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Simple and Nice. good luck with sales;

i want to use this html template in wordpress. So do you provide wordpress theme for the same too????

No sorry, a WordPress version is currently not available.

On the html version how does the twitter feed update on its own?\

and also the blog theme. Will I be able to connect my wordpress on there?

I just paid for the theme and tried to upload the zip. It fails.

May I refund the order? The client needs a wordpress theme. I don’t know how I missed that after all of the ones we looked at.

You can contact Envato Support for a refund.

Sorry about that. I will do that.

Great Theme, I’m very happy with it. Do you have any brief documentation about how to add images to the flex slider background on the home page? Similar to the background image of all the faces you use on the live sample. I’d like to do something like that. Thanks!

Do you have a form for the sign up option?

Hi, I am trying to add an image background similiar to that on the template, but my code must not be responding to any of my changes. would you be able to take a look as to why –…

Hello, I purchased this, but I cannot seem to install it in wordpress. I tried to upload it via the wordpress uploader on the dashboard, and it gave me an error message, “Are you sure you want to do this? Try again.” Then I tried via the control panel on my hosting. I uploaded it to the themes folder on my server, then tried to unzip the file, but it doesn’t seem to unzip. Nothing happens when I unzip. I changed the name to a shorter name. Do you have any advice? Thank you, Shannon Gunn

Hi I am trying to access the demo template but it is giving an error i.e. The requested URL /templates/awaaz/ was not found on this server.


How do I enable the scrubbing, progress, timeclass and other features in music player. Could you kindly guide with the same.

Thanks, Pratik

Waiting for a reply…

Hi. Could I use this with a “static” hosting like AmazonAWS? – beside the contact form which is php i think (I would use Mailchimp which is not php, or another trick I guess.. thanks a lot Gius

Hi, how do I add navigation arrows to the flexislider on the home page?


Hi there,

Can you please help me with the Awaaz HTML5 site. I am looking for the hero banner so that I can adjust them, but don’t see them.

Perhaps you can point me in that direction.

The one in the demo has a collage of faces. I don’t see that in the package.

Thank you :)

It looks like author left the marketplace

Hi Brent,

Can you help me out with the hero section of the homepage.

I am trying to drop an image there (3 for the slider) like you have on your preview but I can’t figure it out.

Thanks! Ramona

I think the author did leave. And I have two months of support left. It’s time for a refund!