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I am new to web / app development. I think the AVANT template will help save me time and help me get the user interface look and feel that I desire. Unfortunately, I am uncertain about what the template will actually buy me.

1) I presume I’m supposed to know what an admin template entails. I googled it and I find lots of examples, but I’m not sure what files I’d get if I bought one. I know I’d still have to code my app, but are the UI pieces going to work (i.e., is picture (wireframe) of a text editor provided or is there a textarea form field with the bold, italics, etc buttons working?

2) Along the same lines, I wanted to figure out if the template is just CSS. In other words, does it have javascript or HTML for anything or not?

3) If it does have any code, is it using server-side code or only client-side code? I ask this to figure out if I build my web app with the template, will I be able to use Phonegap to convert it into native iOS or Android app too? I searched the forum to try to figure it out, but I couldn’t. The post I read mentioned that there would be no refunds if you bought something but it wasn’t what you expected, so I’m a bit concerned.

4) I don’t see jQuery Mobile listed as a plug-in for the Avant template. Does that mean that if I use the template, the JQM attributes (e.g., data-role=header) are not styled? (i.e., Would I have to make my own CSS styles for JQM attributes)?

Hello there. i would like to know if i can use avant for mlm website where i can have matrix structure and i can show their genology tree.

I’m getting missing css error when I try to install the theme.

I’ve un-zipped the zip that was downloaded, and did not find an install-able zip anywhere in it.

I need guidance on getting this theme installed.


Jeff Stevens RestaurantLink js@restaurantlink.com

Hi , do you have any sample in using the template with C# web application ?

hi, how can i edit from data tables on “search…” and “records per page”..? i want use turkish please help me

Dear Sir,

We are using “Avant – Clean and Responsive Bootstrap 3.3.2 Admin” but very often we are facing performance issues. We see at time the page does not gt loaded at all. We have thoroughly checked it is not the issue with PHP or Mysql. few of the pages where we have used this theme features we see the page takes more than 60 seconds (not always) to load. Please suggest what might be creating this issue.


carabs Purchased

Hello, redteamux.com seems to be down and the Avant demo is no longer available.