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Am going bonkers for two weeks now with my multi-site installation (sub-directories) with another $40 premium theme that includes the Revolution Slider. I simply could not get Revolution Slider and a Gallery to work on sub-directory page.

May I ask if this theme works in multi-site for both items? I have topped up the Envato account and it’s just waiting your kind answer tp purchase.

Thank you, Allen Razak

Hi Allen :)

Our theme is Multi-site compatible and so is the Rev Slider from a few versions ago.

What exactly are you trying to do. Put a rev slider on a page with a default wordpress gallery? Or are you using a plugin for the gallery too?

Hi there! fantastic theme! I’m having 2 problems with it ( and with the demo page ) maybe they are known bugs?

1 – Search results page does not display as boxed when using the boxed layout.

2 – When using the ipad in vertical mode and with the boxed layout, the page don’t resize as it should.

Can you please check this?

Thank you!

Hi :)

For #1, I can’t believe this has not come up before! Yes, this appears to be a little bug, and we will have it fixed in v2.1.2 that we are working on now.

For #2, please see this thread below on our forum in the FAQ section.

if you need assistance with #2, post up a new thread and reference what you are trying to do, then provide a second reply with your WP username, password and your FTP info and we will help, just make sure to put login credentials in a second reply and “set as private reply”.


Hi, thank you for your fast reply!

Since I’m modifying the theme , I will wait for the new version fixes!

Thank you, for your prompt response

Sounds perfect, thank you!

I am in the infancy stage with this theme and before I can even get started, I am having a problem. My hosting is through FatCow and they have a handy little WordPress area in my control panel. I click on it and install Wordpress 3.5.1 and, after following the instructions on your video on how to upload, I attempt to install the Zip file. I am not trying to install the whole zip file, just the avada zip (I actually got excited and unzipped it originally, but I re-zipped the file) and I am getting an error message saying “Forbidden: You don’t have permission to access /test/wp-admin/update.php on this server.” Is this a theme issue because I unzipped and re-zipped or is it a server issue? Thanks

Hi Dr Miles :)

That is definitely a server error. you can try to install the theme via FTP, we mention those steps in the video as well. If that does not work, then you need to contact your host and have tell them of that error.


Got it to work. Uploaded via FTP and it worked no problem. Thanks for this awesome theme!

Awesome! Glad that worked, yeah FTP is the way to go :)

Thanks for the support and comments!

I wish this came with the homepage slider included. I thin you should tell people upfront that you don’t include it in the xml content. Why don’t you guys include it?

Hi :)

The XML simply cant grab data from 3rd party plugins, its not possible. XML files only work with data that is not in plugins, plugin data is not included in XML files.

And we do include it on our forum in the FAQ section (see thread link below). The reason why its not included with the theme is because there is no way to include it with the images, the images are not allowed to be included with the slider export and that would only confuse users when they try to import them. So we put it on our forum with a description and details that each user will be sure to read before importing.

Signup at our forum where we handle support and go to the FAQ section, you will see a thread that allows you to download the demo slide data, you can then import it into your slides and simply change out the images for your own.

Is that good?


kenkelleher, the reason is likely because XML content import doesn’t support third party plugins, which Revolution and Layer sliders are. There is no way they can include that in the XML. It’s a limitation of Wordpress, not Avada.

I should of read one more comment below first :)

Thanks Brandall, see my response as well, we do include the separate slider data on our forum for user who want it. you are correct though, XML does not grab 3rd party plugin data.


I was reading 5 months ago that you were going to include a ‘dark’ theme – I noticed the PSD but couldn’t figure out how to enable it for wordpress.

I guess I am missing something as 5 months ago you said 1-2 weeks?

Hi :)

We said a dark theme was coming but did not give an exact date, at least I did not, maybe someone else did by mistake. We always put the most requested features first from our users on our forum. As you have seen the design (PSD) is done but its not implemented yet into the theme options, but it will be soon. Its on our list for v2.2 which is the one after the current one we are working on which will be done soon.

There is a feature request thread on our forum that we gather info from when we update. our next features on the list that are coming are more portfolio layouts, dark theme, new theme options for various items.

Signup at our forum and post up any features you would like in the feature request thread. And the dark theme is coming in our next feature update, v2.2


Hi, and thank you for this awesome theme. I purchased your theme few months ago, I would like to add a video in the slider, but not from Vimeo or Youtube, I would like to upload the video from my host, how can I do it? it’s possible do it with LayerSlider? Thanks

Hi :)

Thanks for the comments! unfortunately at this time it does not support self hosted videos. We are planning on adding this feature in a future release but Ic ant say when exactly. But even when we do, it will not include the layer or rev slider, those are plugins and the developers of each one will need to build in support for self hosted videos as well.

You could ask the layer slider guys on their item page to see if this is something they are planning or if there is a way to do that now.


Thanks for your help.

Anytime :)

I have the genesis framework is the Avada them compatible? if not what would i need to do/purchase to be sure I can use the theme out of the box? Would I need a different domain name? Thank you.

Hi :)

We have not tested it with genesis frame work so I cant say for certain. Hmmm, you can use Avada as long as you have a fresh copy of WP installed without the genesis framework. I’m not sure how the genesis framework works since we have not used it, but if it is used on any theme you install on that specific domain, then you would probably need a difference domain with WP installed without Genesis framework.

