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What’s new in the latest update (28th March 2014)?

I made some fixes in scroll.js because there was a problem with playback of ie9.

Hi is it possible to stop the theme from disabling navigation under 1000px? Know when you resize the screen navigation disappears. I’ve tried changing the nav. display parameter in media.css but menu is visible but not working as it should (not sliding up/down) .

Automated scroll effect with menu is disabled under 1000px to prevent discomfort when working on mobile applications.

yes but i am asking is it possible to have mobile menu/dropdown under 1000px, in other words, enable menu under 1000px?

Hi, the contact form is a static html page. How to insert a contact form working with php code? Can you send us a exemple and the right places to insert this code? Thanks a lot.

I loaded the new version pending approval. It has the necessary corrections.

Ok, but where I follow the update? and how to update without changing the modifications I’ve realized – do you specify which files change? Thanks

Replace only scroll.js and media.css :)

Hi, the contact form is a static html page. How to insert a contact form working with php code? Can you send us a exemple and the right places to insert this code? Thanks a lot.

Up :)

Why background video is not displayed on the tablet?

you ignore me?

Script which I use doesn’t have playback function on mobile devices. There is static background on mobile devices. I answered this question a little back in comments

Hi there. Are you planning to implement WordPress support for this theme? Thank you in advance.

Wp version will be ready very soon

When is the fix for ipad scrolling going to be addressed??

Hi, After a few days we will release a new version with fixes.

a few days or a few months? just curious

Thank you :)

Hi, This is a great template. I would really like to make the purchase. But when I try the demo mode on my mobile.. It is responsive no doubt.. But I cant seem to find the menu bar on my mobile. Is it me or is there no built in?


QUICK QUESTION: when i add another section. Since the navi starts with 5 pages. When i add a 6 the navi leaps down for some reason. Is there no way to add a 6 section??? without the navi being screwed up?

What should I use if I want a click on the logo scroll to the top of the page ?

Thanks in advance

doesnt work

a data-index=”1” href=”#1”

Send me email or open ticket in my support forum and i will send you new scroll.js file with fixes . To avoid waiting of new release.

Great theme! Are the background images included? If not, are they royalty free or available for purchase elsewhere? Thank you!

Send me a message via contact form and i will give you back the url :)

Can I upgrade bootstrap 3.1 to 3.2 without any problems on this template ?


Yes of course : )

Question solved


is there an easy way to change NAMES of #Section-Names without modifying a ton of source code? For example, I do not want “Projects-Page” in URL, but would change this to something else. But if I change Section name, JavaScript does not pick up anymore. If I change JavaScript, too, then CSS formatting breaks as it is set to format on section names base. If I change that too, whole CSS formatting breaks. Any idea?

I have done a test and replaced ALL “Projects” references in Javascript, HTML and CSS….but doing so click on renamed “Projects” link jumps to “Services-page”. I have no idea why.

EDIT: Found a solution: I will only change a HREF part before #Anchor tag so to be more subject related. For example, to have Projects-Page be more like Dog-Food-Page, I will do: href=?Dog-Food-Page#Projects-page and it will be a compromise at least uable