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Hi – I did end up purchasing your Avada theme and I’m quite happy! Love it! I do have a question…. if I want to remove the colored bar over the main navigation links – the solid bar that appears when you hover and when the page is active… how would I do so or which file do I go into to change? THANK YOU!

Thanks :)

You would need to enter some custom CSS for that. Try the below CSS, this should do the trick. Insert the below CSS in the CSS field in theme options.

#nav ul a, #nav li.current-menu-ancestor a {
border-top: none !important;

And we’re also adding 4 more header design options in our next update, you will be able to easily select a new header design via theme options :)

Worked like a charm! Awesome! Can’t wait to see the new header design!!! You are truly fabulous!!! :)

Thanks so much :)

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Thanks again!

Hello, please help me with two issues: #1: to figure out how to manage the small images like on demo, link –, do you have any tutorials how to do it? I watched the youtube video – layer slider setup, but still don?t know how to manage those small pictures. #2: ist there any possibilita to move the logo more to the top?, link: Thanks a lot!

You actually need to already have the images rotated. The 4 images you upload need to already be rotated. Rotate them in photoshop or any other image editing app.


ok, understand! Thank you!!!!

No problem :)

Hello, how do I get the sliders that are featured in the demo of Avada? I woud like to use the stock images and just change the words. How or where can I get those sliders? I especially want the skydiver, the woman with her hands up, and the couple that is made of many photos. Please help!

Hi :)

We can send you the exported slider data (we use the Revolution Slider on most of our demo home pages) but it will not contain the images so the sliders will not work. The slider plugins do not export the images used in the slides, only the data, so if we export our sliders and send them to you, they can only be used for setting references, the images will not show up and you would need to replace them with your own.

But we have created a video tutorial for each slider that is included in our documentation file. It shows you how to setup sliders like our demo, and they are easy to follow.

And the layer slider allows you to import 4 sample slides made by the slider author. At the top of the layer slider section of your admin is a “import sample slides” button. Click that to get their 4 sample sliders.

If you want some of our demo slides then email me and I can send them to you. You will need to make a new slider, then choose to import our files. But they will not include the images already inserted into the slides, but you can see our settings if you wish. But we feel its easier to watch our video tutorials and make your own.

To email me, Visit the link below and find the “email theme fusion” box on the lower right hand side, send us an email with a brief description so we know what to reference.


Is it possible to set multiple blogs with this theme? Aside from setting the standard blog page and home page, I would like to have other pages that house blogs serving up different content via categories.

We’re adding this feature in a future version, it will be added very soon. Right now you can have multiple portfolios but not not multiple blogs, but you will be able to do so real soon :)


I know a little Wordpress – do you see a problem with creating another template starting with the Sample page for instance, giving it another name, incorporating a loop query and using that as the page type for another blog?

No go for it, if you know how then you can certainly do that :)

And its towards the top of our update list so it will be added very soon as well.


when i paste the google map address (a place in Bs As, Argentina) the result in the contact us page is somewhere between Kansas and Missouri…

i think i´m doing something wrong… help.

thank you

Hi :)

You need to insert the actual physical address, not the google map link.

For example …

12345 North Street, New York City, NY 555555



I have purchased the avada theme and it works like a charm. One question though,

When i see the site on my mobile, i can choose wich page i want to go to. But can i change the language somewhere in a php script? Now’s there “go to” and i want to change that in to my own language “ga naar ” .

Thanks in advance

thanks for the comments!

Yes you can translate it in the main.js file located at js/main.js

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Awesome. worked like a charm! Yes i will rate your theme five stars

Woo Hoo! Thanks my friend :)

I am having a problem with the portfolio. Not all of the grouping links are working. I have several portfolio pages and they seem to randomly appear as I navigate through the portfolio. I have tried shortening the names of the categories, however, that did not fix the problem (I thought it might have stemmed from two rows. I was not correct. )

Thanks in advance.

Hi :)

I just went through all 10 pages of your portfolio and all 10 categories show on each page. All 10 show up top in a row.

