Discussion on Avio a premium site template

Discussion on Avio a premium site template

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Hey Mark,

Your template is beautiful. Great work. Can you tell me how to change up the Twitter settings?

main.js file at line 22…...there you can change the usename and the number of tweets, and for more settings go to line 308

Thanks for the very quick reply. I hope you profit from this thing.

Great template, Im glad to see more html5 and css3 sites coming online. Minor issue: Seems the Danial Font set is missing from my download. And is their a chance to add tabs along with the toggle. Also how about css3 buttons and shortcodes? I am also looking forward to the Wordpress version. Thanks for the great work.

Thanks. I now see that the daniel fotn isnt included….my bad, but i dont use this font for this file. Thanks for the share.

The wordpress version will come this month, it will have a lot, also tabs, shortcodes and lotssssss more ;)

I will add features that will come in the WP version into the HTML version!(if they can be added in the HTML version ofcourse)

CSS3 buttons are sweet but IE doesn’t support CSS3 . But i will add this to the updates!


Very nice template!!! Is there any chance that you will release a joomla or wordpress version in the future?? Will definitely buy it if it works with joomla or wordpress!!!


I dont do joomla, but i am working on a massive wordpress version, which will be done this month. Just subscribe to the updates and you will get an email if the wp version is available.

Great news!!! Made my day :-)

Hi, great template! But I cant get the gallery to work. It doesnt work on your demo either. Have you got a fix please? http://themes.creativemilk.net/avio/html/gallery.php Im using the latest firefox. Regards

I have seen it, open the file(gallery.html) and remove the .pirobox_content from the style part. This piece shoudn’t be there, thanks for the share

Perfect thanks!

Hi, me again. The emailscript.php and mailscript-footer.php has a bug.

When you send an email… the reply address is like this: in the reply to email field. Do you have a fix for this please?

Not smart to post a script here :( , i have reported it so please contact me true our profile page, because we cant see the comment any more ;)


Hi, did you find a solution to the problem? Thanks.

Sorry for the late respons(just saw your email), our developer is on vacation so i will buildt a own custom ajax contact form. Hope to have it ready today our tommorow.


Great Template! Just wondering how far along you are with the wordpress version?

We have put the wordpress version on hold at this moment, and i am not sure when the dev will finish this project.

I am having a problem with the footer contact box. When i click submit, the screen goes blank and no message is received. i put email address in the “mailscript.php” file and Contact Page form works correctly. What am i doing wrong?

Can you send us the code that you have used? You can send us it true our profile page.


I cut and pasted it into the email form on your profile page. Is that how you wanted me to send you the code? Thanks


I think that it should be noted that this web template is not compatible with internet explorer.

FX: The preloading of images does not work, you haft to refresh the page to see the images. This in my opinion is a giant bug and I feel pretty ripped off since most people still use internet explorer.

I`ve also tried updating jQuery without any luck.

Shame since the template is nice and fresh.

Strange to first get an email saying that you have solved the issue, but post a couple of days later a comment here telling that it’s not solved…..

The issue should be fixed now, we have replaced the script and you should be able to download the update in a couple of days.


I`m sorry if I offended you. I just think that it`s misleading to have “internet explorer” as being compatible when it isn`t.

Unfortunately my solution didn`t work. It made the preload more stable, but the bug still occurred just random.

I`ve downloaded version 1.3 and the preload still doesn`t work :-( Still the same problem. Sometimes it loads and sometimes it don`t.

I could see that the main.js and jquery-preload.js are updated april 7 th 2012.

Hope you fix the problem because your work is really good – just sad about this bug.

Strange, i did test the new version and it worked, but its always the same with IE, there always something wrong.

I will buildt a workaround so that IE users dont use the preloading script, this way the images will be visible.

I will have a look at this and see if i can update the theme this week.

Hi, thank. Nice theme!

hello from southern italy,

i´m new to html5. i bought your amazing template but facing a little problem now. how do i login to my admin panel on the homepage Login. thanks for your help.

regards claudio

Hello Claudio, what do you mean with ‘login to your admin panel’, because this is an HTML theme(no CMS ), so there’s no admin panel.


good to hear from you. please explaine to me the login button on the avio startpage on the right side (header). what ist this exactly for?


Avio is a pure HTML theme, which has no backend(cms/admin), so if ou want to use it for an cms you have to modify it. The admin login, is nothing more than a dummy login, added for those who want to use it in combination with a cms system

sorry, i´m new to html. therefore i need some explanations regarding your avio theme.


ah..ok..wasn´t sure. thanks for helping me. maybe i come back to you again when having trouble. However..this fine template is great for our new hotel booking side. have a great day,