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Thanks Saun!

Nice design.

Hi drupalet, thank you :)

Nice work, GLWS o7

Thanks DJMiMi!

I like it Good Design GLWS :)

Thanks akedodee, good luck with sales too!

That’s really awesome. Great color combinations. GLWS :)

Thank you salihveseli!

Cool Work! GLWS :)

Hi MiraNAX, thanks buddy ;)

Awesome work! GLWS! ;)

Hi AirTheme,

thank you! GLWS to you also!

nice work, gud luck :)

Thank you AliA! GLWS too :)

Great work, looks so clean! Do you have a video of how to work with your template builder? is it easy? Cause i’m not a web programmer, just wideo of how you did your email. if it’s easy i could buy! May be for you it is a dump question but for me its hard to understand actually of how your builder work!

Hi erkintazh,

Thank you for the interest. Currently we don’t have a video of how it works. We’re planning to add this in our new update of the Themebuilder. Actually our Themebuilder is pretty easy to use, can you send us an email to: support[at] so we can explain it step by step .


how about cirylic fonts?

Hi erkintazh,

Which cyrillic fonts would you like to use? Let us know so we can check this out for you, please respond by mail: support…

Great theme. But in some reason I have problem with finding the Theme Builder that I can actually use to build my newsletter.

I purchased your e-mail template just minutes ago. I received the confirmation from ThemeForest with links to downloads etc. Information on your theme says that I get access to Theme Builder, but I cannot find the link to access the Theme Builder. I mean, yes I get on this builder page here: But in some reason I make necessary changes and when I click “Export Layout” button, then I only get the DEMO html document with information, that I have to purchase the template to get access to Theme Builder.

So, I’m pretty confused, where’s the real Theme Builder that I can actually use to create my newsletter with the Theme Aviator I just bought?

Hi masuurikas, Thank you for your purchase! In the downloadfolder you will find a folder called themebuilder. This folder contains files which direct you to your purchased (unlocked) ThemeBuilder. It has a purchase code in the url.

Cheers, RocketWay

Absolutely stunning! Even as an owner of well over half your files (by the way LOVE notify too!).

I WISH outlook would stop ruining your awesome design work and removing the BG images.

Colour combo here is epic – very unique and classy.

Keep it up (but for the benefit of my bank balance not quite so fast!)

Hi Charlie,

Thank you for the lovely comment and all the purchases of course :) Yes we all know Outlook is a true nightmare for email developers.. There’s so much more coming up.. Stay tuned!

Team RocketWay

I’ve been working on this for hours now, and finally downloaded file and imported to mailchimp and sent a test and it looks terrible. The repeating background pattern is gone, and the buttons are missing in gmail. I’m really frustrated that I can’t get this to work, I thought this was going to be a good solution for me.

I thought I’d give it one more try with Campaign Monitor and I get an error importing the html file. “Sorry, there’s a problem with your template Please make the changes we suggest below and then re-import your template.” Problem: Line no. 658 nested editable regions. Solution: Your template contains <singleline> or tags within an open <multiline> And it still looks bad.

Hi divadarling,

Thank you for the purchase. Our templates are tested on all browsers and devices, maybe something goes wrong. We really like to help you and fix these things. We will also update Aviator in the online Themebuilder. We noticed you already sent us an email and we replied to this, are you able to send us your index file? Thank you so much.

Team RocketWay

This is a great looking template. Big issue I’m having is that the @font-face doesn’t load on Firefox… a big no-no.

What workarounds do you suggest?

Hi brishlabelle, we handled most of our support but couldn’t connect any email to you username, did you get response from our support?

Cheers, RocketWay

yes, my issue was solved by your team. Cheers!!


Great to hear and thank you for the 5 star rating :)

Sebastian, Steve, Nana

great design.. good luck for more sales :)

Thanks webduck!

Hey mate,

After spending about 6 hours of searching for a great mail template I ended up with Aviator fitting best to my best. Although I’m not completely satisfied.. It stands out from the crowd, versus the rest. Main thing you beat everyone else: Your templates have balance! Great spacing and correct sizes/dimensions.

One thing to help achieve real perfectness, although simplicity is the key, add some more customization options (font settings and such).

To the point: I was wondering how I could remove single elements, such as buttons or other small elements? I can simply remove the link and text, but a slight bulb stays. Mostly referring to any ‘read more’ button.

I will send this to your support address too, but I’m sure more people are looking for answer to this issue; therefor please enlighten not only me, but everyone here having this question!

Good luck with sales and thanks for now!
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Hi Sander,

Thank you for purchase and your comment.
We just replied your Email :)
I’ll try to make an update in Aviator so you’re able to delete the buttons. As you know we’re currently working on the WebApp, in this version you’ll be able to save your work.



First of all, I would like to congratulate you for your awesome work.

I was also wondering if I could remove some of the elements, so I can properly customize the templates, and I would very much appreciate if you could let me know how to do it.

Best wishes and many thanks,


Hi baianai2,

yes offcourse, no problemo! Please mail us your file with instructions so we can have a look :)



Finally i realized that it can be done exporting the template and then editing the html.

Thanks for your disposition!

You’re welcome!

Really nice work. Could you send me social icons for You tube, Blog, Instagram. It would be nice if you have some other icons to be used instead of icon for instance

Thank you for your support.

Hi Sibo24,

Thank you so much for your purchase! Entypo is a great free icon set with includes a lot of social icons, check:

Good luck!

Cheers, RocketWay

Hi I want to buy email template with us But your template not support some Turkish character like ? ? ? ? ? Can you fix it, or how can I fix it?

Hi kempess,

We replied your email :)


Hi Guys, I bought this already and I’m looking for .Sketch files if you have them so i can have a play around with layout and image ideas ?

Hi marktmcewan,

thank you for your message! The only file we can offer you is the psd, I did some research converting the psd to sketch but basically it means manually rebuilding it in Sketch. I’m sorry that we don’t have a Sketch file available for you.

Best Regards, Steve