Discussion on Avocet - Lifestyle & Fashion blog theme

Discussion on Avocet - Lifestyle & Fashion blog theme

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cancasa Purchased

Is this theme compatible with PHP Version 8? It seems to break when updated to version 8 so has the developer stopped updating it and abandoned it?


cancasa Purchased

What a shame you no longer support PHP updates. It renders the theme useless now. May as well stop selling it as it will now have vulnerabilities when the previous versions of PHP are no longer patched in the next month or two.


cancasa Purchased

This theme has expired and once PHP version 7.4 becomes obsolete in a month, the theme will no longer be useful or work properly. Please remove from repository so that others can avoid purchasing an abandoned theme.


cancasa Purchased

I’ve notified Envato of the status of this theme and hope they take action promptly.

Hello, I can’t get the “Customize” page to come up so I can edit my overall appearance in Wordpress – please help! When I go to the page it says “loading” at the top but nothing happens.

Thank you for creating the account.

I looked into it. The customizer loaded as usual for me. Could you try again? You might have encountered a temporary internet or server-related issue.

I look forward to your response.

Sincerely, Ankur

Still not working for me. I will try from another computer.

So, I can access it on my other computer – but not this one…

Lifestyle & Fashion blog theme is interested. I am gonna try this after finishing jersey tours.

Hi there,

im interested in your Theme “Lifestyle & Fashion blog theme”. I have got one Question though, is the theme going to be supported in 2022 and longer, will there be updates and is the theme Wordpress 5.8.x ready?

My best regards, Tobi

Hi Tobi,

The theme will be supported to keep it bug free and maintain the existing functionality. There will be security updates from time to time but no feature updates are planned for now. I’d recommend you to buy it only if you’re happy with the current set of features and design.

Thank you for your interest. I hope you and your family are doing well.

Sincerely, Ankur

Can you tell me where is the Avocet About Author widget in the upgrade. NOt available on my theme and has disappeared

It’s reappeared now.

Still hoping for a fix for this theme but none available yet. Please respect your customers and make an effort to fix this theme because it is still broken. We have given you a lot of time but nothing has changed and the problem persists. Please make an effort and take responsibility for your product to show some professionalism.

Is there any update on a fi for this theme yet? I have not updated it due to the break it caused on our site and wanted to give you enough time to get to work and make an effort to fix it. With the latest WP core update, I thought I would check in on you to see how the fix is coming along. The loner the update is left, the more the site is vulnerable to attack. Let me know asap when you find the fix and I am safe to update the site without it breaking again. Thank you.

If you send me any more abusive comments, you will be reported. You clearly have no intention of taking responsibility for your product and fix it. This is NOT a support request, are you for real? Your theme is broken and 3 comments in a row from previous users have stated the exact same issue and you continue to state that the problem is unique to the person. Seriously? Stop making excuses and get a grip because you clearly do not know how to be professional.

Personally, I don’t know how you can be allowed on here with that kind of attitude to customers. You don’t deserve any business with that kind of attitude.

We gave you access to WP and you still cannot fix it. Pretty obvious this is a major problem and no, we do NOT allow access to our hosting account due to security reasons. Even if you’re the queen, you will not be given access. Get a grip.

Have you done an update yet to fix the broken theme recent update? Still using the old version as it broke the site and lost data when it was updated. Let’s hope you do an update soon to fix this problem with the latest update.

Hi Peter, please refer to our last email conversation from a month ago. I had explained that the issue you are facing is specific to your installation.

The functions.php file in the version 1.5 of the theme you are referring to has only 528 lines of code where as the error you are pointing out is on line 532.

Neither us or other customers have faced any difficulty updating the theme. We would certainly like to assist you in determining the error. In order to investigate it, we need FTP access to your website.

I look forward to your cooperation.

Thank you. Ankur Verma

Is there any update on a fi for this theme yet? I have not updated it due to the break it caused on our site and wanted to give you enough time to get to work and make an effort to fix it. With the latest WP core update, I thought I would check in on you to see how the fix is coming along. The loner the update is left, the more the site is vulnerable to attack. Let me know asap when you find the fix and I am safe to update the site without it breaking again. Thank you.


As I mentioned in the thread above, the issue specific to your installation of the theme. The functions.php file in the version 1.5 of the theme you are referring to has only 528 lines of code where as the error you are pointing out is on line 532. We’ll need access to your installation to troubleshoot it.

I also received a direct email to our support email address where you stated that you are not comfortable giving us access to your client’s live site. That’s understandable. But we need access to the code, could you duplicate the site and set up a test/staging site where we could troubleshoot it?

Sincerely, Ankur Verma

Hi there, I have just installed an updated version of the Avocet theme and noticed that the About Me widget disappeared. Can you provide more information on that? Can I access the information I lost? Is there an alternative? Thank you.

