening ;-)


Too much red wine at night is a good night in my book :)

And the page title bar on the home page will be added in our next update, but for now you can make the change suggested in that thread.



Do you have a link to an example of a standard lightbox gallery layout? I’m building a new site which requires a standard photo gallery, rather than an portfolio style layout.


Right now it uses the default Wordpress gallery.

And we’re adding our own custom galleries that will look more like our portfolio section. Its being added in a few weeks.


That’s a bit basic for my needs, but thanks for the reply anyway.

Yes as I said, that is the default WP gallery. We’re adding new image and video galleries that will be more like our regular portfolio.

How can I use Museo Slab in the layerslider?

I have followed all directions in the YouTube video and also uploaded the font files to the Avada/fonts folder, but Museo Slab is not what shows if I use a Heading as a layer on a slide, nor if I define that headings font-family as “Museo Slab” in the custom CSS area.

What am I missing?!? Thanks!

Hi Mahnie :)

As long as you have the font uploaded in the custom font fields in theme options, then you just need to put the “font-family” style on your sublayers that use it. But the font will not show up correctly in the layer slider editor, it will look like Times, but it will show up on the site. The layer slider preview on the backend is not able to show custom fonts, but it will show on the site.

Below are the styles we have entered for the layer slider we made.

font-size: 30pt;
color: #333333; 
font-family: museoslab500regular; 


Did this new update include the ability have sliders display only new items of a certain category?

Hi :)

No we have not added that yet, but we are going to add that for our flexslider and themefusion sliders

I have one question regarding the revolution slider. I have set it up to be full length. How do I change the background color? I thought I did but it appears to only be working for the transition background color.

Here what I’ve done: I created a background for an image that is about 940 wide. I added layers. And layers. I changed the “background color” in the slider. Now the background for the images are displaying in black but the outer edges in white. I also checked to make sure it if full length.

Also, how do I get the slider to have the shadow effect like the demo? I added a border, but cannot figure out the shadow effect unless that is in the image upload.

To change the background color of the Rev Slider, you only need to select a new background color in the settings, see the screenshot below. If you have an image as the background layer with a solid color, then that will override the setting.

Set it to “no shadow” to get our avada shadow. See the same screenshot above for an example.


Okay. Got it. I guess what I am asking is how to I set up the slider so that the color chosen in full screen like the demo ( Is there a specific size you recommend and file format so that it is still responsive. I’m not having a lot of luck with this element.

Hi :)

Did you check out our video tutorial? It shows you exactly how to do that.

Since its responsive, I create a solid background color image for the main background, and that is scaled up and down but the size does not matter because its a solid color. Then I insert my images as sublayers.

Watch the video tutorial we created, its in our documentation file and also on our forum and youtube channel. It uses the method above and creates a slider just like on our demo :)

I believe that is what you need!


is there anyway to disable the comment box on the home page? sorry if this has already been answered.

Yep, general tab in theme options, turn off “allow comments on all pages”.

Thanks :)

sorry! found it. haha.


I have just purchased this theme and while I like it, it seems to be a very slow theme according to Yslow (below 40). I know stuff can be optimized but below 40 isn’t that a huge hill to climb or? Just curious as I haven’t seen such low numbers on other themes before nor live sites for that matter. Is there som obvious things to change right away so it at least get into the 70’ies.

Hi :)

Its really not slow at all, and the yslow score can depend on many things.

I just tested many themes in the top files and more than 90% were exactly like ours, and the few that scored higher were marginal.

Here’s the thing, do you really notice that your site is slow loading, or even our demo which is loaded with content? Real world use vs doing a yslow test do not compare. Even with all our content on our demo, it scores 85/100 on pingdom. And we have TONS of content on our demo, most users will have a fraction of that.

Real world use is really whats important, and we nor any of our users have had issues with it. Yslow depends on many things, and we have not looked into the score ourselves but can certainly do so now to see what can be improved.

Please create a new thread on our forum if you would like us to look into your site. And we’ll certainly check into it ourselves and see what can be improved. See the FREE SUPPORT section of our docs for info on using our forum


A second thing to note is we do not use any cache plugins for our demo, and it has a lot of content.

Please, I’m trying to install the theme and is taking too long. Is it normal? The first attempt took too long and in the end gave error. Thanks

Hi :)

Are you uloading the “” only? That is all you need to upload, do not upload the entire file.

