Discussion on Avia - Clean Business Template

Discussion on Avia - Clean Business Template

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I just downloaded the Avia business theme and tried to install it in WP – without success. Apparently, the index.php file is missing. I downloaded it twice but still not included. I cannot install the theme as it is.

I bought this theme Themeforest and I get an error when installing. The error says: “Failed to unzip the package does not have the theme style.css sheet styles.. Instruct me how to act installation. Thank you

I just bought this for installation in wordpress and it won’t let me install. I saw it on a wordpress website, liked it and that is why I bought it… please let me know what to do.


I just descargarme the theme for wordpress and will not let me install it. What could be the cause?

This is pure beauty. Congrats on your work.

But… I can’t force contact form to work. First all I changed was email address in contact.php. “Email could not be sent”.

I added one more field and i still cant send message. Can I ask you for assistance?

Yes, if you buy this you MUST change the codon style.cc on line 505 to: header li:hover ul { display: block; position: absolute; float: none; width: auto; margin: 0; text-align: left; background-color: #2d2d2d; z-index: 20; }

also on homepage1 after a minute the slider goes crazy, could you perhaps tell me how to fix this?

im having a problem with the menu, on a drop down i can only scroll through two options then the menu dissappears, I cant add submenu’s, is there a quick fix for this?


the menu has probably low z-index. Add position: relative; and z-index: 50; to the header element.

on IE7 and IE8 it doesn’t work properly… could u please fix it?


Avia doesn’t support IE7 , but it should work in IE8 . Is Compatibility Mode disabled?


Great Template, just one thing. can you provide the icon for linkedin similar to the facebook one http://avia.equiet.sk/img/icons/dark/facebook.png


unfortunately I don’t have any LinkedIn icon, but you can choose one from http://www.iconfinder.com/search/?q=linkedin .

Regards, Equiet

Love the theme – is there a way to get the headlines in the simple slider to be links? i can’t seem to get this to work



.slider ul {
z-index: 10;
into style.css and links should be working.


That worked a treat, thanks for the support!

Nice theme, like it alot! Think I’m gonna buy it, but could you update it to the new boilerplate? Just for being using current methods ;)


Hi, there isn’t a big difference, so that’s not priority right now.

Thanks for considering and feedback! Equiet

Hi, thanks for suggestion. Unfortunately, all these tips would make the template much more difficult to modify (especially CSS sprites and minifying).


Very nice theme, just bough it :) Same thing as Sticker says : dropdown menu are behind the slider in index2 and in index1 the part which is suppose to be behind can be seen but not reach with the mouse (mac osx latest Safari, same on firefox). Could you please tell me how to correc this. Thanks in advance.

Hi, in style.css somewhere between lines 505 – 513 (block header li:hover ul) add this code:

z-index: 20;

I’d look at the dropdown menu in index_2.html – it is falling behind the nivo slider on lastest Firefox browser.

Nice work otherwise – Good luck with sales!


Great Theme, something new and not so boring like the most themes, but please change the preview image

Set a background image in the small previewimage from the site and not the gray gradient

Gut luck. I use it for my business

Consider changing the preview image, it’s horrible and makes your theme look bad.

Thanks for feedback, you are right. I’ll do something with it.

Clean work! more sales with you. 8)

Really nice design, Great work. Good luck!


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