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carabs Purchased

On the dashboard you include to do list with a sortable component. I was wondering if you have a workaround that allows sorting on a mobile device? maybe another plugin altogether? Thanks!

Here’s a plugin that promises to bring drag and drop in mobile http://forresst.github.io/2012/06/22/Make-a-list-jQuery-Mobile-sortable-by-drag-and-drop/

But we haven’t tested it


I am experiencing some issues with the left sidebar and in some pages it is not expanding. It also varies from Chrome and Edge. Any idea on what it could be about?

Many thanks. Julia.

Please inform us exact page name. we will fixed.


core50 Purchased

Hi Urgent matter I am having an issue with the right and left menus on iphone and ipad(on ipad i can see the left menu), they do not toggle on click and are not responding. In addition in the IPad left menu class => hasChild is not showing the chevron icon and is not responding.

I have tested this with your live preview as well. http://avant.redteamux.com/

Thank you.


mbraid Purchased

Hi – I’m using the styled checkboxes and having some trouble in jquery determining the ‘checked’ status of an item. The jquery works perfectly well on ‘normal’ checkboxes so I think I’m missing something related to this theme.

Any thoughts?

Many thanks, Matt.

Please try again. Thank you

Info tiles footer in Edge browser do not display properly. The flipped corner displays outside of the footer.

Thanks, looking into it.

Hello my Friend, good morning…!

I have just boought your template and downloaded/unzipped the template into my pc, everything looks fine but when i tried to access the page: tables-editable.html i got this error from the browser: XMLHttpRequest cannot load file:///C:/My Path/ThemeForest/Avant/HTML/assets/demo/source.json?_=1451378423845. Cross origin requests are only supported for protocol schemes: http, data, chrome, chrome-extension, https, chrome-extension-resource. The table is not populated, what do i need to do to fix it? The other question is: where i can modify the modal input screen that is displayed when i click the button NEW over this editable table? i will appreciate your support thanks so much… regards….


You need to run from a local server by using programs like XAMPP, otherwise things like AJAX requests won’t work.

You can check relevant demo-*.js files linked in the html file of the page you are in to check modifying modal input screen.


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i purchase this template, i would like to know how can i strip the template to load it lean, for now its loading 142 files which is .js and .less files, how can i remove all and use the minimum .js and .less files?

when i include bootstrap-datetimepicker.less, I’m getting this error

NameError: .btn-pseudo-states is undefined

in bootstrap-datetimepicker.less on line 93, column 7:

&.active:hover {
.btn-pseudo-states(#fff, @btn-primary-bg, spin(@btn-primary-bg, 20));

Hello! Have you looked into the barebones/ folder? It’s more stripped down there.

thanks for the direction, could you explain a little the benefit i loose when i dont use .less compare to conventional .css, also the error i reported above, have you encounter it or give me some direction how to include the datetimepicker the the strip down version, thanks again



crispin Purchased

Hi, I’ve just purchased the theme and am no developer so was wondering if it was possible to make the theme more editable in Dreamweaver – visually. I understand it uses a new way of styling using LESS – which dreamweaver doesn’t render on screen. Can i convert to more regular css?.Sorry to be a layman


crispin Purchased

Sorry ignore me I’ve removed the ?=140 from the end of the css link and Dreamweaver can now render it – sorry to ask but what does ?=140 do?

?=140 is just a way to clear cache of old files saved in users computers. It’s not necessary to actually use it. It forces download of newer version of the file.

We have not used Dreamweaver, but it should be possible to edit the less file and compile it in CSS using a tool such as PrePros or WinLess, and then refresh to see the changes in DreamWeaver.

Hello. When i use

<body class="fixed-layout horizontal-nav">
<nav class="navbar navbar-default yamm" role="navigation"> 
still in full layout.

Can you help me?

OBS: the nav tag, still in full layout. (I purchase your theme last week)

Hey, sorry for the late reply. A bit confused about the question, are you trying to use the horizontal layout? In that case it will just be
<body class="horizontal-nav">

Please check http://avant.redteamux.com/layout-horizontal.php as reference

Hi there….loving the theme. Really good work. I am wondering is there a fix in place to activate the sidebar as expected by manually adding the active class to the .acc-menu li I see the code in application.js gets the location and tries to add the correct details to the sidebar. I think manually adding classes of open, active, hasChild to the li and style=”display:block” to the child ul is a bit overkill to get the correct active details showing. Best, Pierce

You can always point to the right page OR set a default.

You’ll notice that http://avant.redteamux.com/ page does not have the active but http://avant.redteamux.com/index.php does.

Hello there! Love the theme. If I bought this theme could I rewrite it as a MediaWiki skin and release it for free or would I need to purchase an Extended License?

we inform you later

Can you kindly add support for select2 plugin?

The default styles shipped with select2 does not work with avant, hmm.

if you want to add select2 plugin. you can add this plugin like other plugin add the theme.

select2 plugin ships with a style that works only with original bootstrap theme … which is “incompatible” with Avant2 …

Thank you.

Hello! Can this template be opened by any internet browser ? if no, so, what is the internet browser that will be used to open this template ? Thanks in advance.

you use any popular browser.


alarir Purchased

Fix for Jasny File Input in Avant theme and Internet Explorer http://codegurus.eu/2016/05/fix-jasny-file-input-avant-theme-ie/

which version of IE you need.


carabs Purchased

Hello. I love your theme and just finished a new project that I was working on using Avant. Before it launched, I updated the Nicescroll plugin from what comes with Avant (v3.2.0) to their latest version (v3.6.0). After doing this, the left and right navbars do not allow for scrolling when on a smaller screen… http://imgur.com/07QA3mA Though I have not seen any updates to Avant in a while, I wanted to both point out to issue and also ask if you may know how to fix it to allow for the later version to be used. For now I will keep the older version, but was hoping you knew what needed to be changed. Thanks! And keep up the great work.

please try


carabs Purchased

Hello tanvir_kaiju. What would you like me to try?

Hopefully we will have a solution for you asap!


mbartok Purchased

I just bought a support extension for Avant theme, because I needed FontAwesome 4.3.0. Downloaded updated theme files, but still no version 4.3.0. I need new icons added in version 4.2.0. I’ve even tried updating font awesome library in theme files, but you have font awesome hardcoded in styles.css.

download FontAwesome latest version and replace this it on plugins folder