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Hey webtreats, I can’t get the demo to launch. I have previously and will be buying the theme.

I am thinking it might be down due to an update?

If that’s the case I’ll wait to purchase. If not, let me know and I’ll go ahead and buy now.

Thanks! I’m psyched for this theme!

Actually, I can’t get any mysitemyway site to work, in IE, FF or Chrome. I guess it’s on my end. Hmmm.

I take it that means you’re not doing updates and I should buy it right now eh? :)

Thanks for the reply.

Hi DecibelRoll,
Try the demo now and let me know if it works for you.

It was on my end.

Because I had the domain open at the same time on more than one machine on my network (laptop and my workstation) for an extended period of time(overnight, I’m guessing), it ticked off my router and it considered it malicious.

We talked, and it’s all good now.

If this happens to anybody else, just log into your router and change its MAC address. Then reboot your networked computers and devices and you’re all set.

Thanks again for the communication. I’ll be buying soon!

Hey Webtreats,

I’d like to feature a video on the home page slider. Could you suggest how I might be able to do that? I’m thinking wihtin the partial stage version…but not sure how to get a YouTube video embed code in there instead of a JPG .

I know its not a supported feature, but perhaps you could suggest a way around that (code).?

~ Josue

Hi jmsierra,

We actually plan on adding video support to the slider in an update next week. Contact us through our profile page here and we’ll email you the update as soon as it’s ready.

I notice a number of pages still have “Coming Soon” on them instead of demo content?

Is there more features in this template you’re yet to show us, or more demo content yet to be added?

i.e. Pricing, Feature List, Testimonials, Admin Panel Options etc?..

Just curious, am real keen to buy, but just thought I’d check if there’s even more coming? :)

Hi mytzlplik,
Glad to hear you’re considering purchasing Awake.

We’re currently in the process of building out the pages on our demo. Our plans are to make several pages similar to this page here:


We’ll have “[+] Get the Code” toggle boxes at the bottom of every page so you yourself can make use of the code that was used to build each page. You can then altar the code to fit your needs.

We do have an update planned very soon that will included more variations of the theme and video support.

The Popular posts widget doesn’t seem to be adding any content when on my sidebar or homepage. How is this calculated: # of page views or # of comments or other? Any suggestions?

Also for the Popular Posts and Related Posts module on blog pages: How can I remove the images/ image boxes? I don’t have images in my blog so they are just coming up blank boxes, which don’t look so good. I guess that I can disable your module and install a widget, but would prefer to keep them all looking the same.

Hi bingoguy,
The popular post widget is calculated by the # of comments your site has on a post/page.

If you’d like to remove the images from the Popular Posts and Related Posts module on blog pages open up the following file:


and delete line #’s 46:

<img class="framed fade_hover" src="< ?php echo $meta_image; ? >" height="90" alt="< ?php echo $post_title; ? >" width="126" /><br /> 

and line # 114:

<img class="framed fade_hover" src="< ?php echo $meta_image; ? >" height="90" alt="< ?php echo $post_title; ? >" width="126" /><br /> 

Unfortunately this didn’t do the trick. It only got rid of Pop Post boxes and not Related Posts. The styling was still the same, columns of post headings, which didn’t look very good, so I decided to use YARRP . Maybe in the future Related Posts can be done as a list instead.


I’ve got an error with the facebook ID.

It is valide and I’ve checked it by an app too.

Do you have an idea to solve my problem?

Hi goldeneye,
Looks like you resolved this in your comment below.

Yes, I do. Thanks a lot.

This is a really stunning theme. I have a few questions;

I notice on some pages it doesnt validate eg: http://themes.mysitemyway.com/awake/shortcodes/jquery-tabs-toggles/

I recently purchased a theme and the author told me shortcodes break validation but I notice that on a lot of your pages the validation is good.

Is there anything specifically that breaks validation that I can avoid using?

My last question is about the fading slider on the home page. Is it easy to remove the buttons underneath the slider ? I would like to have it with no controls showing at all, if thats possible.

Hi buggerlugs, thanks for your interest.
Glad you’re liking the theme.

The above page does validate now. It didn’t actually have to do with the shortcode. It was an error on our end pasting in some text.

In regards to your first question,

WordPress runs two filters on your content to attempt to auto-format your content, for instance the filters will add <p /> and <br /> tags where the filters think its necessary.

A WordPress shortcode is just a PHP function that returns a string. For instance lets say you have the shortcode:

[one_third] Lorem ipsum [one_third] 

And when this shortcode is parsed and outputted to the browser it will look like this:

<div class="one_third last">
Lorem ipsum

How formatting issues can arise is that WordPress treats the shortcode placed in your content editor just like any other string of text and with try to format it. So you’ll end up with an output like this:

<div class="one_third last">< / p >
Lorem ipsum 

Notice the unopened <p /> tag right after the opening Div, this will cause the page not to validate.

