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How do I add two additional menu calls in the “theme-fucntions.php” and then in the header in a different location than the existing call for ”<?php webtreats_menu(); ?>” is currently? (In other words, I would like to have three custom menus called from “header.php”)

Amazing theme.

Thank you.

Hi SSS ,
Thanks for purchasing.
Glad you like the theme.

You can add a new menu anywhere you like in the theme using WordPress’s wp_nav_menu() function. For instance just add the following code in your header.php

(Click to get the code)

All you have to do is change the ‘menu’ option string. In this case I changed the name to ‘primary-menu-2’:

'menu' => 'primary-menu-2' 

Then open up the following file


And add your newly created menu to WordPress’s register_nav_menus() function. For instance I placed the code below right after line # 177 in theme-functions.php

'primary-menu-2' => __( $themename. ' Menu - 2' ), 

You’ll now be able to add menus you create to this menu location in your Apperance » Menus option page under your ‘Theme Locations’ option box.

Hope this helps.

So beautiful :crying:

Thanks nefii,
Glad you like the theme.

Hi ,

Very good and professional work. Thanks.

Thank you crisrom9,
Glad you like the theme.

Awesome theme..

Is there a way to change the order of the names in the nav bar? WPML works but the sequence of the names in nav is different in english and chinese.

Hi ccsweets,

It appears that this is a known issue WPML and WordPress’s new Menus feature:


Hi I tried using the fancy image code and the main images dont load. The screen dims, i see the small frame in the centre of the screen with the loading animation and it just stays that way.

I copied this code;

[fancy_images height=150 width=150] http://mysite.com/etc/image_1.jpg http://mysite.com/etc/full_link_to_image_2.jpg http://mysite.com/etc/full_link_to_image_3.jpg [/fancy_images]

Hi buggerlugs,
Replied to your comment below regarding this.

What a crazy amount of work for forty bucks. I hope people understand the hours involved in creating this theme.

Thanks so very much.


Thanks for purchasing marksno and for the kind words.

You were exactly right: My files had not been properly extracted.

Started over, now everything works like a charme.

Thanks a lot!

Hi dumbledore,
Glad to hear you got everything resolved.

Love the theme! How do I change the “Home” to another name? Lars

Hi frifoto,
Glad you like theme.

You can change this here:

wp-content/themes/awake/lib/functions/theme-functions.php – Line # 219

@ buggerlugs

I’m having the same issue. There is definitely something wrong with Timthumbs script. It’s not working correctly and images won’t show or re-size not for the Slider nor for the gallery.

It’s really frustrating. I’ve tried this theme with two different servers (2 different hosting companies) and the slider won’t work UNLESS you use an image with the same exact resolution as required.

In this Infocus, really kicked ass, because it had transparency enabled and i could have a transparent PNG file show on the slider without a blink…

Too bad I’ve written Webtreats about it, and I haven’t even gotten a reply yet.

I’ve tried everything possible, from the troubleshooting and documentation… It’s not only crashing the functionality of the slider, but also of the galleries…

I only have blank squares with a loading.gif… nothing more… no image would appear. I’ve troubleshooted with two hosting admins and definetely it’s not on there side, since I could load other themes with similar sliders with no trouble.

I would appreciate some help, I’m using WP 3 .0

Hi oscar3d,

According to our records we replied to your email several hours ago. Maybe check your spam folder.

Below is a copy of our reply:

Hi oscar3d,

Sorry to hear you’re still having issues with the slider. I clicked on both links you provided, the first link: syrena5/”>http://biz88.inmotionhosting.com/syrena5/ doesn’t appear to have Awake activated as a theme. The second link: http://www.syrenaica.com/syrenaica returned a 404 not found.

If you could provide a link to the site where you’re having issues with the slider I’ll be happy to take a look and see if I can find any potential issue.

In regards to the Job Manager plugin and the formating issues you’re experiencing, I’m not sure exactly what could be causing them, if you could provide a link to a site that has the plugin activated using our inFocus theme and a link to a site that is using the plugin and has Awake activated I’ll compare the styles for you and see what could be causing the difference in styles you’re experiencing.

The theme’s slider does uses the exact same image resizing functionally as inFocus and seeing how the theme’s default activation images loaded fine for you the problem most likely is an issue with the way you’re calling the images.

Also for further clarification it appears that buggerlugs is having an issue with the prettyPhoto lightbox pop-up effect and not TimThumb.

I just checked in IE about my large images not loading and i see this error;
Webpage error details
User Agent: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 8.0; Windows NT 6.1; 
Win64; x64; Trident/4.0; .NET CLR 2.0.50727; SLCC2; .NET CLR 3.5.30729; 
.NET CLR 3.0.30729; Media Center PC 6.0)
Timestamp: Tue, 6 Jul 2010 22:25:12 UTC
Message: 'undefined' is null or not an object
Line: 54
Char: 32
Code: 0
URI: http://www.removed.co.uk/wp-content/themes/awake/lib/scripts/prettyPhoto/js/jquery.prettyPhoto.js?ver=3.0

It seems there is some bug somewhere

Hi I dont have any plug ins at all activated and no i dont see the error on your page

Hi buggerlugs,

Contact us through our profile page here with a link to the page on your site that you’re are using the [fancy_images] shortcode and we’ll take a closer look at this for you.

Hi I mailed you already ;) I also mailed yesterday about getting code to remove the buttons from under the slider – maybe in your junk folder or something?

Hey Amazing Theme. Great Work!!

Jus wondering if u r coming with a HTML version of this theme. If Yes,

how long do i have to wait. I have to start working on a project this

friday. So Please let me know how long its going to take?


Hi k21_karan, thanks for your interest.
Glad you like the theme.

Yes we do plan on releasing an HTML version of Awake, but it is still several weeks away.

Just purchased today and I’m really excited about working with this theme. One thing that i’ve noticed so far is that all the twitter functionality (shortcodes, widgets, homepage, etc) is not working. All i see is “no public Twitter messages”. Please advise.

Thanks for purchasing iJames.
Glad you like the template.

It sounds like your site is using up it’s 150 requests per hour:


This can happen when you’re on a shared hosting account that has several sites on the same IP address.

To verify this install the following plugin and let us know if it works:


This is the best them out there!

Hi juicemedia,
Glad you like the theme.

Price gone up recently?

Hi mytzlplik,
Just noticed this as well.

We were actually not consulted.

I’m getting a “500 Internal Server Error” when I try to access the ‘Add Custom Shortcode’ dialog in the editor. It was working fine earlier, but then just started giving this message. How do I get it back? (Absolutely love the feature!)


Hi ttrapani,

Not sure what could be the issue.

Did you make any changes to your site recently?

Check the permissions of the following two files on your server:

wp-content/themes/awake/lib/admin/tinymce/window_page.php wp-content/themes/awake/lib/admin/tinymce/window_post.php

Try 644 or 755

Also deactivate any plugins that you currently have activated.

If this doesn’t work if you wouldn’t mind creating a temp WordPress user and providing FTP access to your server we’ll take a closer look at this for you.

Am I the only one clicks on the here link in Webtreats posts only to go nowhere?


Could you please double-check and/or just write out how to get to your profile? Thanks.

Hi Honeysmoke,

This appears to be an issue with ThemeForest that has recently arose. Try this link here.

Just want to say thanks to @wesleysoccer for the finger point.

wicked theme, been playing around with it all night – I can definitely see myself tweaking this to my taste for many months to come – thanks!!

few things perhaps you can steer me in the right direction:

how can I adjust the fade time (not the transition time) of the slider? is there a script I need to edit – or does code need to be added?

also, more administratively:

I currently have a basic WP install but would like to spend a bunch of time on my new site using your theme – what’s the best way of tweaking/launching/migrating from an old, out of date theme to a new one? is there a particular procedure that works best? I currently have two sites with the same content over two different domains – there must be a better way, no??

thanks again!

Thanks for purchasing cmacsound,
Glad you like the theme.

To change the fade time of the slider open up the following file:


And change line # 104

fadeOutSpeed: "slow", 

For instance if you’d like the fade time to 5 seconds you’d make the following adjusmetns:

fadeOutSpeed: 5000,

In regards to your second question WordPress does allow you to export/import your content:



thanks for the reply, webtreats – I changed the slider speed in the script but it didn’t change the transitions, I also made to sure to clear browser cache to ensure proper viewing. – thoughts?

also, I appear to be having a same problem with the google analytics account number displaying at the bottom of the website when I enter it in. I purchased this theme yesterday, the changelog says 1.1 but the UA-1234567-1 number is still being displayed publicly…

yes, I know about wordpress import/export – was curious if there was any better options…. I’ll figure it out on that end…


Hi cmacsound,
We used the following jQuery plugin to create the slider transition effect for the theme.

According to their documentation the above option should control the fade time.

Below is a link to their documentation if you’d like to experiment further:

In regards to Google Analytics, if you don’t mind creating a temp WordPress user and providing FTP access to your server we’ll take a closer look at this for you.

Hi, I just finished modding the theme to my site… everything´s looking good except for the comments… somehow comments only show up on pages not on posts… I tried everything in the settings/theme control panel… Am I missing some setting or something?

Here’s an example of a post with the bug: http://www.todomimundoacolor.com/wordpress/?p=473

Please help me out… thx

Hi chajoe,

Just took a look at your site and the blog post comments are there, what’s happing is that for some reason the jQuery tabs function that we use to toggle between “COMMENTS” and “TRACKBACKS” on the blog single page appears to not be functioning.

There is probably another javascript on your site that is causing a conflict.

Try deactivating all of your currently active plugins and see if it resolves this.

I figured it out… the plugins “Flickr Gallery” and “Zingiri Web Shop” cause this error on the theme… I don’t mind loosing the Flickr gallery plugin but the Zingiri Web Shop wak alright… much better than the wp e-commerce. Any suggestions for a decent e-commerce service?

Awesome theme BTW 5 * * * * *!

Hi chajoe,
Glad to hear you figured this out.

Unfortunately I can’t think of another e-commerce plugin. Only thing I could recommend would be trying to find the line/lines of javascript that is causing the error within the plugin and seeing if there is a way to correct it.

Okay, I also am having a problem with the slider and all of the images on my site. I emailed you through your profile a few days ago, and I haven’t yet received a reply. No, it’s not in my junk folder.

Hi Honeysmoke,

Interesting that you didn’t get our reply as it looks like the email sent on our end and we didn’t receive a bounce back.

If you contact us through our profile page here with a temp Wordpress user we’ll get your slider working for you.

Love the template. I got the slider to work. I have no idea why I didn’t receive the email. (tee-hee.)

Hi Honeysmoke,
Glad to hear you got the slider working.


Does this work on Wordpress 3?



Hi Ginetta, thanks for your interest.
The theme is fully compatible with WordPress 3.0