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Purchasing theme today…I also sent you an email…thanks a bunch!

Hi wesleysoccer,
Thanks for purchasing.

Will reply to your email shortly.

The theme is very well made, so clean and very organized. Good luck with this! A job well done!


Thanks WPClubs,
Glad you like the theme.


I’m very impressed with the usability of this theme. You did a very good job! :)

Thanks for purchasing jawes!
Glad to hear you’re liking the theme.

Installing Now…Very Excited….!!!

Thanks again for purchasing wesleysoccer!

Really nice looking Theme once again!

I’m having an issue installing it however, I get this error:

PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_CLASS, expecting T_FUNCTION in C:\inetpub\wwwroot\epos-acoustics.com\beta\wp-content\themes\awake\lib\functions\widgets.php on line 359

That line relates to the Twitter Widget

Thanks for purchasing mrcreeky,
Glad you like the theme.

If you wouldn’t mind contacting us through our profile page here with FTP access to your server and a Temp WP user we’ll take a closer look at this for you.

Hi mrcreeky,
Thanks for your patience on this.

Replacing this file on your server:


With this one in the below zip file should resolve this:


Let us know

I get the same error when trying to install locally using Xammp for windows 1.7.3

Not had this problem before, anyone managed to over come this problem? would be grateful for any assistance.


Thanks for purchasing chirivel,

We’re currently looking into this.
We’ll post back with a resolution shortly.

Hi chirivel,
Thanks for your patience on this.

Replacing this file on your server:


With this one in the below zip file should resolve this:


Let us know


Thanks. I’ll try, what you say.

But I would like an official answer from the author. How come Infocus can work well with the Slider and this one doesn’t…

Hi oscar3d,
Sorry to hear you can’t get the slider working.

The theme’s slider does uses the exact same image resizing functionally as inFocus and seeing how the theme’s default activation images loaded fine for you the problem most likely is an issue with the way you’re calling the images.

Some additional things to check:

Make sure that you’re loading the images from the host server that your WordPress install is on as TimThumb won’t load images from an external host or even a sub-domain.

Try resizing the images you’re using for your slider to the exact dimensions of the slider effect you have selected, doing this will disable TimThumb from trying to resize your slider image as it will already be the correct dimension.

Here is a much more compressive check list for potential issue with Timthumb:

Troubleshooting Timthumb

If this persist if you could send us a link to your site through our profile page here we can take a closer look at this for you.


I am a newbie to wordpress and I really like your new theme…good job! I am thinking of purchasing but I have 2 questions:

1. Do you include iframe functionality?

2. In your page layout options you have left/right sidebar but I need a horizontal bar across the top for my galleries…is this included somewhere?

Thanks! mm :)

Hi magicmermaid, thanks for your interest.

Below are the answers to your questions:

To embed iframes into posts or pages you’ll have to use a plugin. For instance:


No, currently the theme doesn’t support a sidebar on the top of the page, but if you’re using a plugin for your gallery maybe it includes shortcode functionality which you could then use at the top of a page or post.

Thanks Webtreats

Super Nice Theme!!!

I can have more than one blog?

Hi JavierDesigns,

Glad you’re liking the theme.

You could create separate categories, for instance: Blog, News

And then using WordPress’s new Menus feature add these categories to your menu:


Is it possible to add other social icons next to the four already in place? This theme is on FIRE …AMAZING! Thanks guys!

Hi wesleysoccer,
Glad you’re liking the theme.

To add more social icons to the header open up the following file:


You can then add more social icons by adding the following code example right after line # 258 :

$out .= '<div class="fade_hover"><a href="http://externallink.com"><img class="unitPng" src="http://yoursite.com/path/to/sociables_icon.png" height="22px" alt="" width="24px" /></a></div>'; 

Let me know if you have any questions.

We plan on making this an admin panel option in a future update.

Am I missing how to add the twitter feed into the footer teaser or did you manually do this?


