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Hi this is a great theme and i am very happy with my purchase.

however I am a complete newbie when it comes to theme development or even HTML. Is there anywhere I can go for pointers?

the source of my woes is the about page as I simply cannot change the slider.

also the map on the contact page will not update with the address I have chosen in the settings.

sorry if this seems really trivial!

Hi :)

Nothing is trivial, We’re here to help!

For the slider … The best thing we can recommend is to watch our video tutorials, check out the one for the slider yo are using. If you have multiple slider built, then you can select each one on the “page options” box for each page. And, if you are using the rev or layer slider, you can also insert them as shortcodes.

Check out our slider video tutorial and also our documentation file, the “How to setup your Sliders” section has a screenshot as well of the page options box where you change out your slider per page.

For the map… make sure you are using the actual physical address in the contact tab of theme options. Google map URL’s will not work ,it needs to be the physical address. For example, try this …

775 New York Ave, Brooklyn, Kings, New York 11203

Let me know further details if you still have trouble. Thanks!

Hi I just wanted to thank you for such a prompt response You have a first rate service/support here. I’ll keep you in the loop if I run into any walls but if you don’t hear from me again thank you and Keep up the good work!

Thank you for the nice comments, we certainly believe that top notch support is the most important part of what we do. Thank you for the compliments :)

Sounds good, let us know if you need anything else!


I love this theme. Nice work.

Is there a way to make the header background and main background “transparent”, so the body background is the only background? I’m using a gradient and can’t get them all to match.


Thank you so much!

Hmmm, at this time thats not possible. We do have a FAQ thread on our support forum to make the outer background area of the boxed mode transparent, but the main header and main content area are different. But we’ve had enough users ask about this that its been added to our list for a future update. We’ll have to modify some things to allow for this, and we’re planning on doing that for users and make it a theme option for ease of use. So the feature is coming, but for now it would take some fairly heavy CSS modifications to achieve that. We’ll modify that so its easier to do. you can certainly post this up as a new topic on our forum and see if anyone else has walked through this process, and our developer can give you more details about it as well there.



I just purchased this theme and my client wants the sidebar (right) to be 325px wide – is tere any easy way to change this in the theme or does that mess up the coloumn structure of the content. I’m currently running homepage 5 with the sidebar being used on the home page and blog pages.


Hi There :)

Yes changing the sidebar width will also cause needed changes for the main content area. Hmmm, your best bet would be to post this up on our support forum and see what our developer says. See the FREE SUPPORT section of our docs for info on signing up and using the forum.

For example, below is the CSS to change the width of sidebar, but you would also need to adjust other column to allow for that. Below is the default column size of sidebar.

#sidebar { width:23.4042553%; }

They can give you more info regarding this on the forum, Thanks

I want to buy Avada as i just love it both looks and features wise, but before buying i want to make sure one thing. Actually the website that i have to make will be bilingual both in English and Arabic language. I can see from the description of the theme that the Avada Theme is translation ready with 4 languages, but Arabic is a different language and the direction of the text and pages are all from Right to Left ( RTL ). Will Avada will be able to have Arabic Language. If it is yes, then it will be cool as i will buy it immediately.

Hi :)

Right now we do not support RTL text, but we are going to add this feature in a future release. I cant say exactly when that would be but it is on our update list and is closer to the top so it will be done sooner than later. I have seen some other users use a plugin to achieve this, but we personally have not tested this ourselves and ensured compatibility.


Hi. I inquire you this theme as I found it from THEM FOREST home page.

My question is, What does THEM FOREST company do?

Does THEM FOREST company make all themes?

You are selling several tens of themes in this homepage, I wonder if these were made by this company or by individual companies.

I’d like to know this as this question is very important in purchasing these themes.

Hi :)

Themeforest is a marketplace that allows individual authors to sell templates. Themeforest does not make any templates themselves, the authors do.

For example, we are Themefusion and we sell the “Avada” theme. You can see each item has its own author, all their necessary info is listed on each profile page.



how is it possible to change the default portfolio category? The default is All. I want another.

Thank you in advance.


Hi :)

Hmmm, we dont have an option for that right now. I’ll add this to our list and talk to Muhammad (developer) about adding this as a new feature. For now you can change the categories for each post in the categories box, but it will default to All if you do not select one.

You can also only show a specific category on each portfolio page if you wish. Multiple portfolios with custom categories is possible. I made a video about this in case you wanted to go that route.

And I will add this to our list of things to check to see if we can add a feature for user to change the default category.



I need to change the background color of the new header-v4 in Avada 2.1 from white to another. How would I do that?

I’d appreciate quick help. Thanks!

Best, Jan :)


Hi Jan!

Thanks for the comments! You can do that with the CSS below, copy this and paste it in the CSS field in theme options, insert the color you wish.

#header { background-color:#ffffff;}



No, that changes the very top header (where the logo and search bar are).

I need the background of the 4th of the new header (navigation bar) version from Avada 2.1 to be changed.

