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Worst worst theme ever if you are looking for a userfriendly backend. I purchsed this becouse i thought it was most sold theme and these guys made it izi even for a 80 years old women. But nope, you need to have programmer skills before you can use it.

Otherwise thier support is bad, and using hard tone . Iv tried to write clealry that i want a refund but they dont give a shit about it and they dont understand it.

SO YOU BUY THIS, there will be no refund at all even thought i had a good excuse


Author response


There is a small learning curve using any new theme for the first time, it is to be expected and you did open a support ticket. However, after you were cordially asked to elaborate on the issue you were having you decided to change your reasoning for the refund several times. Claiming different reasons, with each reply, and not being willing to elaborate on that reasoning, unfortunately, does not suffice.

We do encourage you to spend some time checking out our documentation, videos, help files and engaging with your support team if you need guidance and assistance.

Avada is a design tool, and with the Advanced Options Network, you certainly can achieve your design ambitions.

It's very simple indeed, just 2 points that you need to know to use our Advanced Options Network.

1. There are global options that affect you entire site.

2. There are individual options that affect only that page or post.

That is how the entire options network works and allows you to build incredibly unique, professional websites as you see here.

And using our Fusion Builder it makes it even easier.

We have a support center where we provide top notch support to all our customers and detailed online documentation, knowledgebase help files and video's

Our Avada Quick Start Guide -> http://bit.ly/1N505Om

Our KnowledgeBase -> http://bit.ly/2sXiuZs

Our Online Documentation -> http://bit.ly/2v46jXn

Our Training Videos -> http://bit.ly/2gPmYXo

If you need further assistance or have any further questions, please create a support ticket using the link below and our support team will gladly assist you

Click Here To Get Avada Support

We look forward to helping you!


for Design Quality

I tried different themese through my webdesign carrier but I feel I will always be coming back to Avada, it simply has everything and I love the support. #1

for Flexibility

I just love it. i mean what else is there to say


Author response

Thank you very much :) <3

for Code Quality

the sales number already speaks for itself!
Fantastic fix delivery system for bug fixes and features update!


Author response

Absolutely! And the best is still to come :) <3

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