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Hello, Have you considered including DatMenu plugin from CodeCanyon for responsive layout in this theme ?


Hmmm no we have not thought about that, at this time we will not be adding any other plugins to the theme package, but users can buy them after theme purchase if they need those features.


Hello Do you plan to have a 5-column (less width more height) portfolio option? Or can these settings be achieved by adjusting some simple css values? Thanks


Our next update, v3.6 is going to add a 5 and 6 column portfolio option, as well as 5-6 column throughout the theme.


WOW! Awesome, will wait for that.

Sounds great, coming soon! No ETA can be given yet, but its close :)


Thank you for the great theme! For the Home page, if I set it as static, is there a way for me to add a recent posts section at the bottom of the page? I mean without it being in the footer (above the footer, within the Home page section).


Do you mean if you set your home page as the default WP post page? Like seen here:

If so then no, you cannot add other shortcodes to the default post page. However, what you should do is make a different page your home page, then you can add any kind of content to it.

If you have further questions or need assistance with that, signup and post on our support forum and our support team will take good care of you. Create a free account there, then create a new topic with your questions and include your site URL and version of Avada and we will be with you promptly.

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Ok, thank you!

You are welcome, we’re here to help!

Hi we are trying to add a tool to our website and we were told to and an iframe with the following url:

Can you please tell me how to insert this into the body of our website, Thanks


You should be able to insert it on the page you would like it to be on, in the main post content area. But it may depend on that toll also, I would recommend contacting their support system and asking if issues arise.

If you have further questions about the theme itself, signup and post on our support forum and our support team will take good care of you. Create a free account there, then create a new topic with your questions and include your site URL and version of Avada and we will be with you promptly.

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Hi. When is version 4.0 coming?

I badly need to fix the “Product Gallery” for my Woocommerce installation.

Currently, in my single-product page, there are only 3 thumbnails, and the only way to see the other pictures is to use the nav arrow from the main image.

And I was told that 4.0 will come with the fix for that.

My boss didn’t liked it, and he tasked me to try the “The Retailer” theme instead, which I don’t like because it means I will be rebuilding the whole site again.

Please advise. Thank you.


Please follow this thread here about our future updates, v3.6 is next.

As for the thumbnail question, the woo single product page will only show 3 thumbs on a sidebar page, or 4 on a full width page. That’s how the product slideshow works. The other images and thumbnails move into order once you go through the slider.

The retailer theme is exactly the same also, it’s just how the product slider needs to work. Extra rows of thumbnails would need to be a new feature added.

I checked and this is on our list for future updates in discussion. We’ve not decided yet though how exactly to implement this because rows of thumbnails would be very tall, the overall size would have to change which then creates other complications.

If this is something you need right away, I would suggest having this done as a side project from someone from We are going to address a second solution for this at some point, but I could not give you a date for that.



I used Avada theme with my first website.If I want to build another website with Avada theme do I have to purchase the Avada theme again or I can just upload the old theme?

Thank you


Thanks for the purchase! Yes you would need a second license for a second site. Each license is good for one published site.


Hi! Is it possible to make a SHOP page with 2 columns and sidebar? If so, please could you explain how I should do it?

I’m using Avada v3.5.3 and woocommerce v3.9.2. Thank you!

Hmmm are you trying to make the main shop page 2 columns with a sidebar? For example a shop page like this:

The good news is in v3.6 our next major release, you will be able to choose the shop page to be from 1-6 columns via theme options:

So doing this will take like one or two clicks for you. The update is currently in beta build now and will be out soon.

I’m not sure why the above will not work for you, you can post this on our forum and our support team can take a look and hopefully offer some advice. You can also signup for beta testing for 3.6 ;)


Right! I’m trying to make the main shop page 2 columns with a sidebar. When will be available the version v3.6? Thanks!

Its in beta testing now so it wont be long, but I cannot give out a specific date. But as stated above, you can check it out now in beta if you wish.


I have been experiencing some issues with LayerSlider on Internet explorer 8 and 9. they do not come up at all. The slides on IE9 come once and a while. What should I do? Thanks for any advise.


