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Just to be clear on the licensing of the product. We are creating a web application and I’m interested in using this admin theme on the back-end administrative interface.

The software we are creating will not be free, but we will not be charing the end users that are logging in, but rather their employer.

Would we have to buy the extended license? For a startup project, that seems pretty pricey. Just want to make sure I don’t want to get the standard license and have an issue down the road.

You can just purchase the standard license as long as it’s for a single client and will not be distributed.

You’ll only need the extended license only if you plan to resell the web application to multiple clients.

Thanks for your interest :)


Hello there,

Someone in my company has purchased this theme. Regarding datatables, how can we use a select control in editable (inline row)? Is it possible?

Kind Regards,

Mónica Pinto

In the link you gave the Engine Versions are in select boxes if you just double click them…

Thank you for your response, I am already solving this issue, but i’m seeing that something is not ok with styles when using infinite scroll and a select.

You can see this here:

I am using inline edit (one column has as a select).

Even when I am just using infinite scroll, header columns are not properly aligned.

Are you planning to address this issue?

Kind Regards,

Mónica Pinto

Hopefully we will have a solution for you asap!


I am making one project and looking for admin panel, I have few questions:

1. It is one project, in admin panel users can do somethings. I will not resell this project, everything will be in one domain. But I will charge users for some features (but some of them are free). Do I need extended license?

2. Is it easy to apply this template to my scripts? I mean there HTML files or it made specially for some CMS?


1. A regular license will work in your case. An extended license will be required if you intend to resell or redistribute your project.

2. The files provided are HTML so you can easily apply the template to your scripts.


how update my project with bootstrap 3.1 ?


Replace all the files mentioned in the 1.2.2 changelog.

ok thank you


Will there be a SASS version in the near future?

there are no plans for a SASS version i am afraid.

Ok, thank you. Since there is an official SASS version from bootstrap, there are maybe some plans ;)

not now

How can I keep selected tab on page reload or after form submit? Also for the same for the Form Wizard Steps.

Could you please provide some examples or may be document to refer?

You can save the state of the form via cookies and read them either through php or javascript.

Here’s an example http://stackoverflow.com/questions/10523433/how-do-i-keep-the-current-tab-active-with-twitter-bootstrap-after-a-page-reload

i am getting error when i host the application in webserver error is shon below

Not Acceptable

An appropriate representation of the requested resource /assets/js/jquery.cookie.js could not be found on this server.

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

Please advice me what to do .


it seems your webserver cannot find the /assets/js/jquery.cookie.js file. Please make sure that file exists, it is included in the download package.

Hello, i want to test this template out before i have to purchase it as i am low on money at the moment, is there any way i can look at the source so i can see if this template is useable for my purposes or not?

There is not. The HTML sources can easily be seen but the LESS and JS codes are obfuscated until purchased as a security measure against crackers.

Hello. I’m having an issue where both parsley and “I think” html5 are validating a form. I get the red field and “This value is required.” from parsley but I’m also getting a pop-up box telling me to, “Please fill out this field.” There is a sample below, do you have any suggestions?

<form class="form-horizontal" data-validate="parsley" id="validate-form">
<input id="event-name" name="event-name" type="text" placeholder="placeholder" class="form-control" required="required">
<button class="btn-primary btn" onclick="javascript:$('#validate-form').parsley( 'validate' );">Create</button>

as rufinus pointed out, adding a novalidate=”novalidate” to the form tag might help

That seems to work fine. Thanks to both of you. Even better thank stack-overflow :-) and a heck of a lot nicer too.

@mwsasser just add novalidate=”novalidate” to the form tag.

Hopefully we will have a solution for you asap!

I’m having a little trouble getting data masks to work with regex. Take email for example.

data-inputmask="'validator': '[a-zA-Z0-9._%-]+@[a-zA-Z0-9-]+\\.[a-zA-Z]{2,4}'" If I use mask instead of validator, then I see this for the mask in the input box. _-z_-Z0-_._%-+@_-z_-Z0-_-+._-z_-Z{2,4}'

I’ve also tried

data-inputmask="'Regex': '[a-zA-Z0-9._%-]+@[a-zA-Z0-9-]+\\.[a-zA-Z]{2,4}'"

Am I missing something simple?

Nobody knows?

Hopefully we will have a solution for you asap!

