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Not receiving emails through my contact form. Theme Options are set up correctly, but not receiving any test emails whatsoever.

Anyone able to help?

Thank you in advance.


Hi William :)

I just received your email this morning and will reply back shortly. It came to my personal email account so I’ll make sure to give you the correct one and our forum information, which will get you a faster reply.


I imported sample slider in LayerSlider WP but when I edit the first one here: http://www.*******.com/v1/wp-admin/admin.php?page=layerslider&action=edit&id=1

I am getting internal server error 500

But other are working fine….. i.e. this work perfect http://www.*********.com/v1/wp-admin/admin.php?page=layerslider&action=edit&id=2

Any idea where to look for?

Hi :)

Did you click the “import sample slides” at the top of the layer slider plugin? And once you did that all the sliders work except for the first one?

I would remove them all and import them again to see if that helps. Those are slides from the author and are built into the plugin. We’re using some of those on our demo and they work, for example the first slider is on the layer slider page of our demo.

Import them again then assign the first slider to a page to verify it works. Then do your editing, and make sure once you do your edits that the slider works in the preview slide section of the backend.


Same thing… Removed them all and imported them again but still the first “Sample slider” give me 500 internal error on edit

When you say on edit, it only happens after you make an edit to it?

That is strange indeed. What edits are you doing to it?

I’d also try to duplicate the first slider, then make your edit. We’re able to edit the first one either way but maybe that will help.

If you still have issue I can take a look. Visit the link below and find the “email theme fusion” box on the lower right hand side, send us an email with your URL, username and password along with a brief description of the issue so we can look into it for you.


Hi, I like your theme and would like to buy it. Just few questions:

1) i need to have latest post on my homepage, like you have on the demo site. Is it easy to do (like widget)? 2) is it possible to have just a single slide on the home? 3) Is there any problem using qtranslate on this template?

Thank you Fabrizio

Hi :)

Yes its super easy to do, its a shortcode like most of our elements. Just click the icon and the shortcode is added and your done. And you can specify the amount of columns, posts, and specify a category, thumbnail, excerpt and so on. Its as easy as you want or as customized as you want.

Nope, others have used qTranslate without issue. We use POEdit, which is also a free plugin. And we include 4 languages already translated and we are adding about 6 more in a future update.

Includes 4 languages already translated German – Deutsch (de_DE) Español – España (es_ES) Italian (it_IT) Dutch – Nederlands (nl_NL)


Thank you. I’ve got you theme.

Woo Hoo!

Thanks for the purchase! Be sure to check out our forum and also check out our documentation, it has been totally rewritten and is very detailed with instructions, screenshots, and videos.



I am interested in buying your theme. Some presale questions:

1. I would like to ask if I can change the background of header or main body and install graphics customizing the template of any page or even customize completely the navigation bar.

2. Is the theme customizable in html and css?

3. Can I add google adsense code in any area?

Thank you very much in advance

Hi :)

1. You certainly can do that with custom CSS. Most of our users do not insert images in the header or content area since it makes text and graphics hard to see, but it can be done with CSS. For the navigation, it can also be done if you customize the CSS. And our next udpate is adding 4 new header options for users to choose from, you will be able to simply select a new header design from theme options. All future updates are 100% free once you buy it :)

2. Yes it certainly is if you know how to do it.

3. Yes we have fields in theme options to add that type of code.


Hi there, Love the theme – it’s very intuitive and easy to work with. That said, I’ve tried to move the sidebar to the left in the ‘Theme Options’, but for whatever reason, it’s still showing up on the right. Any ideas? Thanks!

Hi :)

Thanks for the comments! There is a global option in theme options, but then there are also options for each individual page. The global option will set the “default” position for any new pages. But any pages that are already made will need to be switched in the page options as well. Its towards the middle of the “page options” box on each page.


Thanks very much! I lost track of this page, and ended up posting it….somewhere? Anyway. Thanks!

No problem, thanks!

congrats getting 10000 :) Awesome Job :)

Thanks Atifport! We’re very blessed and thrilled users have chosen Avada that much. We’re fully dedicated to them and making Avada better and better with each release.

Thanks again!

Hello, first, sorry for my english. I just bought your theme. I’ve decided for them because in the item details you say: Includes 4 languages already translated German – Deutsch (de_DE) Español – España (es_ES) Italian (it_IT) Dutch – Nederlands (nl_NL) My great annoyance is when i buy the theme and for the spanish language i have only the po. file. Please, tell me how i can do to have the spanish mo. file. Is very important for me. Thanks for your attention.

