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Whats new with the 3.4.1 update just now?

Any new ETA on version 4 update? Excellent work btw, loving this theme so far.

thanks Damien

Thanks Damien

Hey Damien :)

v3.4.1 is a small incremental update to fix some issues and also add a few needed features, like the one page woo checkout option. Check out our changelog.

v4.0 is being worked on daily, but is not done yet. We want it done as bad as everyone but need to take time to make sure all is well. Coming soon, Thanks!

hello i have 3 websites and and if i buy this theme i will can use for the 3 sites or i need to buy 3 times? Thanks – Very nice job ! Waiting your reply…


Thanks for the comments! Yes you would need to buy it 3X, once for each site. That is how the license works.


Can you please post SOMETHING somewhere about what is in 3.4.1? This is one of the few frustrating things about ThemeFusion and Avada, you are always posting an update BEFORE you get around to posting the documentation, demo content, or change log… it would save you so much support trouble and tickets to post change logs, documentation and demo content (have it ready) the SAME TIME you update the theme… then we aren’t bugging you for it…. i.e.: 3.4 launched with old demo content and you have a week of people asking about it. Now 3.4.1 launches and there is no mention anywhere of what the .1 fixes or if we need it…

Btw my reply above about you not needing to bug us was purely based off your comment above about “not bugging us”. I was certainly not trying to be Mr. Unfriendly. I was keeping the same lingo :).

We are crossing replies because the ones above we’re not there before my last reply. I’ll give it 30 min then reply here in detail.


Ok I’ve made sure no more replies are messed up. Something had to be going on with the replies. First off let me apologize if I came off as being rude, it was not my intention at all. My apologies, see below!

So it’s strange they post the theme and update but not your changelog at the same time, but it wasn’t there.
We do not control the marketplace or files though. All we do is submit the theme and it can take 1-48 hours to be approved, and Themeforest does that all by themselves. All we do is get an email saying it was approved. We can only control what is on our site,, and that is where we post the changelogs in docs and links in forum and knowledgebase.

you did a lot of changes in 3.4 and for the first week they weren’t in the demo content, and you had a million people asking for it here and on the forums, those million people are not crazy, you DID NOT launch 3.4 with current demo content.
Actually we did, and there were not a million people either :) I recall maybe 3 threads and a few comments here. This kind of thing happens each update and each time we give out the info again. Our demo content can be found in two places, and it is updated when the theme is.

1. The demo content importer via theme options – this ships with the theme itself and is a part of it. It always is with the new version of the theme. We cannot add it later, it would require submitting an entirely new update and waiting for it to be approved. Its simply not possible for it to be added later, unless its a brand new theme update, like v3.4.1. It was shipped with v3.4 for certain.

2. Individual pages from our docs – our docs contain the ability to copy individual pages. Any new pages that are added are added to our docs when the theme is submitted, so before you get the email. This was also done when v3.4 released, actually a few hours before. I know this because I am the one to do it. If you did not see if right away, it could very well be due to cache. Our docs are a one page site with sticky menu. Here is that section:

Can you send me a link to the KB or documentation that would take you to that change log? Because now after our dialog for the last hour, I’ve gone to your documentation, searched high and low, and there is no link to that change log.
The link I gave above shows it: Open it up, and click the big green button and you get this: We give out the main post link since it has information about it. That is also directly inside our docs under the “INSTALLATION” menu.

If there is please post that link so we can see how we missed it.
It is listed in our docs, in our knowledgebase and in the forums. Inside the docs it is under the INSTALLATION menu item.

If you go to our knowledge base you can find the sticky post Featured articles section: Andin it is this post:

In the forum you can find the sticky post also, see bottom of this screenshot: And that specific sticky post is here with info and links:

Or the easiest thing to do is to use the search field that shows up on every page of our support center. Search for “changelog” or “updates:” and you will quickly get these results:

I hope this helps explain it better. I also just added it in one more place, the forum sidebar: Which is the sidebar on every forum page:

Again I apologize if I came off as rude, that was not my intention. And now that we’ve had this conversation OI think many will benefit form it.



Can you please make the theme easy to update straight from the WP Dashboard?

Thank you.


Yes we are doing that in v4.0. The problem is the purchase needs to be verified with the TF purchase code, so its not as easy as it seems. But auto-udpates will come in v4.0 as we have setup our own auto-udapter.