Using this example, is it possible to get data masks working with xeditable? I see other people talking about getting it working but I’m missing some vital clue.

$('#inline-phone').editable({ type: 'text', pk: 1, name: 'phone', title: 'phone', mode: 'inline' });

After posting this, I realized its 2 different issues. Not only a mask for input when clicked but also a mask when the data hasn’t been clicked.

No ideas here?

Hopefully we will have a solution for you asap!

Hi there, I have some questions before I buy the Theme I am working on creating an intranet for a company that has google apps, so the calendar, documents, etc.. need to be integratable with google. Is it possible that all the features in this theme, s as an example (the agenda) automatically syncs with google calendar? If not, are there other ways? Can I add other things to the dashboard? Like agenda’s, lists, documents integrated from google? Sincerely Anno

Google calendar does automatically sync with the fullcalendar plugin that we used for our theme, see the example with documentation here: http://arshaw.com/fullcalendar/docs/google_calendar/

I am not aware of any way to integrate google docs, it might be possible with the Google Drive SDK, but I don’t think there are any plug-and-play plugins that will work out of the box like fullcalendar. Here’s the documentation to the GDrive SDK: https://developers.google.com/drive/web/quickstart/quickstart-js

Thanks for the information! And one last question, is it possible to apply this admin panel to the wordpress dashboard? Is it compatible with wordpress in any way?

This is an HTML theme, so no.

Can this be integrated with Google Apps, specifically user login?

afaik, Google Apps doesn’t allow you to have custom login pages because of security reasons.

Great theme! Just integrated it into a Django application with no problems, and really enjoyed the result. Thanks!

Glad you liked it!

There is an issue with File Upload Input Group where we select the file the Remove button doesn’t works. http://redteamux.com/avant/form-components.php (File Input: First Field)

Not sure but the issue might be with the css .btn-file > input property transform

Can you please provide some fix for it?


Hi! Which browser are you using? I checked with Chrome and the Remove button works seems to work from my end.

Yes in chrome it is working but not in Firefox. Also File name field is looking different in Firefox. Could you please fix it. It is very important for my project.

Hi! Took me a while, but this solved the issue for me in firefox.

1. First update the jasnyupload js and less files in assets/plugins/form-jasnyupload: http://puu.sh/8c5un.zip

2. Now the issue seems to be placement the remove button. Use the code here: http://pastebin.com/cFw4iUTN

This should help :)

Is it possible to have the sidebar collapsed by default?

Yes, simply put the ‘collapse-leftbar’ class in the body tag.

Thanks :)

I am trying to pair the horizontal menu 2 with the fixed layout. I have added the “fixed-layout” class to the “layout-horizontal2.htm” example. Everything scales correctly to the fixed layout except the horizontal menu which continues to stretch across the entire screen.

Any quick fixes to get this to work?

Perhaps not a quick fix, but try adding this to the less (will work anywhere, but fyi the fixed layout codes are at the bottom of layout.less):

.fixed-layout.horizontal-nav nav.navbar {
    width: @boxed-width;
    margin: 0 auto;

That worked! Thanks!


There’s a few discrepencies/issues between your demo css and the css that’s shipped with the purchase.

For example, .navbar-brand correctly displays on your demo. But it doesn’t with the purchased product due to color missing ”!important”.

Don’t worry too much, compiling a new styles.css fixes the issue for me. However you may want to ship an updated pre-compiled file with a future update.

thanks for the heads up! I’ll definitely look into it :)

In IE9, the drop down for the date picker extends to the far right edge of the window. The date picker functions as normal but it is poor presentation. Are you aware of this and is there a fix you suggest?


I’ve managed to fix the Datepicker issue, which, interestingly, doesn’t happen in the official demo of the datepicker.

Just set
.datepicker {max-width: 220px;}

anywhere in the styles.css. (the actual code is in assets/plugins/form-datepicker/less/datepicker3.less).

Hope this helps!

I tried that with a conditional comment for ie9 and it worked. However I noticed a few other issues with the date picker for ie9. Screenshot below shows the default date picker (much higher on the page due to apparent css issue) and the inline date picker when the user clicks to show selection options by year and month. Notice how all the options are inline versus the expected grid layout.

Indeed. This shouldn’t be the case. Let me take a closer look and get back to you.