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A very nice template =)

Thank you :)

Is this Theme’s back end easy to work with?

Hello, this is the html template, so there’s no backend options for this template, but you can use some predefined skins that available from theme package.



I can not fine the sendemail.php

Hello, Sorry for any inconvenience, you did not have a “Purchased” badge.


What is the problem with the images? a lot of them are over 500,000k in size. makes loading the page to take way too long, having to load over 3 MB of images on one simple page.

Not good

Not Happy at all with this… :sick:

Hello, you can check to images folder of avanix template, the bigger size below 300kb (eg. for slider images).


headerbar.jpg 533,361kb contact-textarea.jpg 509,469kb there are lots more like this

These are only small files if you save them to png they are only 250kb each. Why are they so big? thats what I am asking.

it’s taking ages to re-do all the images and change the code on the html pages.

I just don’t know why these images are so large, the front page as over 3MB of images to load. without the slider, I dont use the slider…

Just tell me WHY

A complete waste of money in my opinion. No thought into page loading times. as anyone knows, page loading times are very important


you can replace default images from the template with your own images, or you can try to compress and optimize the default images.



How easy it is to decrease the height of the slider ? Let’s say by 50% ? Do I only need do decrease images size by 50% or will the whole layout be changed ?


Hello, you just need to modify the css file and image for this, I can provide you direction.

Thanks for your interest :)

hi, I have a question before buying. this theme loading a very long time. what is the problem? please optimize your codes.

hello, the problem only at live demo site,since it’s loaded many javascript code for demo purpose, now I have removed this in demo site.



I thank you for all priority I could not figure out the problem of Turkish characters These characters do not appear ??Üü?i??ÇçÖö (menu and chapters) Waiting for emergency assistance

thank you

hello, avanix template used cufon font replacement, by default it’s does not support your language accents, if you have a font that support your language accents, please convert it first to cufon at and refer to documentation how to install your new cufon font.


I do not have so much experience.Can you do it for me please.

Thank you

solution is to change the font for me.

yes you’re right, you need to change the font that support your language accents.


Google’s page speed test result for this template is poor which is a shame considering how good it looks.

I suspect the slow speed is putting people off. The template just comes across more as a liability than an investment.

Are you going to be optimizing the code and images of this template to make it more search-engine friendly?

hello, thanks for your information.

this is html version template, so it’s just use standard tags from html it self instead of additional meta tags like the WordPress for SEO .



I have recently purchased the theme for the Finance Club of Indian institute of management ,Calcutta.When i try to upload the Zip file to install the theme , wordpress is somehow not uploading it.Can you please help me with the installation ?

Hi, I guess this was an HTML template and i have made the blunder to try to host it on a Wordpress template.Do you have a workaround ? Its very urgent !!!

Thanks, Abhay K

Hello, this is html version template instead of WordPress version, so it’s won’t worked with WordPress.


so no workarounds ??..i mean i have read stuff about converting HTML to wordpress ..will any of those work ??

Hi I just purchased your template and have edited the contact us form so it fits on the sidebar of my pages. I have everything up and running except the success message once something is successfully sent. Could you please let me know how I can enable that on the index-sidebar.html page please (like I said, I have adapted the contact form to the sidebar). Much appreciated !

Other than that the site looks great!

Hello, the successfule message will be display right above <div id="maincontactform"> be sure you have included the div above your sidebar contact form. Thanks.</div>

I have actually included that div (though modified the id to match the sidebar contact form css): This is what I have and when I submit something it doesn’t give me a success message. (Thanks for the last quick response!)

<div id="maincontactform1"> <form action="#" id="contactform"> <div class="formleft1"> <label for="contactname"></label> &nbspName<input type="text" name="contactname" class="textfield1" id="contactname" value="" /><span class="require">*</span> <label for="contactsubject"></label> &nbspPhone<input type="text" name="contactphone" class="textfield1" id="contactphone" value=""/><span class="require">*</span> <label for="contactemail"></label> &nbspEmail<input type="text" name="contactemail" class="textfield1" id="contactemail" value="" /><span class="require">*</span> </div> <div class="formright1"> <label for="contactmessage"></label> <span class="require"> *</span>&nbspText<textarea name="contactmessage" id="contactmessage" class="textarea1" cols="8" rows="12"></textarea> <div class="clear1" /> <a href="#" class="button buttonwhite" id="buttonsend"><span>SEND</span></a> <span class="loading" style="display: none;">Please wait..</span> </div> </form> </div>

Also, where do you specify where e-mail should come in?

you can define your email address in sendemail.php file there, just replace default email address with your own, could you please provide me your site url regarding your sidebar contact form issue?


It’s not up on production yet, largely becasue I’m still editing it and trying to get the contact us form to work. I could e-mail you the page’s html. Would that help?

Also, I posted my email in the php file, and tried it but didn’t work. Is it supposed to work locally (in localhost?).

Hello, I have replied your email.


Hello I’m having an issue using the Homepage with slider page. Everything works fine but the ul class=”starlist” items do not appear. Below is the code from that section

    <!- Slideshow Item 2 ->
  • \\

    Surety Bond Brokers

    KOG International, Inc. is one of the premier construction bond facilities in the Northeast region. We have accomplished this through a proven track record of providing small and medium sized contractors with professional bond service.

    • Surety only
    • SBA Bonds
    • Hard to Place Bonds
    • Standard Surety
    Read More

    Also, can you tell me where I can edit the color of the Main Menu Links?

Hello, could you please provide me your site url regarding your issue?


Thanks for the quick reply.

The site is

Hello, please check your menu structure, there’s double list at your menu items

<li> </li><li><a href="requestinfo.html">Request Information</a></li>
                    <li> </li><li><a href="service-areas.html">Service Areas</a></li>


Thanks imediapixel. I correct that problem but it did not fix the issue. Do you have any other suggestions?


Hello, please contact me from my profile page regarding your issue.


Hi. There’s a lot of space between navigation titles that contain a drop down and those to its right that do not. Where in the css do I fix it so that there’s equal space across the entire top navigation? Thanks!

Hello, could you please provide a screenshot regarding your question?