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I currently use the Nevada theme (bought from themeforest) and I’ve been trying to use the events calendar plugin on it. However, the plugin is not working properly and tell me it is due to a theme conflict.

So I’m considering switching to a new theme, but don’t want to spend money and then find out it doesn’t work in Avada either….... so do you know if the events calendar plugin will work on Avada…... I hope it does.

Could you maybe contact them and see if you can check it works with your Avada theme?


Hi Red93cat!

We have not tested that plugin ourselves so I cant say yes or no. The plugin author would need to have Avada installed to know if it works and I doubt they do. Hmmmm, I can add this to our list to check, we plan on testing some of the major plugins for compatibility sometime in the future. Wish I could say more right now, sorry!


If your theme had been compatible then I would buy Avada asap. Please contact Timely and work with them so the plugin works on your theme – it will benefit both sides and all customers.

Thanks for the feedback, its been added to our list so we will get it tested.


How do I add additional fields to the Contact form?

Hi Umojo!

Right now our built in form does not allow easy addition of more fields. We’re going to change that in a future release though so users cna easily add or subtract fields. For now, we recommend using Contact Form 7 plugin.


Can i use both side side bar in my services page bcs i need this feature and menu is not coming properly and when i see inner pages in my ipad it not come propely pls help. My website link is and my skype ID is : kshitij.pal

Hi :)

We do not have a double sidebar feature for any of the pages, you can only have one sidebar right now either on the left or right side.

For your menu, you can widen the dropdown menu so your longer menu names fit on one line . Insert this below CSS

#nav ul ul { width: 280px; }

Or you can update the theme to v.1 and it removes then fixed height and so menu items can go on 2 lines properly.

I dont see the issue with the ipad, what is the issue?


Before updating my theme avada how I can backup theme files because worked on the theme files.

Thanks for your support.

Hi :)

You could just copy the current “Avada” theme folder to your computer, that will save off the current version of the theme.

All your data is stored in your WP database, that will not be lost. But if you want to save a copy of the current version, you can make a copy of that theme folder. See instructions below for FTP, it mentions you can save off a copy of the current theme folder if you wish.


1. Go to “wp-content > themes” location and backup your “Avada” theme folder by saving it to your computer, or you can choose to simply delete it. Your content will not be lost.

2. Then simply drag and drop the new “Avada” theme folder from your new download into “wp-content > themes” location. Choose to “Replace” the current one if you did not delete it.

Note: You need to extract the “” file, then extract the “” file to get the “Avada” theme folder.


Can i use both side side bar(right and left) in my services page bcs i need this feature and menu is not coming properly and when i see inner pages in my ipad it not come propely pls help. My website link is and my skype ID is : kshitij.pal

Hi :)

no we do not have a double sidebar feature for pages right now.

For the ipad, it looks normal to me. But maybe you are wanting to use the regular “fixed” layout for the ipad? Do you want your ipad to look just like your desktop version? If so, then select “use fixed layout for ipad” in theme options on the general tab.

We added that feature in 2.0.7, so if you are not on 2.0.7 or higher then you would need to update to get that feature.

What that will do is give you the desktop version (fixed layout) on your ipad so it will look exactly as it does on your regular desktop computer screen.



The problem is that when I create and save a portfolio item, and then go to view the page, I am getting an error message stating ‘404 error, couldn’t find the content you were looking for.’ I have tried selecting/unselecting several options but still get the same issue.

I have the newest version and have tried all options given in the respons to ‘trevor’ 4 months ago who apparently had the same problem.

Regards, Guy

Hi Guy!

This is just a permalink setting. Do you have a custom slug set on the portfolio tab in theme options? If you do then you need to make sure you have “post” structure set in the permalinks area.

First do this, go to “setting > permalinks” and hit “save changes”. Then check to see if that fixed it.

if not then go back to same area and select “Post” as the structure. Then go to “portfolio” tab in theme options and enter a custom slug. Make sure its not same name as your portfolio page. So if your portfolio page is called “Portfolio” then your slug should be something like “portfolio-item”.

Let me know, thanks!

Hi Guys

Im having a bit trouble adding a blog page. i see the setting on the theme option but no where to assign a certain page as the blog?

I’m i missing something?

thanks in advance

Hi Bokandju!

You have to first create a page, and assign the “default” template to it. Then go to “settings > reading” and assign that page to be the “posts” page. Then any option you select in the bog tab of theme options will apply to it.

