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Not sure if this was answered already.

Is it possible to have a Single Blog Post without the sidebar? I can’t find the option to remove the sidebar on a single blog post.

And Yes I did remove it from the blog edition post options but its not wide enough. Its set to 77% of browser width.


Hi :)

Yes, we have a “full width” blog option. Go to the blog tab in theme options and select “full width”. that will remove the sidebar and make the posts go full width. But it will do it for the listing page and the single post page.

If you just want it for the single post page, then in the actual post options, you can set “full width” to “yes” and it will give you a full width single post page :)

So you can do it globally or just for specific posts.


New updated version?

Hi, checking this site every 5 hours to see if the new version is ready!!! Can you give me a tighter hint? (anything better than “sometime this week”) thanks!

Hi :)

Happy to know you are excited about it!!

Unfortunately due to the nature of developing, I cant give you a more exact date. We dont want to rush it, we test and test and test some more. We added some very heavy features and it takes lots of time to ensure its ready for everyone. We expected to release it last week, but as you can see that did not happen, right now my estimate is 3-6 days. I wish I could give you a more accurate date but I cant, and trust me you dont want us to rush it!

I also have to make at least 2 new video tutorials and add new sections to our documentation. We like to be thorough :)

Its coming my friend, I promise!

Hi there, Great theme

Does this theme support other menu plugins like UberMenu 2.2 or any other Mega Menu plugin?


Our users have been using Ubermenu, there is one small change that is needed to make it work, and we have that listed on our forum for users. We’re going to add the fix in the theme itself eventually, but for now users are doing it. The thread you need is below, just be sure to sign up for a free account first so you can view the topic.


Damn ! ur a billionaire now :P

Nope, I wish :) But thank you for the comment, Avada has been very popular and we are thrilled and spend every waking moment taking care of our users and working on updates.


> tsmonkey wrote:

> Is it possible to have a Single Blog Post without the sidebar?

> I can’t find the option to remove the sidebar on a single blog post.

Hi tsmonkey,

On your post page, in the Post Options section, try changing Full Width from “no” to “yes”. (I haven’t tried this so don’t know whether it will work) Good luck!

Yep it works, I replied to his comment as well. Its a pretty cool feature.


Hi. Is it possible to have tab in vertical position like side menu?

Thank you for reply. Let me clarify. Tabs are now in horizontal mode. For designer would be very helpful if he can choose vertical or horizontal mode. Horizontal mode is like accordion or side menu. Hope this helps . Thank you

I have one more question :) (already asked on forum but didn’t get the answer) If I use side menu I don’t wanna have the main title displayed, only the sub pages. So for example id the name of the main page is TEST and sub pages are SUB1, SUB2, SUB3. Now looks like TEST SUB1 SUB2 SUB3 I’d like to be displayed SUB1 SUB2 SUB3 Is this possible?

Hi :)

Why did it not get answered on the forum? It can take 24-36 hours to get a response. Comments are answered faster here because they are mainly for pres-ales and minor theme option questions.

But no that is not possible, the parent level will always show.


In the zip folder> package> content> psd, there are psd files. What are they for?

They are for designers who use Photoshop and want to use the design elements or change the design and recode the theme. They are the original layered PSD files.


Hi all!, 1. How I can adjust position of top navigation buttons, and set text to bold? 2. Is possible to put image buttons with rollover changes instead of simple text?

Thank you.

Hi :)

Easily, go to theme options and select a bold font for your menu. Or you can use custom CSS to set your current font to bold. Please post this on our support forum where we ca inspect your site and help. Also please describe how you want your top menu positioned, we can help with that as long as its reasonable.

For the image buttons, you can use our buttons that our demo shows. They are shortcodes accessed in the visual editor. If you want an actual custom image of your own with a rollover effect, then you would need to customize that, we can only offer you what the theme offers.

Check out our documentation on our shortcodes, and also watch our video tutorial there. And check the FREE SUPPORT section of our docs for info on signing up and using our support forum. Just be sure to post your site URL in your thread so we can inspect it for you for things like positioning the menu.



Awesome, thanks!


We experience some problems with the template. Our Domain:

Firebug shows an Error on: function onAfter(curr, next, opts, fwd) { var $ht = $(this).height(); //set the container’s height to that of the current slide $(this).parent().animate({height: $ht}); } $(’.reviews’).cycle({ fx: ‘fade’, after: onAfter, timeout:}); };

jQuery(document).ready(function($) {
I think this keeps this page from working right:

Any idear on how to solve this?

Kind regards Marc

Hi Marc!

I would need you to post this on our support forum with the details where we can look into it. Are you using a 3rd party plugin on that page and its not working? Please be sure to include as much details as you can about the situation and we will see what we can do. We are unable to provide support for 3rd party plugins, but it depends on the situation. Post up a new thread and we’ll see.

Check the FREE SUPPORT section of our docs for info on signing up and using our support forum

Thanks :)


How can we get that our “Side navigation” menu runs with a “acordion” effect.


Ok I’ll try.

First, I must make a new page called “side navigation”?

How can I get that in the parent name appears “Side Navigation”?

No you dont need to make a new page called Side Navigation.

Just make a new page and call it whatever you want, that will be the parent page. Then for any other pages you want to show up in that side navigation set, you need to set the parent page top the name you made the parent, then the side nac page as the template.