This could be due to the type of transition you are using. First off make sure you are using Avada 353 which will have the latest layer slider we released at that time. Then check your type of transitions to see if that makes a difference.

If the issue persists, please post this up on our support forum and our support team will check it out. Create a new topic with details about the issue, your site URL and version of Avada. For faster service, please include your WP and FTP login info when creating the thread.

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Hi Avada,

I am so close to purchasing this theme. My website is Photography website, and I love the sliders that I can use on a homepage. I have couple of questions. Is there way I can create Galleries and Albums for my client, and does this theme provide image protection? Thanks


Hey Ankit!

You can use the portfolio feature for galleries if you wish, and disable the single post page it has or use it if it works for what you need.

Outside of that you can use the default WP gallery feature, or use a 3rd party gallery plugin like NextGen Gallery. Image protection can be done using a plugin also.



It would be so much awesome, if your theme had galleries and Album features included. Because Albums and Galleries are one of the most important features in Photographers website. Just a suggestion, Hope you don’t mind. Anyhow, I am going to buy the theme, and like you said I will find the way work around it. Thank you.


Yeah we’ve thought about adding them, currently we have many users use the portfolio, or a plugin for it so it was not high on our list. however, it will be a nice addition and will be added at some point in the future :)

Thanks so much!

Hi Avada.

How do i find the “index” file of your theme? i mean the HOME file of the theme where all the html of the front page is located.. have been looking for it for an hour in the editor now and i just can’t seem to find it. Hope to hear form you soon


View the source with the browser you are using. Usually your right click and choose to “view source”.

What specifically are you looking for?

done that already :) i mean, if you create a website from scratch yourself, you always create a index file that is supposed to be your frontpage file. does Avada not have this? I just want the opportunity to go in and edit the frontpage code so i can make it more personal. I hope you understand what i’m after :)

when i am in the editor in wordpress, there are hundreds of files and i just dont know which file that is supposed to be the frontpage.


Oh you have purchased Avada already? Your account shows it has not been purchased. Go ahead and signup on our support forum and we can assist you with any questions.


Hello Everyone :)

We are excited to continually provide an excellent product with superb customer service to all our users. If you have any pre-sales questions, please post them here in the item comments and our team will answer them promptly.

If you have already purchased Avada, please signup at our Support Center to use our forum and other detailed support resources.


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ThemeFusion Team

Hi there, i would like to ask you question about portfolio filter.

is avada able to create different category filter on different pages?


Page 1 : Category Filter 1, Category Filter 2, Category Filter 3

Page 2 : Category Filter 4, Category Filter 5, Category Filter 6

if it is possible, i will buy this :) thank you

and one more question.

is avada able to insert different portfolio post on different pages?


Page 1 : Portfolio post 1, Portfolio post 2, Portfolio post 3

Page 2 : Portfolio post 4, Portfolio post 5, Portfolio post 6

this one is more important for my needs :D thank you


Yes each portfolio page or shortcode instance can have its own set of categories :)

For the second question, you can insert the recent work shortcode which shows you the main featured image of the post and a link to the single post page. And the shortcode allows you to select a specific category of posts too.


Great looking template with a lot of features and many options. However, I would like to see it offer pinch to zoom feature. I understand responsive needs to be disabled in order for pinch to zoom to work but I need a site that offers both. If you decide to offer pinch and zoom with responsive then I will gladly purchase your template. Otherwise it’s a great product.


Thanks for the comments. Yeah right now it requires responsive mode to be off. Maybe in the future though.



congrats for your stunning theme and beeing NR 1 on Themeforest.
I’m looking for a new theme and I’ve 3 including yours to choose from. The only big thing that bother me within your theme is your Lightbox.
1.) Is it possible to achive a lightbox looking like this one:
[link removed per author request] please have a look at the first picture for a LB-Picture example and the second picture for a LB-Video example.
2.) Do you plan to change your lightbox script in the near future. The Enfold developers changed theirs recently from the outdated (how they called it) PrettyPhoto to another one. If your documentation is up to date then its the same you use?
3.) Would it be a big task to change to another script on my own?