Check out our video tutorial on the blog, it walks you through the setup, we have one for other areas as well like Portfolio.


Hi there,

Is there an option to change the sidebar background color to differentiate it from the main page?

Hi :)

We do not have a theme option for the sidebar colors. But you could do it with a line of CSS if you wanted.


Hi, Thanx for a very nice theme! How do I change the distance between the top of the header slider and the menu? I also wonder how I can make the pictures in the “recent blog” the same size? Thanx!! /Annika

Hi Annika!

You placed your slider in the post content field, which will give you a much large space between header and slider. You could place the slider on the page by selecting it in the page options box. See our video tutorials for each slider, it shows you how to do that at the end, or check out our “Slider” section of our docs, it had a screenshot that shows you how to select it.

If you want to leave it the way it is, then use this below CSS to move the slider up. Insert this line in the CSS field in theme options. The first number is the one that controls that, it was set at 55px, I made it 0px.

#main { padding:0px 10px 45px; }

For the recent news images, if you have some portrait images as featured images and some horizontal, they will end up being different sizes in the shortcode. If we didn’t do that then it could distort them and mess up the ratios. The best thing to do would be to crop the images to be about the same size, or at least the ones you use for the featured image.

Hope this helps, thanks!

Thank You! It solved it!

Wonderful, thanks!

Quick Question,

Supports Avada – UeberMenu

Hi :)

Before v2.1, Ubermenu worked fine with a small modification, that is documented o our forum and with the plugin author “Seven Spark”. After v2.1, we had some code changes due to our new header options so there are some styling issues, but we are working them out in the next few days and it will be back to being compatible.



What a great looking theme, have set-up many sites using all kind of themes, but this one is smooth!

Having a few problems with a meet the team” page. Somehow I can’t get the Name, Titlte, and little story next tot the picture. With the regular short code it show the picture, and below that, all the info. Is there a little snippet of code to add to the short code so it show the picture to the left of all the text?

Thanks for the comments!

Hmmm, so you’re trying to put the image on the left, then the name/title/icons and bio to the right? That probably wont work out of the box, you would need to modify the styles of it, by default its going to show up as it does on our demo.

If you have a test page setup with what you have so far, and post that up on our support forum where our developer can view it, they may be able to give you the necessary CSS change, it just depends on how involved it is to change.


Hello, I update the theme 2.0.9 to the 2.1.0, I changed the Header to the new one – header version 5. The social icons are not showing ( I checked it at windows explora and firefox, I also Reset the Options on Header Options) – any Ideas????? Also I would like to know if it possible to entlarge the text on the header left ? (header version #5) Thanks! P.S. I send you with another issue the message with my WP and FTP login-informations… but still waiting for the answere… Could you please answere my questions?

Great!!! Thanks a lot – this issue solved!!! – Works fine!!! :)

Woo! Will check your new email soon and reply back there, thanks!

Thank you!!! :)

Where can I see the 5 headers designs?

Hi :)

On our demo, look for the “Header” menu item up top in the navigation. We have all 5 of them there.

I have an issue. When our website is googled I have all this back-end code showing:

Phoenix Girls Chorus
HOME shapeimage_1_link_0. ABOUT shapeimage_2_link_0. CONCERTS/EVENTS shapeimage_3_link_0. JOIN PGC shapeimage_4_link_0. DONATE shapeimage_5_link_0

How can I get that off or change it?


Hi Jillshepherd :)

Hmmm, that is a little weird. Do you know if you’ve entered that info anywhere, tracking code, etc? We’ve checked our test sites an they come back with the proper info in google.

We recommend using this plugin,

That should take care of that for you. If you still have issues with that, email us your info so we can look into your case. It can take 24-48 hours for the results to update.

To email us, Visit the link below and find the “email theme fusion” box on the lower right hand side, send us an email with your URL, username and password along with a brief description of the issue so we can look into it for you.


I’ll try that. I definitely have not added tracking info etc.

Interesting, ok thanks. Let us know how the plugin goes.

I hate to be helpless, but I have a couple hurdles that I need to figure out before I can considered my site complete. I will list them out below and hopefully you guys can help me out. THANKS A MILLION!

1. I have figured out how to apply line spacing to all the needed areas except to the accordion short code. If you visit my site at >> click on the “ABOUT” section and under “WHAT MAKES ME UNIQUE” is the text im struggling with. Just seeking a short line of CSS that is the most specific.