You can have multiple sets of side navigation pages, you are not set to only one. You just need one parent page to base them off.

For example …

Parent Page #1 can have any number of side navigation pages underneath it.

Parent Page #2 can have any number of side navigation pages underneath it.

And so on

I can’t login to the Avada Forum – Which password is wanted? The Theme Forrest or the Wordpress One?

Hi there :)

Yo need to setup a forum account first, have you done that?

To access our forum, you need to create a free account. To create an account, you need to use 2 things.

1. The same themeforest username that you bought avada with

2. Your purchase code located in the license certificate.

Click Here To Create A Free Account

Click Here To See How To Find Your Purchase Code

When you login, it may take you to a wordpress admin page, simply click the “visit site” and head over to the correct forum section or check out our video tutorials.

Please See Our General Guidelines & Support Policy

Check Our KnowledgeBase

And perform a forum search for your question before you post a new thread, chances are your question has already been brought up.


Hi, how i can manage access to the portfolio articles for guest users and registered users ?

Hmmm, you need users to be able to access the backend to see portfolio posts? You would need to create a login account for them, and I think you would need to give them admin access. I dont think WP will let them view your posts and such with just a regular account.


I want that guest user see article and on “read more” need registered user… (sorry for my english)

No worries, you have good English :)

I dont think that is possible, you may need to check on the Wordpress forum, post up a new topic about that. What you are wanting deals with Wordpress functionality and not theme related. So I think posting on the Wordpress forums would give you an accurate answer.


Hello, Could you please advise on how I could activate the category description section for portfolio pages, so I can write a short description and have it show up next to the featured image, and above the buttons, when viewing the portfolio. I cannot find the location to add that text within the theme.


Hi :)

The project description is text that is grabbed from the post content fiend, just like when you make a blog post. Insert your text in the post content editing field and it will show up in the project description field.

The other fields (the sidebar on the single portfolio page) are added in the “portfolio options” box for each portfolio post.

Also we recommend watching our portfolio video tutorial, its included in the documentation file, or on our youtube channel or our forum.


Hello, my LayerSlider suddenly doesn’t load on Safari, but seems to be working everywhere else. Any suggestions?

Hi :)

Hmmm, it could be the content. Did you add new content and then it stopped working? What was the content, what is the site url?

I haven’t changed the content of the slider, although I have added widgets to the footer and added two new menu items in the menu bar. The home page is the same. I just checked it again on Safari and everything but the slider engages. I can reload the slider on a test page and see if that works, but something is broken.

It could be a plugin conflict. I need to see the admin panel.

Visit the link below and find the “email theme fusion” box on the lower right hand side, send us an email with your URL, username and password along with a brief description of the issue so we can look into it for you.



Any chance of a portfolio item with a smaller image and larger text area. I use the theme for a non creative company and although the images are nice I dont need a huge on in the portfolio



Thanks ! can you tell me where the custom width and post height options are ? #lazyweb ;-)

In the “portfolio options” box, its on each portfolio post page you make, scroll down to see the options ;)


Found it ! Thanks !

Hi, I just installed the themes and need xml file. Usually with other themes I haven’t problem to import the file (same hosting as now). But with Avada, after a while I have some of them in the list and then stop ! Please can you help me? I really need the Demo data.

All the attachments are the issue, if you leave the box unchecked it will work. Some hosts limit all the content that can be imported like that.

You dont need to remove the ones that are already downloaded, it will simply tell you those attachments failed to import because they already exist.

I will gladly help you with this as well, send em an email with your login info and I will handle it.


Thanks very much! Before I try again I’ll send you an email right now :)

No problem ;)

Just one more quick Q

Do you have the code for the footer where the logo and the description is just so I can try and it to my site ?

Sure, its basic HTML inserted in the “text widget”.

<p><img src="" alt="" /></p>
<p>Lorem ipsum ex vix illud nonummy, novum tation et his. At vix scriptaset patrioque scribentur, at pro fugit erts verterem molestiae, sed et vivendo ali Lorem ipsum ex vix illud nonummy, novum tation et his. At vix scripta patrioque scribentur...</p>


My installation shows comments on every page. If I uncheck Discussion option, the page then shows: “Comments are closed”

How do I simply remove any comment ability on the site?

On the general tab in theme options, do you have the “allow comments on all pages” unchecked?

Boom goes the dynamite!!! Thank you for the quick tip. Works great now.

Woo Hoo! Thanks!


Is it possible to have email/phone number on the header? with Social media icons? i read something about it above, but unsure.. :)

Hi :)

Its going to be possible in v2.1 which is coming in about 3-6 days. We are including multiple header options to choose from via theme options. Its very cool, and all you need to do is choose the header you like and select it. We have new options that will have social icons, phone number/email and taglines.

All updates are 100% free once you buy the theme :)


Ok, thanks a lot for the quick reply..that sounds great! It’s actually for my cousin, who is a builder, so having phone number etc.. in the header is important.

Expect ‘Purchased’ to be next to my name within the next day or two :)

Woo hoo :)


Hi again! How I can make my site multilingual, setting 2 button for different languages in footer or top nav bar? Thanks, you´re the best!!

Hi :)

You need to use a plugin like WPML then implement the button in one of those areas.