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Thanks digitonik,
Glad you like the theme.

Any ideas what might be causing the following error?

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_CLASS, expecting T_FUNCTION in C:\xampp\htdocs\awake\wp-content\themes\awake\lib\functions\widgets.php on line 359

Thanks for purchasing wotacharlie,
Sorry to hear you can’t get the theme activated on your localhost.

What version of XAMPP are you running?

I was able to activate the theme using XAMPP for Mac OS X 1 .7.3

Hi wotacharlie,
Thanks for your patience on this.

Replacing this file on your server:


With this one in the below zip file should resolve this:


Let us know

I am having the same error on my local test server.

Hi momofone,
Thanks for your patience on this.

Replacing this file on your server:


With this one in the below zip file should resolve this:


Let us know

That has fixed the issue. When I upload the theme to the live site, do I need to upload the new widgets.php also?


Hi momofone,
Yes, also upload the new widgets.php to your live site. This version of the file will work on both your local server and your live site.

Very impressive, Webtreats! I like the multiple gallery layouts. (But then I would…)

Thanks rottenuncle,
Thought you’d like the multiple gallery layouts ;)

Another nice theme.. Thanks Webtreats. I’m sure this one will come in handy very soon.

I really like the way you include so many shortcodes, typography and alternative layouts.. Absolutely brilliant! Makes it easy to customise the site just the way I need to.

Thanks mytzlplik,
Glad to hear you like the themes shortcodes.

nice work, you also do nice icons, seen your work on deviantart, thought i would drop by and leave a little note ;)

Hi chrismccoy,
Glad to hear you like our work.

Got a question>>> I have been looking for a theme with a “pricing” page available…it must also have the ability for a ‘services’ page with vertical navigation…step 1, step 2, etc. I see you have something like that, but when I look at the pricing page…nothing…do you have any options for that? Like a pricing columned chart with buttons? Do you know what I mean?

Hi elevatetv,
Thanks for the link.

We do plan on adding something similar to this on our demo.

thanks for answering quickly! Would you have any idea when you might have something done? I would like to find a solution soon.

Hi elevatetv,
Most likely next week.

does this work with a multilingual plug in?

Hi ccsweets, thanks for your interest.

I’d recommend this plugin:


Currently Awake doesn’t include full support for it by default. The teaser text and homepage slider text will not be translated.

The solution is to use custom shortcodes for the strings of text you’d like to translate. For instance in the “Description” option field in your slider settings you would use the following series of shortcodes:

[wpml_translate lang=de]Hallo Welt![/wpml_translate] 

[wpml_translate lang=en]Hello World![/wpml_translate]

the "lang=" attribute would control which translation shows up, ‘de’ for german & ‘en’ for english, and so on for other languages you’d like translated.

Let me know if this solution works for you and after purchase I can get the files together for you that you’ll need.

Great theme! Well done. Is it possible to set up submenus of “Blog” to have category specific filters? Is there a widget to show Blog categories in the sidebar?


Hi malcolmp, thanks for your interest.
Glad you like the theme.

Awake includes full support for WordPress’s new Navigation Menus feature introduced in WP 3 .0


It allows full control over the way your menu is displayed to your visitors, it would be very easy to add submenus of “Blog” to point to a category.

In regards to your second question, yes their is a widget that will allow you to display blog categories in the sidebar.

Can’t find shortcodes for notification boxes. Will it be a break if I switch InFocus to Awake…

And how can I set up a page like this with this framed thumbs. Is it an element of the shortcode?

Thanx a lot.

Hi goldeneye,

We’re still working on building out the demo server but all the shortcodes that work on inFocus will work on Awake as well. For example we’ve started to build them out here:


In regards to your second question, could you provide a link to the page with the “framed thumbs” you’re referring to.

As expected, another awesome work, buy your first in both (Wordpress and html) and love them and sure i need to buy this. One more time congratulations for your fine work that you give us.

Hi Grphoto,
Thanks for purchasing inFocus.
Glad to hear you like our newest release.

Awesome!! I’ve just purchased it.

One thing though, and maybe first bug. The slider freezes when I try to load a .PNG file.

I know that Infocus can load it with no problem. It seems that we have a problem.

Could you please help?


Hi oscar3d,
Replied to your comment regarding this here:


One of the best theme I tried in the past year.

One question:

The post image has a fixed size: 568×240 pixel. I would like a variable hight image, with the original aspect ratio. Where can I change the post image size? For example width=’568’, hight=’’.

Thank You!

Thanks for purchasing tnemes,
Glad you like the theme.

You could to this very easy with a custom field.

You’d want to create a new custom field in your ‘Custom Fields’ post option box and name it ‘post_hight_override’ for instance, then as the value enter the height you’d like you’re post image to be, for instance: 340

Then open up the following file:


And Replace line # 57:

$post_image = webtreats_image_resize($img_height=240, $img_width=568, $post_image); ? > 

With this:

$img_height = (get_post_meta($post->ID, "post_hight_override", true)) ? get_post_meta($post->ID, "post_hight_override", true) : 240;
$post_image = webtreats_image_resize($img_height, $img_width=568, $post_image); ?>

Now you can override the post image height on any post you’d like by using the ‘post_hight_override’ custom field.

Actually it happens whenever I load ANY other image different than yours!!!

Please help it’s not a PNG based bug, it happens eve with a JPEG

Hi oscar3d,
Replied to your comment regarding this here:


Excellent theme, it ‘will be a grunge/vintage version?

Thanks. :)

Hi Carlor,
Glad you like the theme.

We actually do have a grunge/vintage version planned for a variation update we’re working on.

Great theme! Excellent documentation, just one question so far: For Recent or Popular Posts Widget – Can I pull from a specific category?

Thanks for purchasing bingoguy,
Glad you like the theme.

Currently the theme’s recent and popular post widgets don’t support specific categories, but we’re definitely going to consider implementing this feature in our next update to the theme.

Can you please help!!! the SLIDER does not work correctly.!

Whenever I tried to load an image it doesn’t show anything. I tried everything on the documentation CHMODING the cache folder, the thumbs.php, and NOTHING !!!

It doesn NOT want to load he image on the SLIDER and keeps freezing… showing nothing!


Hi oscar3d,
Replied to your comment regarding this here:


I’ve definetely tested your slider in two different servers with two separate Wordpress installations.

In the first one when you add a new image, the slider keeps frozen, and displays nothing.

In the second one, it loads the title and description, but NO matter what image you load, Jpeg, PNG , from Google Images, whatever anything, WON ’T show on the slider…

This is really bad, Infocus doesn’t have this, and could work fine, as a matter of fact maybe it doesn’t have the limitation of a thumb resizer script…

Please help.!

Hi oscar3d,
Replied to your comment regarding this here:


Two more questions:

1) What are the optimal image sizes for this theme in the wordpress media settings panel?

2) I checked “blog posts on home page” option, but doesn’t work. (I tried different options in the reading settings too)

Thank You!

Hi tnemes,

Below are the answers to your questions:

There is no real optimal setting, it just depends on which image size you find yourself using most frequently.

Thanks for catching this.

Open up the following file:


and replace line # 75

if( ($mainpage_content) && ($mainpage_content == $blog_page || $frontpage_blog) ) : 

With this:

if( ($mainpage_content) && ($mainpage_content == $blog_page) || $frontpage_blog ) : 

The ‘blog posts on home page’ option should function now.


Did you try to add your images like this:


Instead of this:


Not sure if this will work, but worth a try…

Thanks for the help wesleysoccer