Hi wesleysoccer,

Click on the ‘Footer’ tab in your ‘Awake Theme Settings’ option page and paste the following shortcode into the ‘Footer Teaser Text’ option field:

[twitter count="1" username="webtreatsetc"]

Replace the username= attribute with your twitter ID.

Thanks Webtreats…I’m blown away!

You’re welcome wesleysoccer,
Glad you’re liking the theme.

Bow Chika Bow Wow – Love it!

Hey Webtreats,

Heft and lusty, and then, surprisingly subtle.

Fine and fun work.

Regards, Inlow

PS ..wish list ..need a sweet little text scroll thingy for teaser text options.

Good luck!

Thanks for purchasing inlow,
Glad you’re liking the theme.

And thanks for the suggestion, we’ll definitely consider this for a future update.


Great theme. Liking it. Need to be able to use a widget as one of the 4 “columns” on the home page. I can’t seem to find a short code that will let me insert a standard widget? Is that possible?

Also, your demo site seems to be missing the Contact Form short code. Is that one available?

~ Josue

Hi jmsierra,

Currently the only widgets that can be called using shortcode are the ones listed on the page below:


To call the contact form use the following shortcode below:

[contactform email=your@emailaddres.com] 

Just replace the “email=” attribute setting with the email address you’d like the contact form sent to.

Hey guys,

A really beautiful theme. Just in tome for Canada Day :-)

Good work.


Hi motti_b,
Glad to hear you like the theme.

Before I purchase I need to ask if you use timthumb for this theme?

Hi shnooka31, thanks for your interest.
Yes the theme does use TimThumb

Thats a shame, do you plan on updating the theme without timthumb so it’s WP3 .0 compatible? Or is there a option to de-activate it?

Hi shnooka31,

TimThumb is compatible with WordPress 3.0, we’re currently running it on our demo server without issue. There is a way to disable it though if you like, you just need to re-size the image to the exact dimensions necessary and TimThumb will not run. For instance if you added an image to the homepage slider and selected the ‘Staged’ effect TimThumb would re-size this image to 900×350 pixels, but if the image is already sized at 900×350 pixels TimThumb will not try to re-size the image.

@Webtreats Thank You for your excellent support!

I would like to note, that the suggested code below for the custom post image height doesn’t work correctly.

You could to this very easy with a custom field. You’d want to create a new custom field in your ‘Custom Fields’ post option box and name it ‘post_hight_override’ for instance, then as the value enter the height you’d like you’re post image to be, for instance: 340 Then open up the following file: wp-content/themes/awake/lib/includes/template-blog.php And Replace line # 57:
$post_image = webtreats_image_resize($img_height=240, $img_width=568, $post_image); ? >
With this:
$img_height = (get_post_meta($post->ID, "post_hight_override", true)) ? get_post_meta($post->ID, "post_hight_override", true) : 240;
$post_image = webtreats_image_resize($img_height, $img_width=568, $post_image); ?>
Now you can override the post image height on any post you’d like by using the ‘post_hight_override’ custom field.

Thank You!

You’re welcome tnemes,
Glad we can help.

What’s happing is that there is a CSS height defined as well on the blog post image Div. Let me rework the script so that the CSS height on the Div is also variable. I’ll post the updated script shortly.


I got an errer trying to make a portfolio page.

Fatal error: Call to undefined function n_round() in MYPATH >>>/wp-content/themes/awake/lib/functions/theme-functions.php on line 540

What shoud I do?

Best regards Ola

Hi blyerts,
Do you currently have the plugin ‘WP-PageNavi’ active?

If so deactivate it and let me know if it resolves this.

If you don’t have ‘WP-PageNavi’ active contact us through our profile page here with a temp WordPress user and FTP access to your site and we’ll take a closer look at this for you.

Quick questions?

Any reason why videos and galleries don’t work in sub pages just main menu pages…Is it the permalinks settings?

Should I change my permalink setting?

How do I get rid of the post title in the portfolio (under the pics)?

Hi wesleysoccer,
Just sent you an email regarding this.