1. You can disable our lightbox in theme options if you wish to use your own, however integrating it to the theme may require custom work on your end.

2. Yes, we are going to be using iLightbox, which in our opinion is the best one out there. That will be done sometime in the future and will be included in an update which you get for free once you buy the theme.

3. See #1 above.


I there! I’m stuck on 3.5.1 I have already entered Account, Api Key and register code, and nothing happens… Can you help?


It can take up to 12 hours for it to register an update. If it has not happened after that time I would double check your credentials, and we’ve also had some users who needed to make a new API key so that is worth a try.

If the issue persists, please post this up on our support forum so we can check it out for you in detail. Create a new topic with details about the issue, your site URL and version of Avada. For faster service, please include your WP and FTP login info when creating the thread.

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I really need your help. I have been looking at your theme for some days now and I’m really thinking of buying it. I just have some questions i hope you can clear up for me.

I have to build an amateur adult website, and i wanted to know if it’s possible to build a site from your theme that looks in this direction [link removed] where there will be posted pictures and videos.

I also have a question to the WooCommerce. On the demo its really simple, but are there more “search options” and “filters” in the theme some it can look more like a webshop?

And i need to use it with magic members plugin. Will this be a problem with the theme?

Thanks :)

Hey Ariktwena :)

You could build a site with images and videos, depending on how you want it setup you may need to use a gallery plugin like NextGen that offers more gallery type of features.

WooCommerce can do just about anything so that should not be a problem. The basic setup is what you see on our site, but then there are numerous plugin sand extensions you can buy to add more depth to it.

We’ve not used that plugin before (magic members0 so cannot say for certain, but in theory it should be ok. I know some of our other users have used DAP Membership plugin.


Is there an easy (css) way to separate the Avada header from the body area like the below screenshot?

I know you don’t do customization, I’m just looking for some guidance.

I was adding margin to the header area and the slider area separately and it increase the height of the header both times with the “shadow” line beneath it.

Any input/help is greatly appreciated! I love your theme so much I’ve purchased it 11 times. :-)



Thanks for the purchases and kind words!

Yeah that will take custom work for sure, off hand I cannot think of a quick way to achieve that. Hmmm, go ahead and post this on our forum and our support gurus can hopefully give you some guidance on how easily that could be achieved.


For anyone else’s benefit, I found the answer to this.

You have to remove the wrapper’s background color.

Thanks for your response and the best theme on ThemeForest.

Fantastic! Wow thanks for the share! Good call :)

Hey There -

I am choosing a theme for a client and have been using themes that have Visual Composer installed. Partially for the ease of use and ability for my clients to edit, but also because…It’s awesome. This theme seems to be excellent, lots of high ratings and lots of shortcodes. Will it be as simple and easy to layout and change the layout as Visual Composer makes things? We are just about ready to buy and it’s between you guys and another theme. Thoughts?


Currently we do not have a page builder like VC, however there will be one in our next major release, which is already in beta testing so it will not be long. Once its done, yes it will be a page builder like VC that allows you to drag and drop items for page building layouts, etc.


Hi. GREAT Theme
A question: It has been mentioned a couple of times in your replies about version 3.6 coming out soon. So. Any ETA for us eager beavers to get our hands on?

Hey WindyCityFella!

Its been awhile since we spoke, but I definitely remember your name :)

v3.6 is in beta testing now so it wont be too long. I’m afraid to give out an ETA in case something major comes up and it gets delayed a bit. But most likely that wont happen.

You can stay up to date in this thread here:

And we took on a group of beta testers here if you’d like to join:


Hi! Beautifull theme! I have just one question, Is it possible to link a modal from an item in the menu?


Thanks for the comments! Unfortunately that is not possible out of the box, it would take some code customizations.

May I suggest you add this to our new ideas section of our support site? We’re always listening to our users. If you have any feature requests, recommendations or ideas – you can add them to our idea section. Each idea that is submitted can be voted on by other users. This allows our team to have a list of the most popular requests for future development. We value everyone’s opinion and continue to improve Avada with your help!

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Thank you for choosing Avada!