With our newest theme Awake we’ve added a function that disables WordPress auto-formating filters so that the shortcode is parsed without being run through them, then we reapply the content filters after the shortcode has been parsed. The result is that all of the themes shortcode should validate.

Hope this helps.

In regards to you last question, yes it is very easy to remove the buttons underneath the slider, contact us through our profile page here after purchase and we’ll send you the code to do so.

What is the best way to add more header space…Trying to get a larger logo to fit…Trying to stretch it about 20px….I tried with the advice from the Infocus Theme but could not find some code….Thanks and have a great holiday!

Well Almost worked prefect… the search image is off about 10px…I’m sure I will fix it…thanks.

I think I’m losing my mind…for real…everything works fine!!!

Hi wesleysoccer,
Glad to hear it worked.

We plan on getting to your email shortly.
If you don’t mind could you also provide FTP access to the server the site is on.

Hello Webtreats, what a great template. I’ve installed and it’s nice working with it. I’ve got one question: my twitter messages want display. The template gives the comment: No public Twitter messages.

How can i adjust this?

THanks a lot and you have done a great job!

Thanks for purchasing RobSprenger.
Glad you like the template.

Just to verify makes sure you do have your ‘Twitter Username’ entered in the option field under your ‘General Settings’ tab in your ‘Awake Theme Settings’.

But it sounds like your site is using up it’s 150 requests per hour:


This can happen when you’re on a shared hosting account that has several sites on the same IP address.

To verify this install the following plugin and let us know if it works:


Hello Webtreats, thanks for your reply, but i doesn’t work. And about the API , i really don’t know how to do this….

I’ve installed the plugin but this doesn’t work either.

Do we have another option?

Thanks for your answer in advance.

Hi RobSprenger,

The only thing I could recommend is to double check with your hosting provider that you are in fact on a shared IP address.

If so most hosting providers offer upgrades to a dedicated IP address for a nominal fee.

I can offer no guarantees that this will work but we have a dedicated IP address on the themes demo server and have never encountered an issue.

@ Goldeneye – I had the same issue with the Facebook link. Try adding only the part after Facebook.com/

Example: If your Facebook Id is GoldenEye and the full URL is http://www.facebook.com/GoldenEye, then only add GoldenEye in the box.

Thanks for the help nik347


Great theme! I’m 99% happy with it and took my time deciding between this new theme and a few others. My first WP theme on a hosted install and its fairly easy to use and makes a website look awesome.

Request for adding the 3D slider as an option with the current slider. Would be nice.

Issue #1 I added the feedburner URL for RSS and it still only shows the built-in WP feed. I tried adding just the end of the Feedburner URL and it did nothing different. Suggestions?

Issue #2 All these options in a post to create an image that will show up on the Blog list page are great. However, I have tested 3 different posts and even resized images to fit a post. For some reason, only one of those 3 actually show an image in the Blog list page after using the “Portfolio Fullsize Image (required)” field. Any idea why?

Issue #3 I added my Google Analytics code to the provided field. I did NOT like seeing that code displayed at the bottom of the web page rather than being hidden. How do you change this? Is it a problem to add the tracking code directly to the footer php code?

Thanks in advance! -N


I am running Awake v1.1. I tried the Google Analytics code again and it still shows up on the page. Also, I downloaded the zip file and it keeps giving me an “invalid” warning message. If I ignore and use zip genius to view the archive, It says there is nothing inside and file size is 1kb. Maybe rename the extension to .txt and I will change it?

Since I was already showing Awake v 1.1, should I still re-download and install? Do I just install over the version I’m running using the Them upload function in WP? What will happen to my current blog settings if I do this?

Thanks again, -N

Hi nik347,
Open up the following file:


And paste this code in it:


Now the RSS feedburner URL should work.

In regards to your Google Analytics question, if you already have v1.1 of Awake there is no need to re-download it.

We do have Google Analytics running on our server without issue.

Just to verify, you only need to enter your Google Analytics ID “Web Property ID” into the ‘Google Analytics Account ID’ option field under your ‘General Settings’ tab in your ‘Awake Theme Settings’. Your Google Analytics ID will look like this: UA-1234567-1

If the problem persists contact us through our profile page here and we’ll take a closer look at this for you.

I updated the code for the theme functions and The RSS feed is now working. The Google Analytics, however, is still showing up when I add the ID in the box provided. I sent you a message through your profile page.

Thanks, N

@ nik347

A lot of thanks for yur tip & help. It works!

Hi goldeneye,
Glad you got this resolved.

Tipp to All:

you can customize the footer teaser (in Awake demo with tweet) in every description.

It is possible to inserting shortcodes. In that way you may add a a gallery or an ad or something else…

Very flexible. Thanks Webtreats.

