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Welcome to Envato. Good luck with sales.

Thank you :)

Hello. Thanks for the nice work. I’m trying your template on iPhone with IOS 7.0.3 and no page can be scrolled down using touch / swipe. Please investigate. Otherwise very good template.

Thank you for your kind words. We’ll check and get right back at you.

Hello. We have fixed the touch issue. Thanks for letting us know!

Hi! Really cool template!!

I have an issue with scrolling on mobile device (Chrome on Nexus4/Android): Not possible to scroll down when touching (to scroll) on a “graph” block like “User Report” or “Anual Sales”.

Otherwise very good template.

Thanks :) I’ll check for the problem and get back at you immideatly.

Hello. We have fixed the touch issue. Thanks for letting us know!

Nice admin template :)
It’s no icon or label in next or previous navigation, in http://hmelius.com/avant/ui-paginations.php is blank
Can added some advanced feature to basic or responsive table like : pagination, sorting, and search field. like in dynamic table
It would be amazing :)

Hi! We just updated to FontAwesome 4.0.1 which changed a lot of the icon names and it seems the ui-paginations page fell through the cracks. We’ve fixed the page now. Thanks for letting us know!

Both Basic and Responsive Tables only focused on those specific features. You can combine the features, of say responsive table and dynamic tables quiet easily by adding a responsive class to the dynamic table. We will consider adding another demo that does just that. Thanks for the input!

Hmm, I think
Okay, it’s not wrong to use fontawesome for icon
But I guess it’s too much if only to show this character, using the icon font.
I use the “‹ (&lsaquo) and « (&laquo)” to fist and previous, and “› (&rsaquo) and » (&raquo)” to the contrary :)

Yes, the demo page for static table with pagination, sorting, and search field, It would be amazing :)

Hopefully we will have a solution for you asap!

Hi! Another issue to me is mobile navigation, if scrolled down in mobile view clicking the activating the left slide-out menu (navigation) only shows an empty gray area (which is because the menu navigation stayed on top.)

Idea: Make an option to make the left menu fixed and scrollable separately on mobile devices so that the nav menu is always only one click away.


Another thing to consider is that navigation items might go beyond the mobile screen. In that case a separate scroll for the sidebar needs to be implemented.

That’s a valuable input. We’ll try to implement something akin to what you mentioned in the future updates. :)

Hello. We took your suggestion into account and implemented fixed sidebar on smaller screens in the latest version of Avant. Thanks once again!

My Idea, provide such as : Click the content to close the menu

This is with jquery mobile, but I think only jquery, should work

We did try putting a touch slide support but it seemed to cause issues with some users, so we had to remove it. We are investigating alternatives :)

This seems easiest to implement, so we’ll push a version out with something like this until we get the slide issues fixed. Thanks!

We implemented your idea in the latest version of Avant. Thanks!

Very nice theme. One very small thing i noticed, will browsing the demo.. http://hmelius.com/avant/calendar.php you should change the mousepointer for the draggable events.

Thanks for your suggestion! We will change the mouse pointer to cursor:move; as per your input.

Please provide information how to modify and precompile less files. In documentation you are talking about “Avant.less” but no such file exists in downloaded package.

We apolagize. You will find all the less files in the assets/less folder. The styles.less contains links to all the different less files.

The bootstrap files are in the assets/less/bootstrap folder and the modifications that we made on top of it are in the extend-*.less files. Layouts and other files are also in the less/ folder.

We will be updating the documentation shortly. Thank you for your patience.

Hi! We just pushed an update with updated documentation. It should be available as soon as it’s approved by the Envato staff :)

Great template. Would you be interested in doing a private job using your template. No backend just design work. Thanks CArl

Hi! Thanks for your interest! Kindly send details of the work at redteamux@gmail.com and we’ll get back to you :)

Is it possible to show modal dialog from JS code? I don’t see any sample for this in source code or documentation…

Yes, Avant builds on Bootstrap’s default modal dialog.

