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I was wondering, would it be easy to make a toggle so that my visitors can choose between a dark and light theme? A simple a href link in the upper right corner would be okay. When clicked, it goes from dark to light and otherwise. A super simple style selector with only 2 options. :)

Of course you have that options in your demo with the style selector. But I think that are two installations, isn’t it? I see that the logo changes (when in dark theme, the logo is white, and when in light theme, the logo is black) but I see there are no options for that in the backend. :)

So my question is, how did you do it? Did you use 2 installations for light and dark, or is there an easy way to do it?

Thank you very much in advance!

Hey :)

The only way to do that is to have two different installations of Avada, one light and one dark. It would require two sites.

Yep, we used two installations because the dark skin is very different and requires different settings, logos, etc.


Okay! :)

i’ ve installed the Avada theme with WordPress in a Godaddy host, when i activate the Avada theme i get a 500 error “The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.

Please contact the server administrator to inform of the time the error occurred and of anything you might have done that may have caused the error.”

What is going on? what could be the problem?


Hmmm its hard to say but its definitely something the server is causing. Have you contacted your host to ask them?

We can check it out further as well if you signup and post on our forum. Create a new topic with details about the issue, your site URL and version of Avada, then post a second reply with your username/password and mark it as a “private” reply so only we will see those credentials and will be able to login and check the issue.

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But first you should call your host and ask them about it.

Thanks and see you on the forums!

hello, before buying, i’d like to know if is there a way to make a protected content page ? access with with username and password ? thank you


There is not a built in feature for that, but its recommended to use a plugin for that kind of thing. There are several out there to choose from.


Hi I bought this lovely theme near about a year ago. I am using 3.0.1 version, wordpress 3.5.2

Today ,I suddenly got this message: Warning: implode() [function.implode]: Invalid arguments passed

Fatal error: Call to undefined function ZsldkfhGYU87iyihdfsow() in

Any help will be appreciated. Thanks


Thanks for the comments! Do you know what changed? New plugin or something?

If nothing changed, then I would contact your host and tell them of the error. Most likely they changed something on their end.

If the issue persists, please post this up on our support forum and our support team will take good care of you. Create a new topic with details about the issue, your site URL and version of Avada, then post a second reply with your username/password and mark it as a “private” reply so only we will see those credentials and will be able to login and check the issue.

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Thank you, we look forward to serving you!

This is the index.php code <?php get_header(); ?> <?php if($data[‘blog_full_width’]) { $content_css = ‘width:100%’; $sidebar_css = ‘display:none’; } elseif($data[‘blog_sidebar_position’] == ‘Left’) { $content_css = ‘float:right;’; $sidebar_css = ‘float:left;’; } elseif($data[‘blog_sidebar_position’] == ‘Right’) { $content_css = ‘float:left;’; $sidebar_css = ‘float:right;’; }

$container_class = '';
if($data['blog_layout'] == 'Large Alternate') {
    $post_class = 'large-alternate';
} elseif($data['blog_layout'] == 'Medium Alternate') {
    $post_class = 'medium-alternate';
} elseif($data['blog_layout'] == 'Grid') {
    $post_class = 'grid-post';
    $container_class = 'grid-layout';
    if($data['blog_full_width']) {
        $container_class = 'grid-layout grid-full-layout';
} elseif($data['blog_layout'] == 'Timeline') {
    $post_class = 'timeline-post';
    $container_class = 'timeline-layout';
    if(!$data['blog_full_width']) {
        $container_class = 'timeline-layout timeline-sidebar-layout';


See my other post about this. Signup and post on our forum with those details and we’ll check it out. However if nothing changed on your end (no plugins or code changes or anything) its recommended tha you contact your host first.


In your theme, could I use Tags in Blog for filtering just like in Portfolio?


Blog posts display categories instead of tags at this time. I’m not sure I understand your second question. If you use a video for portfolio, you still need to upload a featured image. Video for blog will show the video as the featured image.


1. Is there a technical reason where Tags are used as filtering in Portfolio but not in Posts? From UX perspective, it should be allowed.

2. I have a section that are all video as blog and video are not showing up as featured image.



1. We are going to add this in an update, I think it was left out on accident and this is the first time its come up. We will get it worked in!

2. Make sure you follow the steps on how to make a video blog post. And also make sure that featured images are set to show on that page. If the issue continues, then please signup and post on our forum where we can check it out and assist.


Hi, will you be able to help me on this issue? I had purchase your theme, sometime ago. Everything was working fine, until this week the woocomerce was gone. I try to reinstall it also not working, anyhelp or advise??

Here the link to the website:-

Hope to hear from you soon.

Great thanks , Btw how do i Remove the Our Products page title under title bar for “Our Products” Page?? Hope to hear from you soon :)

And how cant all the icon for “Our Products” Page went missing? pls advise thks.

Page title bars can be removed per page in page/post options. I’m not sure about your other question, please signup and post on our forum and include your site URL and details so we can check it out.


Hi, i love what i have Seen so far, just one question before I press that “buy” button. I really need a filter function in my site, I.e. People can filter search result through different prices, age group, gender etc. is this function available in Avada? Or maybe you could tell me whether this is doable with a wordpress plugin? Thank you very much.


