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Thank you mopc76!

very nice !! 8-)

Thank you!

Nice design. I want WP version ;)

Thank You, We already work on a WP version, soon it will be available.

Fantastic work, I wish I had a reason to use this template (I will try and think of one) :D

If you were to incorporate a login form (in the style of the drop down navigation I think that would convince me to purchase) :P

Yes i also need a loginform just like the one you showed in the example But i’m purchasing the template now, and mabe you can help me with the loginform later?

I think we will add a loginform to our template tomorrow.

Fantastic… In the meantime i will play with the template.

Thank You for purchase, we already work on the loghin form.

Wow I could resist. Great work.

Glad You like it and Thank You for purchase.

Congrats, like it, good luck with sale :)

Thanks, much appreciated!

This would have to be the best all-round design available here. I’ve been keeping an eye on new designs as they’ve been coming up, and this one absolutely stands out as a complete platform which still offers plenty of room for personal customization.

Bought it, worked with it, and recommend it!

The upcoming login form enhancement will make it even better!

Thanks heaps!

Thank You tflbj, we are glad you like it !

The template fits the name “creative”. This is what really creative is :)

Love the design…

Fabulous creativity…

Good luck with your sales :)

Will purchase very soon once i return from holidays :)

Thank you, happy holidays to you !

I love, even though I do not have a particular use for it now, I still purchase it. Login form Like it!

Can you please fix the organization of the folder, CSS is in image folder, not in media/css, or CSS . again the design is creative just need a little reorganization.

Thank You For Purchasing, We’ll do It Today.

Awesome work ThemeWish!

Thank you studiosanne!

Nice work. Is there any testimonial page?

Hi, the template includes 3 types of testimonials, if you find it difficult to add or modify them, please head over to our supoort forum where you can create a post, we’ll be happy to help you.

This is a beautiful design as I stated earlier, but I’m wondering whether you’re likely to look at coding it to degrade and retain functionality without Javascript?

We’re recoding it at our end to allow it to function without Javascript, but it would be nice if that could be incorporated into the base release.

Thanks again.

Hi, please visit our supoort forum where you can create a new Topic, we’ll be happy to help you. Thanks

G’day ThemeWish,

Hi, please visit our supoort forum where you can create a new Topic, we’ll be happy to help you. Thanks

No that’s fine, thank you.

We’ve already taken care of it in-house, and it works nicely without Javascript now. I just thought it may have been useful for other users if you included the same functionality in your own release.

It’s perfect for us now, thanks.

Nice, Great Design

Thank You!

Wow, it’s been a while since I last saw a template of this quality on here.


Please keep doing some more!

Thanks !

Hi ThemeWish!

I love your template and I got really attracted to it by the login form. I am trying to play with it but it doesn’t seem to be active. Maybe I am doing something wrong but how do I get to access the registration or “lost password” session?

Actually, how to I fill out the form?

Hi jale01,

This is a HTML Template, it doesn’t have functionality and it doesn’t have registration or lost password page, because each developer use it for his purpose and framework: for example ( Joomla, Drupal, WordPress), there is already included registration and lost password page. If you have more question please feel free to write on our support forum we’ll be happy to help you.

First of all, loveeeeee this template!!! very good work!

How can I change the time beetwen slides? I look js but can´t find it… :S When I play the video the slide chages! lol, is it possible to run the slides just by clicking (in default home)?

Only one issue… when you hover the border-top of the “download” & “call us” buttons the tooltip goes crazy! Do you know a fix? Thanks!

Sorry for my english.

Hi alerma,

We opened a topic on our support forum: http://www.themewish.com/topic/slider where we’ll give you an answer soon.