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Regarding the support forums, there’s a bit of a problem, I login using my account but the page still asks me to login, won’t let me access support even though I can see the wp admin bar meaning I am logged in to your support site.

I need to request some support but don’t know how. Please help

Make sure you registered with your themeforest account name and email address. Both of them has to be same to properly verify the account.

Ok wait, I just checked and you already have a support account under the username “nomadone”. See screenshot,

Once you login, you need to click on “visit site” to get to the forum. In the top left corner you will see “Themefusion”, mouse over that and a dropdown menu will appear, select to “Visit Site” then go to the forum. Here is the Avada forum link.

Let us know if you have further questions, thanks!

Any tips on increasing the font size for the text on the left hand side of new header? Changing this css worked in firebug, but not in the theme itself. It stays at size 10 no matter what.

.header-social * { font-size: 10px !important; }

In the theme options, they scale with a theme option called “Secondary Nav & Top Contact Info Font Size (px)”. No need for CSS customizations.

Hi Guys the new version look awesome. having a problem with the viewing on my iphone. some elements are not showing up. Portfolio Post, Tab images on homepage and recent post thumbnail images also not showing up.

I have going through the general set up and found the issue

sorry didnt mean to waste your time, i appreciate your time looking through.

No worries, we are here to help :) Glad you found it out!

Hello, just uploaded 2.1 version, but some pages / fitures not showing – what to do??? The new version looks really great!!!!, hope it will work – thanks for your great support!!!

Ok, Ì`lt try…. thank you!

If that does not work please email us with the details of things that are not showing up and we will take a look.


OK, thank you so much!!! I will… :)


The twitter footer widget still doesn’t seem to be working properly in Internet Explorer on Avada 2.1. After a tweet becomes x amount of days old, I can see you’ve changed it so the tweet displays the date and time instead, but this isn’t working properly in IE.

See my site for example in footer :

Can you advise a fix?

Or is there a way to edit the twitter footer widget so that it simply doesn’t display how many days ago or the date/time a tweet was posted instead?

Hi Clinkster!

Hmmm, this was working properly, I’m not at a PC at the moment to check this but will be later. I do know it was working during testing, I’m not sure what would make that change. Either way we will get it fixed, can you send me an email with these details?

Visit the link below and find the “email theme fusion” box on the lower right hand side, send us an email with a brief description of the issue so we can look into it for you and see what the cause is.


Thanks. Email sent.

Thanks, will reply :)

Hi ThemeFusion,

Thank you always for quick and kind reply. I would like to change the footer title font from ALL CAPITAL to regular font (only first character is capital)?

If that is not working, please email me your site URL and admin so I can look into it. To email, Visit the link below and find the “email theme fusion” box on the lower right hand side, send us an email with your URL, username and password along with a brief description of the issue so we can look into it for you.


It is working now with NONE instead of NORMAL :) Thanks a lot!! .footer-area h3 { text-transform: none !important; }

Oh wow, Normal works on our demo. Hmmm, strange. oh well, all that matters is that it is working!


Hi there, just wondering how to get the updated version 2.1?

Download it from your downloads tab while signed into your Themeforest account.

Thanks :)

Thank you.

Just to be clear, I download and then simply upload via wordpress and install as if a it is a new theme? Will it populate everything correctly?

ITs best to install updates via FTP, just drag and drop the new theme folder into the “themes” location, all your content will still be in tact :)

looked back a page and saw the answer, sorry to have jumped the gun. working on it now.

No worries!

Just keep getting a message saying “are you sure you want to do this?” please try again…

When do you get that message? If yo are doing it via Wordpress then you have to remove the old theme.

Its best to do it via FTP, check the steps I outlined in the other post you found for FTP. I can do it as well for you if you want, email me your login info from our profile page.


All set, had not deleted the old theme, I had only deactivated it. Thank you for your ongoing hard work and dedication to great support.

Ah I see, yeah that makes sense. I’m planning on making an “Update Video Tutorial” for our users. We want to use an auto-udpater but have not found one that works well yet, but its certainly on our list.

Thanks for the nice comment, we’re always happy to help!


This theme is very nice, there’s always new features. But when I tried the demo features the header, is less likely to work well if you use google chrome, but it runs fine when I saw the demo on mozilla firefox.

Actually, thats just browser cache, go ahead and clear your Chrome Cache


Now I have to walk normally by just making a refresh on google chrome.

Hi :)

That is not a fault of the theme, that is simply how browser cache works. It will clear out itself without you doing anything, it just takes a little time. If you wanted to fix it right away, then empty the cache.



I’m interesting to use BuddyPress with your theme. Can you tell me if your theme is BuddyPress compatible ?



Hi Theta :)

We have not tested buddypress yet so we cant say yes or no. But we do plan on testing it sometime in the future to ensure compatibility for our users. When that time comes we will post it here, our forum and on our item page so users know. It would be a great addition to the theme for sure.


Thanks so much. I’m grateful for your reply. Please hurry up. Though there are other Buddypress themes around ( which I have bought ) but I like yours more than those.

