Discussion on Avalanche for Shopify — Responsive Premium Theme

Discussion on Avalanche for Shopify — Responsive Premium Theme

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Great stuff! Good Luck with Sales;

Thanks a lot! :-)

Is there a way to display the product variations/options separately opposed to all append in one drop down? that way if there are three different variation options then they would all display for the user to customize?

Thanks for your message! I just had a look at your request and it might be possible to add something like this to the theme — please send an email to hello@indiqo.eu so we can briefly discuss the details together which should be easier this way. I’ll surely see what I can do in order to add it for you then!

Hello Indiqo!

I really like this theme. But I am also new in Shopify, so if I want to make something different on the theme, will you be able to help me?

Hello Saltycrunch!

Thanks a lot for your message and interest — I really appreciate it — and please let me answer to your question right below if you don’t mind:

In general, the theme itself already comes with plenty of options to customize the appearance in some ways. In addition to that, I usually also remain available in case you should experience any kind of problem or got questions.

However, further, advanced customizations applied to the theme itself unfortunately won’t be included when you purchase the theme for obvious reasons — I’m available for freelance work on an hourly basis though, just in case you like me to modify anything for you of course.

I hope that I could answer to your question so far — please feel free to leave a comment or directly send me an email at any time if you’d like to ask anything else.


Okay thank you for the answer. I will be contacting you when I need help, i proberly need you to do some freelance thing, but we will look into that :)

Awesome, sounds great!

Please feel free to send me an email to hello@indiqo.eu at any time! :-)

Hi, any chance that I can make the sliders, browser width wider? I want a full-width browser experience. Also, can I add widgets into the footer? Either way, LOVELY theme.


Thanks a lot for your feedback — I’ll try to answer to your questions right below if you don’t mind:

1.) In general it would be possible to modify the theme in a way that it fills the entire browser window. However, the slider itself as well as most of the content regions are not prepared for that so this kind of adjustment will require a significant amount of manual work unfortunately.

2.) Shopify doesn’t have a widget system as far as I know. The footer includes some widgets you can enable or disable though but these are limited and provided by the theme itself. In addition to that, you could surely modify the theme and add new regions to the footer manually of course.

I hope that I could answer to your questions and will remain available in case there’s anything else you’d like to know.

Great theme, love design, however can the product images be enabled to ‘view larger/zoom’ ?


Thanks for your feedback and for purchasing one of my items! Unfortunately it’s not supported by default, but please send an email to hello@indiqo.eu and I’ll see what I can do. :-)

HI, I want to purchase Theme with Add cart Option in Bottom of the Page, Can u Suggest any Theme….

Hi and thanks for your message! Unfortunately I’m not entirely sure how you define at the bottom of the page for the “Add to Cart” buttons exactly but as far as I can see, at least none of my theme released so far should meet this criteria unfortunately.

That said, maybe just browse through the selection of themes and templates for the system of your choice and I’m sure you’ll find a few items which will work just fine for your purposes.

I’m sorry that I’m not that much of a help in this case, but I currently don’t have an overview about most of the themes released over here and so it’s easier if you just browse through all of the items yourself for a while to see what works and what doesn’t.

After all, I assume you already got quite a specific idea of what you’re looking for and so I guess you’ll be able to make a good choice fairly soon. :-)

How do I get the mega dropdown to work on the main navigation?

Thanks for your message! I just saw that you also sent me an email and will immediately reply to that one if you don’t mind.

Hi Indiqo, are drop down menus supported in this theme?

Hi and thanks for your message!

Shopify itself doesn’t provide a way to create nested pages so a regular drop down menu isn’t available by default.

However, you got the option to assign one of the big drop down menus with a list of all brands, collections and tags to a main navigation item just like you can see on the demo already — this is a quite unique feature of this theme and works fine to display everything at a glance.

Pre-sales question. Is there any way to make the product thumbnails overlay a hover state and the first click takes the user to the product page?

Unfortunately not through the theme options itself, but you can send me an email at any time and I’ll apply this adjustment for you just like that if you like me to.

It just takes a few minutes, so this won’t be a problem of course.


Hi Indiqo. I purchased the theme. How should I contact you to make those adjustments?

Thanks! Please either use the form on my profile page or send me an email to “hello@indiqo.eu” at any time. :-)

Wow this is incredible! I am definetly thinking of purchasing this for our snowboarding clothing brand. :)

That would be awesome! Please make sure to drop me a line if you’re using this for your store at any time.

Even though the theme is clean enough to work with literally any kind of product, snowboarding stuff is exactly the motivation why I created it — after all, it even includes my own photos and particularly gear! :-)

Thanks! Yes, indeed. :-)

Just awesome !!!!

Thanks a lot for your feedback — I really appreciate that and I’m glad you like it! :-)

Awesome, thank you very much! :-)

Looks very good! We are releasing our new Shopify theme next week, so it should be interesting to see who does better ;)

Excellent — I’ll be definitely looking forward to it! :-)

After all, not every theme is suitable for any kind of website or in this case e-commerce business, so a wide variety of different designs is definitely a good thing!

Great looking! I like the submenu!


It’s a quite good way to display an unlimited amount of featured products to customers, especially if they’re already interested in visiting the catalog.

wow, modern style, simple. Like it.

Thanks a lot — I really appreciate that!

PS: I just noticed that one of my clients a few weeks ago purchased one of your items and asked me to apply a few smaller modifications. Nothing too complex though but enough to notice the exceptional quality of the source code and design. :-)


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