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I have downloaded the avada theme but i see many files. Which files should I import to my website folder via ftp client? Just the Avada theme? How about the other files within the content folder?

Hi, I don’t have a blog page template. Any ways I can add them?

Can I change the colour of the Main header, where the logo and the main nav bar is at?

There is not a “blog” template, you need to use the “default” template then set your blog layout option in theme options on the blog tab. You should check out the blog tutorial video, we have others as well.

As for the header, there is not a theme option for that, the main design is meant as a light skin. you can change the background color of the header with a line of CSS. Enter the CSS below in the CSS field in theme options, just change the color value for the one you want.

To change the header background color, use the below CSS and put it in the CSS field in theme options. Use the color of your choice.

#header {background-color: #ffffff;}

To change the main background color, use the below CSS and put it in the CSS field in theme options. Use the color of your choice.

#main {background-color: #ffffff;} 

Please keep in mind that our theme is not designed for a darker background so you will need to adjust other items if you use a dark color. We will be including more color skins in a future release though.

Be sure to check out our forum for any additional support questions you have, we are now handling all support there. Its the best place to get it, everything is searchable, any user can respond, plus we have a growing knowledge base and all our video tutorials are there.

See our FREE SUPPORT section of our documentation that came with your purchase for info on signing up and using the forum. And also check out our documentation, it has been totally rewritten and is very detailed with instructions, screenshots, and videos.



I want to buy this theme, it seems great. However, I have a couple questions about the navbar first.

How does the navbar handle submenus? In the live preview, there is only one menu item with a submenu (features > advanced admin panel) and the submenu only has one item (gallery of screenshots).

I am looking for a navbar that indicates submenus with some kind of symbol, and submenus that are built so that so that you can move the cursor diagonally across them without collapsing the menu. (something that has always bothered me about hover menus!) Please see an example of this functionality here:

I like the Avada theme much better overall, and if the navbar can be customized to perform somewhat like the one in the example, I will buy it immediately.


Thank you for the prompt response. Do you know if it’s possible to install a different menu widget that might give us that functionality?

Thank you!

For example, can I install and use “Ubermenu” instead of the default menu?

We have not tested that plugin with our theme, but I know other user have used it with Avada, there were some minor styling changes that were needed in the past. BUt with our latest update that has multiple new headers, it may be different. We plan on testing some of the major plugins like Ubermenu to ensure compatibility but we have not done it yet. Thanks!


I apologize if this is a dumb question . . . Iv'e successfully uploaded the site however in the drop down for page templates I do not see all of the pages shown on the live demo (i.e., Servics 1/2, About 1/2, Home page options, etc.)  Please advise on where to find these.  Thank you!

No dumb questions here :)

Did you import the XML file? To get all our demo pages, you need to import the XML file, see our documentation on how to import our demo data, it has instructions and video tutorial.

You can also copy the demo code from our docs and paste it into a new blank page, that is a good way if you only want certain pages. We have Home 1-8 and about us, services in our documentation section.

the about us 2, services 2, home page 9-10 are brand new on our demo and we will include those in the XML and docs in our next theme update which is coming this week!


Outstanding! Thank you.

No problem!


I wonder if you can enlarge the logo because I need a logo that is three times more than yours, it is possible to do so?

thank you

Sure, you can upload a logo at any size, then adjust the header top and bottom margin and also adjust the main nav height, all of that is done via theme options. If you have questions after purchase, just let me know.


Hi I’ve purchased and uploaded the theme but am having trouble with images. When I upload an image to a page or the logo section the image uploads and sits within wordpress but the thumbnail is a generic image file and the image doesn’t appear on the site as if there is a broken link and the image os missing

I’ve tried changing permalinks etc and reinstalling the theme from a fresh wordpress install but no luck.

I’ve tried png, jpeg etc

Any help appreciated

Hmmm, this is strange. What plugins do you have installed? I would deactivate them all and then see if it works. If you have a cache plugin installed, make sure you remove it and empty the cache first.

If you still have issues then email me your login info. Visit the link below and find the “email theme fusion” box on the lower right hand side, send us an email with your URL, username and password along with a brief description of the issue so we can look into it for you.