Also, updating via FTP is always the recommended method, its easy to do and ensures everything is updated properly :)

3.4.1 update is dscribed here:

Version 3.4.1

- NEW FEATURE: woocommerce one page checkout template - NEW FEATURE: option to disable mega menu - NEW FEATURE: vimeo/youtube api parameter added to short codes - NEW FEATURE: tag meta data added to blog posts, enable/disable - NEW FEATURE: option to choose “none” for testimonial icon - NEW FEATURE: new revolution slider - added option to choose “none” for image frame alignment - improved option to choose background color for main menu woocommerce elements - enable/disable order notes on woo checkout page - styled woocommerce cross sells - improved scrolling on one page parallax layouts - improved breadcrumbs for woocommerce taxonomy pages - added back login fields for My Account woocommerce drop down - improved woocommerce product sorting - ubermenu compatibility fix - blog large alternate windows fix - improved main nav height option to work with all layouts - google map popup option generates from fusion-core - various woocommerce styling adjustments - mega menu on sticky header works with menu assignment - disable woocommerce shipping calculator - page title bar breadcrumb style improvements for 2 lines - IE11 text constrain issues fixed - added ability to use group id’s for flickr widget - added support for video resizing on bbpress forum replies - image link removed on single posts if light box disabled

Thank you for the assist ;)

I was thinking the same thing when I read the announcement…thanks @masterbeat.

What exactly do you mean by paths to get their besides URL? The changelog is online so it is a URL. Click on the link I gave you above and it will take you to the post where you can click the button to get to it. You can bookmark that if you want.

Or each time you download the theme you can unzip and find the changelog.txt file inside of it :)

If you do not want to bookmark anything, go to our support center and just enter “changelog” in the big search field and it will be the first result.


Thank you for your quick reply with a variety of methods to see the new features in the latest release. But I would like to provide a few comments so you know where some of us (or at least myself) are coming from:

1. I assume that the majority of your target audiences here are those who are responsible for making a decision either for purchasing or upgrading to the latest release. In my case where I receive an email alerting me that a new release is available. Yes your theme is awesome that is why every release from your theme, big or small, interested me. Or else I wouldn’t bother. So the first thing that came to my mind was what are the new features or bug fixes for this version. So I just clicked on the link provided in the email. I understand now that you couldn’t provide the info in the email.

2. Downloading the theme first then unzip to read the changelog is awkward. You don’t buy a product until you know what it is that you are buying.

3. “In our online docs” is another odd place to find “what’s new to this release”. I go to online docs when I need to learn how to use certain features of the product.

4. “At the bottom of the item page here on Themeforest” is not a bad place. But have you looked at that page of your theme? It’s very looooong, I scrolled and scrolled and didn’t realize it’s at the bottom of the page after lengthy marketing stuff so I gave up. Why can it be toward the top before the “Let’s Ask Our Customer!” I don’t really read those. To me the comments section is must more useful and “trustworthy” :-)

5. No I don’t bookmark things, I have so many things in my bookmark and it would take me much longer to find an item in my bookmark than just google it.

6. What I meant path is the “logical path” where an user can easily find what they are looking without knowing every “details” URL. If I need to read my mail or news or etc. in yahoo. I just go to and I should be able to find what I am looking for. I don’t need to remember a long URL blah/blah/blah.html etc. I do like your theme but that is not the only thing I have to remember in my life.

7. Go to “support center and just enter ‘changelog’ in the big search field and it will be the first result”. That is a good one!! I would never have thought of that :-). Sorry, I am being a little sarcastic here…

You can take these comments how you like to take them but I wrote them with all good intention. I care therefore I wrote.



Thank you for the valued feedback, we do appreciate it :)

1. That’s right, we cannot include it in the email, I wish we could. But its always in the package, in our docs, and also links to it in forum and KB.

2. You do not have to install the theme to get it, you can just download it and unzip it and open the file. You have already bought it so it is not a case of not knowing what it is until you buy it. Its already bought and ca be downloaded for free. But that is not the easiest method, that is why its located on our KB and docs as stated above, and can be easily found with a simple search.

3. Online docs and KB are the perfect spot for it, that is actually standard for stuff like this and always how I’ve seen it.