I tried it with this code and it worked:

.header-v4 #nav {background-color: #cce4d0;} .header-v4 #small-nav {background-color: #cce4d0;}

The problem is: I want to change the Menu font color, too. Everytime I do that in the Theme Options, the CSS above is deactivated. And the other way around…

Thx, Jan

Hi Jan!

I’ll need to see the CSS in your admin and see what the cause is of this. I have your email from before so will check and respond back there.


Thx for the support by the way, but after updating the theme all the social links in the footer shows the Facebook icon, is this a bug or something ive done during the update process?

Hi :)

Its most likely your browser cache or possibly a bad upgrade. Empty out your browser cache and that should clear it up. Cache get cleared out fairly quickly but you can do it manually by emptying it by clearing your browser.

If that does not fix it please email me your info, I will check that the upgrade went successfully. To email us ,Visit the link below and find the “email theme fusion” box on the lower right hand side, send us an email with your URL, username and password along with a brief description of the issue so we can look into it for you.


Just purchased Avada and love it1

QUESTION: how do you change the header themes? It shows we have five, but in it is not clear how to change them. I desire to place #4 header as my choice – opposed to the #1 header default. How may I do this?

thank you, bd

Thanks for the purchase!!!

To change the header, just select the one you want in theme options then hit save. The one you select will show an outline around it so you know which one is active. If you have not selected one yet, then none of them will show it since the default header is showing.

So select the one you want, then hit save changes. Also on that tab you will find the ability to “display social icons on header” , enter your email, phone and tagline as well if you are using one of the headers that displays those.


Thanks for the quick response! I had to re-install and there it was!

Oh wow, there must of been some files that did not fully upload the first time.

Glad you got it worked out, thanks!


purchased this theme and still playing with it. just have two questions: does the theme work with the ubermenu plugin from codecanyon & does the theme work with plugins from wpmudev?


Thanks for the purchase!

The theme does work with the Ubermenu plugin, but it does require a small customization. We have that customization documented on our support forum, you will find the thread there. It just requires a little modification. And we will be adding that modification in our next release so users do not have to do it on their own.

I’m not sure about plugins from wpmedev, we have not tested any of those. Was there a specific one you were curious about? If so let me know and I can add it to our list to possibly test in the future. We’re planning on testing some of the most popular plugins to ensure compatibility, but Im just not exactly sure when that would be, but it would be in a future release.


thanks for the prompt response! i am not committed yet to wpmudev, though i need some plugins for events and newsletters. would you have some to recommend which works well with this theme?

Hmmm, we have not tested any event/newsletter plugins so I cant say for certain. I do know other users have used some though, I wish I would of wrote down their names. You could post up on our support forum and see if any users can reply with the names. And you can always test some out since you have the theme already, there are some free ones like below …



since I updated to 2.1 my PAGE OPTIONS are completely gone.

I can only choose from the Sidebar options.

What’s wrong?

Thx, Jan

I just send you an email. You can ignore it. I activated and deactivated the page options in the Wordpress Options. Now it returned!?

Thank you!!


Awesome, thanks!

Replied, its working as it should. Check the CSS box. Thanks!

hi, (how) is it possible to have a sidebar on the homepage (start side)?

have once choose the option in the page “home” for the blog sidebar, but nothing shows up on the frontpage. on the other sites its showed. whats wrong?

Hi :)

To have a sidebar on a home page, just make sure you have the “default” template set as the page template in the page attributes box. Then you can select which sidebar you want to show if you’ve already made some custom sidebars.

As long as you have the default template set, and do not have “full width” set to “yes” in the page options, then a sidebar will show up. in the page options box of each page is the “full width” option so also make sure that is set to “no” if using the default template.


seen much later that there are two width settings. once under, once in the attributes bar…now it works

Awesome :) Yes the page template has to be set as default, then the full width option is also controlled in the page options box. This is setup that way so users can choose full width on any page layout.



How can I change the length of my sub-menu?

The title doesn’t fit and then overlaps the next sub menu.

For example “Download Information Leaflets” – it doesn’t fit as a sub menu without overlapping the next sub menu.


Nevermind :) Figured it out. Added custom css for the following:

nav ul ul{

display:none; position:absolute;top:86px;left:0; width:170px; background:#edebeb; z-index:100000; border-top:3px solid #a0ce4e; z-index: 99999; }

Just changed the width to 200px.

Hi :)

The length of the submenu will automatically change when you add more menu items to the dropdown. Do you want to change the width? If so you can use the CSS below, enter it in the CSS field and enter the width you prefer, 170px is default.

#nav ul ul { width: 170px; }

If you update to our new v2.1 version, the “fixed” height has been remvoed on the submenu so menu items will not overlap. Tehy would go on two lines by default.

So you can update to v2.1 and have the longer menu items go on 2 lines, or use the CSS aboe to make the submenu wider so your longer menu items do not overlap.

To update, download the theme again from your downloads tab on Themeforest and update the theme.


Thanks so much, just figured it out too, but thanks for the really quick reply!!!

No problem, thanks!

where in the default theme code you have to put in the code <?php putRevSlider(“slider1”) ?>, if you want to show the slider default over all pages ?? have no idea where. may you can help?

