Avant - Clean and Responsive Bootstrap 3.3.2 Admin

Avant - Clean and Responsive Bootstrap 3.3.2 Admin

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Avant is a beautifully coded fully featured admin panel theme ready to be implemented in the back end of your application, as an intranet theme, or your next web application!

The theme is lightweight and responsive powered by the latest Bootstrap 3 framework. It comes with a UX-friendly clean and intuitive design that gets out of your way in favour of substance.

With an extended variable.less file you can customize the theme infinitely without even touching a single line of code. There is a large number of plugins provided and already tailored towards the theme so they blend in. A mobile first responsive approach with off-canvas menu and touch support makes the theme work beautifully in a large number of screen sizes – from smart phones and tablets, to large screens.


We are committed in providing continuous long-term support and more and more new features will be introduced in future releases. You are entitled to free download of all future updates from the first purchase! At present we are providing regular updates from the suggestions taken from our customers.

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  • Responsive design
  • Off-canvas menu at smaller screens
  • Bootstrap 3.3.2 Powered
  • Custom Tiles and Feed LESS component
  • Custom jQuery UI theme
  • Megamenu Support
  • jQuery Knob
  • X-Editable
  • pNotify
  • Sky Loader
  • Nestable Lists
  • Data Tables
  • editTable
  • Select2
  • Stepy Wizard
  • Parsley
  • jQuery Input Masks
  • jQuery Fullscreen Editor
  • jQuery File Upload
  • Dropzone File Upload
  • Google Maps
  • jqVector Maps
  • Morris.js
  • Chart.js
  • Sparklines
  • jQuery Pulsate
  • Flot
  • Full Calendar
  • MixItUp
  • Font Awesome 4.3
  • Glyphicons


v1.4 – 25th March 2015

Fixed a long-running bug that affected sidebars
Boxed Layout is now responsive in small screens
Updated to Bootstrap 3.3.2
Updated FontAwesome to 4.3.0

v1.3 – 28th July 2014

Added Megamenu Support
Added New Button Styles: Focused Icon Buttons
Updated to Bootstrap 3.2
Updated to FontAwesome 4.1
Better IE7 Transparency Support
Minor bugfixes
v1.2.2 – 15th Feb 2014
Updated to Bootstrap 3.1
v1.2.1 – 10th Jan 2014
Added new plugin: Jasny File Input
Added new plugin: Bootbox
Added new plugin: Date Paginator
Added new plugin: Date Picker (replacing jQueryUI Calendar)
Added new plugin: Tokenfield
Added new plugin: Bootstro.js
Added new plugin: jCrop
v1.2 – 28th Nov 2013
Updated to latest Bootstrap
Improved support for Horizontal Navigation
In small screen sizes, the header goes to two lines instead of logos being hid
Added new page: Extras - Chat
Added new plugin: X-Editable
Added new plugin: jQuery Fullscreen Editor
v1.1.3 – 14th Nov 2013
Added new page: Timeline
Added new page: Invoice
Added new page: Inbox
Added new page: Profile
Added new page: Sign up
Added new page: Forgot Password
Added new page: Registration
Panels now support dropdown menu
Scrollbars on Messages and Notifciation dropdown
v1.1.2 – 7th Nov 2013
Improved Dashboard
Updated FontAwesome to 4.0.3
Added new page: Tabs & Accordions
Added new plugin: jQuery Pulsate
v1.1.1 – 3rd Nov 2013
Sidebar now fixed in mobile for easier access
Added new page: Search
v1.1 – 31st Oct 2013
Updated to FontAwesome 4.0.1
Two new Layouts: Fixed and Horizontal 2
Avant .less files are now separate from Bootstrap 3 less files
v1.0 – 30th Oct 2013 – Initial Release