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Hmm, new header options not working well for me. Shows the facebook f for all three slots and I have a white space at top of bar. Will check into it more later.

Hmmm, not able to reproduce this at all. Can you please send us your login info or create a new account for us so we can see this and fix it for you?

done. thanks!!!

It was browser cache :) Two things can cause this …

1. Browser cache 2. incomplete upgrade

By the time I checked your site, it was working the way it should since I have never visited your site before.


New header options also not working for me. And also the problem with the f showing up in the footer for both Facebook and twitter!?.

Love the retina ready feature!

Actually, you may need to do an “options reset” in the theme options panel. Just be sure to copy any of your custom CSS first so you can put it back once it resets.

And feel free to send us your login info so we can take a look. I’ve checked out about 3 users installs in the last hour and each one had a new header and did not show those issues. So I’m thinking the options reset will help.

Let us know, thanks!

Never mind. It’s solved. Don’t know how, but when i continued working on my website, and i went back to theme options, everything seemed normal again. It just took a couple of mins to resolve i guess.

Beautiful retina icons now! Looks clean and crisp on the retina macbook pro! Awesome!!

It was browser cache Two things can cause this …

1. Browser cache 2. incomplete upgrade

By the time I checked your site, it was working the way it should since I have never visited your site before.


Hello there, I’m having some issues with the CSS perhaps you can help me? On related posts or comments there are two lines that run through the headline ‘Author Info,’ ‘Comments’ or ‘Related Posts’. I turned it off for now so it doesn’t show to the client. Also on a few pages the sidebar is getting pushed over and to the bottom (not all pages, just a couple). Here is a screenshot that gives you an example of both

What can I do to correct these issues?

Thank you :)

That will be great. Is there anyway I can do that through the CSS? If so, what would the code be? Much appreciated :)

Unfortunately it will take us building this feature into the theme, its not a quick CSS change.


Oh its no worries, I thought it was very funny :)

Thanks again!

hi what can i do for change more speed to slide. right now take 6-7 seg to change

code for 3 pic: . [slider] . [slide]/uploads/2013/02/289-2891.jpg[/slide] . [slide]/uploads/2013/02/289-2892.jpg[/slide] . [slide]/uploads/2013/02/289-2893.jpg/slide


Hi :)

unfortunately right now there is no option to change that speed. But we will add a new option in our next update to control the speed of the slider shortcode.



You’re welcome, and I’ve moved this feature up to the top of our list so it will be added sooner rather than later.


I’ve been looking but can’t manage to figure out how to alter the line-spacing of the body text/in paragraph format. Do you have the specific CSS that I can input to make this change?

The link is >> in the nav bar click on the “ABOUT” tab and in the “WELCOME” section is the the body of text that I would like to apply line spacing.

I see now, thanks!

This will do that below.

.post-content p {  line-height:30px; }

Your site looks fantastic by the way, great work examples!

Thanks for taking a look! The CSS you provided works great. Appreciate it! :)

Hi, I have a simple question I hope, on the Header 5 example, on slide 2 of the Revolution slider, you have a guy fly in from the top and do a little bounce as he stops, the skydiving guy, I am trying to replicate this but cannot see how you did this with the transition effects that I have to choose from, please help! Thanks, update is great, loving logo on top :)

Hi :)

Happy to hear you like the update!

See the attached screenshot, this shows you the settings we used for that guy!

And please dont forget to rate our theme for us! You can do it on your downloads tab :)


aaaah, i should have realised, i was trying to ease the first slide, change the first slide, then bring my graphic in with the add layer and i can use easing, thanks very much!

Ah I see, makes sense. No problem, thanks!

I can’t seem to figure out how to get the contact widget in the footer to display my website as without linking to which of course kicks out a 404 page not found. If I try it as an a href it really starts looking goofy showing with the link actually working. Is there something I am missing here.


My website has a long name and it goes below the web: area. if I use it will go to the area below web:

If I do your suggestion it works but I would rather it show than I think most people think of www not http when looking at a website url.

A similiar issue would be if the email: area showed but it shows it correctly as

Hope this makes sense. Thanks for the help.

There’s no option to add a different text and different URL at the moment. If you want different text for web / email, you can edit the widget source code and hardcode the text between the links. The file you are looking for is widgets/contact_info.php

And I’ve added this to our update list so a regular www will work as the http: does, I see your point about it for certain.