Hi :)

The languages included are from our users. But you only need the .po file. Follow the steps in the documentation file for translating the theme, since you already have the .po file you just need to place it in the languages folder on your server and change the wp-config file.

And send me an email and I will get you in touch with the user who provided that .po file. Maybe they also have the .mo as well. And I will update the feature list to only say .po. That was an oversight on my part, I apologize.

To email me, Visit the link below and find the “email theme fusion” box on the lower right hand side, send us an email with your URL, username and password along with a brief description of the issue so we can look into it for you.


Ok! Thank you very much!!

No problem!

Heij, i’m thinking about using avada for one clients webpage – the client uses a huge & complex logo which would be to big for avadas logo section. Is it possible to integrate a bigger logo in the header section of the avada theme?

Hi :)

Yes you can use as big of a logo as you want, then you can adjust the header top and bottom margins and the main nav height via theme options. All of that is controlled via theme options.


Hi all, excelent template. Anyone know how to change background color of the block (background behind logo and slider), by default is #FFFFFF, and need set to dark grey. Is possible set an image? Thanks.

Thanks!!! Color works perfect!! But can´t set image to header or main… What is the exact sentence for this? Thanks!!

Ok I know how to do this haha. Last question, how to set image background to center?

Hmmm, i would need you to post that on our forum where our developer can assist you. I think you just need to add center but I could be wrong.

Setup a free account on our support forum and post this up, make sure to include your URL of the site.

See the FREE SUPPORT section of our docs for info on signing up and using our forum. Thanks!

The demo contains a ton of cool pages. But, why don’t I see them in my site? There’s like, 9 different home pages. But, I only have 3? Anyone experience this lack of pages once installed?

Hi There :)

Did you import the XML file? All of those pages will be included. Please make sure you have the latest theme version, which is v2.0.9.

Also, home page 9 is brand new and is not included with the XML file. But we include it along with all other home pages in the documentation file.

So you can get them 2 different ways.

1. Import the XML file and it will give them all to you (minus home page 9, which will be included in our next update, or you can get it now from our documentation file)

2. Simply copy the demo code from the documentation file and paste it into the HTML editor of a new page. All 9 home pages as well as the about us and service page are included in our documentation.

We also give instructions on how to copy and paste the demo code in our docs, and have a video tutorial showing you how to import the XML, as well as XML trouble shooting tips, etc. All of that is in our documentation file.


Hello! congratulations for your excellent work! In my iPad the template leaves a blank space on the right that corresponds to the scroll bar. I would like the animation occupies 100% of the space. how I do it? thank you very much!


Hi Viviana!

Hmmmm, can you email me your URL so I can take a look. I’m not seeing this on our demo, but I think I might know what it is.

Email me by Visiting the link below and find the “email theme fusion” box on the lower right hand side, send us an email along with a brief description of the issue so we can look into it for you.


I am looking to create a landing page without the main nav bar at the top, how can i do this? Thank you for a great theme!

Hmmm, that would take creating a new custom page. We have it on our update list to add a landing page in the future release. But for now you would need to create a new page template. You can post this up on our support forum and they should be able to give you some direction at least.

And a landing page already designed and coded will be included in a future release.


Hi, is there a setting for turning off the meta info (author, date, category, no. of comments) on the blog overview? Or should I just comment out some part of the code?

Thanks & regards, Frank

Thanks :)

Hmmm, its working for me on both single and listing page.

Are you using the 2.0.9 version of Avada?

Do you have any plugins installed that could be conflicting with that option?

Yes the website is now on 2.0.9 with WP 3.5.1. I don’t think that the plugins could be conflicting, but judge for yourself, here’s the list: BackupBuddy, Codestyling Localization, Contact form 7 and EmailBuddy.

Maybe it makes a difference that I’m not using the default “all posts” blog view, but that I only want to show a specific category?

Right now the theme does not offer to show a specific category on the blog listing page. How are you handling that? That could be the issue.

I suggest posting this up on our support forum where we can get your login details. The option you are referring to is working for us, so it has to be something locally that is not making it work for you.


How do I add those DROPPING images on the front page

One last question. Do you have a rating system short code or feature? For example a new cafe is opening up and I want to give it 3 out of 4 stars

Also do you have any magazine themes?

No , but you can Use a plugin for rating system, we only have the Avada theme.