Hi! I’d be glad to help you. It seems like the issue is specific to your installation. Maybe the automatic theme update didn’t go well.

I will need admin access to your website to investigate it. Could you create a new admin user superavis and send the password via email to support@superavis.com?

Thank you. I look forward to your response.

Sincerely, Ankur Verma

Hello, I am still having problems with my Instagram widget on my website, it has been like this over a month now. The message that is currently displayed on my website is (unable to communicate with Instagram). I’ve been keeping my eyes on it and hoping that it will start working on its own, because that happened before and it start working again. When I first reported this issue to you, I was told it could be that my host provider is blocking the connection somehow, I’ve since then spoken to my host provider and they’ve informed me that the issue is on not on their side, and I have nothing on my account that would result in there being a block on to my Instagram widget on my website.

Can you please have a look into this again. Thank you.

Hi! You can find the updated theme in the downloads section of the Themeforest/Envato account you purchased the theme from. The link to download section is located in the flyout menu on your name on the top right corner. The process is to update theme is explained in the documentation at https://superavis.com/avocet/documentation/#updating-your-theme

Let me know if you need anything else.

Sincerely, Ankur

Hi Thank you for getting back to me. Is there anyway that you can download the updated theme and install it for me. I’m conscious that I will do something wrong and mess it up.

Please let me know if this is possible. Thank you

Sure. I’ll definitely help you. In order to do it, I will need admin access to your WordPress website. Please create a new user superavis and send the password via email to support@superavis.com.

I’ll also need FTP access to your website in case I face difficulty updating the theme from within WordPress.

Lastly, if you have added custom CSS or any other code to the theme, I’ll let you know in advance if it can be easily added to the new theme.

Sincerely, Ankur Verma

Your lated theme update has broken our site

Fatal error which I can’t post on here because it strips it

Hi! I apologise for the inconvenience. The theme is working just fine on our several test sites. In order to investigate the issue you are facing, I would need your site URL and FTP details. Please email those to support@superavis.com.

Don’t worry. We’ll do everything we can to help you.

Sincerely, Ankur Verma SuperAvis

You recent update has caused a mess on our site.This is the issue it is giving us now: “Fatal error: require_once(): Failed opening required ’/home/carmensl/public_html/wp-content/themes/avocet/inc/widgets/widgets.php’ (include_path=’.:/opt/alt/php74/usr/share/pear’) in /home/carmensl/public_html/wp-content/themes/avocet/functions.php on line 532

As you can see from the errors, it is related to the theme you are using. So, please contact your theme developer regarding this issue.

Hi again! I have responded to your original support request. Kindly respond to the same thread to keep a single thread for all communication related to this issue.

Hello, on the theme he does not want to display instagram images! I would like to put the Instagram feed on that of the footer. Curious because it otherwise works on Mamp but not online via OVH. Do you have an idea. thank you


It is a known issue and we’re working on a solution as I type. I’ll keep you posted.

Thank you for your patience.

Sincerely, Ankur Verma


I’m sorry for the delay. I just wanted to let you know that we’re almost done with it. We’ll release the update next week.

Thank you for your patience.

Sincerely, Ankur Verma

Hi there,

I sent the below message to you via email, and I sent another email before and didn’t get response. Just thought I will send the message here in case that inbox is not being monitored often. Please see copy of email below:

About image I am still having problems with the about author widget. I followed the steps you suggested and i was able to upload my picture via the dashboard but when i try to click save, it doesn’t allow me. I tried adding the picture from customizing my page, again i was able to upload the picture but when i pressed published nothing happens.

Its as if both the publish function on the page ans the save function on the dashboard is not working.

Contact form 7 You said i just need to configure the contact form 7 pluggin with my email address, but how do i do that? I click on the contact form 7 settings and I am directed to a page showing 3 contact forms: contact form, contact form 1 and contact form 1. So I’m not sure what i need to do from here.

Subscription How do i get this function set up on my blog?

Hi Shantal,

I apologize for the delay in getting back to you. We are facing issues in working full-time.

To update the image, I would request you to add one more step to the instructions I shared with you earlier. Before clicking save, please edit the text in any one of the fields in the widget. Simply cut and paste the same text and click on save.

Contact Form – Please add your email address to the ‘To’ field in all three forms. I have already added the email address you contacted me from. Just in case you wish to use some other email address, please replace it.

Subscription: We have integrated MailChimp for subscriptions. Please create an account with MailChimp. Their free tier should be sufficient for you. Once you sign up, please go to Dashboard > MC4WP > MailChimp and enter your API key. Please click on ‘Get your API key here’ link below the API key field to create an API key.