I see, yeah with 100 pages it would take some time to select it for each page. I’ve checked that out and dont see a method that would put a default slider on each page. I will ask my business partner as well to see if he knows but I dont think its possible with how its setup. I’ll double check with him and reply back to this comment if he knows of a way. You may need to select it on each page via page options. But once you do that, you could make any change to the slider itself and the change will auto show up on all the pages its assigned to. Just dont change the name of the actual slider, that would cause you to have to reselect the new name.


thanks for help, looking forward to that.

yeah know that, for further pages its not that problem. just these which are still there.

Hmmm, we have had a user place the slider in the header.php file for a specific reason, he may be able to give you some direction. If you email me, I can put you in touch with him, it might be worth a shot.

Visit the link below and find the “email theme fusion” box on the lower right hand side, send us an email with your URL, username and password along with a brief description of the issue so we can look into it for you.


I’m trying to change the color of text, links and hoover in the footer, but the changes in Styling Options doesn’t seem to take effect… I don’t have any plugins installed and tried to find an answer at your forum. Can you please help or send some CSS code that I can put into the Custom CSS field.

I see from your other post that you got it working. We do not have theme options for those settings at the moment so the CSS you entered would be needed. But we are going to add the ability to change the footer sections via theme options in a future release.


Figured it out…

.footer-area { background-color: #BFBFBF !important; } .footer-area a { text-shadow:0px 0px 0px #ffffff !important; color:#000000 !important; }

Yes! Thanks!

i am unable to hide the blog meta information. i have it “unchecked” in the blog options section, but it is still appearing. what should i do. thanks.

ps. thanks for adding the header options, that was exactly something i was needing it to do, it was like you read my mind.

Awesome, happy to hear you like the new header options!

For the blog meta, I just checked and this option is working on our end. On the blog tab, uncheck the “post meta” and it will be removed from the archive and single post pages. Is that what you have done?

If you want it removed from the recent news shortcode, then you need to put “no” for meta in the shortcode, by default it says “yes”.

If that option is not working on your blog page, first make sure you have the correct blog page set as the “post” page in the “settings > reading” section. Then email me your info so I can take a look. To email me, Visit the link below and find the “email theme fusion” box on the lower right hand side, send us an email with your URL, username and password along with a brief description of the issue so we can look into it for you.



1. I’m having the same problem as ‘bd’. After extensive search i can’t finde the page where i can change the header themes/ad social buttons to header.

‘QUESTION: how do you change the header themes? It shows we have five, but in it is not clear how to change them. I desire to place #4 header as my choice – opposed to the #1 header default. How may I do this? thank you, bd’

Also your respons to his question did not help me.

2. When i put in a ‘person’ i can n’t fit in a picture. whatever way i try, i won’t show.

thank you, Guy

Hi Guy :)

For the headers, you have to make sure you have Avada v2.1, it was just released a few days ago. So if you have not updated the theme in the lat 3-4 days, then you will not have those options. You need to download the latest theme package from your downloads tab on Themeforest, then install the theme. THe header options will be on the “header” tab, they are large preview images that you simply select and then save changes. See the screenshot below, check your theme options at the top to see if it says Avada v2.1

For the other question, I, afraid I do not fully understand. Are you referring to the “person” shortcode? For that, you just need to insert the image URL in the “picture=’’” section. The image itself is going to be scaled to fit whatever column size you are using, so if you are using it in a 1/3 column, it will take up that space. If you are not using it in a column at all, then its going to show the picture at the actual size, unless its larger than 940px then it will be limited to 940px.

Can you describe in more detail the issue you are having with the picture?



I’m helping my brother out with his site, he has bought this theme. The revolution slider does not appear in the iPad and iPhone versions, what am I doing wrong here?



Hi M :)

Most likely you have a “fallback” image inserted in the page that you have assigned the slider to. Scroll down in the “page options” box and remove the “fallback” image URL if you see one inserted. That image will override the responsive slider.

Also, make sure your rev slider is not set to “fixed” for the slider type, it needs to be “responsive” or “full width” for it to be fully responsive.


Hey buddy,

Just got my hands on your theme, look forward to customizing it to our Agency. I saw the demo site and loved it. Love your work and hope to be in touch to show you what we did with it.

Was wondering if, by any chance you offered customizing your theme, we have already installed it , all the content is already there on the DB from our existing site.

Would be delighted to have your masterful touch, would be delighted to pay via paypa in advance as well for your services.

I only need the home page customized, everything else I can do. its for an internet marketing agency.

Let me know please, thankyou. Much Appreciated, Vijay

San Francisco – 415 438 0307

Have a fab week ahead.


Hi Vijay!

Thanks for the comments and the purchase! I wish we could take on customization work but at this time are unable to due to time constraints. That may be changing later this year, we’ll see.

But for now we do offer free support on the forum so if there is anything you need or questions you have feel free to start up a new thread and we’ll help out as much as we can. See the FREE SUPPORT section of our docs for info on the forum.

Thanks again!