Maybe I misunderstand you … one thing to note is that the when you click a category name, its only going to sort the items on that particular page. So if you hit “Facial” on page 2, it will not sort the facial images on all the other pages, just page 2.

If you want you can change the number of items that show up on each portfolio page on the portfolio tab in theme options.

If there is another issue at play, please post this up on our support forum with further details so we can get your login info and test it out.


Thanks for the response, I missed the number of gallery images. Here is the solution that I came up with. I thought this might generate some additional future enhancements. Note I had to use a . colored white to get the break between the button and the menu.

Thanks! For any future ideas, its best to put them in our “Avada Feature Request” thread on our support forum, that is where we track everything and keep all user requests and support cases, See the FREE SUPPORT section of our docs for info on signing up and using our forum.


I see double images when I create a BLOG post. I only want one image inserted when I create a post. Is there way to fix this? Please advise. Thanks.

What version of Avada are you using?

If you are getting double images then have you insert the same image for the featured image box and also the post content area? The featured image will always show up top above post content, so if you put the same image in the post content field it will show up twice, once up top, then once in the post content area.

Are you inserting featured images? Watch our blog video tutorial on our youtube channel or in our documentation.

Without being able to see it I’m not sure what else to mention, let me know if the above helps.


I upgraded to the latest version and that seemed to fix the problem (yeay!), but now I can’t go back to the “Medium” blog post style, even though I have the medium setting selected, it still shows up as a “Large” blog post style. I am selecting this under Theme Options —> Blog Options --> Blog Layout selected as “Medium”. Save. View the blog page, and it still shows as “Large” layout. Am I missing another configuration setting somewhere?

That will change it, just tested it out and it works. Do you only have one blog page made and is it selected as the post page in reading settings?

I would need to see your admin. panel Visit the link below and find the “email theme fusion” box on the lower right hand side, send us an email with your URL, username and password along with a brief description of the issue so we can look into it for you.


Hello, please help! I set up the layer slider , everything was great!, I saved it too…. “Enter Preview” on “Edit this LayerSlider” was working fine. When I went to the page, set up the page to check it – “Video Tutorial Page” I could see everything on www…. After about 20 minutes, the sliders didn`t show… I went back to the “Enter Preview” on “Edit this LayerSlider” – there I still could see the Preview. After some time even this is dissappear…. Now I can´t see any sliders – not my, I edit and not the sample sliders…. What is the matter? – Wordpress??? Theme??? or Server??? I didn`t change anything – it is simple disappear… Please help…. iink:

Hi Emily,

The theme would not be the cause of this, it must be server related or possibly a plugin conflict. Did you activate any new plugins recently?

You should contact your host right away and ask them what is going on. The link you provided me only shows an error message.

You can email me once you speak to them, Visit the link below and find the “email theme fusion” box on the lower right hand side, send us an email if we can assist you further but this is some kind of server issue.


How do I remove the comments box from a page? I can’t see an option to remove it…

Woo Hoo! Yeah that option slips by many people, including myself :)

For the forum, see the FREE SUPPORT section of our documentation file, it has all the info you need there.

And if you have any issues on the forum, feel free to email me as well. We’re always trying to improve our support so any feedback is much appreciated! Email me from the profile page below, email box is on right hand side.

And if you have not already, please rate our theme for us! You can do so on your downloads tab, find our item and click the stars next to it, up to 5! Refresh the page afterwards to ensure it was accepted correctly.

Thanks again!

Done, 5 stars ;)

Thank you :)

Sorry – the layer sliders doesn`t work at all…. just checke – others: revolution slider and flexsliders are working…

Yes certainly email me your login info so I can look and verify the issue, but that is certainly weird and something else has to be at play.

Email me and let me know if anything changed, any new plugins, or any moving or renaming of files via FTP, or has anyone else had access to your admin.

I’ll reply via email when I get yours.

Thank you – I send you e-mail, no nothing at all changed… that is why I am wondering….. why?!.....