4. Yes, and again, this is why we put it in our docs and KB. And no we cannot put it all the way at the top, the item page is a “marketing” page to sell the product. That would not make sense to put such a long text block at the top of the page. And as a matter of fact, I’m now debating removing it from the item page and just putting a link to the source, in our support center.

5. No need to bookmark. Easiest thing to do …. go to our support center, every single page has a big search button at the top. Simply search for “changelog” or “update” and you will get it right away.

6. Yep, see #5 above, perfectly logical and easy as pie :)

7. Yes, its true ;)

We appreciate the feedback on this, really we do. But I do not understand how any of this could be done differently with how things are setup. We cannot put it in the email, so we put it in just about every other possible place we can and make it available to users



I noticed there are icons allowed now in the menu?

I would like to create a side navigation menu bar on the left side of my site vertically.

Would I be able to use icons for the menu in this case and can I have the menu highlighted in a bold color when I hover over menu items?

Thanks for the awesome theme!!


The icons in menu are only available for the megamenu at this time. Maybe in the future we can add them to the regular menu and side menus.


Thanks ThemeFusion for the update. It would be nice also if the change log on the Theme Forest Item Details page was updated prior to the email too. Great product!!!

We cannot do that, but it does not matter because it is ready in two other places the moment we submit it.

Its is ready and waiting for you before you even know the update has been submitted ;)

The changlog is located in 3 areas.

1. In the main file

2. In our online docs,

3. At the bottom of the item page here on Themeforest

Thanks for the 3 ways to see it BUT it was NOT at the bottom of the Item Details page on ThemeForest until the last 10 minutes.

Yes exactly. See my other reply. It’s available before you even know the theme has been update at the first 2 options above. We cannot do anything else and that should not be an issue.

Hi, can this theme do popup like on [link removed by Envato Staff] , thanks.

Hmm not out of the box

Hello Everyone :)

We are excited to continually provide an excellent product with superb customer service to all our users. If you have any pre-sales questions, please post them here in the item comments and our team will answer them promptly.

If you have already purchased Avada, please signup at our Support Center to use our forum and other detailed support resources.


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Thank you, we look forward to serving you!
ThemeFusion Team

Thanks for the 3 ways to see it BUT it was NOT at the bottom of the Item Details page on ThemeForest until the last 10 minutes.

Yes as that is the only one that is not updated until after since it’s here. Please see my other replies. The first 2 are ready BEFORE it’s released. I do not see the issue here.

Now that you know that this should not be an issue. For future reference, our docs or KB are always first place to check :)

Is it viable to export the HTML for one page, to use as an email Newsletter?

Hey :)

Hmmm I dont think so, maybe there is a plugin out there that can do that or at least start it but I’ve not heard of one or used one. I did a quick google search too and did not get any decent results. Sorry!


Thanks for the nice update guys.. ;-)

You are most welcome :) Thank you for the appreciation!


Since you make a vast new awesome features and great improvements every minute, meaning users need to update the theme every now and then. My question is, have you implemented a one click auto updater? Or is it compatible with the ‘Envato Toolkit Plugin’?

BTW. Still waiting for the amazing page builder to bloom! :D And excited to see how awesome it is! ;)



Right now there is not the auto-updte, but yes its being implemented in v4.0. And so will our custom page builder as well! We have a team of devs working hard on it daily, but its a major project and needs lots of time and care :) Coming soon!


I just want to say that your demo page have a duplicated content, even duplicated menu, so.. It’s difficult to see it.

Please, fix it :)

I can see it fine. Try clearing your browser cache or hard refresh the live demo site.

You are right! It was cached. Thank you!

Glad to hear it :)



I just bought the purchase theme. I imported demo content but in most pages it displays the message – “Revolution Slider Error: Slider with alias Avada_Full_Width not found”. Why is this so?? Also, I am trying to activate the Revolution Slider. It asks for the API key which I generated in my Envato Account but it doesn’t still work. Also, the magazine style homepage slider seems a bit distorted. Why is it so.



See this link from our docs: Here is the section I’m referring to:

Common Issues – If you already have sliders made, its possible that our demo sliders may not be applied to the pages. Sliders are applied by the “Slider ID” and each slider gets its own unique ID and they are given in numerical order. If you open up a page after importing the content, and you see an error stating something like “LayerSlider cannot be found”, you only need to edit the page, and then assign the correct slider to display on the page.

