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Nice one Mike! Awesome as always, loving this one actually, I might use this to update my own site soon :)

Well done. Congratulations! :)

Thanks designesia!

Really nice work. Congrats ;)

Thanks navigator!

Thanks louiejie!

Clean work! Good luck, dude!

Thanks AirTheme!

Awesome, I really like it!

Much appreciated!

Hi there,

About the tab shortcode, can I put images in the tab?


Yeah, you can add images easily into the tab short-code.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

One more question,

On the demo here (, the tab navigation is aligned left.

Is there an option to center align the tab navigation?


There is not an option for that. However you can easily center align them with a few lines of custom css. We can help you out with that in our support forums if you wanted.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Hello. Great work. Is it possible to remove the gray top with the text on the start page. So its only the image?

thanks simon

Hello. I am working now on the theme and must say with the videos its really easy and great. So how to i remove the top gray bar? So the image comes first. thanks

Go ahead and jump onto our support forums. We can help you out with that:

When you post your question, let us know if you want the order to be changed OR if you want to remove the top grey bar completely. Should be easy either way :-)


Can Revolution Slider be easily added to this theme? Thanks!

Yeah, you can easily add the Revolution Slider into this theme.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Wonderful – thanks!

I loved the look and feel of the demo but I have to say I’m VERY disappointed from an Elite Author… demo xml file doesn’t bring the site anywhere close to the demo, it took us 2 hours to watch and follow step by step instructions to get the home page, widgets and etc set up… A few things that just don’t make sense… why are the boxes on the home page a child page? Why aren’t all the plugins required for the theme not included? This is VERY VERY poor. like I said, I expected a lot more from an Elite Author, the reason we buy templates is so we cut down on the time required to get a site up, not so we spend 2hrs settings layouts and installing plugins. Rant over!

If you need help, reach out to us before leaving a bad review. We have a support forum that you could have used if you had any questions/concerns.

Again, please ask for help before leaving a negative review. Note: The only missing demo content is the widgets. This is the same for any theme that uses WordPress built-in importer. Setting up those widgets is covered in two 4 minute videos. If it takes longer than 5-10 minutes to do something, open a support forum thread and we can help out. Also, plugins are a positive feature, not a bad one. They add additional functionality like the eCommerce, Contact Forms, & a Twitter Widget. If you don’t want that functionality, you don’t need to install the plugin. This makes for a faster theme without having unnecessary features bundled in which slows the site down.

To add to the list… Using the customise feature to change the colors the Get in Touch widget background color doesn’t seem to change. Might want to look in to that.

I sent you an e-mail via your profile page contact form. Please do e-mail us back so we can help you out.

This is a lovely theme.

Quick questions, how can remove the page title from only the homepage and display in other page?


Oh great! It works fine. One more thing please, how can i change the page title and footer background colour?

Those can be changed using the Theme Customizer. It is covered in the documentation under section “Theme Options & Colors”. If you have any other questions, feel free to join our support forums:

Thank you!

I’m considering using this on a Network site… is it known to work on Network sites and is there any customization I’ll need to do to make it work?

Yeah, all of our themes work on a Network site. No customizations have to be made to make it work.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Hi there,

great theme you got here.

How can i make the social media icons white?

Yeah, feel free to join our support forums and we can help you out with that.

Hi, really liking this, how easy would it be to add a mini survey/contact form on to the right hand side of the slider?


Done awesome support thanks :-)

Forgot to ask does it come with any widgets, shortcodes etc?

Yeah we include a bunch of standard widgets and shortcodes. We have a demo of the shortcodes in the live preview.


how can i change the colors of the social media buttons to white?

Thank you.

You can adjust this via the style.css file here:
a .genericon {  color:#515151; text-decoration:none;}

If you have any additional questions, feel free to join our support forums and we can help you out:

If I buy your theme tomorrow are you still ok to add those changes we discussed last time?

Basically I need a widget area in the slider area to the right hand side, and also need this to move down accordingly when in responsive mode.

Cheers Rich

Ok are you around, need you help now please have got as far as I can re adding a new widget and div for survey area

I e-mailed ya already :-)

emailed you back :-)

Hi, great looking theme. Pre-sale question: can I add pagination or a Twitter style “load more” option to the portfolio?

Yeah, you can add pagination to the portfolio easily. There is an option to choose how many portfolio posts per page. This would be normal pagination. There is not an option for “Load More”.

Let me know if you have another questions.


i installed the theme and also the demo xml file. But, the demo xml file does not bring the site anywhere close to the demo sites, wich are shown on the themeforest pages. Is there an update available?

Missing Content: - Homepage - Slider - Widget on Homepage - ...

Check out the documentation under “Importing Live Preview Data”. There are a few quick steps after importing the XML file.

If you have any other questions, feel free to join our support forums. We are happy to help: