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Thanks for the quick answer, will check there!

Hi ThemeWish,... I saw your answer at http://www.themewish.com/topic/slider but I can´t answer there!

Very nice and fast support (I missed it here)

5 star rating! sure!

Excellent and impressive theme. I purchased.


When is the WP Theme coming out? Any ETD for it?

Hi designeric, we keep working, already finished half of it.

I have looked at it very long, and finally I bought it. – Good work!

I’m from Denmark, then not that good at English :)

Hi Stemann, We are glad you like it! Greetings to Denmark!

Hi ThemeWish,

I have raised some queries to your mentioned forum but still not getting any update. What is happening about your support or you are on vacation? It is about kenwebseo services

pre buying question:

i like to have the menu effect on homepage only. is this easy to fix?

cheers, nice theme!

yes, very easy …

hello! very nice theme !

i just bought a license. I have one question though, on internet explorer (11) and Chrome (32), this theme displays very well… whereas on firefox (26) the slider on homepage is misplaced. When i hover top menu items, the slider comes to his right place. It’s as if it has a margin-top 100px…

How can i fix this ? Thanks.

Hi ramucho, please write us to our email: themewish@gmail.com .

Hello i already did it, nearly at the same time of my comment. ;-) waiting for your reply.

I saw i cas disable some lines in jquery misc.js to disable effect on the title menu & icon, the slider comes in good position. but…

Well, i just discovered the same issue for the pricing table, so i think when it’s be fixed this will be ok everywhere.

hello, i discovered the issue is there when you have more than 1 slide. If it can help solving this …

Ramucho, did you ever get an answer for this? I cannot get the slider to place correctly in firefox.


Hello yes, sorry for the delay, i didn’t see your notice. The author made me disable effect.

1.Regarding the slider issue: in the folder: aviance/js/misc.js on line 210: remove these 2 lines

/* Menu and logo animation: drop from top */ $(”.menu”).animate({top:’10px’},800,’easeOutCirc’).animate({top:’0’},200,’easeOutCirc’); $(”.logo”).animate({left:’10px’},800,’easeOutCirc’).animate({left:’0’},200,’easeOutCirc’);

aviance/css/style.css on line 143 remove “left:-1150px;”

.header .logo {width:248px;height:101px;float:left;position:relative;left:-1150px;z-index:999;}

and line 146 remove “top:-150px;”

.header .menu {position:relative;top:-150px; z-index:999;width:692px;height:101px;float:left;}

but the top menu will appear instantly without javascript effect …

Your themewish.com doesn’t working. Could you tell how to raise query?