Thanks again for a great theme ,


Thanks Theta, we appreciate the feedback!

I already emailed you about the issue. Please let me know what the problem is asap ‘cause I gotta have the website open soon

Hi Tobedoit!

We replied via email, please respond there. Thanks!

I got a couple of questions; 1. I need to remove the ‘date’ from my blog section on the homepage, how do I do that? 2. How can I increase the size of my header image on Insidepages? 3. I saw the header header option which look gr8, how do I update to use them?


Hi :)

1. Are you using the recent news shortcode on your home page? If so, then just put “no” for meta instead of “yes”. Like this…

[recent_posts columns="3" number_posts="3" cat_id="" thumbnail="yes" title="yes" meta="no" excerpt="yes" excerpt_words="15"][/recent_posts]

2. Do you mean the page title bar that runs directly below the header? We do not have a theme option for that but you can isnert the below CSS in the CSS field in theme options to change the height, just insert the height you want it to be, like…

.page-title { height:300px; }

3. You can update your theme via FTP or via WordPress Admin. Before you do either method below, you need to get the new theme files by logging into your Themeforest account and navigating to your downloads tab. Choose to download Avada, it will be the new version. Always check the READ ME FIRST file for important notes.



1. Go to “wp-content > themes” location and backup your “Avada” theme folder by saving it to your computer, or you can choose to simply delete it. Your content will not be lost.

2. Then simply drag and drop the new “Avada” theme folder from your new download into “wp-content > themes” location. Choose to “Replace” the current one if you did not delete it.

Note: You need to extract the “” file, then extract the “” file to get the “Avada” theme folder.



1. You need to deactivate the current “Avada” theme in the “appearance > themes” section. Once deactivated, you need to delete it. Dont worry, your content will not be lost.

2. Then simply upload the “” file in the “appearance > themes” section. Click on the “Install Themes” tab at the top and choose to upload the zip file.

3. Once it uploads, choose to activate it. You’re done!



Olá, o plugin Re-Order não está funcionando. Arrasto e solto, mas nada funciona. Instalei o plugin category order and taxonomy terms order, mas ele só organiza as categorias e os skills, não os portfolios. Por favor, me ajudem.

Hi :)

Go to “settings > Post Type Order” and make sure auto sort and admin sort are both checked.


Hello, Re-Order the plugin is not working. Drag and loose, but nothing works. I installed the plugin category taxonomy terms order and order, but it only organizes the categories and skills, not portfolios. Please help me.

Hi :)

Go to “settings > Post Type Order” and make sure auto sort and admin sort are both checked.



When i fill in the standard contact form it shows a message “thanks for contacting us….....blabla” How do i change this message?

my site is:

You can modify that in contact.php through the editor section of your admin.



Another question; How do i disable scrolling in google maps on the contact page?

Do you want to disable the ability for users to pan around the map itself? Hmmm, that is not possible at the moment without changing a lot of the code that controls that. I’ll look into this and see if we can add this as a feature in a future update. In case you are unaware, you can change the height and width of the map itself in theme options. But users will still be able to pan around the map, that portion is apart of the google api we use to display the map.


Love the new header designs, just what I wanted, you guys are awesome.

I have an issue with large spacing between header menu and content after deciding not to use page title bars. Have found some old answers to this changing the all.css but i was wondering if there is a way to put in a custom css to decrease the space?

BTW i have problems getting in to the support forum, or more specifically I get into a dashboard mode…



Thanks Onorlin, we appreciate hearing that :)

For the forum, when you sign in, it will take you to a wordpress dashboard, this happens since our forum is based off a wordpress plugin, so each user has a Wordpress account for it. All you need to do it go up to the top left where it says “Themefusion”. Hover over that so the dropdown appears, then click “Visit Site”, that will take you to the forum. ANd here is the Avada forum thread.

As for the spacing, if its below the page title abr then it can be controlled with the below CSS, the number you want is the first one, the default is set at 55px, I’ve made it 35px for you, copy and paste this CSS into the CSS field in theme options. Then check out your site, if you want it reduced more, then change 35px to a lower number.

#main { padding:35px 10px 45px; }


Hi, how can i load a google font in Layerslider? I’ve tried: font-family:”Antic Slab”,Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif !important; But nothing happens.

Best regards.

Hi :)

Hmm, that should work. Here is the CSS we use on our demo slides.
font-family: museoslab500regular;

Are you putting ” around the font, try to remove those. And I’m sure you are, but also make sure you are putting the CSS in the style field.

Let me know, thanks!

Hi again, I’ve tried font-family: museoslab500regular; but nothing happens, it’s inserted in the layer slider style field.

If you use the Museoslab font, you need to make sure you have the 4 fonts files installed via theme options. Museo Slab is a custom font so it needs to be installed.

See the “Museo Slab” section of our documentation, it gives you instructions on how to download and install the font, and also has a video tutorial that walks you through it.

See this screenshot, custom fonts like Museo have to be installed in theme options.