Also, which version of Avada are you using? The rev slider message about API key was updated to say “this is not needed if the slider came bundled with the theme.”

That message can be ignored. When you buy a theme that includes the rev slider, there is not an individual purchase code. You can only register the plugin if you have purchased the slider by itself outside of a theme purchase. The message should read like this …

“Hi! If you have purchased a stand alone version of the Revolution Slider, please activate your copy to receive automatic updates & get premium support. You do not need to do this if the slider came bundled with a theme.”

If you have further questions or need assistance with that, signup and post on our support forum and our support team will take good care of you. Create a free account there, then create a new topic with your questions and include your site URL and version of Avada and we will be with you promptly.

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Hi, I purchased this theme a couple of days back and the version is 3.4. I just checked on the avada website again and I believe the version 3.4.1 has been just released. I will download the new version and hope all these problems are fixed. Thanks!


Yes v3.4.1 is the new version. However if you are referring to your earlier problem of the rev slider ID that is not a bug that is fixed, it simply means you need to select the correct slider name in page options.

Each slider gets its own ID, and on each page you select that correct slider ID in the page options box to display the slider. Since you are getting that error, you either have the wrong rev slider chosen (the slider ID) in page options, or you do not have the rev slider plugin installed and activated. Or you do not have sliders made. One of those 3 items.

If the issue persists, please post this up on our support forum and our support team will take care of it for you and show you how to remedy that. Create a new topic with details about the issue, your site URL and version of Avada. For faster service, please include your WP and FTP login info when creating the thread.

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I have found a bug in your theme…. It has to do with the sorting of the categories. I will give you an example.

1) Go to 2) You are displaying ALL categories and there are 10 items per page. In total there are 19 items. 10 on the first page and 9 on the second page. (12 of these items are in the Logo category) 3) If you click on the Logo tab, only 8 items show up on page 1. You then have to click on Page 2 to see the rest. But Page 2 is not ordered correctly… the first 2 items are logo, but then there are other items (web design, video) and then there are a couple more logo items. The sorting is not working and it is strange that the full 10 items do not show up on the first page…. There should be 10 logo items on page 1 and then the remaining 2 on page 2. 4) The process can be repeated with the Design category, and it is also broken. I did not try the rest.

5) It gets even more confusing when you are on the second page of a tabbed sort, and then click on a different tab. For example, if you are sorting by Logo category and you are on Page 2…. click on the Design tab and now only 2 items show up. The page still says that I am on page 2… Whenever a tab is clicked to resort, it should automatically go back to page 1 of the new sort. And from this location… If I now click back to Page 1.. I have lost the tab sort… it’s returned back to All sort..

You should definitely look into this problem. I’m not that good with js, so I can’t propose a solution, but there is definitely a problem. Thanks.


Thanks for the comment, but no this is not a bug at all, it’s simply how category filters work in Wordpress. Wordpress cannot grab posts from other pages and sort them, it only grabs them from the active page.

That is true for any theme you use.

You can get around this by either creating multiple portfolio pages, each with its own custom categories, or simply by putting all posts on one page, which is easily done via theme options.


Hi I was wondering if it’s possible to have a portfolio single post where the images are not in a slideshow but one below the other. To be clear as in Behance. Paolo

Hey Paolo :)

You can set it up like this in a similar way, to an extent. Place the images in the content field as you wish, and then you can disable the featured image on the post page via theme options ? portfolio:

You should use the full width layout for single portfolio page if you do this, that will work out much better for the layout.


Hello, Is it possible to add several revolution slide in one page I am trying to use short code.. but its says error. have a look: Please guide me. Thanks


Yes you can use as many as you need, just make sure the shortcode is correct with the proper sliderID. The error message states this, the shortcode you are using is not found, please go double check the shortcode name is right.

If you have further questions or need assistance with that, signup and post on our support forum and our support team will take good care of you. Create a free account there, then create a new topic with your questions and include your site URL and version of Avada and we will be with you promptly.

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Hello !

Is there any solution to make automatic upgrade of the theme ? As i understood, the envato worpress Toolkit doesn’t do that job properly…do we need to make it manually ?

Thanks :)


We are adding our own auto-udpater in v4.0. For now you would need to wait on that, we are working hard to get v4.0 out as soon as possible. In the coming months …