Discussion on Halo - Multipurpose Shopify Theme OS 2.0

Discussion on Halo - Multipurpose Shopify Theme OS 2.0

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Hi i want to buy this theme, but need to know the difference between this and Ella, currently iam using ella but need more features for my site that Ella do not have, i love all you guys theme so i want to try this one out. but need to know before i purchase

Hi Williams1292,

Thank you for loving our themes

Ella and Halo have 2 different design trends. With Ella source, if we have to cover all design of Halo, it will be heavy. Design in Halo is a must have which modern websites needed while Ella tends to medium and easy to use. We hope you can review more in theme design and choose the one you like best :)


trinayj Purchased

Interesting how my negative review from 2 weeks ago has “disappeared”... I would be wary of this company deleting your reviews and not being able to help with customer support.


Yes, the negative review has been removed from Envato Team. Please bear in mind that only the Envato team has permission to remove negative review which don’t tell the truth about our customer service.

The ticket has been closed as you requirement but we still support you if you need any helps from us.

” Disregard customer request is not our business way”


Moreover, we will explain here for other customers who are our loyal customer can view this comment and understand that the main problem is not come from us. As we have explained to you about the reason we cannot provide collaborate account as it is not a good choice for us to work with our customers.

There are 3 options we provided for most of customer who are working with us:

1/ Shopify partner account with “Themes” permission.

2/ Staff account.

3/ Store Admin login info. (Email and password).

If you cannot provide 1 of 3 options, we have no way to support you best. Also, we have no idea why you cannot grant “Themes” permission or Staff account as it is very easy way to provide because all our customer can do that easily when they contact us.


We make sure that we understand your request. There is no language barrier here because we support a thousand customers all over the world and we still can understand each other well.

Thank you.

Do you have any prediction for the launch of HOME 13?

Hi, This home can be released next week. Our team will try our best !

I’m interested in purchasing. I was wondering if you have a timeline for the release of Home 12 layout?

Thank you, It is very soon, it can be on this Monday :)

Hi, I just bought this theme. Can you help me with this query, please:

With header option 8, there is option to add a menu with “All Categories” – Can you tell me if there is an option to turn this on for which other header options?

Hi Nasan,

Only Header 08 is compatible with “All Categories”. If you want to show “All Categories” for other ones, could you please submit a ticket here https://halosoft.ticksy.com/, our team will estimate this work as a customization work.

Hi i want to purchase your theme but need to know if this theme allows you to hide section on mobile or desktop?

that not what i meant, can you add a section to mobile and it not be visible on desktop

Could you please submit a ticket here https://halosoft.ticksy.com/ and provide the staff account for us and more details about the section you want to add. We will check and will help you.

Hi William,

Thank you for clarifying us.

We will help you to add separate section on Mobile as per your request, however, we would like to know more detail your idea, could you please submit a ticket here https://halosoft.ticksy.com/ and choose category: Pre-Purchase question.

Our team will be happy to answer you.

How do you remove vendor from product pages

Could you please follow this instructions: https://prnt.sc/aDGAtXDFuNIh => https://prnt.sc/eIs0R9YB9PeG. For further requests, could you please submit a ticket here https://halosoft.ticksy.com/ and provide the staff account for us. Thank you so much.

Hi, Can you help to solve this bug? The Inventory Status is NOT correct. When I visit the product page, the ADD TO BAG button shows ADD TO BAG. Once I changed the color or quantities, the button changed to PRE-ORDER. In fact, My products are many in stock, not OUT OF STOCK. Thanks a lot.

Can you help us to submit a ticket and create for us a staff account to login and check your store?

What is the benefit of Halo theme verses Ella theme? I recently purchased the Ella theme and soon to launch my store, is there a benefit to switching to Halo theme instead?


The difference between 2 themes is Design. These both 2 themes come with different design. With Halo, we focus more in large stores, maximalizm, morden design, wide layout..

Menu for fashion 03 does not change from one to another landing page even if i try to add a new one it shows to all pages the same , i have tried to contact you by email or your support page but no answer

Hi beretiklodi1,

We are sorry for missing your comment. Could you please let us know your ticket number or your email address?

We check but cannot find it.

how can i change the color of the crossed line when a product is sold out? Thanks

To support you best, please submit a ticket here https://halosoft.ticksy.com/ and provide the staff account for us. Thank you so much.

How can I change the font size of the price on the product page?

But how is it possible to make the size even smaller than 12px? Thank you.

But how is it possible to make the size even smaller than 12px? Thank you.

Hi, Could you please submit a ticket here https://halosoft.ticksy.com/ and provide the staff account for us? Our team will be happy to support you.

where is your support team, I have sent a ticket for over 3 days and no response. https://halosoft.ticksy.com/ticket/3028608/

what’s your business and customer service?

Hi kissbrides,

We are trying our best to work during Liberation Day/Reunification Day and International Workers’ Day holiday. Support team will get back to you ASAP.

You always reply so quickly here and ignore it in your system because other clients will not know you’re doing nothing.

Question before buying the theme: is it possible to disable this bar when viewing the site from a smartphone? https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0410/8625/5262/files/C1DAC5BD-E329-4CD1-B05B-065793293513.jpg?v=1649804143


Yes, it is possible. You can set up in theme editor easily.

Hi again :) Is Halo yet compatible with Shopify markets?


Can you please explain more? Our Halo theme is fully compatible with Shopify platform. We are not sure what you mean by “markets”?


kidv Purchased

New Mobile Menu: Would it be possible to have a video on how to make the new Mobile Menu work? Currently, we can’t get any menu item to appear in the menu : )

You can follow this instruction: https://halosoft.gitbook.io/halo-docs/header/header-for-mobile-tablet/mobile-menu

Let us know if you have any difficulty


kidv Purchased

Thanks for getting back to me. We followed the instructions in the documentation but still can’t get any menu tems to appear. The only thing we have is ‘Currency’. I’m pretty sure we must be doing something wrong but can’t work it out ; )


We would like to take a closer look at the trouble you have. Could you please submit a ticket via https://halosoft.ticksy.com/. Our Team will be happy to support you. Thank you!

what’s the different with the ELLA

Halo is totally different from Ella about Design, UI, UX, theme settings, we don’t make 2 themes which are the same.

Ella is in the process of releasing new generation but Halo is a good theme and the price is so low. If you like Halo, you should buy it before theme price is increased to $49 soon


jon185 Purchased

I am having issues with the wishlist icon. When clicked it just reloads the page. Can you pls provide an insight as to how to link it to the already set up wishlist page.


jon185 Purchased

The agree with terms and conditions cant be disabled on product page and activated on checkout page. I only want it at checkout but it seems once you activate at checkout it automatically updates on products page. Is there something I am doing wrong?

Hi Jon,

For request number 1: Could you please submit a ticket via Halosoft Ticksy: https://halosoft.ticksy.com/ with some screenshot or video recording. Our team will be happy to support you.

For request number 2: Our team will help you to only display Term and conditions on Cart page.

Just installed the theme and found instantly a bug. I uploaded desktop and mobile logo, but neither of those work. It just shows written “text logo” no matter what image you upload. Could you fix this bug asap?


We’re sorry for this delay since your email came at our weekend. We just returned to the office.

Our team is going to reply your ticket via Halosolf Ticksy. We hope it finds you well.

Thank you so much!

Dear thanks for the update!

I’ve uploaded it, changed the code but I don’t get it as I have it now, can you help me with this so that everything looks like it is now but with version 1.03 ?


We have instruction very details in Halo User Guide: https://halosoft.gitbook.io/halo-docs/installation/update-theme. The instructions in User Guide are applied to update the theme without losing default settings in Theme Editor (Not including the customization and app’s code). All of custom work which was changed in our theme files will not be updated and have to be redone. About the apps you installed, you might need to install them again. We recommend you contact the app provider to have support because we’re not able to handle the app’s code.

Could you please submit a ticket via https://halosoft.ticksy.com/ if you would like get more request. Thank you!


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