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How do i find template for the services or about us page

Its located in the documentation or you can get it from the XML file.

Nevermind on the comment about services and about us template.. The only issues im having so far is getting the images to post to the portfolio page and the slider on the home page.. I installed the plugin for the home pge but its still not working. walk me step by step how to post to the portfolio page and to get the scroller working on the home page.. please

There is a section on both of those in documentation. Read “How to setup portfolio” and “How to setup sliders” section in the documentation.

You can post content on the portfolio by navigating to WP Admin -> Portfolio and clicking on “Add New” link. Make sure to select a post thumbnail. If you want multiple images, use the WP media uploader and upload more than 2 images. :)

I tried form 3 different connection, it just wont download. 5 hours downloading and only 7% I’ll pm you via your profile page.

So sorry, something is going on with theme forest, the download is out of our control.

Theme eventually downloaded after 7 hours!

Problems with Flexslider. No images are displaying on the page? Can you advise?

Seems to be problem with your host, timthumb may be disabled, but Muhammad will take a look to be sure.


What is your site url?

Is there an easy way to change the default zoom level on the Google Map embed from the contact template?

I’m also getting this error on the FlexSlider:

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /homepages/8/d428099367/htdocs/wp-content/themes/Avada/framework/views/metaboxes/page_options.php on line 20

Any support you can offer would be appreciated.


We fixed this error in a recent version of the theme. It was uploaded yesterday , I believe.

Anyways, to fix this, navigate to WP admin -> FlexSlider WP -> Slide Groups and create an empty slider group. If same happens on LayerSlider field, create an empty LayerSlider in WP Admin -> LayerSlider WP page.

To change the zoom level on map, edit contact.php and search for zoom. It is currently set to 8. :)

Thanks, -M

Doh – figured it out. Was using featured image as a slider.

Good, glad it worked out!

Quick Question, 1. How can i remove the “SKILL NEEDED ” section in portfolio page ? Where do i edit in css ?
2. On the footer section where the copyright line goes. How can i add another text towards the right side of the page but on the same line as copyright text. I used ‘p align” but it’s goin in next line, i used div and span tag but its goin to the next line. i used table with two different rows but it’s not responsive. ur response will be highly appreciated.

thank you. one more question pls. how can i have more than 10 thumbnails on portfolio four column template. thanks

Navigate to WP Admin -> Appearance -> Theme Options. There is an option for that.

oh my bad. thanks. i didn’t see that earlier.

Well done ThemeFusion

147 purchases x 40$ in 5 days. Not bad!

Yep! Thanks to our buyers for supporting us. :)


Love the theme, just wish there was an easier way to adjust the size of the H tags. One small problem with the woo posts slider in a sidebar widget. I want to remove the controls, which I get to by selecting the customised advanced settings. When I untick Display the Previous/Next” navigation Display the slideshow pagination

then save, it puts the ticks back. I just can’t turn them off.

Any ideas ?

Many thanks


We rate looking into this, it appears that an update may be needed from the WooSlider team since this is a 3rd party slider. We’ve sent them a support email and will let you know when we hear back.

In the meantime, we will check to see if we can manually disable it. Thanks for bringing it to our attention!


Where can I find a complete list of the shortcodes?

What is the accordion shortcode?

Super nice theme!


Hi there, thanks for the purchase! All the short codes can be accessed from the post or page options, in the visual tab. We have created buttons for each short code. See the link below, just click on the button you need and the short code will be added!


Awesome theme, awesome support!! 5*

Thanks Ross! We greatly appreciate it, so glad you love it as much as we do :)

Thanks and let us know if you need anything!


Just bought your theme, and everything seems to work perfectly (except for the font problem that i’ve managed to fix after reading these comments). Two problems i do not seem to be able to solve:

- When i enable the Twitter (footer) widget, it doesn’t show my latest tweets on the frontpage. When i navigate to different page, the latest tweets show up. I did enable footer widgets, and the text is there, but the tweets just don’t show up on the homepage.

- When i activate Homepage 2 (with recent works), and open the website in IE9 , the project are all messed up. Instead of 4 projects in 1 line, i see 6 pictures, and 3 blank spots divided over 2 lines. The hover effect doesn’t work as intended either. When i hover over a project, it displays the icon & text in the blank space next to it without the green background.

Any fix for these issues?



Yeah we can get this fixed, we just tried to reproduce the problem and could not so it’s something unique with your site.

Can you email us your admin username and password along with the site url so we can take a look?

Thanks for the purchase, we’ll get this figured out for you!

Thanks for the reply,

I’ve sent my details through the contact form.

Hope you can fix the issues.



No worries, we can fix it. I promise :)

Update: Plugin conflict – all good

OMG – just purchased this theme for a Corporate site running on an Amazon S3 server. First try and activate and it white screened everything – I needed to delete the entire theme folder and reinstate a previous theme to get things to work.

On reinstalling the theme, I notice I’m not able to get a preview which is just white so I’m not going to press the ‘activate’ button.

Any idea what is going on here? Really need to start getting the theme set up and running. Please Help!

Can you send us your site address, admin password and username so we can take a look? This is the first we’ve heard of this one, we’re not sure since its on a Amazon S3 server. Soemthing is causing the issue.

Send us an email from our profile page with that above info so we can take a look. Thanks!

All taken care of via email :)

I’m interested in purchasing this theme but noticed that it doesn’t resize properly on my iPhone in landscape. I had to manually pinch the screen in order to see the whole site display properly which is not ideal.

Also, I noticed that the demo site loads quite slowly… How big are the theme files?


Can you also email me the same thing? I’d like to look at it because I’m unable to get it to reproduce on my iPhone.



I just forwarded you the email I sent to Muhammad.

Re: forum login I just tried accessing the forum again http://theme-fusion.com/forum and NOW the WP admin bar appears at the top (which tells me I’m logged in), and I can now access the forum.

When I was previously on the forum page, the WP admin bar was not present – not sure why. Which is why I couldn’t access the forum pages. Strange.

Thanks for the heads up about Muhammad’s response time. Your support is excellent which is why I chose to buy your Theme. Keep up the good work!

Thanks Jenny! I emailed you back as well, Muhammad will look into it further :)

Hi I just purchased this theme, it seems very nice, and I am currently in the setup.

There are few thing I can’t find out:

1. Per. deafult my pictures in my posts is getting in a slideshow above the post. I would like to disable that function it does not look so good, as size vary and get pixeld.

Can I get some help Thanks

So do you want the post to be a slideshow, and its just showing up in the wrong spot?

Or do you just want a single image for the post and not have any slideshow at all?

I think it is because I don’t understand how it works.

I would like to be able to do two different things:

1. I would like to be able to make the same kind of post as in the demo, where the pictures are shown in the way they are here: http://themeforest.net/item/avada-responsive-multipurpose-theme/full_screen_preview/2833226. But I don’t understand how it is set up. In my post I add some pictures and tekst and then it does not look good. It seems the theame automaticlly grab the pictures in the post and start to show them. In your exsample post I can only see one a slider above each post (when I click read more), and no pictures between the tekst.

So I would like to know how to set it up as in your exsample. Do I need to create a new slider function each time I make a post with several pictures? or du I only need to create it once and then add the pictures needed in the standard slider somwhere? (PS: I already red the documentation) But I don’t get this.

2. I would also like to be able just to make a normal post, where I write something and then insert a image or two inside the post. without having the theame auto grabbing my pics and create slides of them.

Can you be kind to explain it for me

Kind regards Mikkel

When you make a post, you set a featured image, then you can set a second image. That will auto add it to a slideshow gallery and the slider will show up. If you only want one image, then you only set one featured image.

If you want an image inside of a post, then you need to sell t “insert into post” and not set it as the feature image.

Can you email me your site address, username and password so I can take a look at what you are referring to. It will be easier to see it.



Im trying to get a form to open in a lightbox, and since there seems to be no lightbox-shortcodes anywhere, i try using the iframe-code from the prettyphoto site with your button shortcode – but it dont seem to work. Is this possible to get to work, or do i have to make images?

[button color=”green” size=”large” gradient1=”” gradient2=”” target=”“]Open LB[/button]

I’m not 100% sure, I’ll need Muhammad to take a look to be certain. An image would obviously work, but I understand thats a second option for you.

Muhammad will take a look as soon as possible. Thanks!

Hi I is possible to adjust the distance between the menu and where the page begins? I dont know how to explain, but I would like my menu and my logo to be aligned and would need to move the menu down a litte bit. Best regards, Jakob

Yes, in the “all.css” file that comes with the theme, you need to change the styles for the nav items.

Look for #nav ul a

Then there are 2 values you can change, one is the “height” and one is the “line-height”. Both are set to 83px.

i believe you want to only change the “line-height”. Try changing it to 93px and see if that makes it line up properly, if not adjust it again to make it fit where you want.


Great support! Is it possible to change the space between the logo and where the site begins? To make it smaller.

Yep, look for .row in the all.css file. Go ahead and add a new style to it …

padding-bottom: 10px;

And please don’t forget to rate if you’ve enjoyed it, thanks we appreciate it!!!

Purchased last week and have a couple questions. 1. I cannot get the same look from the sliders as on the demo page. I’m using home page 1 and have created several layers and sublayers. They all work as expected, except for the way they look sliding in and out. They come in from a corner and go out on a corner, no matter the in / out setting’s I select on the layer. 2. I think this is causing my first issue… I do not see an “Avada” skin in the Layerslider folder of my WP-Content/Plugins/layerslider/Skins folder. I can type in AVADA and test it, or leave it at “no skin” and it looks exactly the same.

Hi Woodfin!

Thanks for the purchase. If you type in “avada” into the skin field it doesn’t span the full width of the browser window? Can you send me your username/password and site url so we can take a look?

Also, the different effects applied to the sublayers is just something that needs to be tweaked until you get it how you want it. Really the only things I changed were the slide direction in and out, and then the easing in and out. The ease in and out gives you the good slide effect. Its really a trial process, try a few different settings and see how it looks.

But the avada skin issue we can take a look at, that should be showing up for you. As long as you type in “avada” into the skin field, it should show up like in the demo. The only difference will be your slides themselves, which you obviously make.

There is one thing that bothers me: my slider does not look as good and impressive as yours. Does it require to have cut out images to have those nice animations with elements? For the moment my animation with my images look horrible lol.


Edit: Sorry double post

No worries, I double post all the time :)

Yes, I recommend building the slides in photoshop. Most of th slides you see in the demo have cut out images, each different element that moves into place is its own sublayer with different effects.

It takes a little practice, but as long as you have each element on its own sublayer, you can easily adjust the settings to get different effects!