Please note that MailChimp is a third-party service. Out theme ensures that their subscription form is displayed properly on the front-end. If you face any difficulty setting up your API key or have any questions in general, please contact MailChimp support.

Thank you so much for your patience.

Sincerely, Ankur

Hi there,

Yes I am using the Avocet about author widget. There isn’t an option to add a profile photo. It just says “profile picture” and there’s an empty box with recommendation size, below that it says “update image” and the rest is about adding your description which I did. I thought the image on the About page would automatically go there.

Hi Just checking if you’ve seen my last message about not being able to add or see my profile in the ‘About author widget’

I am also having another issue with the contact form, I did a test and fill out the form and it worked fine, but the message hasn’t come through and I am not sure where the message which email address the message will come to.

Also my Instagram feed on my website is not working anymore, I notice this two days ago. At the moment it says ‘Instagram has returned invalid data’ and I am not sure why it is saying that, because it was working fine before.

Finally how do I set up subscribing to my blog? On the contact page at the bottom of the form there is the option to subscribe, but I don’t know how to set it up also I would like to add subscription as widget.

Hi Shantal,

The Instagram feed is working fine on our set up. It seem like the issue is specific to your website/hosting.

The contact form and subscription settings are not included in theme support. However, I’m willing to make an exception and set them up for you.

It is going to be very difficult for me to assist you with your requests by typing out the steps here. I would rather do it myself. For that I would need administrative access to your website. You could create a new user superavis and assign admin role to it. Please send the password via email to support@superavis.com

Thank you!

Thank you for you quick response, after following your steps I was able to create those categories and assign my post to them.

Another thing that I am having issue with is adding my profile picture in wordpress. On my website, I have the author widget on my sidebar, and it is not showing my photo at the moment and I would really like it to. Can you tell me how to do this please.

Thank you.

Hi Shantal, are you using the author widget that comes with the theme? Here’s what it looks like: https://avocet.superavis.com/avocet-3/ (see sidebar). If yes, then the option to add the profile image is in the widget itself.


Thank you for replying to my last two messages, I was able to select the demo I wanted by reading the documentation guide and following the steps, and thank you for sending me the Instagram widget link it worked.

I have another question. On my website I have 3 main pages, Eat, Travel & Family. When I create different post, how do I get the post sit under the associated page. For example I created a post called “Top 5 amazing food I had whilst in Tobago” I Want this post to sit under the Travel page. Each time i do different post I would like for them to either sit under eat page, travel page or family page – how do I do that?

Thanks, Shantal

Hi Shantal,

I’m glad it worked out well for you.

To set up pages like you wish to, you need to create three different blog post categories – Eat, Travel & Family. Assign these categories to respective posts you created earlier and to those you will create in the future. Go to WordPress Dashboard > Appearance > Menu and add the three post categories to the menu and save.

I’m assuming you have some experience with WordPress. I would love to explain the above process in detail if you face any difficulty doing it.

Lastly, I would request you to spare a couple of minutes and write us a 5-star review. You can do this by finding the theme in your purchases in Envato Account.

Thank you, Ankur

Hello I bought this theme and installed it in wordpress. However the theme doesn’t look like anything like the demo sites that was shown, and I am not sure how to get the site to look like “demo 2” is there something else I need to import to get that particular demo for my website? From what I can see the theme was successfully installed, but when i click view my site, the theme is that Installed is not showing, its still showing old theme that was already there.

Also theme recommends WP Instagram widget, but this pluggin can’t be found in wordpress. How do I go about getting this pluggin, is there an alternative that I can use?

Hi! I will certainly help you both the issues you are facing. Please give me a day to get back to you. I’m currently trying to sort out a personal matter caused by the coronavirus situation. I hope it is not urgent. Thank you for your patience.

In order to help you with demo setup, I need administrative access to your website. Please create a new admin account with username superavis and send the password via email to support@superavis.com .

Hello, I am wondering if there is a replacement for the WP Instagram Widget, i am unable to get any other instagram widget to work (although you mentioned in your documentation that this was possible). What replacement do you have for the WP Instagram Widget that can used with this theme? I need to fix this ASAP. thank you.

Will there be an Update ?

Hi, are you facing any issue with the theme? If yes, we’ll make it right. We don’t have any feature update planned for this theme. It was always intended to be a basic blog theme with unique design.

design is ok, nobody wants a new design or featurei but you must keep a close eye on the theme in order to gain customer trust, For example, the plugin “WP Instagram Widget” is no longer available, and it is in the list of required plugins, and i dont know if we can showcase instagram without any instagram widget. This is a small topic but ,i hope you understand what i mean. Overall it is a very good theme.Looks elegant.

I understand what you mean. Please share your website URL via email at support@superavis.com. We’ll take it from there. Thank you!


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