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Looks great webtreats! Best of luck with sales :)

Thanks epicera!

p.s. Really like the plugins you’ve been releasing lately!

Hey Webtreats,

Great looking theme! Good luck with the sales. Quick question, is the theme translation ready?

Thanks enote!

Localization of the theme didn’t make the first release but we’re currently working on an update that will include it.

excellent! thanks.. :D

Thanks external.
Glad you like the theme.

Nice Theme!
This is the next “In Focus”

Thanks MixerTheme ;)
Glad you like the theme.

Hands down, the overall best theme I have seen in a long time. Great job!

Thanks for the kind words annexdesigngroup,
Glad you like the theme.

wow this is huge and awesome theme again treat…

Thanks mabuc!
Glad you like the theme.

:zipped: no words the theme is talking :) Nice Nice

Thanks onedesign.
Glad you like the theme

Fantastic. Love the shortcodes and other functionality you build into your themes. I’d love a very minimalist white version but am sure I can do that with some CSS tweaks. Again, great job.

Hi rnzde,
Glad to hear you like our work.

We have quite a few variations that didn’t make the first release, one of which is a vary minimal version.

Currently this variation is probably the closest to minimal that the theme has to offer:


Thanks. Looks good. Is there any chance you could send me a screenshot of your minimalist version please? While I can have a crack at it, if you’ve already done it, you might be saving me some time.

Many thanks Richard

Hi rnzde,
Contact us through our profile page here and we’ll reply back with a screenshot of what we’re working on.

excellent Theme!

I did not see a dark theme skin… will like to see one…

Thanks JavierDesigns,
Glad you like the theme.

We have quite a few variations that didn’t make the first release, one of which is a dark version.

Check back as we’ll be updating the theme with more variations (including the dark one).

Love it! Will purchase real soon…Great stuff Webtreats!

Thanks wesleysoccer,

Glad you like it ;)


Video ready?


Hi afineartprint,

Yes, the portfolio gallery does supports video.
Also we have an update that will be releases soon that will automate the embedding of videos with shortcodes into posts and pages.

Thank you divadev!

This will certainly top all themeforest sales ever. It’s an Amazing theme and probably compatible with any type of project anyone would want.

Thanks for the kind words FUNKist,
Glad you like the theme.

Great job once again Webtreats, I just had to buy it.

Thanks for purchasing jason1,
Glad you like the theme.

Great template, I’m away to purchase it now but I noticed in the ‘View Example’ text. View has been spelled incorrectly as ‘Veiw’

Great work!

Thanks for the heads-up t4group,
Glad you like the theme.

nice webtreats , nice job man


any HTML Version coming for this theme , i hope the answer is yes

Hi bahij,
Glad you like the theme.
Yes, we do plan on releasing an HTML version of Awake.

Awesome. Purchase in a few days.

What’s happened if I change my theme from InFocus to Awake? The thumbs for blog post are a little bit smaller. Will Awake rezise all thumbs from InFocus to Awake?

Hi goldeneye,
Glad you like the theme.

In regards to your question, yes Awake will automatically resize all post images that you have defined for inFocus.

I love it when a plan comes together…thankx a lot for this brilliant theme.

Especially two variations of toggle, the tabs and colorful buttons.

You’re welcome goldeneye,
Glad to hear you like the theme’s toggle and tabs variations.

WEIRD problem…

I installed this on a testing site I have.

It’s running WP 3 .0.

It already has InFocus installed as a theme.

WP is in a subdirectory, and not the root.

When I activate this theme, nothing loads! Like in no error, NOTHING , just a blank screen. This is true for both the admin and the main site.

Any thoughts?!

Thank GOODNESS I tried this on a testing site 1st!

Hi killianr,

Sorry to hear you can’t get the theme activated.

I’m not sure what could be the issue. We did develop Awake on WordPress 3.0 and have successfully activated between inFocus and Awake.

I’d first try deactivating all of your currently active plugins.

Also check to make sure that Awake was fully uploaded into your /wp-content/themes/ directory.

If the problem persists if you could contact us through our profile page here and provide FTP access to your server and a Temp WP user we’ll take a closer look at this for you.

Hi Chris,

Yup, was 1 of the plugins. Not sure which one right now, and having too much fun playing with the theme to care! ;-)


I have 1 question, 1 request, and some suggestions…

I want to add a login and support icon to the social icons section. How would I do that?

Could you make a couple of “lighter” color versions as well. My main color is blue, but, the blue options you have available are a little dark.

For the social icons in the header, as well as the sharing icons in the blog posts, could you please make a description pop-up when hovered over. Well, just name would be fine.

Hi killianr,
Glad to hear you got this resolved and that you’re liking the theme.

Below are the answers to your questions/suggestions:

To add more icons to the header open up the following file:

You can then add more icons by adding the following code example right after line # 258 :

$out .= '<div class="fade_hover"><a href="http://externallink.com"><img class="unitPng" src="http://yoursite.com/path/to/icon.png" height="22px" alt="" width="24px" /></a></div>'; 

Let me know if you have any questions.

We plan on making this an admin panel option in a future update.

We’re currently working on an update to add more color variations, could you contact us through our profile page here with some examples of the shades of blue you’d like to see.

Thanks for the suggestion, we’ll definitely consider this for a future update.