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yes i selected contact form page template and it’s not showing up. Can you also address some other issues please. 1. My blog won’t show in “Blog Medium image” instead it shows up in large image. I selected the blog medium image on blog page but its not working. There is no option for blog large image and blog single post like how you have in demo. 2. Too much gap at the bottom end of the page and the last sentence on home page. Any way i can reduce that gap ? 3. On portfolio page, is it possible to click on a link and make video play on pop out on the same page like how the pictures pop out.

i would really appreciate it if you can address this issue

1. Navigate to theme options page and make sure that in appearance tab; blog option is set to blog medium image http://mharis.net/screen/1L8ryv.png

2. You can do that by editing the CSS . Decrease the bottom padding of #main css selector in all.css, its located in css folder of the theme (css/all.css). You’ll have to use FTP .

3. No, however you can use a post thumbnail for the portfolio and embed the video by using embed video option while editing a portfolio item. http://mharis.net/screen/MZTcWm.png

thank u for the prompt reply. awesome support. Excellent template.

You are welcome. If you haven’t already, plead take a moment and rate the theme for us, we would appreciate it!


I purchased your theme yesterday and am having quite a few issues. I can’t get either the Flexislider or Layerslider to work. It keeps telling me I need to install the WooSlider plugin but when I do, the plugin install fails?? There are also issues with the Portfolio. When I add a new portfolio item and click on the item from my Portfolio page, the screen is blank. It should show the information for that piece of work and it doesn’t. Also the Footer widget 4 is showing up underneath Footer widget 1 on the wesbite. I’m not sure why there are so many issues. Can you please help.

1. If you can see FlexSlider WP and LayerSlider WP links in your wp-admin sidebar, the plugins are already installed successfully. Just dismiss the notice. We fixed this issue in a recent update which was approved few hours ago but you have nothing to worry about as long as you can see both the links. http://mharis.net/screen/yUJHcC.png. Now to set them up on your pages, read the “How to setup sliders” section in the documentation.

2. About the portfolio single page, that could be anything, can you send us an email with a link to your site and wp-admin info, I’ll have to take a look.

3. I’ll take a look at the footer issue as well, send us an email.

What is your email address? -thanks

Check out our profile page, click on the “email theme fusion” in the right sidebar.



My LayerSlider on my home page is aligning to the left. How do I get it to align in the centre of the page?

Good point Russell Davies! You are right, I forgot about the advanced option ticker. Thank you!

So glad you were able to follow the instructions and get it working. Can you post a link to your site, I’d love to see it!


Here you go www.lobsterdigitalmarketing.co.uk

Fantastic! Love your logo by the way ;)

Hi, really wonderful theme – I’m having a bit of trouble with LayerSlider – I set the thing up on 27” iMac and it looks perfect, but on smaller screens it is too far to the right of the screen – is there an image size I should use and correct settings? I’ve looked through documentation but can’t seem to find the bit to get this right. Thanks very much. Ian

Hi Iwidesign!

Please see the above response to Russel Davies, it outlines how to always have your content positioned within site width, in our case its 940px.

And currently the layer slider with sublayers is not 100% responsive. In our demo. we use a fallback image for smaller screen such as phones. The layer slider is a 3rd party slider, and we’ve contacted the author who told us they are working on an update to make all layers including sublayers fully responsive.

Hope this helps, thanks!

Hi, thanks for your help on this – the only thing I’m unclear on is “Please note, I have left the brackets < > off the “img src” so it displays correctly on the site. You would need to wrap your images in valid HTML markup.”

What would be the valid HTML markup for this? I’m sorry I’m quite new to this and at the moment I’m just displaying the img style=”position: absolute; right:550px;” src=”your source here” code in the site :)

All HTML needs to have <> around it, I can’t place the valid markup in the comments because the browser reads it as real HTML and does not display it for you to see. See this link below to see how it should look. Notice the <> around the markup.


hello,why the theme does not looks like the preview? I paid for the full structure and now I need to build it myself! I’m sorry but this is not right.please tell me how to get the page to look exactly like the preview shows.

WordPress Importer. XML file is included in theme package.

I know that… that was not what I asked…

how do I import the XML file? in import page on tools there is a few options to import, I don’t know what way to choose…

I sent u a privet message with my account details for my WD-ADMIN

Responded via email, Muhammad will take a look at the info you sent.

Thanks of being patient!

Hi, how do I integrate a calendar into Flare? I need to know this before buying it, thanks!

Copied the wrong name, sorry!! :( How do add a calendar into Avada ? :)

You’re very welcome :)

Is it possible to make this Site multilingual?

Yes its possible, we provide the .po files for translation.

Copied the wrong name, sorry!! :( How do add a calendar into Avada ? :)

replied above …


Wow! Amazing theme!

Thank you so much for your quick support response, very satisfied!

Thank you lab_0714! We appreciate it!

I apologize if this was asked before. Does this theme include demo content?

Yes, we include the XML file with the purchase. See all info on the item page. Thanks!

“When I add a new portfolio item and click on the item from my Portfolio page, the screen is blank” – lmprentiss

I’m having exactly the same issue. The portfolio ‘parent page’ with 1, 2 or 4 columns displays ok, but when I click through – blank page.

Let us know if you resolve this

We are looking into this right now. We’ll let you know ASAP ! Thank you!

Make sure your permalinks are set to postname :)

“Make sure your permalinks are set to postname”

That did it – all working, cheers.

Hi, great theme. Is there an out of the box solution to insert a search form in the header? Thanks

We can set that Updike you if you purchase the theme.


Hi. Just purchased avada theme. A search form would be really a useful feature! Let me know.

Thanks Robertodl’s! We will add this feature to the list and see if we can release it with our next feature update.

Thanks again!

Hi there, I just bought your theme: fantastic work. However, I do have a question concirning the Museo Slab 500 font, how exactly can I get this to work? I’ve uploaded the files Museo_Slab_500.otf and the webfont files: Museo_Slab_500-webfont.eot,.svg,.ttf,.woff in the main directory of Avada/fonts. Could you correct my mistake?

Thanks in advance Jan

Oops, I see what’s going on. Edit css/all.css by logging into your FTP account.

Make the edits following this: http://paste2.org/p/2130713

Thanks! Did the same for the Italic, since I hadn’t uploaded it yet!

Italics are not required. Its not used anywhere so you can just leave it out if you want.

I bought your theme. I’m satisfied with your design, but I have some problems….

1. Cannot work Portfolio Page Even if I make some pages with 1,2,4-C-Portfolio, there is nothing to be shown. The source code is “?All??”

I cannot know why the tag, a, with the option ‘0’....

2. Cannot the specific tag into Portfolio Item Title

I’m making a multi-language site with your theme and qTranslate Plug-in. So I tried to type <!... tag but after saving, the tags were disappeared…

Can you post a link to your site?


Please email us with your wp-admin details. Use the contact form on our profile page.


Now I’m trying to download your new theme files… But the download speed is too slow….. 346B/s…. My browser says to me…”3 days… left… to complete…”

PlZ, increase download speed of your files by using another better file server…

Hi Indy16mm, thanks for the purchase! Muhammad will get with you on the questions you have above.

Also, the download speed is not controlled by us, everythig goes through themeforest so it’s out of our control. It’s usually fast so they must be having a temporary issue. I suggest resetting your browser and try to download again.

Thanks again! Muhammad will get with you on your questions.

Please contact envato support if the problem still persists.

Hello Team,

thanx for support and the great theme.

Here you will find some questions with screenshot, please answer me withe the right numbers, so you can ask here. http://www.kee.de/theme_questions.docx

Thanks Manny

Thanks Manny! We appreciate it! Muhammad will help with your screenshots shorty!

Valid point with #1. We’ll work on it in the next update.

2, The third level navigation is not really supported with side navigaton. We’ll see if we can work on it, if not, we might just disable third level completely.

3, the headline text is similar to page title.

4, We will make the side navigation page widgetized in the next update.

One of the best theme i have ever used. Every minor detail has been taken care of. LayerSlider is lil’ difficult to figure out but i managed to figure it out finally by looking at the source code from demo page. Awesome support as well. Not 5 but 10 Star Ratings.

Thank you so much! We greatly appreciate it. We love a good rating!

Hi Everyone! Thanks so much for the awesome response to Avada. We’re listening to requests and have another update for you. See the change log below and it’s also on the item page. Thanks!

v1.0.3 – August 18th, 2012
– Made dropcap color to change to primary color
- Fixed submit button on contact form not changing to color change in theme options
- Made flickr widget(s) work properly with complicated flickr usernames
- Changed the font name of Museo Slab font in all.css file to reflect exactly with the font name downloaded from fontspring

File Changes:
- Edited header.php
- Edited widgets/flickr-widget.php and widgets/flickr_footer_widget.php
- Edited css/all.css

I’m having the same problem with download. I’ve been trying for 3 hours and it is sitting at 2%

Do you have the theme to download without the PSD files which I presume is causing the bloated file size – 96mb for the zip file. Can I just have the basic theme files?

Wow I’m sorry you guys have this problem!

Unfortunately TF does not allow that, we have to upload the entire contents. The download is completely out of our control. I just checked it here where I am and the file size is right at 100MB and it downloaded in 15 minutes.

So maybe the problem is only isolated. I’m not sure what to do at this point since its out of our control. Have you tried to reload your browser and download again?

Send me an email from our profile page if the issue continues to happen. I will also send TF a support email letting them know of the issue, but their response time is usually 24-72 hours so that probably wont do much good.

That should not have happened.

You should contact envato support if the problem still presists.


Hi..I’m having difficulties setting up the slider…This is the error message i’m getting:

Select LayerSlider

Warning: unserialize() expects parameter 1 to be string, object given in /home/wnw0031/public_html/2012/wp-content/themes/Avada/framework/views/metaboxes/page_options.php on line 35

Did you successfully created a layerslider under WP Admin -> LayerSlider WP page?