Hello, sorry for Noob question.. ;-) But when i Click on “Save all changes” I don’t have any changes .. Did i have done something wrong ? Tkxs


I received your email and will reply shortly. Thanks!

Thank you. I have actived “DB cache reloaded fix” and Avada works fine now !! Great job ! and thank you again to help us so fast !! :-)

Hmmm interesting, I’ve never heard of that being needed before, you must have a different configuration setup. Or did you “de-activate” the plugin?

Very glad its working now!


Hi, a question about the breadcrumbs.

URL: When I click on the “Aanbiedingen” button the /category/aanbiedingen/ page opens, showing all posts with the category “aanbiedingen”. When I click on one of the posts, the breadcrumb shows: Home / nieuws / aanbiedingen / Grasparkiet

I think the text “nieuws”, should not be there. “nieuws” is another category, which is not applied to that particular post.

Is there a solution for this problem, or is there something that I can do?

I see you updated and it fixed the breadcrumb issue :)


Yes, I did, the breadcrumbs were fixed by the update, I just didn’t expect it because I didn’t find it in the list of change log… but hey, still happy :) Thanks!


Thanks for your reply regarding the update, unfortunately themeforest seems to have deleted all my purchases. I never noticed this statement in the download section below:-

“You should download your purchases immediately as items may be removed from time to time”.

I have emailed them regarding this and all they have done is given me the link to my downloads, I’ve told them they aren’t in there anymore.

Is there any other way to get the updated avada theme?

Many thanks

Wow really? They usually do not do remove the downloads for a long time, Avada is relatively new.

They will have to reinstate your purchases, but as soon as they get your request I’m sure they will do it right away.


I hope so, thanks for the reply

If they removed it they will be able to give it back to you.


(sorry, can’t reply to my own comment before you do to keep it in one thread)

Well, it seems like the upgrade from 2.0.5 to 2.0.9 did the trick, breadcrumb problem resolved…

Only now the featured images of the blog post don’t show up on the blog-single page. Trying to fix that now…

That is a new theme option, go to the “blog” tab and make sure “featured image on single post page” is checked.

Whenever something like that happens, its usually a new theme option that was added.


Yup, found it! Thanks!


I get this error while trying to import the Demo XML file:

502 – Web server received an invalid response while acting as a gateway or proxy server. There is a problem with the page you are looking for, and it cannot be displayed. When the Web server (while acting as a gateway or proxy) contacted the upstream content server, it received an invalid response from the content server.

Hi :)

that is a server error as it states. We have a troubleshooting section in our docs about XML file that you can look into, but that error would need to be resolved by your hosting company.

You could also try to leave the “download images and attachments” unchecked when importing the XML file, that will give you all the pages and posts and amy be a way around that server error.

We also have a knowledgebase on our support forum with the troubleshooting tips, its a great place to get help too.



I’ve got 2 issues I just noticed recently:

1. I customised my site based on the demo files…. Therefore I installed the theme, I imported the demo XML and made some changes from there… Then, I just found out that my site is actually having the ‘avada_portfolio’ as the URL for each of my portfolio….. For example:,

There’s an ‘avada_portfolio’ in the url

Do you know how to change this?

2. I just upgraded to version 2.0.9 from version 1.xx, and realised that the information label on the portfolio page are missing… - Project URL - Project URL Text - Copyright URL - Copyright URL Text

Therefore my portfolio looks like this below, without any labels :

: This is a project URL text
: This is a copyright URL text

Is this a known issue?

Please let me know


Hi :)

Yes, you need to insert a custom portfolio slug in theme options.

First go to settings > permalinks and set it as the custom structure. Then go to your portfolio tab in theme options and insert a custom slug, it cant be the same name as your portfolio. So enter something like “portfolio-item”

For 2, we allowed users to add custom labels, so go to the same location (the portfolio tab) in theme options and simply insert the names of the labels there.

If you were on v1 and upgraded to v2, always check theme option, its usually a new feature that was added and you just need to select it or enter it in theme options.

Be sure to check out our forum for any additional support questions you have, we are now handling all support there. Its the best place to get it, everything is searchable, any user can respond, plus we have a growing knowledge base and all our video tutorials are there.

See our FREE SUPPORT section of our documentation that came with your purchase for info on signing up and using the forum. And also check out our documentation, it has been totally rewritten and is very detailed with instructions, screenshots, and videos.



Thanks for the quick reply! Also, your solutions worked fine!! thanks for that :)


Awesome! Thanks!