Hi. Managed to sort it, it was a permissions issue with my host. No fault in the theme! Thanks for the response

Awesome, thanks for reporting back and clarifying!


Hi @creaweb34,

Yes, you can use a larger image, I know because I just now did it myself, and happen to have the CSS customization right in front of me!

(1) If your logo’s image height is larger than Avada’s logo image height, then go to APPEARANCE > THEME OPTIONS > CUSTOM CSS and add the following line to adjust the vertical position of your logo. You’ll want to reduce the number 31 to something smaller:

#header .logo { margin:31px 0 0; }


(2) If your logo image is wide, and your top menu is wide, then the wide image may push your menu to the right and cause it to wrap. The solution is to reduce the width between the menu items. Add this line and change the 49 to a lower number to reduce the width:

#nav ul li { padding: 0 49px 0 0; }


Fyi you can also tweak the left/right position of the menu by using this line, for me the number “-16” worked best:

#nav ul li { margin-left: -16px !important; }

Thanks :)

We also have Header top and Header Bottom margin fields in theme options, and also have a field to adjust the height of the navigation vertically. All of that is on the “header” tab in theme options.

And you can enter custom CSS in the CSS field in theme options as wdcs has listed above!


We also have Header top and Header Bottom margin fields in theme options

ha! ...maybe I should RTFM once in a while!

No worries!

I have an issue with the client slider : It’s really not clear how to build it. In your example you have ONE large image for all the logos :

Our Happy Clients


Yet on the pages on the sites the logos are individual and in source :
  • \\
  • \\
  • \\
  • \\
  • \\
  • \\
  • \\
  • \\
  • \\
  • \\

Please clarify.

Hi ;)

The old client slider was one large logo image, we changed it to be an actual slider. Now its easy to do, just click the “client slider” shortcode icon in the visual editor, and insert your image links and URL’s. Its the fourth icon from the right side in the second row. And it gives you this code below when clicked.

[clients][client link="" image=""][client link="" image=""][client link="" image=""][client link="" image=""][client link="" image=""][/clients]


hi, you can send me the shortcode of this page: I accidentally overwrote the code. thanks.

Sure, its just the title and body copy. The form and map are used when you use the “contact” page template. Then our sidebar is a custom sidebar with the contact details and social icons widgets.

[title size="2"]We'd Love to Hear From You, Get In Touch With Us![/title]
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Love the theme – it is quite beautifully designed. nice work. However, I have an issue that I can’t seem to fix. If I insert a shortcode for the slider (have experimented with layer and revolution), the eventual slider that appears will not go full width. I have tried choosing full width on the actual page and in the slider construction options itself – but it will only go to the inner width.

However, If I insert the slider using the options below the text/visual box.. (With the drop down menus) I can get the slider to go full width – but all the images and text now fill the the whole width – i.e everything is magnified, so I am losing half my picture – whilst the half I see is magnified and, hence, not sharp anymore..

Any ideas?

Hi There :)

The slider should go full width no matter where its at, page options or shortcode. The size and type of slider will give different results. It just depends on what you want. If you want a full width slider like our demo has on most of the home pages, we recommend using the Revolution Slider. If you are using a fixed width, then we prefer the layer slider.

I would need to see your admin and sliders to see what is going on, it must be a setting or configuration issue. Can you email me your info?

Visit the link below and find the “email theme fusion” box on the lower right hand side, send us an email with your URL, username and password along with a brief description of the issue so we can look into it for you.


Cool – will email later.. Thanks for the speedy reply..

Received, I’ll reply soon. Thanks!

Is there a Shortcode for Social Share buttons ? ( not icons to the social sites , but ability to share a specific post/page… )

Right now we have the social icons that can be sued, and then the “Social Share Box” that shows up on the single blog post pages. That will show up on every blog post as long as you have the social icons filled out in theme options, its on the “Social Sharing Box” tab in theme options.


Hi, Is the Revolution Slider also good for mobile phones because it work not good on my site?


Yes, the Rev Slider is fully responsive, so is the layer slider.

Make sure the sldier you built is a “responsive” slider (either select Responsive or Full Width).

then make sure you do not have a fallback image inserted in the page options of your page. In the Page Options box of your page, there is a fallback image field, if you have an image inserted in that field, it will override the slider. So you would need to remove that if its entered.


