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Welcome :)

Am I adding that right…. this theme has brought in nearly 3 million dollars???? If so, it has inspired me to start creating themes. Wow, good job ThemeFusion team!

Hey :)

Its actually well under 3 million, but still over 2 million. It use to be $40 instead of $55, so that accounts for a lot of it.

We’re glad you are inspired, Themeforest and all the Envato marketplaces are an amazing way to make a living. Good luck!

That’s still amazing though, I’m in awe of you guys. Again, great job, always nice to see people having success at things they enjoy doing.

Thanks Dutchess :)


Pre order question, there have feature: Form Plugin Options.

You said: “We’ve added custom design styles so these two plugins will look idenctical to Avada’s design.” Please note, these 2 plugins are not included ?

So, these 2 plugin is not included in your theme? Or we have to download separately ?


We only show contact form 7 on our demo, not gravity forms since its a paid plugin. The form on this page shows a CF7 form, As I said, it picks up Avada styles. Gravity forms will be the same.


Okay, thank you for the confirmation. Great theme :), i will purchase this theme after discussion with my team at the first, and confirm you later.


No problem, anytime!

? is there a page builder for this theme. Great theme by the way.

Hey :)

Currently the theme has a shortcode generator, and we are in the process of building our own custom page builder which will release with Avada 4.0 in the coming months.


Is there any easy way to utilize the Recent Works Grid shortcode and leave the categories off? For example, on this page, at the bottom where the Sponsors are listed, I need to leave the 2013/2014 supporters (categories) off of the rollover.


If you go to theme options > extras you can choose to hide the categories in the image rollovers. But that is a global option for the whole site, currently there are not options individually per post.

Current Rollover Options:

If you have further questions or need assistance with that, signup and post on our support forum and our support team will take good care of you. Create a free account there, then create a new topic with your questions and include your site URL and version of Avada and we will be with you promptly.

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Hello Everyone :)

All Support Is Handled On Our Forum, See Links Below.
Pre-Sales Questions Are Handled Here In The Comments


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Thank you, we look forward to serving you!

Hi there, FlexSlider ceased working without a reason! Not a single upload/change to explain why! All setting are correct but it no more displayed in the homepage. Could you help me?


Sure we can help, but do need you to post on our support forum with the details. Something on your server may have changed, you may want to start by contacting your host. If you did not make any changes, or use any new plugins, then most likely its your server.

Let us know, see you on the forums!


I think to purchase this theme soon but i have some questions :

Firstly, in the portfolio pages, is it possible to put the filter in the sidebar, and maintain the same sorting functionality ?

thank you


No that is not possible at this time, the filters can be disabled and not show, but when they do show they will be up top as you see now.



I have tried logging in for the last half an hour…have received 3 password resets, and after resetting the password, none of these have allowed me in. Got a couple of questions:

1. How do we increase the size of the Top bar / notification text?

2. We are using a wide logo and its pixelated on a Mobile is there a separate option for mobile/responsive logo’s to be uploaded?

3. Parallax background image is not responsive on devices: iPhone & iPad.. on your theme sameple, it is responsive, how do we fix this?


Actually, I want to make the text inside of that top coloured bar larger.

I tried logging the other day…I received 3 password resets, and after resetting the password, none of those have allowed me in. How can we login?

All text sizes are controlled in theme options on typography tab, there is a setting for that.

Please email me your forum username and license certificate.txt file that contains the purchase code. To email us, visit the link below and find the “email theme fusion” box on the lower right hand side, send us an email from there. Don’t worry about the auto-reply, I’ll still get the email.


Cheers, just sent it.

Love the theme, thanks!

I am not using the Social Media icons in the footer & I would like to center the copyright line … is there an easy way to do this with css? I’ve tried about a dozen things but I’ve been unsuccessful.



Thanks for the comments! Sure we can take a look for you and give some css. Please post on our forum and include your site URL so our team can inspect your setup.



I am running Avada 3.3. When loading the portfolio page in Firefox or IE the “Loading portfolio items…” is loading for ever. The portfolio items never show up. Firefox Version 26.0 in Windows 8.1 and OS X 10.9.1, IE 11 on Windows 8.1 Doing the same thing in Safari 7.0.1 (OS X 10.9.1) and the portfolio items are loaded instantly. Yes I cleared cache and other browser histories.

How can I fix that?

Best regards h20×3

Hey h20×3 :)

Have you tried to disable any other plugins you have running? The port pages load for us on our demo and test sites in all browsers so it might be a plugin issue. Also, check the size of your images make sure they are not super large.

We can take a further look at this on our forum. If the issue persists, please post this up on our support forum and our support team will take good care of you. Create a new topic with details about the issue, your site URL and version of Avada, then post a second reply with your username/password and mark it as a “private” reply so only we will see those credentials and will be able to login and check the issue.

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I’m 95% there in buying your WP theme :) Could I move the Style Selector from the pages ?

2nd) For Editing Could I use Dreamweaver CS6?

Do you know of any good Advertising plugin for WP and would that work with your very nice theme ?

Just a quick note. The red & black Colour looks a bit blotchy the rest of the Colours are OK. and you can read them.



Yes the style selector will already be removed from the beginning, that is only there for our demo purposes.

You could use dreamweaver if you are editing the coded files, but to set the site up and add content, etc change options, etc you need to have it in Wordpress. Install wordpress on your server, then the theme, then build the site :)

There is not one advertising plugin we recommend, but you can choose from several.

Any and all colors can be changed in theme options, the red sample you see is just one sample, you can modify any of it via theme options.


Thanks Guys for your help

no problem!

Hi guys,

I am attempting to register for Support but I am told that the license certificate is registered to someone else. Can I get some help with this? Thanks.



Each purchase code can only be used once. Did someone set your site up for you already? If so you would need to get their login info they created on our forum.

You can email me your purchase code and I can check into it further. To email us, visit the link below and find the “email theme fusion” box on the lower right hand side, send us an email from there. Don’t worry about the auto-reply, I’ll still get the email.


You demo theme site is too slow (atleast not fast enough).

Is that your theme or the hosting?

There must of been a server issue when you checked, the theme is certainly not slow. Test results just taken: 95% for speed:

Hi im noticing when I make a change in the word press admin and save those changes my website still shows the old Avada website and not the new. Could you please assist?


most likely this is a cache issue, you need to disable any cache plugin you are using. Also, if you are using WPML then each language has its own set of theme options, so make sure you are setting them correctly.

We can assist further if you need it on our support forum. Signup and post a new topic with the issues outlined and we’ll be right with you :)


Awesome theme! I requested support with a small issue on the forum but now have even bigger problems with the home page. I haven’t done a thing except wait for a response. Please help. I just got through bragging to the client about how awesome this them is so it’s pretty embarrassing.


Thanks for the comments. If you posted on the forum we will reply, please make sure to wait for our response and not bump the thread by replying again or it sends it back to the beginning of the que. And its best to open up a new thread for each question you have.

I’m sure whatever the issue is on the home page can be resolved. There is no worry there, the theme works ;)


beautiful theme, I proposed wordpress with this theme for my company for our new site, is there mega menu support? cause that would seal the deal.


Currently you can use Ubermenu plugin with Avada, and yes we are adding our own built-in mega menu in our next update. All future updates are free once you buy the theme :)


Question about menus. I have multiple Sub-Sub Menus with up to 28 links in a Sub-Sub Menu. Is it possible to use Avadas menus but have it configure to display the 28 Sub-Sub links both horizontally & vertically which in effect would display them in a few rows verses one long row that goes beyond the bottom of the screen.

Please say yes there is a way.

Thank you!


Currently that is only possible with code customizations, so it would be a custom request. However, we are adding a mega menu to the theme that will allow columns in the dropdowns. That will come soon in an update. For now, you could always use ubermenu plugin as well.



Very nice and clean theme!

I’d like to suggest it to my client, but had a few pre-sale questions first. Some of them may be trivial questions, but I’d like to get some confirmation to know it’s the most suitable for them.

1) They’re thinking of having something like your Portfolio Grid Full Width, but will need 4 columns instead of the 3 columns that you have in your demo site. Is it possible to have 4 columns in that layout?

2) Is it possible to use the Portfolio Grid Full Width on the homepage? The Home Portfolio Style 1 in the demo site seems to use the 4 Column Classic layout, but they want to use the Portfolio Grid Full Width.

3) When hovering over a portfolio image, is it possible to make it so that clicking anywhere on the image will take you to another page instead of just clicking on the link icon?



1. Currently its only setup for 3 columns

2. You can set any page to be your home page.

3. If you disable the image rollovers via theme options, then the entire image will be clickable. That cannot happen with the icons because the icons lead to separate areas.


I know this is an odd question, but am I too late? Like has this theme made it to the promise land and now is starting to fade away?

So if I were to buy now, it will be obsolete in a month?

I have udesign already, but looking for some better seo markup.

Thank you for your help

OK great. One last question please… I see “SEO optimized” is almost at the very bottom of the features page. Is this just because sliders and stuff are more important? Or is it where basically you need that yoast plugin to have good seo?

I know its odd to ask, and it may just be a marketing standpoint.

I am coming from a straight html site. This would be my first dynamic site. So just lost, and I want to gain good seo techniques, not hurt them. All of this pande and penguin algorithm stuff is crazy, so I so not want to anger the animals lol.

I mainly worry about the security of the theme, as it is so popular.

And you get theme like this X theme that say its the last theme you will ever have to buy.

So please know I am not picking out details like the seo, its just as a buyer, its so hard to make the right decision. Each seller makes there theme seem like its the best.

Thank you so much


(Sorry typos like Panda..)

Hey Chris,

Yes its SEO optimized and the best way to get best SEO out of any theme is to use a plugin like SEO Yoast. And no need to worry about security, if its a big concern use a security plugin as well. Any of those types of plugins can and will be used with any theme you buy here. Also for the record, we were the first to say its the last theme you will ever need to buy ;)