Hope this helps!

Yes for sure that is helpful. Thank you

Awesome, let us know if anything else comes up. Sign up at our forum and post up any questions.


I have the genesis framework is the Avada them compatible? if not what would i need to do/purchase to be sure I can use the theme out of the box? Would I need a different domain name? Thank you.

See above comment, thanks!

Thank you for such a great theme! Is there a way to hide the right sidebar when resolution is too small? Thank you in advance

Awesome sounds good. We’ll see what they say, this could beneficial to others as well so I’ll try to get a solution the. Post it in our FAQ.

Thanks man!

Good news :) i finally found a way to do it (if anyone needs it)... I just added these lines of codes to my custom css sheet:
@media (max-width: 800px) {
    #sidebar {
        display:none !important;

Woo hoo! Thanks for the followup, I’ll post this in our FAQ section on the forum for others.


I am trying to install the theme onto wordpress per your video but install theme is not there anymore. How do I do it?

It should be right next to “Manage Themes”. See the screenshot below, it ays “Install Themes” right next to manage themes.

Make sure your wordpress install is good and up to date. You should be seeing that in the themes section.

Also – this is what I’m reading on wordpress Forums » Support

Do I have an ancient version of WP? Cannot install theme or find version number. smallbluedesign Member Jan 30, 2013, 2:31 PM

I have followed every link and can’t find version number. Trying to resuscitate but can’t install a Themeforest theme. Beginning to suspect I have a very old version of WP but can’t even find that. I have followed every help link! I have to google every word in the more advanced ones, still not working. Should I delete it and start over?

The blog I need help with is

smallbluedesign Member Jan 30, 2013, 2:33 PM

All descriptions of how to find version do not match what I see.

kardotim Happiness Engineer Jan 30, 2013, 2:38 PM

I’m sorry, but themes can’t be uploaded to That’s a feature of self-hosted blogs through

You may use any of the available themes we have under Appearance > Themes in your dashboard, and you may want to look into purchasing the Custom Design Upgrade to customize one of the themes we offer.

You need to have Wordpress installed on your own server, are you only using account? If so, that is certainly the reason.

You need to have your own domain name and Wordpress installed on your server. Then you can install any of the premium themes from Themeforest.

Do you have a hosting company? If not you should signup for one, get a domain and they can install WP for you in a few minutes

That was very helpful, the support here is great! I have two more questions I need help with:

1. How can I change the title bar font to “white”?

2. How can I change the footer color to “black”? This should do it and thanks again for the fast reply above :)

Thanks for the comments!

Same thing just add color …

.page-title h1 { color:#333333; }

For footer, check out the thread in our FAQ section of the forum. We’re going to add those as theme options as well, but for now it just takes a line of CSS. See this thread for what you need, there are a few different sections of the footer.

If you ned further help, post up a new thread on our forum and include your URL.


It’s not responsive on galaxy note portrait mode. What’s wrong?

Hi :)

Are you using v2.1.1? Please see this thread on our support forum and follow those steps, if you still have issues please post up a new thread and let them know you followed the steps in that thread and include your site URL so we can check it out.


Ok. It’s solved by your forum’s step.

Fantastic! Thanks for the follow up!

aalaw38, are you sure the Galaxy Note is not set to display the desktop versions of websites by default? My S3 has this setting. You have to turn it off to allow a site to provide a different version, including responsive versions in some cases.


Thanks for the help!

brandall, my note is set to display mobile version by default. it’s responsive on opera and chrome, not on firefox and default android browser.

See my other response, check out that thread on our forum and then post up a new thread if you still have issues. We need to see the site and also have our developer check it out on the forum.


I am considering buying this theme, but have a question. Is is possible to have a custom image tiled behind the slider(full-page), and instead of a slider, just have a fixed transparent image?

Hmm, I dont want to say yes or no because I dont fully understand what you are asking. Do you have an example site?

Default wordpress gallery looks great, prettyphoto is in the rel… but its pulling up the wrong url for the full size image.

Any thoughts on that?


WP 3.51 – doesnt add the link=”file” to it… add that to the gallery shortcode it works fine…

Yes sir! Lets hope they fix that in 3.5.2. For now, just add the link=”file” and it will work


Using the Google Rich Snippets tool we get some structured data warnings:

Extracted structured data hatom-feed hatom-entry: Warning: At least one field must be set for HatomEntry. Warning: Missing required field “entry-title”. Warning: Missing required field “updated”. Warning: Missing required hCard “author”.

Can microdata support be added?

Hi ;)

Hmm, I can talk to our developer about this and see about adding microdata support. I’ll add it to the list and see what he says.

I also suggest posting thi son our support forum, its where he checks and our staff checks and lots of users give input


Hi Everyone!


We have moved all support questions to our support forum where we can better serve our users. We can answer pre sales questions very minor theme questions here in the Themeforest comments but anything else will need to be handled on the support forum.

We have done this for a few reasons.

1. Themeforest comments are not searchable and other users cannot reply.

2. Our forum is searchable, plus anyone else can respond. We have an amazing user base of people who love to help and share info.

3. Many questions are asked over and over so performing a search allows you to find answers more quickly.

4. We have an ever growing knowledge base and video tutorials section for our users. Its a much better place for our users to get help.

5. This allows us to answer more efficiently and quickly since we only have to respond in one avenue

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