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Nice work, welcome to the forest and good luck with the sales o7

thank you, i hope so

nice work, gud luck :)

thank you, the same to you

Hi, i have just purchased THEMEFOREST- AVENIR COMING -SOON theme file is not uploading successfully to WP. Can you advice what needs to be taken out so as to have a successful upload to WP.

Actually, it is not a wordpress theme but an html5 template. You can store it in your server then indicate as a wordpress home page or custom page

I guess feedback is Zero in terms of sales or technical support MIVFX. Not a happy customer. Cya

Hi. Again, it is not an WP theme but an HTML site template. You have to upload it manually to you server using ftp (you need ftp client such as filezilla), git or another protocole that your server uses to accept file upload.

Hello, great page it really looks amazing and I was able to customize it to my needs.

However, I can’t seem to find where to set the email address that the emails will be directed too?

Thank you for your help, M

Hi, The default implementation stores emails and messages in a file inside ajaxserver folder but you can always edit the server.php file to process ajax request differently.

Can I upload this template to my blogger.com account? If so, what are the steps/ how simple is that to do? Please help!

HI, i am so sorry, apparently, it is not possible, http://www.wikihow.com/Install-a-Template-on-Your-Blogger-Blog

Hi, I have downloaded your template, but when trying to view on iPhone 5 in vertical orientation, everything displays badly, only works fine in horizontal, please help!


Hi, Please, can you send me a screenshot? Thank you


This theme is not opening correctly on iPhone, everything gets over each other. I have tried to remove the timer only, even the link which you have given here in preview, that also doesn’t work right on iPhone. How to solve it? Here is the link to it:



I removed it by myself to fit it because it wasn’t working with original CSS, still I have updated the CSS again. Have a look, there is responsive section 8 area in the CSS but it is still not working properly.

You need to reduce the size of the logo (i is too big). To do so, change the max-height of the ” .header-top img ” element. It is 20rem there but replace it with something smaller like (15rem or 10rem) :

.header-top img {
    max-height: 15rem;
    height: auto;
    margin: auto auto 0px;
    display: block;

Also, can you replace the <br> tags by margin? Like instead of using <br, add margin-top and margin-bottom to “p.soon-desc” CSS , then reduce the margin in responsive part (iPhone) ( 8.3. Handset Screen Less than 360 px width , add margin top or bottom also to p.soon-desc)

This page shows horrible on smartphones! I need a fix.. ..please help! ~Evanson

Can you send me a privatemessageif so?

I sent you a private message!

OK, did you get my response?

Heya, love the design. But just having the same problem many people here are having. Can you please look at my issue? I tried all the suggestions above and still not wotking on iphone 6 plus and iphone 6, total bummer. It just won’t load.

I did not receive it, please, can you resend it to miradontsoa@yahoo.fr ?

ok, I am sending tonight. Going to retry installing the files and see if it works. I’ll email you.


Hey, it’s a good coming soon template i like it, but when i open the index, the countdown don’t appear and shows undefined, i would appreciate it if you could help me with this problem, thanks

Hi, please update first the launching date