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Very Nice Design, GLWS ;)

Thanks for the kind words. :)

awesome design, good luck :D

Thanks a lot ;)

Great design!Good luck :)

Thanks man. ;)

Very nice!! Does it support FLAT colors? If not how easy would be to use a flat color instead of the three colors being offered.


Best wishes

What exactly do you mean with flat color? It’s pretty easy to create other color schemes than those provided if you want. Just some ‘find and replace’ magic on the hex color codes in the css file will do the trick.

Thanks for your kind words and best wishes to you to. :)

Quick shout out, Great job on Awaaz Music – Responsive HTML5 Template.This is what we were needing for are next project.Thanks :)

Thanks a lot for your nice comment! Could you also please take a minute to rate the template if you haven’t already. :)

truly love the theme, any word on when a WP version would be out? :bigevilgrin:

Thanks! You should ask that over here since I’m not the one developing the WordPress version.

Thanks Brent! Again, great job on creating this HTML version!

Awesome theme man!!!!


Hey, wicked template, been playing around with it for a while. is there any simple way of adding a drop down menu to one of the top nav links?

You can create a dropdown menu item with the following markup:

Hi there,

I just purchased the theme and I was wondering how can I add a background image the same way as you did on the homepage. The squared music background image

You can set a background on line 26 in the main.css file. :)

Got it, thnx a lot!

Now I need the picture to be full width wide and not (repeat-x) how can I make it that it goes from left till right side of the window? :D

Got it, thnx a lot!

Now I need the picture to be full width wide and not (repeat-x) how can I make it that it goes from left till right side of the window? :D

Change repeat-x to no-repeat and add the following line underneath:

background-size: 100%;

THNX A LOT!! Fantastic!

Could you also please take a minute to rate the template if you haven’t already? Thanks! ;)

Would have been a great theme if more attention was paid to detail. 1) The menu does not stay at top when user scrolls down. You have to scroll all the way back up just to choose another option. 2) There is no “Top” option after all that scrolling down to get back to the menu.

Other things to point out but no point really.

Thanks for the feedback.

Is there an installation file that I can’t seem to locate? Whenever I try to upload and unzip the ‘entire’ file, my connection times out. Bottom line, I’m not having any success with the upload… Any ideas?

Is there a problem due to it being an html5 template? I’m now realizing that nowhere in the template description is the word “wordpress” even mentioned. And, of course, I’m using wordpress… I also realize that the .zip file is much a larger than any of the other templates that I have uploaded, but I cannot find anywhere with my service provider if there is a limit to my uploads… I’ve just never had an issue simply uploading a theme before now. It’s size, or compatibility, are the only issues I can think of…

OK, I missed the one thread asking for the wordpress version. I see now that I might have screwed up on purchasing this theme… oh well…

Oh yes, this is just an HTML template, not a WordPress theme.

Hi, great work. I jusr purchased it and I am trying to make the dropdown menu multilevel ( at least one more level would be enough ), but I was not able to make it show the second level options on the right side ( I can make it show down the hovered item, but for multilevel, that´s not what I want, but to show on the right side). Can you help me out? Thank you


The current version does not support multilevel dropdown menus.

hello before I purchase I have just a few questions. I want this to be a standalone music store site where users can log in, join and create profiles and sell items like music, upload videos, photo galleries exactly what the theme does, is this possible or do I have to upload all the items and sell it for them.


This is just an HTML template so there is no real behaviour behind all of it. You’ll need to create that kind of functionality yourself.

Is their any admin panel to add music tracks etc ?

No, this is just an HTML template so there is no admin panel behind it.

Hi Brent,

Really happy with your template. It’s exactly what we were looking for.

I have one problem I cant seem to sort out, though it’s not a problem really. In our instance I don’t want the logo to rescale when viewed on mobile devices, but rather it remain 200 px square centred with the hamburger sitting bottom right of the logo. Can you help point in the right direction to fix this.

Kind Regards, Bob