2. Additionally, in my “ABOUT” section I’m experiencing a weird alignment issue. The two tabs “WHAT MAKES ME UNIQUE” and “SKILLS” does not align on the top. The “SKILLS” section is slightly lower. How can I make this aligned?

3. At the bottom of my individual portfolio pages it has an area called “Related Projects”. I like the section but I need that text to be in all caps to make the type style cohesive. Is there an easy place to edit this?

Sorry for all the questions but your help on this would be awesome. Thanks in advance!

Hi Rachel :)

No need to feel helpless!

1. Use this CSS

.toggle-content { line-height:30px; }

2. There must have a spacer inserted for the skills section causing it to be pushed down. Look for a spacer CSS or margin-top and remove it. Also make sure you have the one-half columns set up properly. If you cant find that I would need your login info to check the page out. Or you can show me a screenshot of the page from the “text/html” editor window.

3. You can make that all caps by inserting this CSS in the CSS field.
.related-projects .title h2{text-transform:uppercase;}

That should do it :) Your site looks amazing too, fantastic work displayed, very clean, crisp design items. I love it.


Thanks so much for taking a look and providing feedback! I’m a recent college grad trying to find a design position and hoping my website will be the finishing touch to landing something great.

In response to 2. – Do you have an e-mail address where I can send you a screen shot of the text/html editor window? Hopefully after you take a look this will be a quick fix.

And thanks for the CSS snippets! Such a relief to finally have the right pieces to make this all come together.

Hi Rachel :)

Sure, email me at the link below. Visit the link below and find the “email theme fusion” box on the lower right hand side, send us an email along with a brief description of the issue so we can look into it for you.


Hi there, I would like to use the same typography as on your live preview site. Can you tell me what settings you made?

Thanks in advance,


Hi Berre!

The headings and menu use MuseoSlab, please see our docs or video tutorial for how to get that font. The rest of the site uses PT Sans which is a google font. Below is a screenshot of the font sizes.


I love this theme. Thank you. However today I lost some of the Text Styles in the Layer Params on the Revolution Slider. I tried restoring the Edit Captions.css file but that didn’t help. Please advise.

Thanks in advance, Mark

Hi Mark!

Thanks for the comments! What triggered the loss of styles? That shouldn’t happen on its own. Did you activate a new plugin or do anything else?

The only way to keep a backup of your layer or rev slider is to export the data. Both plugins give users a way to do that. We have a FAQ on our forum that shows you how to do it for both, see the link below. You will need to be logged into the forum to view it, creating an account is free too.


Iam not able to download the the theme . It will take 15 hrs to download pls help me.

Hi There :)

Wow that doesn’t sound right. You need to contact Themeforest about this. They handle the downloads/uploads 100% and its out of our control.

did it take that long when you originally bought it? I would keep trying and contact them as well, they may have some temporary issues going on that will probably get resolved. You can also post on their forum to see if anyone knows about the issue.

Forum Link :

Support Center:

Let them know, they will get it fixed for you.


Avada XML Import . Its not working . Pls help me.

Hi :)

Are you using the new Avada v2.1? It should go very fast. What errors is it giving you?

Please see the “E. Importing The Demo Data – XML File” of our documentation, we have the top troubleshooting tips there for users who have issues with the XML. If its not importing its a server/host limitation.

i would make user you are using the new XML that was included with Avada 2.1, its been sized down so it goes faster. Then if that wont import, let us know what the error is.

Then, I would leave the “download images and attachments” unchecked and try it again.


where the demo slides’s content to download?

Hi There :)

If you send me an email I can send you the exported slides, but it will not include the images, those are stored in your individual database and Wordpress or the plugin do not include them when you export. Plus we are not allowed to include the images. But I can certainly send you our slide exports, but you would need to replace each and every image for them to work.

An easier way would be to watch our video tutorials. We have created a video tutorial for each slider that is included in our documentation file. It shows you how to setup sliders like our demo, and they are easy to follow.

And the layer slider allows you to import 4 sample slides made by the slider author. At the top of the layer slider section of your admin is a “import sample slides” button. Click that to get their 4 sample sliders.

If you want some of our demo slides then email me and I can send them to you. You will need to make a new slider, then choose to import our files. You can use those as a base and see all of our settings we used.

To email me, Visit the link below and find the “email theme fusion” box on the lower right hand side, send us an email with a brief description so we know what to reference.


Great Theme! Can’t wait to start my project :) What plugin are you using for the filterable FAQ tabs?

Hi :)

Thanks for the comments! Its no plugin, just some javascript.