That’s kind of hard to say. The default search will search for the page/post content so some results might come up that you expect depending on your content, but there is not built in functionally for that type of detailed search right away. You may need some custom work to get that all setup like that, or possibly a WP plugin like SearchWP


Excellent theme, my customer is more than satisfied and it was a breeze to customize to my needs. Everything works as expected and bugfixes are real fast if a problem occurs. Highly recommended.

Hey Igord :)

Thank you for the feedback and comments! We have some amazing stuff in store for future versions of Avada! If you have not already please rate Avada for us on your downloads tab.

Thanks again!

Hi there, how i can remove the post (Posted by Dospel & GanjaParker) at the bottom of my page?



Is that the author of the post? If so you can disable meta options in the blog shortcode, or in theme options depending on which one you are using.

If you have further questions or need assistance with that, signup and post on our support forum and our support team will take good care of you. Create a free account there, then create a new topic with your questions and include your site URL and version of Avada and we will be with you promptly.

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I just found out that you are in possession of an illegal copy of Avada. I would urgently suggest you download a legitimate copy from themeforest, you have purchased the theme as it shows purchase badge, download fresh copy and reinstall.

Hi, I would like to use your theme but I need this to be 100 % translatable. I use WPML and when I mean 100 % translatable I mean that also footer and header are always displayed in the corresponding language.

Is this possible?

Kind regards,


Hey Eric,

Yes its 100% translatable on the front end. The backend theme options panel is the only thing that will not translate at this time, but it will in our next major release.


Hello, Thanks for the prompt reply!

I’m sorry, not sure what you mean with backend theme options panel. I would like for example include a slogan in my header and this needs to change obviously in every language. In the footer I would like to include some links and contact details. Both need to dieplay in the corresponding language. Is this possible?



Yes what you are asking is possible. Theme options is the backend option panel in wordpress that you use. It is not seen by anybody except for the person who is building the site.

Hope that helps!

Hi, I want know if it’s possible to have a menu bar under the logo, because I want put two logo in header, so I haven’t space for the menu.

Please reply me soon, because I want buy this template.

Excuse me for bad english.


Yes you can use header 4 or header 5 layout. See them on our demo under “Header”


I purchased avada theme , and i didn’t get xml file , so from where i have to download????? cause in this download package it was not in it .


There is no longer need for XML files. We have a built in demo content importer, directly in theme options on the General tab. And its even better than XML files because its imports everything, not just pages and posts. It gives you pages, posts, sliders, widgets, sidebars, theme options and more. Just click “Import Demo Content” and then wait patiently it will tell you when its done, it can take a minute or two, just be sure to only hit it once and wait.

Check it out! And here is the info from our docs,

Hello Everyone :)

All Support Is Handled On Our Forum, See Links Below.
Pre-Sales Questions Are Handled Here In The Comments


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Thank you, we look forward to serving you!

Hi can I ask a pre-sale question can this be set up with a full screen sideshow or a Kenburns sideshow with product/service boxes on the home page?

And the Ken Burns?


The revolution slider has a built in ken burns effect, see the top item on their changelog from a few versions ago,



If I buy this product you can use on a domain it belongs to me in all domains can I use? After experimenting on a domain I want to use my company’s domain.

I’ll use a website for Turkish, Turkish to completely accepted?

Thank you,


The single license rule is that one $55 purchase is good for one site. So if you need it on 2 sites that are different domains, you need to buy a second $55 license.

Hope this helps!

@alexandwonderland you are in possession of an illegal copy of Avada. I would urgently suggest you download a legitimate copy from themeforest.

I know this because one of my virtual friends was duped into purchasing a theme from a dubious site that had that “ganjaparker” name attached.

Is it a post or is it coded in the footer?

@ igianni84 see here You can have the logo anywhere you like as there are five headers, which you can adjust till your heart is content

@vfxkings there is no xml file you need to go to general theme options tab and click “import theme demo”. it is automated for you now.

@pixlandmore, yes it is 100% translatable. Only theme admin will remain in English.

Wow sorry Luke, didn’t know you’d replied till I just refreshed my page. Must of been on this page for a while and not realised it.

Oh no worries man, thanks for the assist! I did not know thhat about the ganjaparker name, nice to know.

As always, thank you!

can i remove the grey overlay on the image slider that i am using on the home page..

There is not a theme option for that. But you could simply use the slider shortcode, it can take any image or video you suggest, but it will not pull blog post info.


It was a deception when I discovered that there is no page builder avaiable in Avada!

Hey :)

Where did you see their is a page builder? We have a shortcode builder, but not a page builder yet. However, we are adding a pge builder in our big v4.0 release in the coming months. Once we do add it, it will be front and center on the item page.



We are very interested in purchasing the Avada theme but wanted to see if there is a demo or trial version we can download to see if it will fit our needs. Is that possible to get to tryout for a few days?



unfortunately there is not a demo or trial version, but you can view the demo and also the backend screenshots of admin and meta options.


Oh bummer, OK—thanks for your response!

No problem!