There is nothing that would automatically disable the plugin or remove it. I will check it out and reply to your email, lets follow up there.


Hi, loving the new updated theme!

Only one minor niggle. I’ve noticed the footer Twitter widget does not display dates in IE browsers properly. Instead it returns the message ‘NaN years ago’. See here for example :

Can you advise please?


Hi :)

Yes we are aware of that and are fixing it in our next update, which is coming this week!

Thanks for the comments, and look for the udpate by the end of the week (maybe sooner)


I purchased the theme around December and was wondering how I get the updated version?

Hi :)

You can always get the latest updates from your downloads tab on your themeforest account.

Go up to your account name in the top right corner, then click on “downloads” and you will see the Avada item. Click the “Download” button and you will get the latest version of the theme.

We’re going to work on adding an auto-updater in the future but we have to build one ourselves since there is not one available from THemeforest.


I haven’t yet purchased this very nice theme. My Question: Is it possible to vary the size of the photos on the blog large image page? The photos look very nice on the blog full width page, but I need a sidebar and large photos. I really like the twisted sifter site – the photos there are 800×540 pixels.

Hi :)

Yes, we have a custom width and custom height option for each blog post so you can use the default as our demo shows, or you can insert a custom width and height for each post :)

But, if you are using a sidebar then they will not be larger then what you see on the blog large because the sidebar takes up the rest of the room. You would need to edit the width of the sidebar and the content area to allow for larger images and a sidebar. So if you know how to do that then you will be ok.


I have a question.

can I have 50 people on my “meet the team”

or is there a limit?

also can I add another field like thier website address ?

Hi :)

I’ve replied to your email as well. Yes you can have 50, no limit and you can put website address in the bio section.

If you have further questions please reply to the email so we’re only answering in once place and do not miss anything.


Has this theme been tested/used with WooCommerce?

Hi :)

We have not tested it ourselves yet, but many of our users use it with WooCommerce already. There have been no known issue reported back to us.


Portfolio Re-Order is not working for me? I am on 2.0.9.

Also, one of my portfolio pages seems to have been squeezed into a boxed version and the background is all black?



Hi :)

Hmmm, I would need to see this .

For your portfolio page, did you make any customizations to the page? Any new content on the page?

Please email me the link to the page and your WP login info so I can see that firsthand.

Visit the link below and find the “email theme fusion” box on the lower right hand side, send us an email with your URL, username and password along with a brief description of the issue so we can look into it for you.


I would like to translate the menu that appears on iphone and ipad to speak the words “go to …” of that file and line of code, I find

Hi :)

Yes you can do that. You can translate the words “go to …” in the main.js file located at js/main.js


Hi! I like your theme very much but, since you don’t perform any custom configuration after installation (i.e. custom CSS), i need to know a couple of things before buying it:

1. Is it correct to me to assume your theme doesn’t include a event calendar out-of-the-box? I’ll have to develop it myself or install third party plugins?

2. The same question but for building a Business Directory. It’s not included, right?

Regards, JP

Hi :)

Yes like other authors here, we do not provide customizations. Although, we at ThemeFusion do offer minor CSS customizations to users, but we have to only offer minor ones, providing custom CSS for anything would be like a full job for each person that needs it. But we will give minor help on certain things, and we also have a support rep on our forum who takes on small customization jobs.

For your questions, no we do not have an event calendar out of the box, you do not need to develop one yourself, simply use a plugin for it. There are a bunch of free ones out there. We do not include plugins like that when there are free ones available for users to choose from. Same thing for the business directory.


Hi I recently moved the theme from local development to a new server and all shortcodes either stopped working or only render partially.. without any errors to go on.. any ideas?

Hi :)

Hmmm, did you move everything over properly? It could be any number of things that went wrong. Check out these links

You can also post this up on our support forum include as much detail as you can about the process you took when moving it and your URL of your live site if possible.

See the FREE SUPPORT section of our docs for info on signing up at our forum