Just saw the new update, I’ll definitely be buying this one in a couple days. One thing I didn’t notice on the change log was anything related to adding backgrounds or overlay patterns to the header and main body in wide version. Is that something that was added? I thought I saw something in the comments section saying that was a feature that may be added.

Hi :)

Its on our update list but was not added in v2.1. You can add images to those sections with a line of CSS, its just not a theme option. But eventually we will add those features via theme options. But for now you can use CSS image replacement which we can give you if you need.


Hi, In the 5 different header options, I’m curious about flexibility. You show a one-panel example, two 2-panel examples, and two 3-panel examples.

For the 2-panel header with solid color top panel… Can it be configured with text menu at far right, and a text slogan to the far left?

Is the configuration done with widgets?

If you could show me a screenshot of the new header admin, that would be great. (your current demo site has screenshot of older version header admin)

Hello snorkelmaui, We are trying hard to satisfy all our customers. Yes, we don’t have the exact option you require at this very moment but we will definitely be adding more features and headers as per user demands.

And as a second note, we are going to see about “widgetizing” the new options so users can “build their own” option.


Subj: Secondary navbar above vers 2.0.9 style header

Dear Luke & Muhammad,

I wanted to thank your for your reply, and I do apologize for anything that I said in frustration. (in the removed post in this thread and the other thread on next page) The code you provided got me started, and I spent the better part of yesterday afternoon making layout adjustments & styling—now it is finally functional, and I have a working, styled secondary navbar above my original header. (vers 2.0.9 style header)

Best, Mark

Hi, yes, we realize that we did miss out on one of the header layout. Please accept apology from myself (Muhammad) and Luke. However, we 100% treat all our customers equally. We try hard to provide reasonable amount of customizations daily to our users. We work everyday on updates on features requested by users for no extra charge at all and we have no regrets. We love all our users. Thank you for the support! Sometimes, it is hard to get the message across in a proper way. I am truly sorry about that. About the secondary nav, here’s how to get it on header v3. Make sure its activated in theme options. Now look for framework/headers/header-3.php and replace the entire contents of that file with the contents of Now, we need to get the CSS right, in the theme options, look for custom CSS code field and enter the following CSS code in it:
.header-v3 .header-social .alignleft .menu, .header-v3 .header-social .alignleft .menu ul{list-style:none; margin:0; padding:0;} .header-v3 .header-social .alignleft .menu li{margin:0; padding:0; padding:0 8px; display:inline-block; border-left:1px solid #fff; line-height:12px;} .header-v3 .header-social .alignleft .menu li:first-child{border-left:0;} .header-v3 .header-social .alignleft .menu li a{} .header-v3 .header-social .alignleft .menu li a:hover{}

I live in South Korea. My name is jinwook Song. I do not speak English. But I would like to ask questions. I think the website of the Catholic Diocese. I want to know what I need.

2. This is the first time that I have to create a website. I can do it?

Hi :)

This is a Wordpress theme, so you would need to have Wordpress installed on your server. And you would also need to be familiar with Wordpress. We do have very detailed docs and video tutorials for users but they are in English. I would install Wordrpess on your server, then play around with some of the free themes that are included to get a feel for what you will be doing. You can also check out our video tutorials before hand to see how the theme works.

An issue I found is that after this update, custom social media icons don’t resize properly anymore in header/footer. ie. they used to resize automatically to the default ones.

Hmmm, can you email me your info so we can take a look? I just tested on our demo and a custom icon resized correctly, but that could depend on the original.

Visit the link below and find the “email theme fusion” box on the lower right hand side, send us an email with your URL, username and password along with a brief description of the issue so we can look into it for you.


I have try to update the template with apy key and receive this error:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function request_filesystem_credentials() in /hsphere/local/home/c382263/ on line 1113

Really tell me what options have to update this templat smoothly and fast…...

Note that…website is an example.

and is urgent!

Hi :)

You were on Avada 2.0.6, right? We had to remove the auto-updater due to bugs, it woudl not work properly and would give those errors.

Its an easy solution though, simply download the new theme package from your downloads tab on Themeforest account.

Then install the “Avada” theme folder via FTP, just drag and drop it into your “wp-contetn > themes” folder on your server, that will update the theme for you.