I want to rename the “home” to something else in the breadcrumb header. Can you please tell me where it is?

Hi :)

The Home should be prepared for translation via translation plugins or poedit, however the word is in /framework/custom-functions.php line 110 if you want to edit it directly.


Website: Section “In my Voice” - Code Section: [wooslider slide_page=”inmyvoice” slider_type=”slides” limit=”3”] - Code Slideshow:

  1. [youtube id=”E5GB4PMz5xM” width=”481” height=”280”]
  2. [youtube id=”It2mn_ADEEI” width=”481” height=”280”]
  3. [youtube id=”CJDwMAUL6lE” width=”481” height=”280”]

- Safari OK - Chrome :( Some OK, some not - Firefox :( T - IE :(:(:( No displayed navigation


Hmmm, that code is not the shortcode you should be using. Where did that come from exactly?

Use the regular [slider] shortcode, like this.

[slide type="video"][youtube id="E5GB4PMz5xM" width="481" height="280"][/slide]
[slide type="video"][youtube id="It2mn_ADEEI" width="481" height="280"][/slide]
[slide type="video"][youtube id="CJDwMAUL6lE" width="481" height="280"][/slide]

hi, I need to know how can change the slider speed, right now take between 6-7 seg to change. code for2 pics:

. [slider] . [slide]/uploads/2013/289-2893.jpg[/slide] . [slide]/uploads/2013/289-2894.jpg/slide

  • thanks

Hmmm, right now we do not have an option for that. We will add one though to the theme options so users can change that. I’ve put it on our update list.


Found the answer for my previous question. I was wondering if we can have the same thumb size for both recent posts and recent work ( portfolio ) ?

Hi :)

No I’m sorry, those 2 shortcodes are different and will have different sized thumbnails. We may look into allowing custom size thumbnails for the shortcodes in the future but it depends on a few things.


Hello, I am trying to translate my website to german, but still can`t do it properly…. please help – like in the ThemeFusion-Dokumentation explained I upload Poedit, then opend the file on languages with de_DE.po, translated and saved…. then i read: •Next edit wp-config.php located in the root folder of wordpress and define the WPLANG prefix with your language name which should be similar to the translation file name…. - where is the wp-config.php located and where is the root folder of wordpress??? Please explain… or advise me, maybe you have somewhere the video-tutorial explaining how to do it? thank you!

ok, I will try – thank you!

No problem, they will be able to get your access. Usually you set it up when you get your domain/hosting plan but you probably have never needed it before until now.


thank you!

I’m getting these errors on the blog page :

Warning: explode() expects parameter 3 to be long, string given in /home/.../functions.php on line 365

Warning: array_pop() expects parameter 1 to be array, null given in /home/..../functions.php on line 367

Warning: implode() [function.implode]: Invalid arguments passed in /home…/functions.php on line 368

Do you have excerpt lengths set in theme options? Set the blog and portfolio excerpt on their respective tabs. I think that is the cause, if not please email me by Visiting the link below and find the “email theme fusion” box on the lower right hand side, send us an email with your URL, username and password along with a brief description of the issue so we can look into it for you.


Actually, that is not for excerpts since its in functions.php. Can you email us your details so we can look at this?


It could be excerpts, possibly a wrong entry. Make sure you have numbers entered in excerpts, like 85.

Copy the demo code I gave you and paste it in the text/html editor, not the visual editor.

That will work, or you can set it up as new. The [slider] shortcode can be accessed with other shortcodes in the visual editor. Click the icon then fill in your youtube movies


Sorry, I do as you said, but nothing. :(

That code certainly works, something must be off on your page. Please send me your login details so I can see it. Visit the link below and find the “email theme fusion” box on the lower right hand side, send us an email with your URL, username and password along with a brief description of the issue so we can look into it for you.


Avada v2.1 is now approved!


Get it from your downloads tab!

Was just checking if there was an update, and it was just added. Thanks!!! This is the best WP Theme ever! What are the release notes?

Nevermind.. they were just added as i can see!

Yep, changelog is at bottom of item page, and also in he changelog.rxt file that is inside the avada theme folder.

Thanks for the comments!