The theme is under 8mb, its small and will not take long to upload.

If you want me to install it, then email me your WP login info. Visit the link below and find the “email theme fusion” box on the lower right hand side, send us an email with your URL, username and password along with a brief description.


I tried installing just the but gave error. I sent an email for you to install. Thank you for attending.

No problem, I’ll check it out and reply via email. Follow up there.


Hi – Can the site width, content width and sidebar width be easily modified? For example, how would I change the content width from 669px (71.1702%) to 580px without messing anything else up? :)

It can be changed, but you would need to modify the CSS to do so.

Hi ThemeFusion!

How do I set my featured image to be 100% wide? Not 960, but full-width of the browser—like the sliders can be?

Hi :)

Featured images are not easily made 100%. Are you referring to a slider?

Featured images are used for blog and portfolio posts, they are not easily made to be 100%. But sliders are.

Which slider are you using?

Sorry please ignore! I got it!

Awesome! And as a side note, always check out our documentation when you have questions, we try to include as much detail as possible :)


Actually, this didn’t work…Like you said above, featured images can’t be 100% width. I just posted at the official support forums so we can finish the conversation there. I’m basically just looking to have a 100% wide image at the top of every post in a post archive. Not just ONE 100% slider at the top, but each post have a big fat full-width image.

Yes that is not a theme option at this time, only the sliders are.

But you can insert a custom width and height for each featured image of each blog post. Look in the post options of each post, down at the bottom of the post options box is a custom width and height field. Insert your sized there.

And also make sure you are using the full width blog layout.

But as of right now you probably won’t be able to have a 100% width featured image for each post. We have not had that request yet for featured images. But for now you can insert a custom width and height for each post.

I can add this to our update list for a possible inclusion in a future update.


I am thinking of getting this theme, my layout design would be to fully backdrop the logo AND menu area, with the menu links on top of my background, could this be easily done?

So you want to insert a background image in the header portion?

That can be done with a single line of CSS, we can assist you with that if you want.


yes that is right, that is good news, can I send you a jpeg for a follow up question on that?

Sure email me your questions. Visit the link below and find the “email theme fusion” box on the lower right hand side, send us an email from there.



I am not sure why but the twitter footer widget does not load any recent tweets! Please help!

Hello, yes, jut the twitter ID, I have entered it a few times directly from the browser window. The result is the same – Recent Tweets loading new tweets

Did you try to insert envato ?

What happened when you did that?

If you still cant get it to work, email me your login info. Visit the link below and find the “email theme fusion” box on the lower right hand side, send us an email with your URL, username and password along with a brief description of the issue so we can look into it for you.


Is it possible to put a tab in a toggle?

Yep, no problem! Input “no” where it says open=”yes”.

Change out yes for no :)

When I put in “no” it only opens one tab. I don’t think the accordian code is working either.

ok my apologies, the open=yes is for the tab, the first one has to show open. So if you want the tabs in the accordion widget, you need to leave open=yes, so that accordion section will be open since the tabs are in it. But as long as you leave that open, both tabs and accordion work.

[accordian][toggle title="Title" open="yes"][tabs tab1="Tab 1" tab2="Tab 2" tab3="Tab 3"]

[tab id=1]Tab content 1[/tab]
[tab id=2]Tab content 2[/tab]
[tab id=3]Tab content 3[/tab]

[/tabs][/toggle][toggle title="Title" open="no"]...[/toggle][toggle title="Title" open="no"]...[/toggle][toggle title="Title" open="no"]...[/toggle][toggle title="Title" open="no"]...[/toggle][/accordian]

I’ve tested this on 3 sites and it works as I mentioned above, if you are unable to get it to work as I described, please post on our forum and provide the above shortcode with your site URL.



Haven’t purchased theme yet but looking at doing so shortly – is it possible to import images within the columns?

On other themes I’ve seen they have images as a shortcode (both standard small image and also a lightbox version), but you don’t make any mention of this on the demo site. Can you advise please.

Also, is it possible to change the background for the title bar that spans the full screen?

Thanks in advance


Sorry I forgot the ”:”

Use this and just change out the color value …

.page-title h1 { color: #333333; }

Unfortunately still not taking effect….

I apologize, add the !important at the end, and the #333333 is the default color so make sure you insert your new color number.

.page-title h1 {color:#333333 !important;}

That will work, I promise ;)