The auto-updater was broken and would not work properly with the API key, so we quickly removed it and issued an update for it awhile back.


Thanks for the answer….but now have another error…Fatal error: Call to undefined function kriesi_breadcrumb() in /hsphere/local/home/c382263/ on line 781

Note that…website is an example.

Yes I was on avada 2.0.6 wanted after updated on wordpress I see that that is this version 2.0.6 why????

For the update, the new version is v2.1. I ‘m not sure what you mean about v2.0.6?

Can you please send me your login info? Something may not of updated correctly. Visit the link below and find the “email theme fusion” box on the lower right hand side, send us an email with your URL, username and password along with a brief description of the issue so we can look into it for you.



Do you have any recommendation to update theme version safely? Just delete previous version and upload new one? Or Unzip and rename and zip/upload? Any other way?

This below is from our knowledgebase on our forum

You can update your theme via FTP or via WordPress Admin. Before you do either method below, you need to get the new theme files by logging into your Themeforest account and navigating to your downloads tab. Choose to download Avada, it will be the new version. Always check the READ ME FIRST file for important notes.



1. Go to “wp-content > themes” location and backup your “Avada” theme folder by saving it to your computer, or you can choose to simply delete it. Your content will not be lost.

2. Then simply drag and drop the new “Avada” theme folder from your new download into “wp-content > themes” location. Choose to “Replace” the current one if you did not delete it.

Note: You need to extract the “” file, then extract the “” file to get the “Avada” theme folder.



1. You need to deactivate the current “Avada” theme in the “appearance > themes” section. Once deactivated, you need to delete it. Dont worry, your content will not be lost.

2. Then simply upload the “” file in the “appearance > themes” section. Click on the “Install Themes” tab at the top and choose to upload the zip file.

3. Once it uploads, choose to activate it. You’re done!

Also I would like to have header text link av on the right side(from header4) on header option 2 or 3 layout. Would it be possible?

Hi :)

Right now our header options are not configurable to be able to combine or move items around. But we may be doing this in the future release.



One question regarding the header: is it possible to choose a setting, which disables hovering at the header buttons at this template?

Best regards!

Hmmm, so for example the social icons will not have the hover effect? We do not have a theme option for that but it could be removed with a line or two of CSS if you wanted.


Sorry, I meant the menu buttons for site navigation (e.g.: About us, Products, Store, etc.).

There is also no setting for that, but we could help you disable the hover effect on our support forum if you wish.


Hello I’d like to buy your template but one question – I bought plugin Single Latest Posts to paginate my products – is it possible to intall it on this template? Or maybe there is another way to achieve this pagination? Thanks

Hi Afid!

We have not used that plugin before so I cant say how well it would work. Right now our post will look as they do in our demo in either our large, medium or full width layout. We’re planning on adding more layouts in a future release as well, I will make a note of this plugin/type of layout so reference when that time comes.


Hi there! Great theme btw!

How can I change the background color on a single post/page? The default color is now white. I would like to use different backgrounds (image or color) for different posts / pages.

I’m using a theme in a boxed mode.


Bye, Bostjan

Hmmm, well you would need to add identifiers to each page so you can then style them individually. It would be a process andI ‘m not entirely sure how to go about that. But our developers and users on the forum may be able t o shed some light.

You could post up on our support forum and see if any further direction can be given. Maybe another user has already done this

And I will add this to our update list for a possible inclusion. We’re planning on adding multiple design skins but even that would be different than changing each individual post page. Interesting thought though, I’ve added it to our list to discuss with our developer.


Thanks! I’ve solved it using page identifiers in style.css. Thanks again for your quick reply and help!

Br, Bostjan

Oh wonderful! I’d love to see it when you are done :)

Thanks again!

New top header options is really nice. Can the new top header option stay on top when scrolling page?

Thanks for the comments! No our headers are not “sticky headers” at this time, but this feature is on our update list for a possible inclusion in the future. If we add it we will give users the options of enabling or disabling it.


That would be a cool feature for sure to disable or enable it.. Thanks for the quick reply.

Yeah I like that idea for sure, its been added to our list so we’ll see how easy it is to implement.


Hi, is it possible to have the template as HTML? We’d like to use it but we don’t need wordpress for this project.

Thank you, ER

Hi ER :)

Not at this time, this is just the Wordpress theme.


2.1 is fantastic! Thanks

You’re welcome :)