Hi goldeneye,
Thanks for the tip.

Glad to hear you’re finding the options flexible.

Now I have a big issue too:


The srcript does not load the full images via lightbox if the gallery was interseng via shorcode. Resizing of thumbs is ok.


Same issue now on all GALLERIES which were inserting via prettyphoto in the past.

If a user is closing the empty preloader tab Awake is returning to the whole blog page.

The function of prettyphoto inserting via single image in the past are ok.

And I agree with @nik347: google code should be hidden.

Hi goldeneye,

Could you contact us through our profile page here with the page that you’re working on and the gallery shortcode you’re using so we can take a closer look at this for you.

In regards to Google Analytics, we have just updated the theme to version 1.1. This version includes support for Google Analytics new Asynchronous tracking code.

After you’ve downloaded the update or if you already have Awake (v1.1) all you need to do is copy the Google Analytics ID “Web Property ID” that looks like: UA-1234567-1 into the ‘Google Analytics Account ID’ option field under your ‘General Settings’ tab in your ‘Awake Theme Settings’.

You’ll find your Google Analytics ID “Web Property ID” in your analytics account profile next to your domain URL .

If I change all file names to numeric the script is loading the full preview.

Example: new_york_city_02335.jpg [loading error].

Example: 02335.jpg [it works]

Thanks for the update goldeneye,
We’ll take a look at this.

Just bought your theme – replaced the data in wp-config – then I get this:

Warning: require() [function.require]: Unable to access /home/.sites/121/site1216/web/wordpress3/wp-includes/category-template.php in /home/.sites/121/site1216/web/wordpress3/wp-settings.php on line 115

Warning: require(/home/.sites/121/site1216/web/wordpress3/wp-includes/category-template.php) [function.require]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/.sites/121/site1216/web/wordpress3/wp-settings.php on line 115

Fatal error: require() [function.require]: Failed opening required ’/home/.sites/121/site1216/web/wordpress3/wp-includes/category-template.php’ (include_path=’.:/usr/share/pear’) in /home/.sites/121/site1216/web/wordpress3/wp-settings.php on line 115

What should I do? Thanks for helping!

Me again,

tryed now to install on a different webspace. Similar problem occurs – but this time it is saying:

Warning: require_once() [function.require-once]: Unable to access /home/.sites/144/site118/web/wordpress3/wp-load.php in /home/.sites/144/site118/web/wordpress3/wp-blog-header.php on line 12

Warning: require_once(/home/.sites/144/site118/web/wordpress3/wp-load.php) [function.require-once]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/.sites/144/site118/web/wordpress3/wp-blog-header.php on line 12

Fatal error: require_once() [function.require]: Failed opening required ’/home/.sites/144/site118/web/wordpress3/wp-load.php’ (include_path=’.:/usr/share/pear’) in /home/.sites/144/site118/web/wordpress3/wp-blog-header.php on line 12

I used exactly the same files, only different database. So this time there seems to be a “blog-header” missing – as opposed to first my try, where a “category-template” could not be found.

Please help.

...Could install it now, but with an older wordpress version. Is this theme not compatible with wordpress 3.0?


Next question: The styles menu offers only 5 variations. The folder “styles” also contains just these five. Where are the others?


I was also trying to find a documentation. There surely is one included? Am I missing something?


Help & information would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

Hi dumbledore,
Thanks for purchasing.
Sorry to hear you’re having difficulties

The theme is fully compatible with WordPress 3.0

It sounds like there may be some files missing or possibly corrupt in your current version of WordPress 3.0

I’d recommend downloading the install files again from here:


And doing a clean install of WordPress:


In regards to your second question the theme does come with documentation and 31 style variations

It sounds like the purchased .zip file you received either didn’t download completely or the .zip file didn’t fully unzip on your computer.

What program did you use to unzip your purchased download zip file?

@ Goldeneye – awesome, glad I could help!

@ Webtreats, the lightbox does not seem to load the photos from the gallery page. Is there an image size limitation so they load for viewing?

@ Dumbledore – There should be more than 5 styles and I will leave that for the author to answer. As for the documentation, there should be a PDF in the main directory after you unzip, documentation.pdf.

Hi nik347,

Thanks again for the help.

In regards to your question, could you contact us through our profile page here with the page that you’re working on and the gallery shortcode you’re using so we can take a closer look at this for you.

Amazing product, Thank you WT.

You’re welcome rayson,
Thanks for purchasing.

is there going to be a html version?

Hi kinhian,
Yes we do have plans to release an HTML version of Awake shortly.

i am truly impressed with this template. amazing, extensive, detailed work! seriously just amazed. wow.

will consider buying or suggesting for a client! thank you.

Hi wahkeenasitka,
Glad to hear you like the theme.