You’ll find live demo at: http://hmelius.com/avant/ui-modals.php and detailed documentation on: http://getbootstrap.com/javascript/#modals

Can you look into this problem on iPhone IOS 7.0.3: the left nav area is shown and hidden OK but no menu items are visible (all is white, although the links seem to be there, because I still can touch and navigate the site). Thanks.

Hmm. I assume you mean the Date/Time Range dropdown. We’ll try to address the issue in the next version (already working on it :) )

Please don’t hesitate to point out any other bugs or improvement suggestions.

No, its the Notifications Alert dropdown (with the bell icon and number 3 on top right). =)

ah okay. We’ll attempt to put a slimscroll there just like facebook notifications.

hi, can i use this template as a yii framework theme

Hi. This is an HTML theme so you can indeed use it as a Yii framework theme! The themepack comes with PHP files so it’ll be easy for you to use it with Yii!

Dashboad / Advanced Tables / Responsive Tables Dashboad???

Thanks for pointing out the typo! Should’ve been Dashboard :P

Great theme, really like the “flatness”.

Thank you! That was a major design consideration :)


I downloaded the files and have been playing around with them today. I’m having an issue where random edits are stripping the nav toggle functionality. For instance, on index.htm, if I remove the row containing the Server Load, Site Statistics, and User Accounts panels and hit save, then hovering over the nav no longer shows the down arrows and I am unable to click on a nav item top display the submenu items. Any ideas on this?

Charts are made and displayed from javascript (using a plugin called Flot) and placed in a placeholder in the HTML. You have removed the placeholder, but the javascript code is still there. Unable to find where to put the charts, javascript throws an error and the whole document stops processing.

What you need to do is go to assets/js/demo-index.js and find the comment //Flot. You can then remove the following codes and the error will be removed as well.

Thank you

in the sidebar, “UI Componenets” should be simply “UI Components” throughout.

Thank you for pointing out the typo!

Hi, just bought your theme and testing it out on various devices. I noticed some issues on mobile (iPhone 5s iOS 7.0.3 Safari):
  • Scrolling through the left menu on mobile doesn’t always respond correct, i.e.: when scrolling up/down in menu it scrolls the main content and not the menu.
  • Notifications
    • Text in Growl-like ‘trigger’ buttons are only half displayed
    • Growl-like notifications are not centered (too much to the left)
    • Growl-like close button is almost impossible to click (very small). Maybe there is a nice alternative way to close them instead of a (small) x
    • Growl-like big notice is too big for the screen and therefore not usable/readable.
  • Bottom of right sidebar not visible (about 15%?)
  • Right sidebar Chat: When trying to select the input box (for the second time) the page is zoomed in a bit which makes it impossible to select the input box again.
  • When scrolling/swiping over an unscrollable popup (like the envelope popup in the demo) the content in the background scrolls

Hi. For the last issue, we are implementing slimscroll on larger popups in the next version, so they scroll independently.

We’ll take a look at the other issues you mentioned, fix them, and get back to you on those.

Great, thanks for the quick response!


I found a small issue:

It is called “messages” with an a instead of “messeges” :)

Will fix asap! Thanks for the heads up! :)

This theme looks almost perfect for my requirements. What is involved with regard to upgrading to future versions and fixes? Thanks.

PS. A fixed left nav option would be great!

Yes, thank you. We’ll see if we can address the issues you pointed out :)

For future updates, you will simply need to replace the files. So if it’s CSS or JS changes you want to make, it will probably be better if you add your changes in separate files instead of modifying the code. We find the approach to be more modular – we also took this approach to modify Bootstrap to suit the themes needs. Now if Bootstrap releases a new version we can drop in their files and immediately switch up to the next with no change in our files.

That being said, the changes will be gradual and mostly focused on fixing bugs and adding new features instead of changing design. So it’s possible you can simply use a file compare program to modify the changes if that’s what you are looking for.

We do provide HTML version of the theme, and the PHP version is used mostly to read cookies or include other files but not much else.

Thanks for taking the time for your reply :)

Sounds good, thank you. I purchased it and I will definitely take the modular approach you recommended.


Add timeline page.

Thanks :D