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Looks great, I like the social networks links on the bottom. Good luck with sales ;)

Thank you :)

Wonderful. I guess i’m gonna buy it :-)

Any chance to add a contact form on it ? ;-)

Hi matvej, thank you. Do not know yet, it will depends on sales.

Can I make this template redirect to a site when countdown reaches zero?

Yes, i will let you know how to do it.

Template is purchased. It’s looking great. I would like for the template to automatically redirect when counter reaches zero. How do i do this?

Hi andreasrk, Please send me email via my profile page first: http://themeforest.net/user/zourbuth

Thank you

This is nice, Like it ;) Good luck with sales

woah this is awesome! do you have a full site with this theme? I am very interested. All the best with sales.

Hi lilsizzo, thanks. Currently no, may be in the future :)

Hi there,

I removed the social network html lines as I just wanted the countdown and email subscription But I can’t seem to get the date right. I am looking to launch 2nd of April 02/04/2012 and I have edited the code below but it still shows zeros ‘0s’ for days hours , minutes, seconds? Why is this? What changes do I need to make? Regards, Daniel

// Centering the text content jQuery(window).resize(function ($) { boxHeight(); }).load(function() { boxHeight(); $(”#email”).focus();

// Countdown
$('#countdown .container_12').countdown({
    until: new Date("02/04/2012 09:00"),
    format: "DHMS",
    labels: ['years', 'months', 'weeks', 'days', 'hours', 'minutes', 'seconds'],
    labels1: ['year', 'month', 'week', 'day', 'hour', 'minute', 'second'],
    layout: ' {dn}  {dl}  '+
            ' {hn}  {hl}  '+
            ' {mn}  {ml}  '+                        
            ' {sn}  {sl}  '

Hi, The format is month/day/year Try to change something like 04/02/2012. Let me know if this work.

Hey zourbuth,

I recently purchased your awaiting template. Its very cool. BUT – it is not responsive on my iPhone. Can you please see http://sl8.co and tell me what is wrong. It shows up small, like a normal site, not a responsive site. Also, I am having issues with the eMail subscription tab. Doesnt seem to be working for me.

THanks in advance for your help!

I sent you email…

Hi, I’ve purchased this template and I like it so much… But I have a little problem… I’m not able to make facebook counter to work properly. Could you give me a hand?

Hi, thanks for purchasing. Yes, please send me the link of your site here or email me via my profile page.

Hi, I purchased this template but the email part isn’t working

Sent you email.

1 – How do we retrieve the Name and Email Address information?

1a – We do NOT use MailChimp. Is it required?

2 – Are we notified when someone signs up?

Hi there, you could use Aweber to get the info. By default, the form only sends you message contain user email.

The counter isn’t working well with Google Chrome, but it works w/ Firefox and IE. Any idea why?

Please wait for the update or send me message via my profile page please for a new patch.


Nice work – but the mailform stalls when submitted and the counter tells the right time – but does not count at all (like it does on the live-demo site)

Check www.nyholm.dk

Hi, thanks for purchasing. Please check if you have enable the PHP mail function in your server.

Hi; countdown Works in internet explorer but it doesnt work in Chrome http://www.turrek.com.tr/ and also mail.php gives error help me please?

Hi, please send me private message for this via my profile page. Thank You.