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Let me first thank you for an absolutely excellent theme!

I read from the comments there is an update on the way, maybe you will have time to fix a few bugs I have spotted.

1) On desktop: The user drop down menu does not resize if i.e. the username is longer than the box. The username then floats outside the box.

2) When the vertical menu is minimized: Submenus do not resize the window and is rendered outside the view. This only happens when the main content is shorter than the menu. It seems that the menu itself would resize the window, but since the submenus are not an integral part of the menu the menu does not resize, and so neither does the main content view.

3) On iPhone: Drop downs from the top horizontal navigation menu is rendered outside of the view, with no possibility of bringing it back into the viewport. Can I suggest that you make the dropdown menus take on the look of standard bootstrap dropdowns on mobiles?

4) On iPhone: Unable to hide the drop down tiles menu if clicked.

an update will come soon


I am having a tough time getting the datepickers to appear, what are the files that need to be included, though it appears obvious, I somehow have not been able to get it to work.

Turns out, was not so tough after all, maybe i need some coffee :) Sorry to bug you guys, all set, i figured it out…. Nice theme once again.. Thanks

Glad you figured it out.

Good luck!

Hey just wondered when you will next realise an update as thinking of purchasing. Thanks in advance.

A new theme update is available now.

Hi, just like promised I have purchased the theme and loving it.

I have a question with the YouTube loading bar how can I make appear on all pages. Can’t wait for the next update.


Hey! You can check out the documentation of Skylo here. It won’t automatically show up but you will have to set it yourself.


How can i use 2 seperate velidate form on single page? When i use it one of them not working.

The validations plugins work with multiple forms automatically as long as the forms have unique IDs.


Experiencing an issue with the template and the menu-highlighting in Internet Explorer. It simply doesn’t work. Works fine in latest version of Chrome, but none of the IE-versions (Running IE 11 and changing to previuous versions via F12).

Tried enabling activex filtering as well.

Any suggestions?

Hi! Sorry for the late reply, I found out what is causing the icons to not show. In IE the unicode characters from FontAwesome does not render unless it is accompanied by display:inline-block.

In leftbar.less find #sidebar li.hasChild>a:before, #sidebar li.hasChild.open>a:before and add a display:inline-block to that.

Thanks for pointing it out. We’ll be sure to add this fix to our next update! :)

This did not seem to solve my problem :( Should the less-file be compiled and rendered automatically? The menu items are still not highlighted in IE, but in Chrome it works :) Do you have some other way of contacting you so I might send you an image to show? Not sure I explained it clearly :)

Yes, you have render the less files into css. You can see the documentation on how to render the less files.

Alternatively I have uploaded a fix through themeforest. You can download the files and replace the leftbar.less or the compiled styles.css

You can always contact us through redteamux@gmail.com

Could you point out where the notifications like `notification-order` and `notification-fix` are documented? I thought they were part of bootstrap’s text emphasis class but those aren’t listed in the documentation that I’ve found. Is it coming from a plug-in?

At topnav.less line ~56 are the classes you are looking for.

These classes are then used to have different colored icons in the topnav.

.notification-user -> @brand-midnightblue
.notification-warning -> @brand-warning
.notification-danger i     -> @brand-danger
.notification-fix -> @brand-inverse
.notification-success -> @brand-success
.notification-failure -> @brand-danger
.notification-order -> @brand-info

Ahhh… k. Thanks! Are those in the docs somewhere that I’ve missed?

No, I am afraid that it wasn’t in the documentation. :/

Hi, This theme looks brilliant. If it had ONE more feature I’d purchase this!

On the Infobar to have the option to not overlay the content but to resize.

Please can this be implemented in the new release?

Sorry I am not clear, resize what and where?

On the right of the template, the infobar which currently when is open it has the page content underneath it (so the only way to see it is to hide it). If there is an option so when the infobar is open, the page width resizes.

Ah yes. Sorry, at this point in time we do not plan to change the rightbar/infobar at this would take significant changes in the markup. But we will take your feedback into account for another admin theme we are building right now :)

Hey I would buy this theme as soon as the new update comes out if it is full HTML5 and CSS3, hope it is and looking forward to the new update. Any ideas when it should come out? Can’t wait!

The theme already supports HTML5 and CSS3, and the update will come out this week or during the weekend :)

I am looking at the Tokenfield in the form components section and I am not sure what that is supposed to do, it just looks like a comma delimited list, is that correct?

yes, i did a hard refresh and it is loading correctly and works nice. I sent you a few emails about possible additions, customizations. Hopefully you can get back to me about that. Thank you for the great work on this!!!

Thank you

wow, 2 years later :)

add another awesome things video js :) or lighbox with video :P



There is a problem with Off-Canvas menu. When open the menu and close the layout (body) is scrolling horizontally. Which should not.

Hi. I couldn’t recreate the problem. Can you inform us about the browser and operating system you are using?

I have tested on Samsung Galaxy with Chrome also iBall tablet with Chrome. However in tablet there is no such issue but on mobile does.

Hopefully we will have a solution for you asap!

Hello, please could you include a support ticket page in the next update. I would purchase the theme straight away. Also when is the next update planned for. Thanks :)

P.S. If you want a example then I can give you a link to a webpage, thanks.

There are plans, yes. Perhaps this month, but again, I can’t promise when the next update will be released.

Thanks for your time, will be purchasing shortly! :)


Is there any way to make the Left Sidebar and Header fixed?

The header is fixed by default. At this moment the left sidebar can’t be fixed in position.

all psd are included in this package?

Yes. Included are three fully layered psd files. :)

all psd source files of designs are included in this package? please confirm me, then i will buy it. thanks

I am having big trouble in setting up sidebar. It is working since I use your default HTML for the <div class="container"> but stop working when I remove all tags within the container. It is strange to me since it doesn't have anything to do with markup and class within the container or is it? Your document need to have more details rather than just describing in few lines. It is not good if we buy the item to save time and we have to invest time to learn your code. <p>Please reply with the sidebar solution</p></div>

Hi! I am sorry for your troubles, but yes, it’s a strange problem indeed since div.container is outside of the sidebar. Could you send me the entire html page in redteamux@gmail.com so I can take a closer look? Thanks.

Email sent with html file

Hopefully we will have a solution for you asap!

Hey please could include email templates (responsive) in the next update. Thanks

Also please could you tell me how to remove the blue lights around the colour options. Thanks

In assets/demo/demo-index.js you can remove the following code and the blue pulsating effects will disappear.
        color: "#2bbce0",
        repeat: 10

Cheers :)

There is a problem with the download file project. The file form-components.htm is 4KB and don´t show a correct page.

Please, Look it.

Thank you.

An updated Avant with the fix is now available for download :)

Is Correct Now! Thank You Red Team!


I’m trying to buy this template but it shows the error message below: “Your purchase of Avant – Clean and Responsive Bootstrap 3 Admin was unable to be processed by PayPal. Please try using a different credit card, or we also support Skrill deposits.” I need this urgently template for development of administration of a site. There is another form of payment? Banking Billet? I await response! Thank you!

Payment can be made via Paypal or Moneybrookers (Skrill). You can find information about payment options here. If you continue to have the problem please file for a ticket under Marketplace > Payment Issue.

The Envato staff will be helpful in solving all payment related problems you may have.

Thank you!

There is an error with footer-form element when i put this code inner Panel. Look an example: http://imagizer.imageshack.us/v2/800x600q90/822/fnkm.png

1px or 2px larger than panel.

Ah the panel-footer’s were only designed to be used as a part of panels, and not within tabs, which is causing the extra pixels. Perhaps you can make a class for it which would take care of the extra pixels.